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How do I select printer using VBA?

I would like to set the correct printer using Visual Basic. I tried to record
the macro with changing the printer and it shown something like this:

Excel.ActivePrinter = "My printer description"

But the problem is that I don't know the exact description of the printer
(only part of it). Is there a way how to get the list of available printers?

Thank you

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How do i select fields in criss-cross pattern in excel to be used for a formula?

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I am creating an automatted test format for instructors to use. How do I
select specific excel cells only to tab through, (i.e., tab question 1, then
directly to question 2) without tab stopping at all cells in between


Im strugling with this whole VBA code which I'm slowly trying to learn.

Heres what I wish to do

I have daily dates from 1-Jan-94 all the way to 31-Dec-03 in column A (starting in row 5)

In column C, I have the daily share prices (also starting in row 5)

I hope my explanation is clear.

I am trying to do all this in VBA Code and my worksheet name is called "Results"

Can anyone help me out?


Hey guys and gals, Thanks for lookin at this problemmmmm???

When I am writing a macro using visual basic, how do I select a range which includes 2 rows down and 8 rows across (selects the range not just the single cell) from the currently selected/active cell then copy it: All this starts from the cell the user starts from.



I have a list of entry's that grows every day.
I want to know the substraction of the last entry in the list and the first
The position of the first entry is known (b3).
The position of the last enty is increased every day.

How do I select th last entry?
How do I enter this in a formula?

How do I select the first occurance of a certain number in a column and then,
as in the "Lookup" function, return a same numbered cell (different column).
I have "0's" and "1's" in my column (intermixed) and I am looking for the
first occurance of a "1". I then want to look up another value in the same
row (different column). "Lookup" function doesn't work if you have multiple
values not sorted. I'm using Excel 2003.

How do I store frequently used text in Excel for auto-complete?

Hi all,
how do I select price from sheet B where sheet A part no is equal to sheet B
part no. E.g.
I have a list on worksheet A with no price.
PartNumber Description Price

I have a list on worksheet B with values for price, I need these prices for
the same part no as on worksheet A to populate the price column on worksheet
PartNumber Price
0000001 1.50
0000002 0.80
0000003 0.30
0000004 2.50
0000005 6.00
0000006 3.80
0000007 1.20

I cannot simply sort and copy the price information, as there are many
inconsistencies between these two worksheet some of the part no's may be
there some may not, but for any that are there I need the price.


how do i enter data using formula and the Copy command For exmple Cell c4
is = b4* 1.07 then to enter formulass to replace all the numbers in the range
c4:e8 and c12:e15


I have a massive spreadsheet with about 150,000 rows, representing contracts, of data in excel 2007.

I need to create a breakdown of contracts by business region. The Business region is in column N and the contract periods in columns P through U. Each row is a contract and columns P through U are a period, if a contract was signed the entry in the column is TRUE, if the contract wasn't signed the entry is FALSE.

How do I make summary using a pivot table - I just can't get it to work and I need it tonight. Please HELP!


how do i print labels using excell information

How do I select all (of a certain string) and also the 2 cells to the right of those selected, then put them all in a text file in 3 columns ?

How do I validate data using different lists based on the data in another cell?

how do i find palindromes using excel?

How do I select multiple rows randomly in MS Excel?

I have a chart and the x axis is by quarter for multiple regions. I want to
select the individual quarters for all the regions and change the formating
of those data points

- e.g. all first quarters in blue.

I can do it by selecting them one at a time, but how do I select all data
points for the first quarter, etc., etc. I tried holding the shift key and
the control key - but ng.

I know how to do this using an array formula containing a sumif but uncertain how to go about it using VBA.

The logic of what I want to do is as follows:

if cell in L = "" and cell in A "" sum all cells in column L where the A value is the same and place it in the blank cell.
Procede to next blank cell and repeat until end of page is reached.

Below is an example range.

I've tried preceeding the function name with Application, which works for other worksheet functions, but I can't get it to work for Mround:

roundedNum = Application.Mround(number,50)

I can call Mround successfully on my worksheet.

How do I call Mround() within VBA?

I'm using Excel 2003.


i have applied auto filter on a worksheet
now i want to select all the visible cells satisfying the filter criteria.
how do i do this

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:38:10 -0700, "Mr_Sparkly"
<> wrote:

>I am trying to filter a list of names using only the first letter. How do I
>go about setting this up?

Turn on your filter and set it to equal a* (if the letter you want to
filter is "a").

You can also, depending on version of Excel, select "Begins with"
instead of "Equals" in the filter criteria and use the first letter.

The asterisk is a wildcard.
"Learning is a behavior that results from consequences."
B.F. Skinner


I have a column of data for individual task times. for example task A takes 1 hr. Task B takes 2 hrs. Task C takes 4 hrs. I want to use checkboxes. When I click/select the checkbox I want the sum of all the selected cells to appear in another cell which I would call Total. how do I do that. Can it be done without using a macro?

I have no experience with VB, I've been studying since yesterday and it has a learning curve. If the solution involves VB please break it down simply for I'm simple man.

Thank you! Eagerly awaiting your response.


I am creating a worksheet using excel 2007. In one of the columns I need to select 1 or more options and then the same should be displayed in the data cell. Can I do it using data validation? Otherwise, which control can I use & how do I use it to select and display multiple items from a list of items in a single data cell?
Also, I would need to use it for further calculation/function. So please help me out with this.

I've attached the excel worksheet for reference. I need to implement this in Column F.

This is my first Excel VBA project. I have VB experience. I have written a fairly complex utility to process excel workbooks. I have two problems 1) when I save the data WB the code from the application is also saved. How do I eliminate that? 2) I developed a userform to display, because the WB can process thousands of rows, right now the WS displays in the backround. Is there a way to display the status of the VBA process while it runs? I wouls like to minimize the WB and display the WS name that is being processed. I can't seem to get this to work. If I minimize the WB with the code. I can't get at the code. It's probably easier than I am trying to make it.

Hi I can use theis formula to get data when I know how many rows I have ..How do I modify it to work when I dont know how many rows?? the data is updated and the row amounts change


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