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Arrow Key Function Mode (Jump with cursor / Pan spreadsheet)


I switched the arrow key function mode somehow and don't find back.
When I use the arrow keys, the spreadsheet pans around, but I want to have the cursor jumping from one cell to the other.
Did not find a way back.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

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Excel 2002 SP3. All of a sudden, the arrow keys no longer move the cursor
one cell in any direction. The spreadsheet moves, but the cursor doesn't.

Any suggestions?

Hey guys, I need some help.

I dont know what happened because I did not mess with any of the options, but last week, my arrow keys started to scroll and not move from cell to cell.

I cant seem to find the option to switch it back to navigating from cell to cell, can anyone please show me how?

Hi guys,

I have just come across something I have not quite seen before.

I am working with an Excel workbook, and the Ctrl + arrow key function is not working as I would expect. When used it goes the furthest populated cell rather than the next populated cell. So when I am in cell B1 and expect to go to cell B15 when I use Ctrl + down, it ends up in cell B15000, which is the last cell with a value in it.

Now I know that the data is pasted into the Excel sheet from another -non Microsoft- programme. I have tried copying all the data and then using paste-special-values, which worked with similar problems, but that doesn't do anything.

It's not like the data is just one big block that looks like it takes up the whole thing, because it will still sort according to columns. The Find function also works, which suggests it does recognise values in cells. And yet the Ctrl + arrow keys don't work.

Does anybody have any idea what might be going on here? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Oftentimes, e.g., in the formula field of a custom data validation form, trying to move left or right through the formula string using horizontal arrow keys does not move the cursor but inserts a cell reference instead. What is the name of this incredibly obnoxious behaviour and how do you suppress it?

Excel 2002 seems to go whacky on me frequently.
Sometimes my macro thinks a sheet is protected when it's not, tries to unprotect it, but still thinks it's protected.
Sometimes my arrow keys will only move the cursor into unlocked cells even though the sheet is unprotected. My mouse works fine at this time.
There are other intermittent problems, but those are the 2 most frequent.
I'm guessing that the file is corrupted. How can I determine this?
If not, is there something else that could be causing these problems.

I have Excel 2000, and for some reason when I try to move around the
spreadsheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor stays on the
cell and the entire worksheet moves up, down, left or right. The same thing
is true when I try to scoll down the spread sheet using the scoll tool on my

Any suggestions?



I notice this most often when trying to enter conditional format formulas. If I try to use my Home, End or Arrow keys to move my text cursor in the text box, it instead selects a cell. It's very annoying having to switch my hand to the mouse every time I need to move the cursor. I realize this is probably a "feature", but is there anyway to turn it off?

I often want to use my arrow keys whilst composing a formula within a dialogue box (for example, the data validation dialogue box shown below). But when I hit the arrow keys, Excel moves between cells on the spreadsheet and puts nonsense into my formula string. Does anyone know a way around this? - apart from using my mouse of course! Thanks.
Data validation dialogue box.jpg

is there a setting that isn't allowing my arrow keys to work in Excel?
Additionally, my cursor will not select a cell - it only highlites cells. I
can't use the menu bar or even quit out of excel with Ctrl+Alt+Del. Arrow
keys and cursor work in all other applications

From an earlier post 5/24, I have a multi page worksheet, many functions
jumping sheet to sheet. One input sheet, one output sheet to print.
I noticed once I protect the sheet, the enter key , tab, and arrow keys
don't work anymore.
The only items/cells I have protected are the locked items.
The cells I need to choose/input with are not locked or hidden.
Any ideas?

I have three option button displaying in a frame and I would like to be able to move between them with my left and right arrow keys.

I tried assigning the key to functions(code below) but I can't get it to work.

Application.OnKey "{LEFT}", "Left_Arrow"
Application.OnKey "{RIGHT}", "Right_Arrow"

Left_Arrow and Right_Arrow are subs

Any ideas?


I would like to allow the user to skip specific cells/rows/columns by
jumping around a form with the TAB/SHIFT+TAB keys but I would like to
also allow the user to specifically select these skiped cells if they
desire to by using the arrow keys or the mouse.

I am currently using

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

in order to evaluate the current selection and what should be skipped.


is there a setting that isn't allowing my arrow keys to work in Excel?
Additionally, my cursor will not select a cell - it only highlites cells. I
can't use the menu bar or even quit out of excel with Ctrl+Alt+Del. Arrow
keys and cursor work in all other applications

I have a spreadsheet which has VBA code behind it which calls functions from our own add-ins. If I use the arrow keys to navigate on a few of the worksheets Excel will hang and display (Not Responding) on the title bar.

