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auto populate a calendar template with travel schedules

Hi, I am attempting to create a tool in excel 2010 that will track travel schedules for a large global team. The tool would auto populate a calendar template with details that are entered on a separte worksheet. The first sheet has 6 columns: Name, Departure Date, Return Date, Location, Purpose, and Role. Once the data is input on the first worksheet, I need to make it visual and populate a calendar template such that the Name, Location, and Purpose are populated on the days corresponding to all days between and including Departure Date and Return Date.

I'm really struggling and any help anyone could give would be appreciated..Thank you in advance.

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I would like to auto populate a calendar with data exported from my data base.
I found a discussion about this here so hopefully there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
I posted this question on 4/16, but was not following the rules. If this is the case, disregard that plz, I'll start over here.
Currently I manually cut and paste exported data into a calendar I designed. This gets tedious and doesn't update easily.
Any assistance is appreciated. Apologies in advance, hopefully I'm posting in the appropriate spot.


First off thanks for all the great ideas in the past. I thought I had some good ideas on how to do my current project, but I'm finding myself at a loss. I would like to be able to populate a calendar with training topics (I'm in the Navy) listed on a long range training plan (LRTP), encompassing the entire year. The problem is this LRTP is based on approved instruction so I have to keep the format of months, x's, etc. I would also like my Training Petty Officers to be able to select what days in a week their people conduct training. So in other words they populate the LRTP with X's under what month something is conducted and in no particular order, other than only occurring on previously selected training days, those items (training topic and number) get populated into the calendar, which is later approved by their leadership. Like I said, I had some good ideas, but now it seems impossible. Any ideas!?

Example posted. I used MS Office 2003. Thanks!Training PLan.xls

Hi, am a new comer here. I would like to ask if it is possible to populate a template with data from a worksheet.

For instance:
City Apartment Size Rent
Big Apple 500sqft $3,000 USD/mth
Big Apple 400sqft $2,500 USD/mth
Big Apple 1,000sqft $8,000 USD/mth
Jonastown 500sqft $4,000 USD/mth
Jonastown 1,500sqft $18,000 USD/mth
Jonastown 800sqft $10,000 USD/mth

So if I enter Big Apple in a field for the 2nd worksheet, I want to run a macro or for it to automatically fill in the list with the different apartment sizes and the corresponding rents.

Thanks in Advance!

I have created a drop down list of scores ranging from 1.0 to 4.0 in .1
increments. On the first drop down the user is able to select the score,
let's say 3.9 and then I want Excel to auto populate a nearby cell with the
grade A+.

How do I do this? There does not seem to be an "auto populate" feature
based on an already existing drop down list.

Help!!! & Thanks!!!


I've searched the web for a few days now and can't find a solution to my problem.

I run Bingo for our parish - the money raised goes directly to the school that my children attend.

Anyway, there are 12 Teams with four or five members on each team. Individual team personnel can and do change from time to time, so keeping track of who is on what team and what their specific job is on that Team is a good application for Excel.

I schedule each team's work dates - each Team works once every four weeks. Our games are three nights per week. What I'm doing now is manually entering each Team on a Word-generated calendar which is not the most efficient way to do this. As I mentioned, Team members change, people switch nights, etc. So the data for each scheduled Bingo game is subject to change that I'd like to include in the calendar and post on a website for people to reference when they need to.

So I'd like to populate a calendar using the excel-based Team rosters and have the calendar get updated when team members change or when people switch nights with each other, etc. A dynamic Team Scheduling application, for lack of a better term.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I'm trying to write a VBA function that will populate a weekly cashflow with different monthly payments. I have columns of information on the left and a calendar laid out across the top rows (row 1 is a week number [WeekNumber] of my calendar [1, 2, 3, etc.] and row 2 is the week ending date [mm/dd/yyyy] [Date]). in my columns to the left I have information corresponding to the week of the cashflow on which the payment should start (StartWeek), then a column for the week of the cashflow on which the payment should end (StopWeek), and a column for the amount of the payment (Rate).

Then I have a blank matrix that I want to populate with payment amounts on the weeks in which they belong, and zero where no payment is necessary. I'm looking for a (formula or function or macro??) that can First:
Evaluate the first week in which the payment is due (ie, I'm in cell G10. StartWeek in cell A10 equals 5. WeekNumber in G1 is 4, therefor enter "0" in G10. When I paste the same formula in H10, A10 still equals 5, and H1 equals 5 as well, so enter Rate in H10.)

