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Text wrapping on merged cell

Does anyone know how to get the text to wrap on a range of merged cells
which adjusts with the row height, i have managed it with a single cell,
but when merged cells are used it doesn't work. is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance


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How do I adjust a raw height that fits wrapped text in a merged cell.


Hi All

I need to be able to auto-expand some already wrapped and merged cells. The merged area is already quite large, however, often more text is required and this remains out of sight if in excess of the already merged area. Users are having to play around with the cell heights which is causing some confusion amongst some of them.

Is there a way of auto-expanding the area should someone input excessive text, so all text will be shown?

If a VBA is required, will this work on the whole worksheet (and additional worksheets saved in the same spreadsheet), or are multiple VBA modules required?

Will it also work for all users if the sheet/s are protected by the author?

Example sorksheet attached. The text boxes are cell B11, B32, B42 and B64. Would a VBA also affect all cells on the sheet or can it just affect these specific merged areas

(I have Excel 2007)

Many thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance for you help,

I am creating a template which will be used to track large accounts. Text
will be entered directly into cells, and most of the text will not require
the row to expand in size. For the cases where I need an unlimited amount of
room for text entry, I merged the cells across most of the printable field
and then checked text wrap, and align left, but I can't get it to work. In
addition I have formatted the rows to allow autofit, so then can expand
automatically. What do I need to do to fix this simple problem?


I have 3 column that are merged cells that I would like to text wrap. I
understand that Excel has a problem doing this, but is there some sort of
formatting I can to make it automaticaly adjust my row height. If there is
then please let me know. Normally I would just do it manually but there are
some formulas I don't want screwed up and other people will be entering data
so I want to protect my worksheet.....Thanks in advance for any help or
attempted help.

I am writing a program in VB.NET that populates an Excel spreadsheet.
I know that it is not possible to have autoheight or autofit on merged
cells. I need the height of the row to expand to fit an undetermined
amount of text.

I found some code previously posted and changed the code to fit my
program. Now, I get an error on this line of code (full code below):
For Each CurrCell In CoverWs.Range(strA1).MergeArea

I believe the error is in the CurrCell as Excel.Range, but I'm not

And advice would be appreciated,

An unhandled exception of type
occurred in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: Member not found.

Current Code:
Dim CurrentRowHeight As Single, MergedCellRgWidth As
Dim CurrCell As Excel.Range
Dim ActiveCellWidth As Single, PossNewRowHeight As

If CoverWs.Range(strA1).MergeCells Then
With CoverWs.Range(strA1).MergeArea
If .Rows.Count = 1 And .WrapText = True Then
ThisApplication.ScreenUpdating = False
CurrentRowHeight = .RowHeight
ActiveCellWidth =
For Each CurrCell In
MergedCellRgWidth =
CurrCell.ColumnWidth + _

.MergeCells = False
.Cells(1).ColumnWidth = MergedCellRgWidth
PossNewRowHeight = .RowHeight
.Cells(1).ColumnWidth = ActiveCellWidth
.MergeCells = True
.RowHeight = IIf(CurrentRowHeight >
PossNewRowHeight, _
CurrentRowHeight, PossNewRowHeight)
End If
End With
End If


I have incorporated text wrapping in a cell, but everytime I press Enter to
create a new line of text/paragraph within the cell, the cursor jumps to the
next cell below. How can I overcome this?

Many thanks,


I know how to set automatic text wrap in a cell ... but how can I
automatically wrap text in a cell ... and have the cell resize larger
automatically as I add more text? Thanks.

I have several cells in a single column merged into one cell.
Before merging the top cell had text and the other cells in the "to be"
merged area had no text. Then i merged them. ok so far.
Now i have a macro that iterates down the rows. some rows are ordinary rows
and in some places they are part of a merged area (in a single column)

My question is: How do i read the text in the merged cell?

str = Cells.Item(mRow, mCol).Value sometimes produces str==""
when it hits a row that contains part of a merged cell

str = Cells.Item(mRow, mCol).MergedCells.Text is the kind of thing i need.
How do you do that?


How to make Text in a Merged Cell of different Font(s) & Font Size Programmatically?

Dear Forum,

I have a particular Form which is basically a Blank Template and which is going to be used with Dynamic Names and then further for Printing.

The names are going to be selected from a Drop-Down and that is concatenated in the Template TEXT..

TO make it look more Authentic I want to haev this Text in a Different Font and Larger Font Size than the remaining text..


Cell B6 =

Received with thanks from MR. SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR a return of income and/or return of fringe benefits in Form No. ITR … for assessment year 2009-10, having the following particulars.

AS you can see the reamaining text is of normal Times New Roman Font and regular Font Size.

This TExt is Pulled from a DropDown connected to a List Names in the cell U1.


