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Looking for a tournament generator in Excel...Anybody seen one?

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Hi all,

Round robin tournaments for tennis, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and similar sports generally break ties as follows:
1) Match W/L record
2) Game W/L record between tied players
3) Point W/L record between tied players

Given that this is such a common practice, I'd like to automate the process so that players are automatically ranked when match scores are entered.

For a 2 player tie, the player who won between those two players is ranked higher.
For a 3+ player tie, the games won/lost between tied players is compared. If there is still a tie, a similar comparison is made on points won/lost between remaining tied players.

The problem I'm encountering is the "record between tied players" constraint. It's easy to compare the record across all players, but I'm not even sure it's possible to do this via worksheet formulas for a round robin group where any set (or sets) of players might be tied.

The attached sheet is a simple 5-person round robin. When scores are entered, the ranking of each player is calculated. Unfortunately, this only works at the "Match" level. I searched through the forums for an answer but had no luck.


In this example, the top 3 players (A/B/C) are tied. Actual game W/L ratio is (A: 3/3 = 1.0, B: 3/2 = 1.5, C: 2/3 = 0.66). Therefore, the correct ranking is B > A > C > D > E.

Does anyone know if the proposed comparison is possible via formulas (instead of VBA)? If so, your thoughts would be appreciated!

Hi there,
I've made a round-robin tournament of for schools and would like Excel to detect what round has passed when entering scores. The spreadsheet (see attached) is in a diagonal matrix with school teams across the top and also down. Where the same team intersects itself is a square with 2 blank, null cells. So, one range for Excel to detect is from C5:C6 and then (skipping D5:D6 in a diagonal matrix) E5:L6. Before the tourney, all cells in the matrix are null. After the data entry person enters winner/loser values (say in C7:C8) for 2 teams that compete, I'd like Excel to detect the non-null cells and insert "Round 1 complete" for that group of rows in a cell (M8 for example) in the totals columns. After a second round, when one of the teams plays another and a second set of values are entered (say in E3:E4), Excel will auto detect this and replace "Round 1 complete" with "Round 2 complete."

The blank 'intersection' cells are locked and are always null.

Just to note, I've done some vba to assist the data entry person. For instance, the user only has to enter one set of wins/losses; Excel will enter the second set like this:
ElseIf Target.Address = "$C$6" Then
Range("$D$3").Value = Target.Value
ElseIf Target.Address = "$D$3" Then
Range("$C$6").Value = Target.Value

However, I did this for every combo of cell groups, which was a pain. There was probably a better way to code this.

I'm just unsure as to how to code the Round detection above.
Thanks for any assistance!

Having Tournament draws for a whole bunch of different combinations would be
great. Round Robins, Ladders, Pyrmids, Triple knock out etc. It is just
nice to click what you need and go instead of wasting time figuring it out.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane.

I've searched for "round robin", and unfortunately, I couldn't find what I think I stumbed on a few months ago...eeee.

I'd like to create a spreadsheet that will combine the column vs. the row for a round robin...and the list will be a straight column.

There could be an uneven # of either column or row...

The numbers would be generated by formula too, hopefully....
hd1 hd2 hd3 hd4
hl1 1 5 9 13
hl2 14 2 6 10
hl3 11 15 3 7
hl4 8 12 16 4

1 b2 a2
2 c3 a3
3 d4 a4
4 e5 a5
5 c2 a2
6 d3 a3
7 e4 a4
8 b5 a5
and so on

any idears?

Thanks to the help I got on these forums over the past week and a bit, I was able to put together a dynamic(up to 20 teams) single round robin league scheduler. On Sheet 1 enter your teams. If there are an uneven amount of teams, it will create a BYE slot.

The matchups page will set up the matchups for each round, and is set to print 2 rounds per page. You can also enter scores for the matchups here and it will track win/loss/ties.

The standings page will list the win/loss/ties stats (horizontally) for each team, and award points base on you setting the value (below the table) for wins/losses/ties.

