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Create random number bingo cards with Excel

How do I create random # bingo cards with Excel? I need to create the bingo
cards in 5 column, 6 row cards. I could not figure out the ZRand or
randbetween functions or even if those were the correct functions. Help! I
am new to Excel.

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I'm trying to create 25 bingo cards with 27 possible values, distributed
randomly on each card. I'm running into the values being repeated on the
same card. Is there a function I can use to make this work?

I am trying to create random numbers between a certain range. say, (2,10)

how do i do this thru VBA code?

i tried RANDBETWEEN(2,10) but its doens't seem to recognize this as a fucntion...

I need to create 50-60 bingo cards for my sister's bridal shower. I wanted to create these using excel. I need to create unique cards so that not everyone bingos at the same time (I only have so many door prizes to give away!)

The basic setup is this: under "B" there are 5 spaces, and each space must have a unique number between 1 and 15 (no repeats). Under "I" there are 5 spaces, and must use a unique number between 16 and 30, "N" has 5 spaces using a unique number between 31 and 45, "G" has 5 spaces using a unique number between 46 and 60, and "O" has 5 spaces using a unique number between 61 and 75. A sample card is below:

14 16 37 58 62
2 17 45 57 73
8 30 36 60 66
11 22 39 47 61
12 23 43 56 68

I have tried to use the "randbetween" function, but this creates repeats and I would have to go in and manually change the numbers that repeat.

Any ideas? I would prefer not to use macros or VBA, as I am not very good using those.


While trying to learn excel VBA, I am creating a simple number guessing game. But, my random numbers are predictable. Can anyone suggest a solution. i.e. if I chooes a random number between 1-100, it is usually 70. A number between 1-1000 is usually 705 and 1-10,000 is usually 7055. Here is the code:

Sub playGame() 
     'main subroutine
    Dim theNum As Integer 
    Dim uLimit As Integer 
    Dim numGuess As Integer 
    Dim r As Integer 
    r = Int(Rnd()) 
    uLimit = InputBox("Give me an Upper Limit") 
    theNum = Int(uLimit * Rnd(r)) 
     'theNum = Int((uLimit - 1 + 1) * Rnd + 1)   
    For tryCount = 1 To 10 
        numGuess = InputBox("What's My Number ?", Title:="Choose") 
        If numGuess < theNum Then MsgBox ("Guess Higher") 
        If numGuess > theNum Then MsgBox ("Guess Lower") 
        If numGuess = theNum Then winGame 
    MsgBox ("You didn't get it within 10 tries.  My number was " & theNum & " "), Title:="Loser" 
End Sub 
Sub winGame() 
    MsgBox ("You got it in Only " & tryCount & " tries"), Title:="Winner" 
End Sub 

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Do I need to force a re-calculate or something?



My project is to come up with a program that can make a "BINGO" card from an Excel spreadsheet. The squares would contain names of alcoholic beverages so that servers and bartenders can compete and win prizes for selling adult beverages.

It's easy enough to make a simple spreadsheet with squares on it and different drink names typed in to them. What I would like to do is come up with a Macro that will allow me to create a new Bingo card with a press of a button, randomizing 10-20 drinks from a list of 50 or so drinks. Is such a thing possible?

I need to use a formula to create random numbers between 0 and 1 then use them in further formula. I use the following code to generate the random numnbers between 0 and 1.... =RAND() is this the right formula? Also the problem with this formula that I found was that every time I made any change or entered any sort of information on that sheet any where the values changed by themselves. Can you please help me with it. I would really appreciate your help. Attached is the file which would give you a better idea as to what I did. Kind Regards.

I am new to excel. I am creating a worksheet where I am entering data for people who have sent entries to a contest. This contest will have blind judging and I need to assign a number to each entry. I would like to use a random numbering system, so that if some one sent 3 entries, they wouldn't be assigned 3 consecutive numbers.
When I tried to create a column that created random numbers, it worked looked like it might work. However, I found that everytime I opened the program, there was a new set of numbers.
The best solution, if someone out there has it, would be when I entered something in column 3 (the title of the piece), column 5 would automatically spit out a unique random number between 1000 and 2000. That number would remain there every time a new entry was put in or the program closed and opened.
The second best scenario would be for me to click into column 5 and it would come up with the number.
The last solution would be for me to enter a number in column 5 and it would reject it if it was not unique.

Thanks for any help.

I am a teacher and trying to make a bingo card with Excel. I am trying to make a list of scientific elements and let the computer randomly input them into the 5x5 card I have set up in Excel.

Hi. I am trying to create code that will generate a random number and place it in a specific cell when the drop down list selection in another cell in changed. If the selection in the drop down list is "" or "-", I want the cell with the random number to be blank. A new random number would be generated in the cell only if the drop down list selection changes.

The code I have below does nothing as best I can tell, so I've obviously missed something. Any help would be appreciated!

