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One Sheet Manual Calculation

I have a workbook with 4 sheets, all of then have formulas
What I would like to do is:
When I open the workbook I would like to make enable all sheets for calculations except 1, for example.
Sheet1, 2,3 has to be enable to automatic calculation all the time
But sheet4 only when I click a button or a check box, otherwise is disable
Does anybody have tried something similar before?
Can this be possible to achieve?

Many thanks and best regards

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Hi, is there anyway I can have only one sheet automatically calulcate? I usually have 4 excel files open each with numerous sheets. To conserve processing power I would like to just have one sheet automatically calculating. Any help would be great thanks! Currently I'm using
Application.Ontime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01") but it is not close to ideal.

The question is: Is that possible to only manual calculation on one row of a hiden sheet? and the rest of the calculation will only be turn on after all macro have been run.

My sheet is like this.

There are 5 reference cells which is in the in a same row. Below this cells, there are 10 fomular cells that would change their value depends on the value of the reference cells. Below that, there is 2 Results cells.

The problem is that:

There is a possible of 10000 sets of reference value. each time a new set of reference have been input. a goal seek function will be called for the formula cells. then update the results cells. (want calculation update)

The value in the results cell is then pasted into a different table where the function Max() will be use. (not want calculation update)

Thank you

example: I am performing calculations on one sheet and for each calculation I have a different sheet in the same work book. I want to be able to enter values and do the calculations on the first sheet and have the results be automatically populated on their respective sheets without having to manually reference each value. is this possible?

I have a worksheet that was developed for manual entry of data. The user manually enters 10 inputs, runs a subroutine, and the sheet calculates 8 outputs. Unfortunately I was just given 300 days worth of inputs (each day has 10 inputs) and asked to provide the corresponding outputs. Unfortunately, that's too much data to enter by hand.

I have a workbook with the calculations in one sheet and the data in a second sheet.

Is there any way to pass the input data to the calculation sheet and then have the outputs passed back to the data sheet and then advance to the next data automatically ? In short, use the calculation sheet sort of like a DLL.

I tried to make the sheets into HTML to post here using the recommended downloads but I'm getting a message that I'm over on the number of allowable rows and columns.

Excel XP, SP3 running on Windows XP

I have a spreadsheet that I open and update at least 4 to 5 times a day
every day. This spreadsheet is created monthgly from a template, then used
continously for teh month. A few weeks ago, I was delighted to have a new XP
system installed, replacing my old Win2K system; then these aggravations

For several days now, I have been noticing that this one spreadsheet stopped
recalculating. I checked Tools>Options>calculation and found that the calc
mode was set to manual-- I then changed it to automatic, clicked the OK
button and went on my merry way.

The next time, I opened teh sheet, it did not calculate. Sure enough the
calc mode was set to manual. After several days of this, I finally realized I
was running through this over and over. At first I thought maybe I was
forgetting teh OK button. So I ran a test today. I repeated the following
process 5 times in a row.
OPen spreadsheet, make an entry, no Autocalc
set to teh calc mode to Auto, verify that I click OK and exit properly
SAve and close the worksheet
Repeat the above steps wth identical results.

Opened the template the spreadsheet was created from, checked calc mode and
it is indeed set to automatic.

Now let me throw one more caveat in the scenario. New computer has MS Office
XP Pro installed, Old Win2k station had MS Office 2000. Offcei XP does not
include Publisher. It installed Publisher 2000 on new XP system, Yes we still
have the install rights for the earlier version. As soon as Publisher
activated, I began having trouble opening ACcess files, all databases opened
via a desktop shortcut open in a secure mode. Finally found that the shortcut
was calling Access for Windows™, so I reset the shortcut to open Access™ and
the shortcuts fucntion fine now.

Could this Publisher install be adversely affecting the Excel in a similar
fashion? Anyone had similar experience? Did you find a solution? Short of a
bullet through the monitor.

