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convertir texto en minuscula a mayuscula en excell

necesito convertir texto en minuscula a mayuscula en excell automaticamente.

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Que tal a todos,

Tengo una pregunta, ¿hay alguna función en excel que detecte los textos que están en negritas?

o se necesita de una macro?

Lo que sucede es que tengo una hoja que tiene algunos textos en negritas (bold) y quiero extraer dicha información a otra hoja.

Gracias por anticipado.

Me gustaria saber si existe una formula que puediese asignar por ejemplo: si la condicion se comple que salga la contestacion en azul, y si la condicion es falsa que salga el texto en rojo.

En la formula a continuacion me gustaria que si fuese cierta, en este caso (1) que el numero uno me lo desplegue en algun color diferente a negro.



Utilizando métodos abreviados

Para ajustar manualmente un texto:
1.Escriba el siguiente texto en una celda: “F1 Obtenga lo Mejor de Excel! La Guía Fundamental de Consejos y Ayuda sobre Excel”.
2.En la Barra de Fórmulas, ubique el cursor después de la palabra “Excel!”.

Para deshacer el ajuste de texto manual:

1.En la Barra de Fórmulas, ubique el cursor donde se ajustó el texto, es decir, antes de la palabra “La”.
3.Quite la selección a la opción Ajustar texto.
4.Haga clic en Aceptar.


I am attempting to use an ADODB connection to a closed Excel spreadsheet. I have been able to sucessfully connect to the worksheet with the FROM statement, but when I add the necessary WHERE statement it fails.

The line below is the sql string that is the problem.

Sql = "select * FROM [LY_Data$b1:S745] & WHERE ((([Cat_Name])= " & CatFilter & "));"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     'Retrieve LY P2P5 Data from Excel Pivot Table based on filtered Category entry
     'Created 4-2-12, repurposed 5-30-12
    Dim Cn As ADODB.Connection 
    Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset 
    Dim RowNum(13) As Integer 'input count as 1- number of RowNum
    Dim FieldNames(13) As String 'input count as 1- number of FieldNames
    Dim ColNums As String 
    Dim ColNum As Variant 
    Dim CatFilter As String 
    Dim ThisYear As Integer 
    Dim LastYear As Integer 
    Dim StrCon As String 
    Dim SourceFile As String ' need to dim this as variable and apply to data source= in connectionstring due to different
    Dim Sql As String 
     'Category as entered in Category Plannng Tab
    CatFilter = Sheet5.Cells(3, 2).Value 
    Debug.Print CatFilter 
    SourceFile = Sheet1.Cells(1, 1).Value 
    Debug.Print SourceFile & "   " & CatFilter 
    ThisYear = Sheet1.Cells(29, 2).Value 
    LastYear = ThisYear - 1 
    StrCon = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & SourceFile _ 
    & ";Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;HDR=Yes;IMEX=1"";" 
    Debug.Print StrCon 
    OldStatusBar = Application.DisplayStatusBar 
    Application.DisplayStatusBar = True 
    Application.StatusBar = False 
    Application.StatusBar = "Updating LY Data     " & ActiveWorkbook.Name & "      Please be patient" 
    Sheet5.Unprotect Password:="" 
    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual 
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False 
     'defines Rows in Excel to be paired with FieldNames from DB
    RowNum(0) = 9 'BOH_Retail
    RowNum(1) = 16 'BOH_Cost
    RowNum(2) = 23 'BOH_Qty
    RowNum(3) = 31 'Sales$
    RowNum(4) = 38 'Sales_Qty
    RowNum(5) = 57 'P2_MD$
    RowNum(6) = 65 'P5_MD$
    RowNum(7) = 69 'NetRcpt_Retail
    RowNum(8) = 73 'NetRcpt_Cost
    RowNum(9) = 77 'NetRcpt_Qty
    RowNum(10) = 85 'MUC$
    RowNum(11) = 113 'EOH_Retail
    RowNum(12) = 117 'EOH_Cost
    RowNum(13) = 124 'EOH_Qty
     'defines FieldNames from DB Rows to be paired with Excel Rows
    FieldNames(0) = "BOH_Retail" 
    FieldNames(1) = "BOH_Cost" 
    FieldNames(2) = "BOH_Qty" 
    FieldNames(3) = "Sales$" 
    FieldNames(4) = "Sales_Qty" 
    FieldNames(5) = "P2_MD$" 
    FieldNames(6) = "P5_MD$" 
    FieldNames(7) = "NetRcpt_Retail" 
    FieldNames(8) = "NetRcpt_Cost" 
    FieldNames(9) = "NetRcpt_Qty" 
    FieldNames(10) = "MUC$" 
    FieldNames(11) = "EOH_Retail" 
    FieldNames(12) = "EOH_Cost" 
    FieldNames(13) = "EOH_Qty" 
     'Note: Column 73 removed for 52 week fisical year
    ColNums =

