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I am trying to insert a PDF into a worksheet, but I'm having several problems.

I can do it just fine on my machine (running Excel 2003) using the Insert-Objects from file tool.

Another user in the office can also do it (also 2003) but the screen only shows an outline of the PDF, not the contents of the drawing. It won't print either.

A third user is running 2007 and can't do anything.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas of why it works some places but not others?

Thanks for your help.

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Is it possible to insert pdf files into an Excel workbook?

I've done it in the past but can't remember now -- possibly as a metafile.

Hi folks,

I would like to know how to insert PDF file into excel, so does
anyone know how or have any idea ?

I use hyperlink to the pdf file that I want to view, however,
when I click the link to that pdf file, acrobat pop-up and close
instantly without display the file.

Any help would be appreciate.


I have this code which works great. I can insert images and define the area that I want it to reside in. The issue is I would like it to work for PDF and DWF images as well. I've added the extensions into the code. When I run the code it will show me pdf and dwf files but when I select them I receive an error "An error occured while importing this file". When I debug this code line is highlighted

 pic = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(sPicture) 

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. The jpg, gif, bmp & tif files all import properly it's only the pdf and dwf files that fail.

Can anybody please assist me in correcting this or advise me if this is possible or not?

Here's the code I'm currently using.

    Dim sPicture As String, pic As Picture 
    sPicture = Application.GetOpenFilename _ 
    ("Pictures (*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif; *.pdf; *.dwf), *.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; 
    *.tif; *.pdf; *.dwf", _ 
    , "Select Picture to Import") 
    If sPicture = "False" Then Exit Sub 
    Set pic = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(sPicture) 
    With pic 
        .ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse 
        .Height = Range("a7:a45").Height 
        .Width = Range("a7:i7").Width 
        .Top = Range("a7").Top 
        .Left = Range("a7").Left 
        .Placement = xlMoveAndSize 
    End With 
    Set pic = Nothing 
End Sub 

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I just found out that you can insert a PDF as a picture into Excel (Go to Insert, Object, Create from File and then browse for the PDF), which is great but it only inserts one page (the last one). How do I get excel to bring in all of the pages in the PDF?




in Excel you can insert a link to any file you may like. I need to have links to several PDF documents in my spreadsheet, but I want the PDFs to be a part of the spreadsheet and not external links. This is because such links may quickly become dead links if files are moved etc etc.

How can this be done?


Hi There

Is it possible to code in vb a macro to enable a user to click a button and insert a pdf file into an excel worksheet?


I am trying to insert a PDF letter head onto a Excel worksheet, without

If you have any ideas please let me know.

Has anybody ever tried inserting a .pdf into a cell comment?

I have a list of .jpg ,this code inserts the picture into the cell comment.
    Set rng = ws1.Range("A5", ws1.Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
    For Each cell In rng
        On Error Resume Next
        With cell
            .Comment.Visible = False
        End With
        With cell.Comment.Shape
            .Fill.UserPicture cell
            .Width = 600
            .Height = 400
            .Shape.Left = Range("B1").Left
            .Shape.Top = Range("A1").Top

        End With
    Next cell
But it will not work for a list of .PDF, the comment just appears blank.

Hi all, hope someone can help me figure this out.

I've been inserting several pdf docs into my excel (2007) doc, using the following steps:

Insert, object, create from file, browse, (select file), display as icon, (edit icon name), ok.

This has worked on a large number of pdfs, except for one, and I'm clueless as to why it's not working as it's the same size as the others.

I get an error message saying 'cannot insert object'

It's just a normal pdf of a few pages pretty much identical to all the others that I inserted before and after I tried this one.

Any ideas what could be wrong and why this one file won't insert?


hello everyone,

I am a complete noob when it comes to Microsoft Excel and wanted help to perform the following function:

Step 1:

the preliminary data looks something like the file attached in the thread "Group.xls" :

Step 2:

the output file looks something like the file attached in the thread "Group2.xls"

The basic requirements for creating the output is:

1. Minimum height of alternate cells of Column D must be 75 (100 pixels)

2. If a group has more than 1 and less than 6 data entries (data 1, data 2 etc.), the corresponding cells of Column B and Column D should be merged and centered and also the row height must be split evenly to make the total as approx 75 (100 pixels) for a group. eg. in case of 2 data objects, row height for Row 4 and 5 are 37.5 each, for 4 objs, it is 18.75 each.

3. The PDFs have to be inserted from a hard disk location without any user itervention. The PDFs will be stored as "PDF1.pdf", "PDF2.pdf" and so on for each corresponding group.

