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display a selected area of a excel sheet in a VB form

I need to display a selected area in an excel sheet in a VB form!

I am not sure how to convert the selected area to an image !

The area already contains some images !

I am attaching the file for ur refrence!

I need the portion which is within the frame to be converted as an image and get displayed in a Vb form!

Thanks a lot for ur kind help and valuable time!

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Can anyone guide me on how to find the print area of excel file using vb..?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi -

Please can you help me out with a quick fix:

I created a questionnaire in excell and need to copy this questionnaire into a word document for report purposes.

cutting and pasting the s/sheet doesn't work as it screws the format in word :-(

is there any trick i could use to export a selected area of a worksheet (my questionnaire) into word (i.e. as a picture or something)????

Thanks in advance.

How do I apply a macro to all excel sheets in a folder? (in my case I need to
insert a row with certain content in row 16 in 700 excel sheets). All sheets
are alike.

Thank you!

Anyone can give me a reference link about Excel programming in
especially how to format the excel file and arrange worksheet order?

Thanks in advance.

This problem will be very simple for someone who knows VBA. I do not.

I am pretty hot using Excel but I have come up against a problem. I want something that will select an area of the sheet and print it out.

I have already used Name to give each of the pages a distinct name and so it can have its own print area.

The top right cell of each Named range has an "if then else" statement which will be 1 for that named range to be printed out and 0 if that named range is not to be printed. The VBA routine would then move on to the next Named range and carry out the same routine to decide whether to print it out or not, and so on until the end of the spreadsheet.

I have never used VBA and although I have seen some examples of editing VBA, I have no idea what I would be doing. I am not a total programming novice as, in the past, I used to write low graphics stuff in Basic programming language so I know about terms like goto, gosub, loops, nesting etc.

So can anyone guide me along?

I created a form in excel and i want to have the ability to tab form one
selected spot to another. That's i want to move and enter data in select
areas on the sheet.



I am constantly importing excel files into access. The problem im having is the top row of every column does not contain the column headers, the 2nd row does. I want to create a macro that will delete the top row of every sheet in my workbook.

I was thinking of writing a looping macro but im not sure how to do it.

To delete the 1st column in the active worksheet this is the macro:

Sub Macro2()
' Macro2 Macro
    ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs Sheets:=1
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
End Sub

So now i need to loop this so it does 15 sheets, preferrably not based on the name of the sheet itself so i can run it in different work books.. Any suggestions?

I just realized i can CTRL and select multiple all the worksheets, but I think if i didnt have to do that it would still save time.

is there anyway to create a clone of an excel sheet in vba?

Hi all,

I am having a "run time error 424 object required" when I try to read rows from another sheet. My code works fine until the rows are selected. Then, I try to process every selected row, but I have this strange error... My code is this:

Set sales = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("table1") 
sales.AutoFilter Field:=25, Criteria1:="2011" 
sales.AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:="sale" 
If selection.Areas.Count

I have a ComboBox (ComboBox1) in Excel. I'd like the ComboBox values to be populated automatically with the names of all the worksheets in the workbook. This ComboBox then can be used to skip to the different worksheets quickly (basically it's a Workbook navigation tool since I have more than 150 sheets in my Workbook).

I've tried coding this ComboBox so that one can navigate to a worksheet by either typing in the name of the sheet into the ComboBox or selecting the name of the sheet in the drop down menu. Having both function properly is key.

From what I can tell my code is almost there...but not quite. Does anyone know what may be the problem?


Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() 
    Dim lRow As Long 
    Dim Sht As Worksheet 
    Dim vSheetNo As Variant 
    For Each Sht In Worksheets 
        Me.ComboBox1.AddItem Sht.Name 
    Next Sht 
    If IsNumeric(Me.ComboBox1.Value) Then 
        vSheetNo = CLng(Me.ComboBox1.Value) 
        vSheetNo = CStr(Me.ComboBox1.Value) 
    End If 
    On Error Resume Next 
    lRow = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(ComboBox1, Sht.Name, False) 
End Sub 

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I need an help to create a macro to copy the value from number of excel sheets and paste it into another single excel sheet.
I have number files which are located in one location (ex: test, test1, test2, test3, test4)
I need to open each file and copy the item number which is in Cell B2 in the file named test.xls and paste it in the FINAL workbook and then again copy Total_Liab value in the tab named Calculations in the same workbook test.xls (total liability value) which is the last cell value in the column Q (example: Q51 in the Calculations sheet) Q51 and paste it next to the same item number in the FINAL workbook. Once it perform the action it should close the test.xls worksheet and then open the next test1.xls worksheet and should follow the same procedure as explained for the test.xls. Could you please help to create an macro

Why can't I use Englisch named function names, like =ROUND(...) in a
sheet when I have a Swedich version of excel. Excel will tell me the
error "#Name?" when I open an Englisch version worksheet or if I try
to enter an englisch function name. But if I write a macro with the
englisch function name inside the code and I call that macro in the
sheet the function will be translated to the swedich function name.
Thanks Pelle

Hi All,

I use ADO to open a Excel file using Jet OLEDB Provider.
I have one issue in getting the recordcount.