     'splits ColNums String into separate column ID's
    ColNum = Split(ColNums, ",") 
    Set Cn = New ADODB.Connection 
    Cn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" 
    Cn.ConnectionString = StrCon 
    Cn.Mode = adModeRead 
    Sql = "select * FROM [LY_Data$b1:S745] & WHERE ((([Cat_Name])= " & CatFilter & "));" 
    Debug.Print Sql 
     '''Create query from worksheet in Excel-Test String  (original attempt at string)
     ''    Sql = "select * FROM [LY_Data$b1:S745]" & _
     ''    "WHERE ((([Cat_Name]) = " & CatFilter & "));"
     ''    Debug.Print Sql
    Set rst = New ADODB.Recordset 
    Set rst = Cn.Execute(Sql) ' Note error here executing Sql
    Dim r As Integer 
    Dim c As Integer 
    Dim LastWeekNumber As Long 
    While Not rst.EOF 
        LastWeekNumber = rst("Max_Week") 'last week of recorded data from table
         '    Debug.Print LastWeekNumber
        For r = 0 To UBound(RowNum) 
            Dim WeekId As Long 
            For c = 0 To UBound(ColNum) 
                WeekId = (c + 1) 
                If WeekId

Can a macro be written to open a second excel file?

Trying to link data from a Specific Excel cell into a specified spot in a word doc

I have a sheet listing the information
A1 name

B1 address


I need to figure out how to link this to my form letter to fill in the blanks "so to speak"

First thought says mail merge, but I don't seem to be able to quite get it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I'm trying to format cells conditionally with a border where the contents of a cell on row3 contains Jul, or where the month number is 7 (either method is fine).

This is a 3 year financial forecast and I want to separate the years with a border.

The month number/name is always in row3. The column reference is the only thing that changes.

I've tried various combinations using CELL, INDEX, ADDRESS and so on but can't get anything to work.

Can someone please suggest a native excel solution. Eg without using VBA?

The range of cells is D2:AM109.


This is driving me crazy; I’ve been searching the boards all day for a solution but just can’t find anything even remotely relevant. I’ve finally admitted defeat and decided to post the question

I’m simply trying to copy all the data on one sheet, open up a new excel application:

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")


and then paste all the information to the new workbook. When I try, the charts don’t paste, only the values and formats. Please, anyone…help!!!

Is there a way to insert a working excel sheet into the body of and email in out look?.....I want to have my employees to be able to fill out a form in the body of the email and return it back to me.....I have tryed cutting and pasting one in but it loses its excel funtionality.

I know that I can simply attach the file, however Im thinking it might be more efficiant for them to have it in the body of the some folks that are not to computer savy.

help would be appreciated.thanks

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to search for this, but couldn't find it anyway. Can anyone gimme a code which I can apply to Workbook_Open() event so that whenever I open that workbook, it opens in a new excel?

Basically this workbook includes a set of forms, which open on start up. Once the form is loaded, I cannot navigate through the workbooks that were already open on my system.

Please help !

Thanks !

Is it possible to write to a cell in a closed Excel workbook?



Can anybody please refer me a good Excel Installer program so that I can make a package for my add-in. The installer program should make a package of all the required files (workbook, icons, pictures, dll etc.)?


its about a complex excel tool for helping a sales force in their daily activities.