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim Low As Double
Dim High As Double
Low = 100000
High = 999999

r = Int((High - Low + 1) * Rnd() + Low)

If Not Intersect(Target, [F22]) Is Nothing Then
On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

If F22 = "-" Or F22 = "" Then
    B20 = ""
    B20 = r
End If

Application.EnableEvents = True
End If

End Sub

I get the following error whenever I try running a Monte Carlo simulation with iterations in excess of 64000 (The MC simulation calls the 'NormSInv' worksheet function at least once per iteration, and the argument to the 'NormSInv' function is always a standard normal RANDOM number also generated by Excel VBA):

Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the NormSInv property of the WorksheetFunction class

Why do I inevitably encounter this error ONLY when the number of iterations exceeds 64000, for instance? Simulations with iterations < 64000 run smoothly without a glitch.

Pls advise soonest possible. Many thanks in advance...

Im an using excel to run a simulation of demand over a period of 200 days. i have an average daily demand of 7.75 and a stdev of 2.6. Is there any way to generate random numbers (for daily demand) based on this data?



I've got a problem with creating random numbers for a fictional portfolio.
I've to have a row of random number but they have to add up to 1.

Example: Need random numbers from B1-B11
under constraint: Sum(B1-B11) = 1

I tried to do it with the solver addin, but it only takes simple numbers as a constraint...

thank you for your time,



ps: i looked it up in the forum, didn't see any questions that resembled mine, so i asked.

I am trying to create a series of random numbers in a spreadsheet (Rand()*10+1) and need adjacent cells to create different numbers, therefore each cell needs to check other cells to ensure it is not creating the same number

This is kind of an extension to a previously solved post. For a similar problem I used the attatched file (which someone from here so kindly came up with - but to be honest i dont fully understand),

but now im getting onto numbers from 1 to 100 so could get very confusing in the table!


Basically I want to produced a random number, (which I have managed) then another number, but it cant have any common factors as the first.

So 1st = 10, 2nd = 13 is acceptable
but 1st = 22, 2nd = 12 is not.

I have managed to do it with smaller values by just typing then out, but this is a very long winded technique, but is there a formula that can do this?

I need to create page numbers for multi-page Excel spread sheets that include
subnumbers, which the client needs with some letter forms, as Page 2-f. Even
with an Excel manual and the Help function I can't find out how to do this.
My only alternative will be MANUALLY typing in those page numbers! Help!

I am trying to create an estimation tool with excel, is there a template that
I can modify for this purpose?


I'm trying to write a line of code that, after clicking a CommandButton, will put a random number between 1 and 10,000 in a cell on a selected sheet. I've tried using:
 Set ws = Sheets("InvTemplate")
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False    'speed up, hide task
    'write userform entries to database
    With ws
        .Range("U2").Value = RANDBETWEEN(1, 10000)
        .Range("B12").Value = Me.txtBillTo.Value
          End With
but I get "Sub of function not defined" error. I'm new to VBA and think it has something to do with references. Any help would be appreciated.

I want to create random numbers that do not repeat within a column.

I want to create random numbers for a specific total within a range.

I'm a newbie to Excel. So if anyone can create and attach the excel file it will be more helpful.

The upper limit,lower limit, No of random numbers & Total has to be entered manually and the excel sheet has to provide 31 random numbers.

For example:
I want to create random numbers for 40,000 within a range of 250 to 2,000

Lower limit = 250
Upper limit =2,000
Random numbers Total will be 40,000
No. of random numbers =31
Duplicate Randoms: Allowed

Total =40,000

Thanks a lot.

I am trying to do set of random numbers between 1 and 8. I know how to create random numbers between 1 and 8, but I want it so that once a number has been generated it can't be generated again.

So for example,

The first number 6
The second number 2
The Third number 1
The Fourth number 8
The Fifth number 3
The Sixth number 5
The Seventh number 4
The Eight number 7

Does anybody have any ideas?

I create links in word 07 with Excel 07 that update on my C drive. They work
and update when I change data in Excel. However, when I copy and paste on to
our network the links do not transfer. The edit links in word still shows
links to the C drive. Any ideas?

Hi all,
It´s possible to create a kind of "banner" with excel? The idea is to have a cell (or form) passing the message that I want like a banner...

I have a formula to generate a random number between 0 and 10.
I only need a number between 3 and 10 and can't figure out how to modify the formula for this. Any help to modify code is appreciated. Thanks.

I will thank you in advance for your assistance

I have created bingo cards for a fund raiser. I had the cards created using
random numbers 1 through 75 (15 numbers for each letter B-I-N-G-O). And this
has work well so far.
I have been drawing the numbers out of a hat with cut up pieces of paper.
This is fine but I need something more... automated... So I'm coming to you
folk for help.

I want to set up an excel sheet that can be used over and over again.

I hope to have it like this..
B 1 2 3 4 5 ... 15
I 16 17 18 19 20 ... 30
N 31 32 33 34 35 ... 45
G 46 47 48 49 50 ... 60
O 61 62 63 64 65 ... 75

each letter and number appearing in their own cell

I want a random generator of 1 through 75
Each time a number is "rolled" I want it to light up on my sheet with a red
or green hightlight... maybe with the field changing a different color as
But the problem is having the number picked with others already drawn.

I need a random number formula that relates to the ones selected already.

If I need to have the chozen numbers to be copied somewhere else and then
have the 'randomizer' relate to that 'list' of numbers then okay.

I'm hoping to have a button to reset the sheet and a button to "pick" the
next number...

Any help with this would be great.



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