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delete a word in a sentence

I hope you can help me , I don't know if its possible ?
I started using excell after my word 2003 broke down
In ms word , works spreadsheets also , I was using my mouse to highlight and then delete any word r sentence or move around whole paragraphs - Just as I am not doing in this post in the edit mode , no problem
I wish I was able to delete a mispelled or misplaced word without having to delete or clear the whole row and have to re do the whole long sentence over again , just because of one mistake .
I looks like if a word is half way in one cell and partly in another cell you can't delete or clear it without having to re do everything
Is there a way ?? I tried everything I could think of with any luck ??

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I dont have much experience with VBA and im looking for an operator that helps me find a word (or part of a word) in a sentence located in a cell. I have to do this to create a user friendly form. I cant use the Find option in excel because i need to do this in a form.

Your help will be greately appreciated.


Can someone give me a formula to delete last word in a column?


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I am trying to create work instructions that can easily be modified. I want
to link a cell to a word in the middle of the sentence. I have a table with
the list of parts and tools, instead of using item 1, 2 ... in the sentence I
would like to be able to link a word in the middle of the senctence to the
table down below.

Thanks Brendan

Can someone give me a formula to delete last word in a column?


I'm looking to simply delete certain words that are in cells, without having
to delete rows, columns or the entire cell. I can use 'find and replace' and
replace the particular word with a space, but I really want to delete the
word. Anyone have any ideas? I'm using both Excel 2003 and 2000.

Hi, all.

Is there a macro to delete a sheet in another workbook? What I have is a workbook that upon click it copies a worksheet to another workbook called Dashboard.xlsm. I'm wanting to create a delete button that will delete it from the dashboard workbook from another workbook?. Any ideas?

Hi there,
I want excel to identify a word in a given row, and search the excel tab that has been named with the same word and copy paste the entire row in the tab on the next available row. For eg..

Row 2 in excel consists the words : DOC-MSFT-AAPL-2005.

I would like excel to find the word "MSFT" and find the tab thats named "MSFT" and copy past the entire row ie,..DOC-MSFT-AAPL-2005 in the next availabe cell on the excel tab "MSFT".

Any possibility of getting this done?


Hello, Im trying to write a worksheet that searchs for an appointment in outlook with a start date and a word in the subject range.

I know how to search for a specific subject in Range H10

but what do I add to the code to search for a word typed into Range H10.

    Dim olApp As New Outlook.Application 
    Dim oNS As Outlook.Namespace 
    Dim oAppointments As Outlook.Folder 
    Dim olApt As Outlook.AppointmentItem 
    Set oNS = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI") 
    Set oAppointments = oNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar) 
    For Each olApt In oAppointments.Items 
        If Format(olApt.Start, "dd/mm/yyyy") = Range("h11").Text And olApt.Subject = Range("h10") Then ' this method works
with or witthout a time set
            olApt.Start = Range("h17").Text & " " & Range("j17").Text 
            olApt.End = Range("h18").Text & " " & Range("j18").Text 
            olApt.Subject = Range("h15") 
            olApt.Location = Range("h16") 
            olApt.Body = Range("g20").Text 
            MsgBox "Appointment Updated", vbInformation, "Appointment Updated" 
        End If 
    Set olApt = Nothing 
    Set oAppointments = Nothing 
    Set oNS = Nothing 
    Set olApp = Nothing 
End Sub 

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hi guys need some help!

i need a way to look for a word in a column, and sum them quantity found in a cell.
is this possible ?


I am tring to delete a file in one folder after I have saved it into another. Any suggestions?


I am new to Macros and hoping this website will support me in learning and grasping the concept of macros. I need to write a macro that will delete a row in a work sheet with with the work total.


I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. Most of the worksheets
contain the same information in the first 3 columns, so I'm trying to keep
all the worksheets in synch with the first one. When I delete a row in the
first worksheet, can I automatically delete the same row in the subsequent

I would like that when I put in a word in a cell, it would automaticaly go in
another cell or even on another page without having to type it in every time.
I enter a lot of same data in cells.