Any ideas what might be causing this or what has caused something similar before?

i use a list box to change a series of formulas to look elsewhere. I have to use the mouse and select each time to make the changes.

I was just wondering if there is a way to make a list box selection change with the arrow key?

Right now when I move the arrow keys it doesn't move the cursor to cells but rather always moves the horizontal scroll bar.

wheres the option to set it back so it moves the cursor around?


When I am in excel (2007) the up & down arrow keys are not functioning. Typically when the up/down keys are used it will navigate me around the different cells. Today however it is not, instead it simply moves the entire excel sheet either up or down.
Anyone ever experienced this? Definitely could use any sort of advice as this is very frustrating.

I'm embarrassed I can't figure this out but someone sent me a workbook with protected sheets (workbook is unprotected) that does the follow.

If any cell is row 1 is selected and the user hits the UP arrow, the worksheet automatically jumps to row 419. If the user hits down on row 419, we go back to row 1.

If any cell in Column A is selected and the user hits the LEFT arrow, the worksheet automatically jumps to column W. If user hits RIGHT arrow in Column W, we go back to column A.

In essence, worksheet is turned into a circle.

How can I turn this annoying feature off? I have the password and it goes away when the sheet is unprotected so I figure it has to do with cell locking but haven't been able to figure out the solution. I do need the final version protected so the answer can't be as simple as turning it off. Thanks.


Hi folks,

Excel 2003. I have columns B-E unlocked from row 6 to the bottom of the worksheet. When I
protect the worksheet with only select unlocked cells allowed (but not locked cells), I can
select any unlocked cell with the mouse, but the tab and arrow keys behave very strangely.
Sometimes it causes the cell pointer to jump up to row 6, and then the cell pointer will
only move left and right through columns B-E in row 6 only, but never down. Often pressing
one of them locks up Excel. If when protecting the sheet I also allow selecting locked
cells, none of this strangeness happens. I've tried starting over building a new workbook,
and this starts to happen at various times before I've put much in the sheet, and once it
starts, it's toast. I can't tie it to anything I've done as I build the sheet.

I've restarted Excel, rebooted, used /unregserver and /regserver, stood up and turned around
three times -- all the stuff I'm supposed to do. It's a simple sheet, and it's a rush job.
Makes me wish I'd taken up archery instead.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Regards from Virginia Beach,

Earl Kiosterud

I don't know what button I hit but now the page scrolls up and I need to move
from cell to cell with my arrow keys.

I have a multi page worksheet with functions throughout.
It has one sheet of inputs, other sheets hidden, input & answer sheets are
The Input sheet, several cells are available to input.
Yesterday I could move around with the enter key, tab, and arrows.
Today for some reason, the enter, tab, and arrow keys will not move me around.
I made sure all input cells and function formatted linked cells are unlocked
and unprotected.
I have to click into another cell to move.
***I reboot, and the keys still don't work.***
I have been through all the options settings, can't find the answer.

This bugs me about excel, and it leads to mistakes, so I thought I'd ask:

When I select Control key plus the arrow key, I thought this skipped all
blank cells and took you to the next populated cell.

What I've found however is that it sometimes ignores cells with content, and
my cursor goes to the bottom of the sheet, leading me to believe that a
column is empty when it is not.

Why does excel do this? does it depend on the data type of the data in the
column? please help, I can't figure it out.

Greetings and TIA for yor time
Here's what i'm doing:
Right click on a chart
Source data
series tab
click on any series address box at the right hand (red arrow)
A flashing broken line will appear around the relevent range
If I now want to extend the series address range I must use the mouse, since
the shift, arrow, and end keys do not function in this context on my setup.
Can i change my configuration to enable use of the shift, end and arrow keys
(much easier on large data ranges)?

Hello all,
I know this is a sooo basic question but I can not for the life of me remember how.....
when I am on a excel sheet I can not seem to move from quare to square qiththe arrow keys.
It just now takes me all the way to the left or all the way to the right and not from cell to cell from left to right.

I know its something rather simple yet I can not seem to figure this out.
I have no problem with this on 2003pro.

I have 2000 at work and trying to get this sheet back to normal any help would be wonderful.
Thank you,

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