The sales reps should have additional access to this tool over the web. How can be this tool converted in a/several web page(s)?

the tool has
- macros (but just read cell, manipulate content, write into cells)
- navigation through hyperlinked pics
- comboboxes
- protected sheets and cells
- buttons
- labels
- passwort protection (but this one is not relevant for the functionality)

Is this actually possible? Is there software on the market to automatically do this (convert the xls file to html/php/mysql) with keeping all the excel tool functionalities?

thanks in advance, i appreciate it

best regards,

How do I import various excel form into a single Excel worksheet in list
format? Is there an easy way or template solution that could help me?

How can I perform a "Save As" and change the name of a protected excel
spreadsheet? I know it can be done in word but what about excel?

Hello All,

This is my first time posting in any Usernet group. We have an issue
at work where multiple worksheets would disappear in a shared Excel
file randomly. We are running Excel 2000 with about 10 users accessing

and update these four shared spreadsheets. Every few days or so, I
would get users complaining that two worksheets have disappeared. I
checked to make sure that they are not hidden and also they are unable
to delete the worksheets since we password-protected it. People would
have to unprotect the worksheet, then unshare it before they can
actually delete the worksheet.

Do you know if this is a bug in Excel 2000 or if there a fix for this?
We are running Office Service Pack 3. I searched all over Google and
others have experienced this problem, but have never found a resolution

to this.

Thanks for all yoru help.

Hi All,

I need your help once again. I have a Dashboard with five sheets and I
was wondering if there is a function to create a new Excel file based
on the data selected from the Dashboard.

I would like to select data or cells from different sheets from the
Dashboard then create a new Excel file with the data selected using a
macro or vb.

I guess I could just copy and paste the data from one file to another
but there are a large number of cells I need to select. I would like to

know if I could automate this process.

Thanks in advance.

I'm creating a spreadsheet that lists different queries. When we list the
odd SQL query, we want to put the entire query in a single Excel cell that
can be copied and pasted in SQL Query Analyzer. Is there a way to copy and
paste the SQL query into the cell? We're finding that when pasting, Excel
breaks it up into several lines. Additionally, typing it out doesn't always
properly format the query (like when there are comments within the query)...
Is what I'm looking to do even possible?

I have a protected excel worsheet. There are only four cells in the entire
page that are locked, the rest can be changed. However, once it is locked it
won't let me insert a picture from file. Please advise. Thanks!

I have a Shared excel workbook which has data entered though the month by
multiple people, in this file I have a number of formulas producing data
about the entries.

The issue I am facing is that when any of the users open or save the new
entries the file takes quite a while to re-calculate the formulas. I know I
can use the Calculation tab in options to manually calculate the fields but
this only works at an individual level rather than in the actual workbook and
it also will apply to evey excel file we work on.

Does anyone know a solution to have a selected range of cells with formuals
only to re-calculate when requested?

Hello dear members of the microsoft.public.excel.misc newsgroup. I would
need Your kindly help again on this one please. I would like to write some
sentences on a single Excel 2000 cell. Those sentences should be in
differents "lines" of the same cell.


An Excel 2000 cell
|Yesterday was Saturday |
|Today is Sunday |
|Tomorrow Monday |

Every time I hit on the "Enter" key the next line come down in the following
column cell.

How could I do it please ?

Many Thanks


I have copied a file that I created in windows excell to a floppy disk (that
has only windows word files on it) and tried to open the excell file on
another computer running Windows XP excell. The windows XP machine said the
disc was not formatted or was formatted as a macintosh excell file.

WHAT in the world do I do?

Is there a way to configure Excel to automatically open a new image or a new
window whenever additional files are opened when using explorer or shortcuts
to select the file to open? The default operation opens a single Excel
instance and any additional files are opened within the same window instance
and the windows can't be moved to different monitors. I am using multiple
monitors and want to place individual Excel instances or windows in different
monitors. Word creates seperate windows which can be moved to different
monitors by default. I could not locate an option for either starting a new
instance or opening a new window in the Excel tools options settings. I can
manually open multiple instances by starting another instance of Excel, then
select file, open and manually browse to the directory location, find the
file and select it. Windows XP Pro, Excel 2003 SP1 Thanks for any input...

If I have a shared excel workbook, can a date be displayed on each sheet for
the last update?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.