I open a excel sheet in ADO recordset

I have a Excel that can contain many sheets. I open a excel sheet
using ADO recordset, like

rst.Open ("select * from [Sheet1$]", conn);

Assume , The excel sheet "Sheet1" contain only Column headers and no
data rows.
If I open the excel sheet, the recordset rst shows a recordcount > 0
(it actually showed recordcount as 30) and the EOF property is also

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

In a Shared Workbook of Excel, how do I change the color of a Cell by simply
selecting it. For example, if I click on Cell B234 making it the Active
Cell, I want the color of Cell G234 to change to yellow.

I have the following data in excel sheet in "A" colum and I want to seperate this data in colum "b" and " c" see the example below:

Coloum "A"
BM0082 New! Bitecare Gel 1.5 oz 20%
BM0056 Acidil Heartburn 60 tabs 20%
BM8046 Allergy Floor Display 24 pc 25%
BM8080 Arnica Cream Floor Disp 24 pc 25%
BM8069 ArnicaGel &BlueTube Val PkFlDisp2.5oz+30C MDT/24pc 25%

Coloum "A"
BM0082 New! Bitecare Gel 1.5 oz 20%

New! Bitecare Gel 1.5 oz


I need to seperate the Product name "New! Bitecare Gel 1.5 oz" in seperate column and seperate "20%" in another column please help me regarding this issue..

Waiting for quick response.... I will really be thankfull!

I would like to save an excel sheet in a format such as JPG or something like
that - for the reason of emailing invoices. I have tried cutting and pasing
from Excel to Publisher, but I would think there would be an easier thing to
do. Any idea?



Can somebody please tell me if it is possible to create a vertical list of my worksheets in excel. As I have well over 100 on the one work book and want to create a front page displaying summarised data from each worksheet (they are all the same data such as return and standard div) but don't want to insert the name of each worksheet into each cell.

Is there any easy way round this, I'm not very good with VBA. So please try to stay clear of this.

Many thanks..

Hi All,

Is there any way of setting the print area of Excel to print out to within 6mm of the edge of the paper at the right hand side. I have an A4 sheet with labels on it and part of the information to be filled in on the labels is within 6mm of the sheet edge.

Thanks in advance for any help.



I need a macro will allow the user to type a word, name, or number, or something into a cell and then click a "find" button, that will then search all of the sheets in the workbook and find the data that the user typed in the cell and it should give related data. what i mean is, i have 3 columns in sheet which are customer name, Account number and another is alphanumeric account number, if i give name of customer for search it should show me his account number as well as his alphanumeric account number and if i give account number for search then it should give me customer name and alphanumeric account number. Anyone have an idea how to do this easily?



Hi, I know how to open a workbook in a second instance of excel and then edit it.... something along the lines of
Sub OpenAnother()
  Dim appExcel As Excel.Application
  Dim wbkHiddenBook As Workbook
  Set appExcel = New Excel.Application
  Set wbkHiddenBook = appExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:TestTest.xls")
  wbkHiddenBook.Worksheets(1).Range("D1") = "hallo"
  appExcel.Visible = True  'wbkHiddenBook.Close
End Sub
, but what if I want to edit a workbook in a second instance of excel which is ALREADY open
Is this possible?

Hi all,

I am in need of help regarding Excel sheets and Vb.NET,

I am having a application which creates some sheets on click of button
present in the main sheet. These operations are coded and kept in the
application directory as a excel file say "Base.Xls"

I use VB.NET to create the copy of this xls file when ever user is creating
a input skelton for the work that to be done. This is just a file.saveas
method or workbook.saveas method.

Now I am including some buttons to do specific jobs in excel sheet. And the
macros/functions subroutine also in excel sheet using VB Script editor. Now
my question is

How can i hide the code which is used for those newly inserted buttons so
that the user will not see in the Vb Script editor and cannot change the same.

Please help me friends

I want to run the macros in one of my Excel files completely independently of any other Excel files which may be open.

I can open my file in a new instance of Excel by using the /e switch in a command line but I can't work out how to stop any Excel files opened subsequently opening in that new instance of Excel.

I wonder if I have explained this clearly enough and whether anyone can give me some guidance?

Many thanks



I use multiple monitors and often have to work on a number of files at the
same time.

Word allows me to have multiple windows open and I can mimise them (each
one) to the task bar as and when they are not needed.

I need to be able to do the same in EXCEl !!!!!

Does any one have a nice workaround, other than a number of short cuts to
dummy files "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeEXCEL.EXE" /
c:dummyfile1.xls. As to date this my only way has been to open a new
instance of EXCEL and then selecting the file I actually want.

I am sure there must be a simple setting, but I just can not find it.

Thanks in advance


I wanted to lock the view of Excel sheet so that only certain number of
rows and columns are displayed to the user. Since I have an Excel sheet
where in only 50 rows are to be displayed and data has to be entered in
these cells. There is no need for showing the rest of the cells. The
user should not be able to scroll horizontally or vertically beyond
this number of cells.

Can this be acheived by some means.


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