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How to sum alternative columns in excel... Please Help!

I want to sum alternative columns in excel.

For example

sum (A3,C3,E3,G3, and So on)

Is there any quick way to do this. Because i want to sum the alternative columns. Please Help!

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Could anyone tell me to how to select alternate coulms in excell?

I have a spreadsheet with a large number of colums and I am wanting to highlight every other colum so I can delete them.

Any help would be appreciated


How to use this code in excel 2000?


[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]Dim arquivo As String[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]If fd.Show = -1 Then[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]arquivo = fd.SelectedItems(1)[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]MsgBox "A pasta selecionada é " & arquivo[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]Else: arquivo = ""[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]End[/FONT][/COLOR] 
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]End If[/FONT][/COLOR] 

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Hi everyone,

Could you please tell me how to create a sheet in Excel when the sheetname include space?
like the sample below:

Create Table [as test one] (column1 int, column2 ...)

I just want to create a sheet in a excel table, and there should be spaces in the sheet name, like "as test one". I try to send the sql above and get a new sheet with the name like "as_test_one". But I hope I can get the sheet name like "as test one", not "as_test_one". Who can tell me how to write this sql query? Thanks a lot.


I wish sum 2 columns in Excel:

I know how sum 2 exactly details:

but how sum all from B and C column in D column


How to sort multiple columns in a pivot table. I can able to sort one column at a time in Pivot table. If i want to sort two or more columns at a time, how to achieve that. Please help. Thanks in advance.

I am generating a Sheet called Scripts based on a series of user inputs in other Sheet tabs in the same Workbook.

I need some ideas on how to execute this Scripts in excel automatically.

Right now it is working, if I select all contents of Scripts sheet and paste in the Query Analyzer (Manual process).

I was trying to save this sheet as text document, but somehow it is not working with the options (Unicode, DOS, space delimited).

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I have been trying to figure out how to write a formula in excel that does certain things. Here are the things I am trying to do.

1. if I put a number (1,2, 3 ect) in we will say c1 I want D1 to say WW1 or WW2 ect depending on the conflict.

2. If I put a number (1, 2, 3 ect) in say F1 I want a proper name to show up in G1. Like 1 in F1 and in G1 I want a name like Chicago.

I hope that someone gets the drift of my questions. I have not written any formulas for numerous years and I am totally lost in Excel, thus I am solicitating someones assistance.

thanks for your help.


How to stop opening outlook in excel when clicking into a cell that contains
an email address.


Can u tell me how to set a column in excel to accept only a specify
number of digits? for example ... i want column A to accept only
numbers in the range 1-100. If 101 is type an error must be displayed


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how to copy a cell in excell and paste in a txt file with macro


In excel I freezed the first column (A1). Then I tried to freeze the first Row. I could not able to do that. In Windows Menu -> Unfreeze panes is there. How to freeze the first row and first column in excel? Please Help!


Can u tell me how to set a column in excel to accept only a specify number of digits? for example ... i want column A to accept only numbers in the range 1-100. If 101 is type an error must be displayed



I found that Excel does not allow C-lang style escape sequence. E.g. "
like escape is not allowed. I tried with other tinkering as well but
did not work. Could not found direct pointer from Excel help.

Can somebody help, how to put escape sequences in Excel functions?

Thanks for your time.

- KA

How to make a game in Excel??? I know there is a way to make a game with
function or something like that but I forgot how or where to do it. Does
anyone know how to do a game??? Game looks like flight simulator.

Dear Friends,

Do you know how to write a marco in Excel to delete worksheet automatically, without prompting me to click OK?

I have tried one by using the command:

but it will ask me to click OK before delete it. It looks not professional.

Thanks a lot.

1. How to set GUID function in Excel as I have to import into MYSQL table some predefined values like UUID.

2. How to set Date&Time like access
Format(Now(), "yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss")

Is this possible to be achieved by clicking one button and within ONE row can be two fields with value like NOW() and UUID in terms of MYSQL?

Need help.

How to use this code in excel 2000?

Dim fd As FileDialog
Dim arquivo As String
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
If fd.Show = -1 Then
arquivo = fd.SelectedItems(1)
MsgBox "A pasta selecionada é " & arquivo
Else: arquivo = ""
End If

Dear all,

I have an Excel macro program which uses ADO connection. It connects to our
AS/400 database. When the program connects to the AS/400 system for the first
time after the program is opened, it prompts a AS/400 login dialogue box and
then the user keys in his/her user name and password. If I want to capture
the user name from the AS/400 login dialogue box, then how to do it? How to
write the code in Excel macro? Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!


Hello Everyone,
I need some help with a formula.
I need to know how to use the following in excel format:
+ or - 1% or every $10 change in price, the base number is $555.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know how to do the following in excel. I'm trying to get a group of 5 items end at the same time. I have over a thousand of these and was hoping there's a trick to have every 5 lots end with the same time - just 5 minutes apart. Thank you for your help in advance!

138NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:00139NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:00140NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:00141NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:00142NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:00143NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:05144NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:05145NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:05146NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:05147NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:05148NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:10149NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:10150NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:10151NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:10152NEW LM48548 BEARING 100 PIECES PER LOT.9/11/2008 12:10

Please advise how to open CSV file in Excel without using "Text to column"
steps. Where I can make all needed settings in Excel in order CSV files being
opened immediately without making additional actions. Thank you.

Dear Sir

pls. see the attached XL file

I want to know to convert multiple columns of single row to next row

how to do in EXcel ?

pls. help



I have a simple spreadsheet that looks like this:

Origin State Dest State Company

....and so on. Basically, the first 2 columns have all states/provinces and
column 3 has the company we use. I need to create one matrix with all
states/provinces in Row 1 and in Column 1, and all the cells in between are
populated with the company.

Question is How can I do this using MS Excel using Pivot Table. I can do this using Business Objects or Crosstab Query in MS Access but how do I do it in Excel using Pivot Table? This can be done by using INDIRECT and MATCH functions but this involves a couple of steps. Is there any shorter method?

I have attached an excel sheet that gives what I have, What I can do using Access or Business Objects and what I get using Pivot Table in Excel. The normal Pivot Table in Excel gives numbers instead of the company name even if I use Max or Min function (which works fine in MS Access query). So what am I missing here?

Thanks in anticipation,
Warm Regards,

I have Excel 2003 on WinXP and a rookie with the Excel object model.

I am looking for a code snippet on how to ensure all columns of the first row (headers) of Book_nnn.xls match the headers of Model.xls (which has only the one row for model header info).

Ideally, I'd like to be able to "repair" an invalid header column in the Book_nnn.xls file from the corresponding column in the model.xls.

Reason: Over time my raw data provider has altered the spellings of the column headers.

Finally, if the number of columns does not match that of the model, I'd like advice on the best way to alert the operator that the column repair requires manual inspection/correction.

Thanks in advance for your expertise and help.
- John

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