="Received with thanks from"& MR. SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR &"a return of income and/or return of fringe benefits in Form No. ITR … for assessment year 2009-10, having the following particulars."

So ,how DO i manage this difference in Font(s) and FOnt Size in a single cell which is Merged.

Warm Regards

I have 17 cells merged (A-N) in a single row with text entered. I need to count the number of lines the wrapped text has in the merged cells. The count will be used to adjust the row height in a case statement.

Background information: several rows, below row 1, have data in columns A-N. The text in the merged cells provided information about the below cells.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!!!


Is there a way to specify if there are 46 characters in a cell, to apply text wrap, indent the second line, and resize the row height to 25.5?

For example, I always will have text on merged cells B7:C7. I'd like to have a macro that determines if the text goes over C7 (I figured that it would take 46 characters to do this), that the merged cells will be text wrapped, then row 7 will be resized to 25.5.

Please help! I know how to record a macro that will text wrap and resize the row height but am not sure how to do the "if" condition. Thanks much!

I am trying to let the text wrap inside of a merged cell (formally 3 cells) how do you get it to show up in the cell without having to manually adjust the row height? I tried using the automatic row height and it doesn't seem to work.


I can not get the Text Wrapping feature to work in a merged cell. Can this be

I am using Excel 2000. I have a merged cell (6 cells wide and 1 deep) with a
paragraph of text with word wrap enabled. After about 7 or 8 lines of text
the text does not word wrap anymore. It would be about 2 more lines.

Any ideas?

I have merged several cells (21 to 46 and A to F) and have activated the wrap
text function. It appears to work for the first few lines, and then the text
disappears. If I double click in the merged cell, all of the text appears.
However as soon as I move to a different cell, a portion of the text
disappears again.
What I want is a few paragraphs to be typed in this same merged cell. Please


We are having difficulty making Excel 2000 use word wrap in a merged cell.
The cells are formatted as Text & set to word wrap before the merge.
(and are still set as above after the merge)
The row is set to Autoheight.
Once two cells are merged into one, this autoheight feature no longer works.
The text is truncated indicating that it is wrapping to the next line below
but I cannot see the text on the second line.

Word wrap works as expected in an unmerged cell. That is, the row height
automatically adjusts to fit the multiple lines of text without inserting
hard returns (Alt+Enter).

I cannot double-click on the row seperator to have it automatically resize
the row height either. My only resolution is to drag the row seperator until
i like what i see.

Ideally I would prefer to find a setting in the options dialog that would
re-enable this autoheight feature on merged cells.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Partners Healthcare

When I choose Merge cells and Wrap text function in the Text control.

the Wrap text function not working in the merger cells?

Please help

I have one cell on a template that displays all "#########....." when I
insert more than 255 characters, although all text is present and can be
Merged cells are formatted as Text, Wrap=true, merged over 10 columns and 2
No validation or conditional formatting applied. No code running upon


shows no reason for this behaviour.
If the merged cells are formatted as General, then text is displayed as
As barcodes may be inserted in this area, I need it formatted as Text.


Question if you have a merged cell, with wrap text selected and auto row height, it only shows you the first part of the text. Is there any way around this?

Any help would be appreciated.

I have a macro in which the top row across many columns (the header row) is
selected and autofit. These cells are set for wrapped text.

Most of the columns work out well. However, a few columns drop a few
letters to the next line rather than space the column to fit the largest word.

Any idea how I can fix this? Again, I have selected the header row when I
apply the autofit. I do not have any merged cells (I know this can cause

Worksheet A (the source worksheet) contains text strings of varying lengths. Each text string is contained in a single cell (formatted for 'wrap text').

Worksheet B (the destination worksheet) will receive the text string into merged cells.

Problem: for the text to display or print properly, the destination cell must be manually sized after the copy from the source worksheet.

Looking for a method to autosize the destination merged cells.


While Printing a report in 2003, the last column on the right side is over 100 characters and even reducing the text to 80% or even 75% does not allow it to be printed all across the page. I tried text wrap in "Format Cells" and in the alignment tab I selected Horizontal = "general", and vertical = "top" and then I click on "wrap text." In some of the wider cells the word wrap words well and in others it just cuts off part of the text.

Do I have to highlight all of the columns before I do the alignment?

What would the proper procedure be.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I am typing text in a cell and want it to wrap. I checked "wrap text" box
however it still doesn't wrap and I can only see part of the text. When I
click on the cell the text is there, but I still can't view it if I'm not in
that specific cell.

I want to include a lot of text in a merged/wrapped cell format. I can see
most of my text, but it cuts me off about 3/4 of the way down. I tried to
autofit the rows and columns, but still no luck. Is there a character limit
in merged cells?

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