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DOES NOT EQUAL - Conditional Formatting

Hi all,

I'm trying to apply some conditional formatting to a range of cells where, if the cell DOES NOT EQUAL the value "FALSE" and another cell contains the word "Red" (there's more colors, but that's academic) then formatting occurs.

In the conditional formatting box, I've entered the following formula:


I thought the "<>" would indicate does not equal, or at least give the same results, but no joy.

Any ideas?



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Trying to format a cell to change to red when two other groups of cells dont equal each other. So the scenario is I am a sum of 9 cells that should equal the sum shown in ONE seperate cell. I then want a third cell to be displayed as red when the sums of these two other cell groups do not equal each other....

Is there a way in conditional formatting to state where you fill in the formula "does not equal"?

How do you put the phrase "does not equal" into excel language? I want to conditionally format using "if this cell doesn't equal another cell."


I only want the cell to be included in the sum if it does not equal zero.



I have a spreadsheet that develops part of a report based on a data sheet. The final report is formatted with conditional formatting. I need to copy a section of the report and paste it into a new spreadsheet while at the same time retaining the formatting. The conditional formats are however dependant on data that does not get copied to the new sheet.
Is there a way to "Paste special freeze formats" or another method that will achieve this.
The new spreadsheet does not need conditional formats but must retain the formatting form the original spreadsheet when it was copied.

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Can someone please help me with some code.

I need to build a macro, which will delete all rows with a specific value in column A, only if column B does not equal a different specific value. I can't seem to find any relevant posts. thank you very much.


Hi! I am trying to create a macro that will delete entire lines where a cell does not equal a certain value.

In column B I have alot of values (TF, GF, UF, HF, etc). I want a macro that will delete lines where cells in column B do not equal TF).

Thanks for any help!

In the past I have used code to compare cells and highlight them if they equal each other. Now I want to highlight a cell if they dont equal, how do I say "does not equal" in VB code?

I have made a fairly nice sized file (11 megs, no pivots,) and in one tab I have 6 columns of 2 condition formatting by 4000 rows. I was working and made some conditional formatting and then saved the file. Upon reopen the file took noticeably longer. (a minute instead of a few seconds) Knowing conditional formatting was the last thing I changed on the sheet I removed the conditional formatting and saved the file as "such and such version 2." Version two now opens at a normal rate but does not have conditional formatting. I have tried this twice and the same effect happens. It appears that conditional formatting slows the opening of this file.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to include it before I send the file in. This specific tab has no formulas, and other tabs in the same workbook have conditional formatting (not anywhere near the scale though).

Hi All,

I am using autofilter in vba and can now set the criteria by the value in a set cell. However I want to use the Does not equal aspect () and Can't seem to get the right syntax to make it work.

Can anyone help me with where to place the (), I have scoured the web and come up with nothing.

Code is

.AutoFilter Field:=8, Criteria1:=Sheets("Cover").Range("C7"), Operator:=xlAnd

Many thanks


I have worksheet Food which has 2 columns.

In cell A1 I have a data list pulldown menu with the following values:

In cell B1 I would like to have the following:
IF A1 does not equal "Apples" THEN write the value of 2 * 2.

Nothing needs to happen if A1 does equal "Apples".

Do I need to do this in VB Script? Or can it be expressed as a function?

Thanks for your help.

Since Excel 2003 does not maintain conditional formating after a pivot, I am trying try write a macro to automatic do this. Has anyone done this before? Is there a code that isolates the "first data" cell in the pivot table?
(This "first data" moves around when adjusting the pivot table.)
Also, how do you take the value of a cell on the worksheet, and place it into a macro...for instance cell A20 on the sheet has the value of F12, I want F12 to be a selected range in a macro.

Hi guys

I've got a function which I need a little help on please:

I'm currently using:

but need to use something along the lines of:

How do I code the part in square brakets, ie a value does not equal?

What I'm finding currently is that with a singular $G19>94.5% function, the cells with an NA text value are being copied across as a 100% value rather than #NA.


I formatted a cell with a conditional format and now I can not select
conditional formatting, nor can I paste the conditional format of that cell
to other cells.

any ideas?

Gary Beard

Hey There

I was wondering if any one can help, I am looking to apply a formula which chages if does not equal an item

So as an example

If cell does not contain either A or B or C change to X, so would leave all my cells with A or B or C unaffected and all other rows would now display as X

Hopefully making sense!


I want to create a simple IF function for selecting cells based on what it does not equal. =if(a1 does not equal 1, c2,""). How would I go about doing the "does not equal" part in excel?

Is it possible to do an IF formula based around a value it does not equal?

eg I have one column, that is perforning a SUMIF providing that a certain cell is equal to a particular constant.


In the next column I want to do it the other way round so that:

=IF([cell] DOESNOT=[value],SUMIF([range],[criteria],[sum_range]))

Is it just a simple symbol??


I am trying to say in an array "does not Equal".

I want it to be everything other than "red" for example.

Is there a way to express "does not equal" in a formula? For instance, if I wanted a formula that should include selections"A-Z" but should exclude selection F and M from the set, how do I do that?

hi hope theres a way to do this.

i have a spreadsheet which is used to keep the training records for the company it counts no of staff and their skill levels for different parts of the job, when a person moves to a different branch the skill required changes and they have a set period of time to aquire the new skill.

when the time is up the colour of the old skill is changed to a red font by a conditional format based on the date.this is then counted by a calculation so the team know how many people are to be targeted for extra training.

the problem i have is the calculation will not count conditionally formated cells, so whenever i update the sheet i have to go to each cell with red text and change the font colour manually to red, this sounds really silly and is impossible to explain to anyone who does not understand conditional formatting. i e the people who will end up using the database

what im looking for is a way to count conditionally formatted cells based on the condition being met i.e. they are showing as red font.

can it be done and how?
or am i wasting my time looking for an answer to something excel wont do ?

Is there a function that can be used for when a box does not equal the criteria? Essentially I am doing a sumif function but also want a sumif not formula to add to the function.


I am trying to delete rows from selected sheets in a workbook if the value in a column does not equal 'Paper'

Below is what I have and I have attached a workbook. I can get it to delete the rows I want on the active worksheet but it doesn't work on the other sheets when I select multiple sheets. In this case I want to be able to select the tabs for Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 and have it delete all rows except for the header and rows that have 'Paper' in column A. Please help.

Sub DeleteRowSheets()
   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
   Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
   Dim CurrentSheet As Object, Rng As Range, ix As Long
   Set Rng = Intersect(Range("A2:A6"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
    For Each CurrentSheet In ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets
      For ix = Rng.Count To 1 Step -1
        If Trim(Replace(Rng.Item(ix).Text, Chr(160), Chr(32))) <> "Paper" Then
        End If
    Next CurrentSheet
End Sub

Hi I juyst wondered if there was a does not equal operation?

I tried the <> but that returns true or false.

what I wanted to do was, if cell A1="Manager", then leave blank, otherwise return the cell value.

Is this possible?


Can someone suggest to me a good efficient macro that would delete rows where O2:O does not equal a date. So if I have this information in the column O as below:

Date in past
No info
Then after the macro run it would only leave me header row and the rows with dates like this.
Any ideas?


I am using conditional formatting to change the fill color of a cell if the value does not equal a reference cell. The problem I am having is that the reference cell will be blank after data is entered into the cell with the conditional formatting. Obviously, when the data is entered the two cells are no longer equal and it changes color based on the condition being true (blank<>data entered). How can I keep it from changing color if the reference cell is blank or only allow it to change color if the reference cell has data entered in it?

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