I wanto to hyperlink only a word in a paragraph. This paragraph is inside a
cell. I do not want to hyperlink the whole cell because I need to hyperlink
only a word. Example,

I would like to hyperlink only the word "see"

Thank you

Hi, i hope someone has the answer to my question.
what im trying to do is:
make a formula that will display a word in its cell & another word in a
different cell.
meaning: if i am typing in cell C1 and i use the if statement to compare two
values: IF(A1>B1) if this is true then display the word "OFF" in its own
cell: this part is easy
i would also need it to display the word "ON" in cell D1
if the statement is false, i dont need anything displayed in any cells.
my formula is: IF((A1>B1),("OFF"),("") --> this will display the word "OFF"
in cell C1 if the statement is true and nothing in its cell if the statement
is false. but i dont know how to display the word "ON" in cell D1 at the same
its displaying the word "OFF" in cell C1.

Thank you in advance.

I have more than 10 spreadsheet in my workbook.
What is the best solution to find a word in these spreadsheets?
Do I have to use find function in every spreadsheet? Any quicker
soluttion ?

I try to delete a worksheet in a workbook using .Delete() method of the
worksheet object. When I run the program nothing happens.

Can any one point to me how to delete a worksheet in a workbook using Excel

Please see below for my working environment.

..NET 1.1 program references MS Excel 11 library.
MS Office 2003.

D. Santhosh

Hi all,

Is it possible to delete a range in a closed workbook, without open it
Any example would be appreciated.




I want to set up a Web Query that is set in cell A1
the URL will have somewhere in the url the word top

I then want the sheet to automatically bring in the same URL into another cell say G1 but in the url will search the url for the word "top" and change that to the word "left" and bring in that URL data

Then in Cell I1 the exact same same URL from Cell A1 but this time swapping the word top for right

so i am only setting up one URL web query in A1 and then G1 an I1 are auto generating a new url from that original URL and swapping a word in them

is that possible ?

many thanks in advance

I am trying to delete a row in a workbook, from another workbook. How do I go about getting access to the properties of one workbook from another?

Hi all,

Sorry, I've to post this thread again, 'cause I don't get any response
from the forum before.
I need to delete a range in closed workbook, without open it. Is it
possible to do that?
I must do that to replace Delete query, 'cause is not supported by
Please, anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot!



Here I am trying to find the number of occurrences of a word in a sheet, for this I am using the below function to find the word.

Dim rngFound As Range
Dim c As Long

c = 0
For i = 9 To 50    'Row count in Sheet2
    With Sheet2
        Set rngFound = .Columns(7).Find(What:="Test", After:=.Cells(i, 7), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:= _
            xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False _
            , SearchFormat:=False)

        If Not rngFound Is Nothing Then
            c = c + 1
            'Here want to set the value of i to current cell which rngFound is pointing to...
            Set rngFound = Nothing
        End If
    End With
Next i
Now I want to set the row value ("i") to current pointing cell ("rngFound").

Any help would be appreciated!!!


Using VBA
For each cell in a row, I want to identify a word in a string then
change the format of that word. For example,
For text in a cell " Id: 00098765 Description: For help with this
account number contact XYX Updates: This number is not useful."

I want the color of Id, Description, Updates changed to red and bold
and moved to a separate line in the same cell.
Id: 00098765
Description: For help with this account number contact XYX
Updates: This number is not useful."

Any help will be appreciated

Thank You

Identify a word in random strings in a column and mark adjacent Column true or false.

I have a long list of trade names in a column.(36000)

I would like to be able to identify all those which have a certain word in this case Restaurant. (not case sensitive). And then show them up in an adjacent column. Like below.

Excel can do this because I can identify all the cells using find and replace. My objective is to be able ot remove all those that have certain words as they are not what I am looking for. Any assistance would be great. Sadly though I have gone through on line linda’com courses I have a long way to go. I do not mind how I achieve the above.

Here’s hoping to hear from you
All the best

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