That's the first part. Then...
I want to make the recurring payment in the same week of the month, for all subsequent months, until the payment is supposed to stop. (ie, the Date in H10 was 7/13/2008, so for this particular payment, I want to enter a Rate in the cashflow every time I hit the 2nd week of each subsequent month - I10 corresponds to 7/20 - do nothing, J10 corresponds to 7/27 - do nothing, K10 corresponds to 8/3 - do nothing, L10 corresponds to 8/10 [2nd wk of the month!!] - Enter Rate).

Then this would go on until it reaches a column where StopWeek = WeekNumber, in which case it would enter the last payment (if the column corresponds to the appropriate week of the month as determined by initial StartWeek) then begin to return "0" for any WeekNumber > StopWeek, or just return "0" if StopWeek=WeekNumber but Date is not the proper week of the month for a payment, and "0" thereafter.

does that make sense and is any of this possible? Or is there an easier way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

I need to auto populate a cell for an invoice based on another cell that is
populated from a list.

Example- B@ = a list consisting of the following Car, Truck, Plane, Ship
A car costs $10, a truck $20, a Plane $30 and a Ship $40. A is the number
of items described in B.

When I pick Car from the dropdown list to populate B2 I want C2 to populate
with $10 so that it can be multiplied by the number of items from A2 to give
me a total dollar amount in D2.

I appreciate any assistance you can give.

Dear all,

I need to auto-populate a list. I have followed a few discussion links on
how to do this task but I am stuck since the VB code does not work and kept
giving me errors! So I gave up and removed the code! :-( But I really
need to make this work! I would really appreciate it if someone could help
me out. Here is what I have:

On the VARS sheet, I listed multiple dates (NOV-2007, Dec-2007, Jan-2008)
under the columns A2 to A4; with A1 holding the list lable "Available Dates".

Next, I created a list through the DATA->LIST->CREATE LIST (checked My List
Has Headers) option by selecting A1..A4.

Finally, I selected cells A2..A4 and named them "AvailableDates", by using
the INSERT->NAME->DEFINE option.

On my DATA sheet, the Data Validation for all cells in column "A" is the
LIST (=AvailableDates).

Now my problem: I need to auto-populate the "AvailableDates" list which
resides on the VARS sheet whenever I add a new date under the column "A" of
the DATA sheet.

Thanks for any help in advance.


I am looking for a calendar template that has a column with week numbers. It
should also include the dates associated with that week in the other columns.


I'm fairly new with VB Excel and I need your help on how do I auto-populate a columnfor each month. Here the situation: I a workbook where Sheet1 will show the number of employees in a specific job code, Sheet2 contents the data of all employees and there job codes. What I would like to do is to have Sheet1 auto-populate the Total Columnnumber of employees on the beginning of that particular month. Also, I would like populate the job codes where job code in Sheet 2 is not null. Hopefully I this is a good explanation. :-? :-?

March April May June July
JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total
4735 3
4883 2
5207 1
5866 2

Employee Name JobCode
John 4735
Dave 4883
Jack 4735
Bill 5207
Sandi 5866
Moe 4735
Kelly 4883
Stan 5866

I have a spreadsheet that has whole numbers in. MAny of these are repeats. I need to be able to populate a list box with the unique values from the list. How do i go about this in VB?

Any help please.


I need a macro to auto-populate a phone number in form field when I type in a
name in another field on the same form.

Hi folks
I have half solved my wish to populate a list box with dates for the
next 5 sundays

I could create a list of dates in a column, name it and use data
valadation to craeate a drop down list of dates.
How do I make the first cell in the list = next sunday eg 30/10/05?

thanks john

listbox data

Images of home (NZ)
What we are up to in the UK

I'm using excel 2008 on a mac (no vba).

Is there a way when you select the source of a pivot table to include multiple selections from multiple tabs?

Each tab represents one hotel and each tab has the exact same data layout. I was hoping to make one pivot table to represent four different tabs w/o having to create 4 different pivot tables.

I suppose another alternative would be to somehow auto populate a fifth tab from the first four and create a pivot table based upon that but I don't know if that is possible.....

Thanks for any thoughts / advice.

Hi folks
I have half solved my wish to populate a list box with dates for the
next 5 sundays

I could create a list of dates in a column, name it and use data
valadation to craeate a drop down list of dates.
How do I make the first cell in the list = next sunday eg 30/10/05?

thanks john

listbox data

Images of home (NZ)
What we are up to in the UK


I am struggling with this one...

I am trying to populate a combo box with the filename from a given folder, ideally without showing their .xls extension if possible.

file in folder: 

The following filenames get displayed in ComboBox1:
Any idea on how to do that will be more than welcome!


I am trying to populate a list box with all the named ranges in a
sheet. The following code gives me only the refers to portion of the
name not the name itself. What am I doing wrong ???