I have been through the listings here for Calc, recalc, Calculation mode,
and Excel resets calc mode to manual. Have found countless entries
expalaining about the mode of one sheet affecting the calc mode of next sheet
opened. But my problem has beeb verified when the only the one worksheet is
open, closed and then reopened.

I would appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions. I will be back at my
station on Monday and can test/forward ideas to our IT staff. Thanks to all
respondents in advance.

I am an advanced excel user. I have used excel on a daily basis for over 15
years now. I work in accounting. Recently in the past year I have been an
excel error that I have never seen before.

It occurs when I am pasting information from one excel sheet into another.
I will paste into a column of numbers in the destination spreadsheet and the
calculation notifier will appear in the bottom left hand of my screen as if I
had the worksheet set to "manual" calculation. However, I have it in
automatic calculation. Even when this error appears, if I go to
Tool/Options, the spreadsheet will show that I have the calculation set to
Automatic. If I hit F9, the calculation will not update. For example if I
pasted $140 in cell A1, and $200 in cell A2, the calculation in cell A3
=SUM(A1:A2) would give a zero result. "calculation" would appear in the
bottom left hand screen, and hitting F9 does not accomplish anything. The
only way to correct this issue would be to shut down office completely.
Reopen the spreadsheet and the calculation appears to have resolved itself.

A few other things that I have observed:

- This appears to happen randomly. Without a particular event occuring to
cause it. For the past year, it happens 2 - 3 times a month.

- I have even gone as far to doing a reinstall of the image on my machine to
correct this and it still occurs.

- It has only been happening to me. Its not happening to other users in our

-Which leads me to believe that perhaps its a function that I am using that
others are not. Perhaps its because I always use the "Ctrl" keys to copy and
paste. Perhaps its because I leave my computer in standby overnight when
others do not. Perhaps its because I utilize software that is open in the
background that others do not have installed on their computer.

-For example, it just happened with a spreadsheet that an employee emailed
to me. I showed the employee the calculation error. He stated that he never
experience the issue on his computer. We have the same version of excel
installed. Excel 2003 (11.8169.8172) SP 3.

I found article 950340 which seems to discuss the error I am having but it
was for service pack 2. I have service pack 3 so it should have been
corrected. The other issue is that everyone else in my group has the same
version, but are not getting the issue. It leads me to believe I am using
some functionality that others are not utilizing which is the catalyst for
this "bug". In the 15 years I have been using excel I have never seen
anything like this until this past year.

is it possible to use F9 to manually calculate in a single sheet or single
as i have got over 500 cells with vlookup in a single sheet, with more than
50 sheets in a workbook.
Thank you!!

I have a little excel sheet which I use to track ebay and other online sales. Recently I decided to change things up to something what I think is a simpler format of columns and rows to calculate costs/expenses and profits. I've got about different 300 items so manually entering descriptions and sale prices is going to be tedious... in fact, It took me 3hrs to do only for me to exit excel without saving... yup, all thous hours gone down the drain!

Anyways, here's what I'm talking about in the pic below:

I'd like to know if it's somehow possible to transfer the data in certain rows/columns from one sheet/page to another sheet/page in a giant batch. The pic should explain it better. I'd like to do that, for 300 different items.

Any help is appreciated!

Here's the image for reference:

I have a workbook that has 5 sheets, each of which have cells that
refer to one another. It is important that one sheet be fully
calculated, then the next, and so on. Does excel calculate sheets in
order (i.e. 1 to 5) or does it do something else?

I am running it with a manual calculations and iterations allowed. I am
using Excel 2002.




I have a file with several sheets that contain data with formulas (mostly VLOOKUP). sheet 1 contains about 15,000 formulas that make it very difficult to work with the file.
unlike all other sheets on this fie, I don't need auto calculations of those formulas, i want to manually calculate this sheet value when ever I need to. all other sheet should be calculate automatically as of now.
I cannot separate this sheet of the file because it will make the work very cumbersome and can be disastrous.



I have a resource planning spreadsheet with a lot of formula in one summary worksheet. People need to go to their own sheet to add or update a task. The summary worksheet picks the update and does a recalculation but this slows down my spreadsheet. So I switched the automatic calculation to manual.

