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Creating a "pop-up" box

I'm using data valadation in Excel to make sure all information is entered
the same. I am not using drop down boxs (1) because of the font size (I know
there is a work aroung) and (2) because of the form. There are too many of
them and is difficult to use.

If the user types in the correct information, no problem it works great. If
the user types in the wrong information the error box pops up and tells them
to try again.

Is there a way to add one button to the worksheet that would create a popup
box with a list of valid entries and allow the user to select one to populate
the current cell. There is one column with many rows to be filled out but
all of them look to the same validation list.


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I am very good with Access but my boss is using Excel for this particular
project because of the calculation abilities. Can I create a pop up box that
prompts for parameters and shows the rows in the spreadsheet that meet these

how do you create a pop up box if a certain string of text is entered into a cell?

the string of cells is from b10:cz374 and if "sd" is entered into any cell i want "has the EE used 5 sick days?"

is this possible?

Is there a way to add a pop-up box when a spreadsheet is opened? If there is a way to do this without a macro is would be the best. I need a pop-up box to come up asking users if they opened the excel file from a specific location to make sure they have the most up-to-date version. Thanks for the help!

During data entry, if the value of J94 becomes larger than the value of AA1, I want the user to see a pop-up box stating "You cannot choose this option." How is this done?

I want to create a "pop-up" text box that appears when a certain condition is met. If A1 reads YES then I would like a pop-up box to appear that says "did you receive this product?" I know this is a Visual Basic application and I have attempted to write the code but with limited success. Any input is appreciated!

I had created a program a few years ago in Excel, but can't remember how to
do it now. I had a button assigned to a macro, and when the user clicked the
button, a series of pop up boxes prompted the user for information. That
information was then used in the spreadsheet. Now I can't even remember how
to make the pop up boxes. Can anyone help please?

I have loaded Sales Invoice from the template that came with Excel. When I
go to certain cells, a pop up box appears giving instructions on what to do.
Move to another cell and the box disappears. This looks like a comment box
but does not appear to be a comment.

I would like to create similar boxes on a spreadsheet I am working on. I
guess this is fairly simple to do but have no idea how to!

Would appreciate your help.


hi, i have created a sheet to make life easier at work. some other branches want a copy, but they often take credit for my stuff. i want to create a box that pops up on opening that says something like 'i agree to pass on all credit to jamie pullen and not take credit for my own'

with a yes and no box. if they cick no, the sheet closes, if yes, they can access the sheet.

also, there ae three sets of cells i would like to be able to reset independantly with three reset butons.

cells B3:I3 with a reset box in cell C20 called 'Clear Rx'

Cells A10:P10 with a reset box in I20 called 'Clear Pair 'A' '

Cells A18:P18 with a reset box in P20 called 'Clear pair 'B' '

I do not know where to start with the pop up box, but can just about create buttons in the required cells that do not do anything, so any help with the code would be amazing!

Thanks in advance,


Hi. I hope someone can help me.....

I have a spreadsheet which is used for a daily schedule of contact centre advisor staff. I want to create a macro that will throw up a pop up box when the sheet is opened using the date as a reference....

So on e worksheet named 'realtime' i have row 2 from cells B to AZ containing a date ie B2= 01/07/2007, C2= 02/07/2007 etc.

Column A has various 'headings' A4= Earlies, A5= Mids, A6= Lates, A7= Total

So under each date is the corresponding figures for the stuff in column A.

So if I open the sheet today (03/07/2007) I would want a pop up that shows this data....

Earlies + the data in D4
Mids + the data in D5
Lates + the data in D6
Total + the data in D7

But obviously it needs to reference today's date and show the figures under that date?

Hope this makes sense.

Hi, I'm creating some pop-up boxes right now. I don't know much at all about
VB (just learning). As I'm typing my message in the VB editor, it just keeps
moving more and more to the right. Can someone tell me how I enter the code
for the pop-up so that it wraps and I don't have to type one long sentence.

I have several paragraphs that need to go in one pop-up, and I want the
paragraphs separated by a space bar.

Thanks for the help!

If something in my VBA code causes a pop-up box to appear everytime, is there some way to get the VBA code to do the equivalent of hitting return and proceed with the operations?