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
For Each nName In Names
Me.ListBox1.AddItem (nName)
Next nName
End Sub



I am looking to build a calendar or populate a calendar template with
advertising print due dates and subsequent trigger dates, proof dates and the

I have set up formulas to extrapolate the 6 dates based on the ad due date
but now I want the program to look at my data worksheet and see a date in the
future and grab the information in cell a4 and then find that date spot in a
calendar and place the cell information there.

As an example

Magazine A
Pub Date Due Date Trigger Date Info Date Proof Date etc
1/1/06 12/15/05 11/24/05 12/1/05 12/8/05

On my Calendar how do I get it to say if date in cell C3=12/15/05 then place
contents of cells A1 and A3 into the calendar on 12/15/05

I am an advanced or expert user of Excel but I am not sure the program is
smart enough and the functionality equivalent to say do a VLOOKUP and then if
then statements and populate a database.

I am trying to build a structure where we can pop in issue dates and have it
automate to fill in the due dates, and extraneous project step dates for us
and pop them all neatly on a calender. If Excel doesn't have the
functionality I would think it should be possible to relate the information
to the Outlook Calendar and have it autopopulate there for me. However my
experience with Outlook is less than my advanced experience with the standard
MS Office programs.

Any help is appreciated.


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I need to have cell(s) auto populate with the name(s) of a sheet within the workbook. End result, when the tab or sheet is renamed, the cell will display the correct name.

I am an event planner for five different locations. I have set up a spreadsheet that lays out my sales at each location by fiscal period. Now I want to have a calendar that auto populates the event titles (Column B) to one calendar. Can you please help me with the code?

Hello all
I work on a rotational schedule 28 days on 28 days off. I have a scheduler that I use that calculates the days I'm at work and the day's I'm off. (see attached)

Is there a way to use the data in this scheduler to create a calendar that color codes each day that I'm at work and off? (like the other file attached)

Sometimes the schedule changes where I might work 21 days on 21 days off. I am just looking for an easy way to auto populate a calendar with the data from the scheduler.

I'm an amateur at excel. I know very little about macro fuctions. My expertise with excel is using basic funtions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


What I need to do is to create combinations of text cells. There would be 300+ possible combinations in the file that i'm trying to process.

AA 11 ZZ BB 22 YY CC 33 XX
What I need to do is to create permutations such as AA11ZZ, AA11YY, AA11XX, BB11ZZ, BB11YY, BB11XX, CC11ZZ, CC11YY, CC11XX, AA22ZZ, AA22YY, AA22XX, BB22ZZ, BB22YY, BB22XX and etc. the first column is always the start, the 2nd always in the middle and the 3rd always the end.

Is there a way to write a macro to auto populate a column with all the possible combinations?

Thanks and Regards,

Hello. Wonder if anyone could help with this quandry.

I'm producing a worksheet to record what access people need to certain applications in our business. This worksheet has 2 cells with data validation. In cell A1 the user selects if the person is an active employee. This list has the values 'Yes' and 'No'. The second cell, B1, is to record if access is required to an application, again, these values are 'Yes' and 'No'.

If the value 'No' is selected in cell A1, I want the value 'No' to be auto populated in cell B1 (ie. if the person is not an active employee, they don't require access to the application). If the value 'Yes' is chosen for cell A1, then cell B1 should still have the options 'Yes' and 'No' to chose from (i.e. if the employee is active they either do or do not require access to the application).

I have already tried to do this using the INDIRECT function, but this does not populate cell B1 for me, but just restricts my options in the drop down list for B1 to 'No'.

In my actual worksheet, I have more option than Yes and No, but have stuck to this to simplify my question, therefore the solution needs to be applied to more options than this.


I am hoping that this will be an easy question to answer. Please note that I
am familiar with Excel but I do not have much experience with involved

I want to create a formula that allows me to search my spreadsheet for
specific entries that were made in a certain month and sum the totals and
auto populates a separate report. Relatively straight forward!

Scenario: Search for all entries in “Jul 2007” called “Paper” and total the
sales and drop the sum into the Annual Report.

Data Table

Date Item Sales
05 Jul 2007 Paper 20.00
07 Jul 2007 Ink 10.00
20 Jul 2007 Pallets 40.00
21 Jul 2007 Paper 20.00
25 Jul 2007 Ink 10.00
29 Jul 2007 Pallets 40.00

Annual Report

Item Jul Aug Sep Total
Paper 40.00 40.00
Ink 20.00 20.00
Pallets 80.00 80.00
Total 140.00 140.00

I hope some can help me with this. Thank you

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