The problem is, in manual calculation, data validation does not work. Basically, I want a manual recalculation in the summary worksheet but the data validation should still work in the other worksheets. Since Calculation Options is set at application level, I cant get this to work.

Is there a work around for this?

Help please.. Thanks!

subject: Trying to go carry data from one sheet to another and have the formula rows increment


A bit of background, I am helping the local rescue animal charity to create a an excel workbook instead of having everything on scattered pieces of paper. I am volunteering my time, and I can do simply things with excel, but I get confused when I have to use a mix of functions.

What I've done so far, as they have requested. They have been running for three years now and I am going to enter the data for the first year.

1. I have a sheet in a workbook that has 249 rows, the number of donations they received that year. Row 250 will add the total. Simple I can do.

2. The next sheet, will be for Jan, next sheet for Feb, and then more sheets for every month of the year. They are supposed to - on the directions of a volunteer accountant - create a summary sheet with all the details from the first running details sheet that can be printed off for each month of the year.

What I am trying to do:

- The first sheet is completed.

- On the second sheet - for Jan (I figured once this one is set up, I would copy it for the rest of the months)

I am trying to enter in a formula that calls the cells for:
a. The date
b. Who donated - including mailing addy
c. amount donated
d. receipt requested for income tax purposes

I can do this manually which would take forever, or I can come up with a formula that when I put it in the row for each column heading on the second sheet, I can just drag the formula down and all the data entered into the first sheet will auto be sorted to the right spot on that month sheet.

I think I would need to use the indirect and address function but I am a one function person, more then one and I get confused.

I would appreciate any help, anyone can give me.

Thanks in Advanced!


I have a button on one sheet of my file which should, when clicked, transfer the data in two separate columns to a particular column on another sheet.
Until recently this has worked without problem - now however whenever the button is clicked nothing at all happens - this code was written for me, I don't know VBA at all. I attach the code here firstly to see if anyone can see that the problem may exist within it, although there do not appear to be any error messages or highlights:

    Dim s As Range, i As Variant, t As Range, w As Range, _ 
    cc As Range, c As Range, w2 As Range, j As Integer, Val As Integer 
    Val = Sheet3.Range("Tournament").Value 
    Set s = Sheet4.Range("Scores") 
    Set t = Sheet3.Range("Table") 
    Set w = t.Cells(1, 1).End(xlToRight).Offset(0, 1) 'first empty week
    Set w2 = t.Cells(1, 1).Offset(0, 31).End(xlToRight).Offset(0, Val) 
    Application.Calculation = xlManual 'turn off calculations
    For Each cc In s 
        For j = -1 To 4 Step 5 
            Set c = cc.Offset(0, j) 
            i = Application.Match(c.Offset(0, -3), t, 0) 'get player position
            If IsError(i) Then 
                MsgBox "Cannot locate " & c.Offset(0, -3) & " in the table." 
                w2.Cells(i, 1).Value = c 
            End If 
        Next j 
    Next cc 
    w2.Range("A1:A" & t.Rows.Count).Replace What:="", Replacement:="DNP", LookAt:=xlWhole, _ 
    SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False 
    Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic 'turn on calculations
End Sub 

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thanks in advance for any help
Billy B

Hi Fiends,

Please have a look at the attachment

I need to generate a report based on Data entry in one sheet and summary of reports to be automatically generated in the sheet named MIS, there are many conditions for those columns in the MIS sheets, as of now I need to do all that manually using Subtotals and other tool.. Can some one help me in Automating this task please?

Thanks in advance to all of you..



Hi all,

I have a problem which, after searching for a while might be solvable, but I only found bits and peaces and so far I have not been able to combine them. Here it is

I have multiple worksheets with one holding the complete set of data imported from Access. The data is organized in rows with named columns and a unique ID eg.:

Manufacturer, Date_Purchsed, ID_FZG
Porsche, 13.3.06, 32
BMW, 1.2.07, 267
BMW, 3.4.06, 34
Honda, 5.3.06, 30
BMW, 2.1.07, 269

On this sheet I make overall calculations and summarizations.