For example, if my macro deletes an Excel tab that operation requires the user to acknowledge a pop-up box. Currently the code stops, displays the pop-up box, and when I click "OK" the code continues to run. Can I automate the "OK" part of the process?


i would like to create a pop-up window in a worksheet.

n.b., i would like to list employees in the pop-up and be able to make a selection.


I want to create a pop-up box that asks the user a 'yes or no' question as to whether they are sure that they want to clear some cells when they click a button marked 'Clear all positions'. Can someone tell me how to do this?
Thanks, Tim P

What i need to do is----------create a pop up window which apears every time the file is opened telling the person whats the settings on the file is.

I've searched in Excel Help, online, and in this discussion group - perhaps
I'm wording my help question wrong - apologies if this is a silly question...

I want to prompt any person opening my excel document to input the date they
require - in a particular format - once they do this I want to use their data
to create a code. I can't for the life of me find where or how I can create
a pop-up box that a person can input data into. I know excel can do this
because I've seen spreadsheets that calculate your love rating, etc - where
you input data when prompted. Can anyone help?
PS: I did read the discussion thread "automatic pop-up message", but that
solution seems a little bit complicated for what I I don't want a
pop-up message - I want a pop-up field that people can type data into.

How does one create a pop-up or e-mail alert when a condition is reached in

Is there a way to show detailed data (i.e. concatenated from other columns)
in a pop-up box - either by clicking or rolling over a cell?

For example, when a user rolls over or clicks cell E5, I'd like a popup
ballon/box to display cells T5, U5, V5, W5, etc with line breaks after each.

I've searched and found solutions for displaying help messages (e.g.
validation input message) or pictures, but not data. Thanks for your help.

I would like to create a pop up box simular to the one that appears when you
are closing your document and are asked to save. Is there a function to
allow you to create your own pop up window and questions?

I want to create a pop up box that will appear when the spreadsheet is
opened. Is this possible? I do not want it to be dependent upon a
specific cell but instead to open every time the spreadsheet is opened.

Thank you.

Good morning, I am trying to write code and am very new to VBA. I created a pop-up box with a message upon opening an excel file. I want the user to be able to click on yes or no and upon yes I would like the find (search tool) to appear.

Can anyone help?

Here is what I have so far...any suggestions on formatting the pop-up box are appreciated too.
Sub auto_open()
    MsgBox "To search for a specific keyword please use the find function (Ctrl F)" & Chr(10) & "Type
your keyword and press Enter" & Chr(10) & "Continuing to press enter will move you through the entire
worksheet one recurrence at a time." & Chr(10) & "Would you like the search tool?", vbYesNo
End Sub


I need the vba code to create a pop up box that displays a summary of the form contents. ie the form is to contain data and I need to display the content of certain cell ie claimant name, salary, month whilst also displaying the content of summed cells ie total overtime & oncall value

Can anyone help?


Hi All,

On the spreadsheet I am designing, I am trying to get a drop down menu to show up in a pop-up box. I want the user to be able to click a button that would display a popup window of some sort (I know I've done this much for a text box before, but I can't remember for the life of me how), and then in th epopup window, the user can choose from a list of options in a drop down menu rather than typing in the information. I'm probably trying to make this much more complicated than it needs to be, but does anyone have any idea how to do this?



Good Evening again,

As part of my big project, I was hoping that it's possible to insert or create a pop-up calendar for selecting a date. Similar to those you might see on a hotel reservation website. By clicking on the calendar icon, a larger calendar would open and one could simply click on the desired date and that date would self populate in a cell. I hope this isn't a nutty request for information. As always, thank you in advance for any help.

How do you create a pop-up box that opens every time a specific worksheet is activated that asks "What was the first month of activity?" The month that is entered needs to populate in Cell "A7". I also want the 11 months following the answer to the above pop up box to populate in cells A8-A18.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I'd like to create a pop up window when a specific file opens, that says:

Due to the size of this file, it is advisable to turn of the automatic calculation in the file before any manipulations to the data is performed.

To turn off Automatic Calculation: Choose Format, Options, Calculation tab, then choose Manual Calculation, click OK.

Note: Make sure you turn the automatic calculation on again before saving the file. Please note, this could take between 5 to 15 minutes to calculate. Can anyone help?

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