4. By default when we insert a pdf, it gets inserted in the top left corner of that particular cell. In this case the PDF should be in the center like how the text "Group1" etc. are placed.

Any help regarding this above problem would mean the world to me....

even if there are partial solutions to solve some of these steps, please let me know...

thanks to all in advance...

Hi There

I have a design sheet which has a set border. The trouble is that sometimes I need to insert pdf images into the sheet that do not conform to the size. Is it possible to either autofit the the image to the size of the worksheet or autofit the sheet to the size of the image?



i try to insert pdf file to my excel file
in Insert>Object>Create from file>Browse the pdf file

there an message appear when opening the inserted file-"Cannot start the
source application for this object"

What does it means?

I have a three page pdf of a document that I need to include in my excel spreadsheet. Thus far I've only been able to bring the first page of the pdf into the spreadsheet, but I need all three pages! Any suggestions?

i try to insert pdf file to my excel file
in Insert>Object>Create from file>Browse the pdf file

there an message appear when opening the inserted file-"Cannot start the
source application for this object"

What does it means?

I have inserted a pdf document into my spreadsheet that I want users to be able to click on and read but NOT to be able to delete. Is there a way to do this? I have the sheet and workbook protected but you can still delete to inserted pdf. If I configure it so that users can't edit the object, then they can't even open it to read it.



I open a new Excel worksheet, Insert, Object, Adobe, I select a pdf file, the
preview shows up in Excel as a hatched picture, Adobe fires up for changes.
The comments in the Adobe environment do not show in the Excel preview
hatched box. I figured there was a "Flatten Image" command in Adobe, but
couldn't find it. I then thought there was a "Show Comments" option in
Excel, but couldn't find it. I'm currently printing to jpg's, but pdf's are
smaller file sizes.

Any other possibilities?

I receive PDF files from governemt and State agencies, like RFP's and RFI's
and most are LOCKED, so we cannot fill out the forms.

We have to make a copy and type information in.

Does Microsoft have an application to be able to overwrite or insert text
into a PDF?

How do I insert a PDF file into a spreadsheet, where the user sees the pdf
file icon like it's a picture, and then they double click on it and it opens
the pdf file? Thank you!

I was wondering if it was possible to insert files, but have the path change automatically when they change (e.g. I want to link to a bunch of pdfs, then zip the folder with the spreadsheet and pdfs and email it out and have the recipient unzip it into their drive and still be able to open the links without editing them. All the files would be in the same folder)


Wanna write VBA code for extracting all the attachments ( in pdf or document format ) in the excel file , would like to save all the attachments in a new folder all together.the attachments are insert as object in the excel file with a icon.I try to use the save as function,but it is not working at all.Please help , thanks!

Please can someone out there help me.

I have a worksheet containing thousands of unique parts with corresponding serial numbers. The first column from line 38 contains the serial number and rather than manually inserting a hyperlink to open a scanned pdf file listing the material codes for that serial number, I was wondering if it is possible to insert the link in one go, as otherwise it is going to take me weeks doing one at a time!

The pdf files are stored in a single directory and have the same filename as the serial number in column one of the worksheet, but of the ~5000 parts there are only ~2000 pdf files (the earlier serial numbers were never scanned)


Hi Forum,

How can I simplify the task of inserting a range a cell values, and after each value insertion run another macro, such as save/print to PDF.

Ideally I'd like to have the macro use a range "A5:A10", rather than manually entering each cell reference (ex. A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10), to make it easier to update.

There may be a solution using dimensions such as:
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("A5:A10")
but I don't know how to structure the rest of the code.

Code I'm currently using:

Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A5") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 
Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A6") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 
Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A7") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 
Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A8") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 
Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A9") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 
Sheet1.Range("B11").Value = Sheet6.Range("A10") 
Call ThisWorkbook.Run_SaveToPDF_Unit_1 

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I've seen the thread inserted below and I'm wanting to do a similar thing but with a slight variation.

I'd like some code to look at all open workbooks with sheet name "Invoice to client" and save these as separate pdf docs with cell F13 being the file name. The location to save the files is I:2011 Calendar Fin YearREGISTER 2011InvoicesPDF invoices.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


I need to insert hyperlinks to my summary sheet from several ressources. a macro is required to repeat insert hyperlink for different data in a column. I repeat myself each time to specify the address and the cell where I insert hyperlink.

Could you please support me, I'm debutant in Excel VB


Eq ID Survey Comments D-0151 (link to PDF file) (link to EXcel Sheet D-0152 A 0 0 D-0152 B 0 0 D-0153 A 0 0 D-0153 B 0 0 D-0153 C 0 0

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