On the other sheets I make Manufacturer specific calculations. Therefore I need only those Records from one specific manufacturer. Ideally the condition to search for records comes from the sheet (or even Better from the sheets name), so lets say one sheet is named BMW and in A1 also BMW.
How do I get the specific rows from BMW lined up under each other in the BMW sheet? I used a pivot table it worked but when a new manufacturer comes but with the ongoing updates/ changes of data it is not so handy. I tried offset and lookup and index and match, but it all led me into nowhere.

Does anyone have a neat and preferably non code/ macro solution for this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance


I use a workbook to track the numbers on sales deals. I keep one sheet as a master log with every deal and I create another sheet in the same file that only contains the data for one month. Is there a way that I can enter the data on the master sheet and have it automatically populate on the sheet for that particular month without having to manually copy and paste?

Hi all,

I have my sheet set to manual calculation as I have over 6,000 rows and 4 columns of sumproduct formulas!

unfortunately I have a small area of formulas that need to calculate, but only after the main formulas have calculated, as they are reliant upon the result of these.

I currently need to calculate twice in order to get the results I need... which takes just over 12 minutes as it is calculating the huge area of sumproducts twice!

The ideal is for me to calculate the range of 6,000 x 4 first, then my small area next.. is this possible?


Hello Everyone -

I have a workbook with multiple formulas. However, when I change any of the input cells, the results of the formulas do not change. I have tried my settings in both Automatic calculation and Manual Calculation (calc now and calc sheet) and neither works. I have saved the workbook and re-opend with no luck. Finally, if I select F2 while in a cell with a formula, the result does update.

Any ideas what may be causing this problem and how it could be resolved (e.g. how can I get the automatic calculation to begin working)?

Thanks for your help!

Is there a way to manually calculate [F9] only certain sheets or cells without it trying to caluculate the whole workbook?


so i have all of my data in sheet one:

participants name, address, birthdate, etc.

depending on the type of information that will be entered for each participant though, there will be different calculations that will need to be done.

so i will have all the information in sheet 1, and all the different calculations that might have to be done in sheets 2-10, for this example though, i will say that i only have 2 different calculations. on the last sheet, i have the results sheet, which takes information from sheet 1 and the calculations sheet and puts it in one sheet that needs to be checked my the supervisor.

is there a way where i can possibly put an if statement or something where depending on that answer, excel would would know which calculation sheet to use?

sheet 1

sheet 2

sheet 3

sheet 4

I have Excel 2007 and tend to open multiple sheets at a time. In
Excel 2003, when you elect to close the program, it would close all
opened sheet, except those with changes (it asks if you want to save).
In Excel 2007, it requires you to close each opened sheet manually. Is
there a way to get Excel 2007 to close all sheets when one elects to
close the program - I hate these extra steps!

I looked thru the Options, but did not see a entry for what I want.
Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?

************************************************** ****

is there a way you could inadvertantly turn on manual calculation mode in 07?
I have a 97-2003 format worksheet (all my sheets are this format) and it has
been in use for months. Just recently it switched to manual calculation
mode. ONLY that workbook is affected. all other workbooks open in
automatic. What could have caused the workbook to go to manual? Could I
have pressed a key combination of some kind? I work for a very large company
with a LOT of accounting done in Excel. We REALLY want to avoid having this
happen again if possible.

I have installed an application software called "Hyperion", after installed
this program, the excel's automatic calculation became manual as default when
open files. I need to click "Tools, options, calculation, automatic", then
excel can do the calculation automatically. Otherwise, the excel spread sheet
is manual calculated.
Could you please advise how can I change the default as automatic
calculation when I open the files every times?

Many thanks!

Using Excel 2002, I am set to Automatic calculation. One, and only one file
always indicates it requires Manual calculation. I am sure it is something
within the file, but am not sure what to look for. Can someone give me some
guidance on what steps to take to correct the problem.
Thanks, as always.

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