This is pretty much the first complete working draft, with no polish what so ever. Feel free to take it and use it to your heart's content.

What I would like to know is if this doesn't seem useful as it is (I know the interface is not very user friendly right now...) what might it need to make it better? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Good Morning,

I am creating a round robin tournament spreadsheet and am having dificulty calculating a players total wins and losses.

I am using COUNTIF(range,"W")

the range is scattered throughout the spreadsheetin order to facilitate the round robin format and this is giving me dificulty.

i think something like this COUNTIF(A1 and C4 and F18,"W") and im not sure if this is even possible.

thanks in advance.

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to generate a robotic challenge tournament spreadsheet schedule where I have 50 teams to play 6 rounds. For each round I have 18 tables available for 2 teams to play against each other. Each round is 5 minutes long. How do I generate a schedule where no two teams play each other more than once and where they don't have to play all the teams? Who they play against can be randomly generated. Teams play as many times as they can during the 6 rounds. This is the preliminary portion of the tournament where the top 36 teams (points wise) will move on.

Thanks for the help.

Hi all,

So this is kind of an unusual request...

See, a buddy of mine sent me this EXCEL spreadsheet which - ah, to make
a long story short, is a "female celebrities" tournament generator that
automatically switches to a "female vs. female" picture - and then
generates an ultimate "winner picture" and has other functions.

It looks very complicated (i am a total newbie) - I can't even locate
the sheet where it contains the photos...

Basically, I want to try and edit it to do the following:

- Change the names of the celebs
- Change the photos for corresponding celebs
- Have the corresponding photo change every time it advances in a
bracket - i.e. be generated "randomly" from a group / list of a
specific sub-set of photos
- Increase the number of historically tracked winners (currently tracks
the Top 5).

At any rate, if anyone is willing to take a look at this sheet and help
me guide me, I'd be extremely grateful.

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My family participates in a pinochle tournament that requires all the players to be paired in 3 person teams that switch each round. The tournament consists of 10 rounds. Unfortunately, the number of players fluctuates, so the pairing will not always be divisible by 3. In this case, it is customary to use as many 4 person teams as necessary, but not less than 3 people can be on a team.

I've seen Visual Basic programs that can generate pairing based on a list on names in column A, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere. Ideally, I intend to create a basic sheet to list the names and incorporate a command button to generate the pairings on the spot.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Right now I have a sports league with 8 teams, I'd like to create a random 7-game schedule where each team plays the other team only once. Essentially this will be a 7-game round robin. However, I'd like to be able to use this for any number of teams and games.

I'd like to do this in Excel, but I can't figure out how to have a randomly generating non-repeating macro with text values in cells.

So right now I have a column of 8 values and need matrix of 7 columns by 8 rows next to it.

I've found this thread that has one for numbers, but I can't figure out how to do it for text values...

Thanks all!

Hi all,

So this is kind of an unusual request...

See, a buddy of mine sent me this EXCEL spreadsheet which - ah, to make a long story short, is a "female celebrities" tournament generator that automatically switches to a "female vs. female" picture - and then generates an ultimate "winner picture" and has other functions.

It looks very complicated (i am a total newbie) - I can't even locate the sheet where it contains the photos...

Basically, I want to try and edit it to do the following:

- Change the names of the celebs
- Change the corresponding photos for each "newly" entered celeb from my own list of photos
- Have the corresponding photo change every time it advances in a bracket - i.e. be generated "randomly" from a group / list of a specific sub-set of photos
- Increase the number of historically tracked winners (currently tracks the Top 5).

At any rate, if anyone is willing to take a look at this sheet and help me guide me, I'd be extremely grateful.

Alternatively, if someone has a template that has a similar function, that works as well.

Thanks in advance

I've seen posts here and examples of spreadsheets that can automatically generate round robin schedules, but they're never able to generate RANDOM schedules. They're always predetermined based on a table

I would like to create a spreadsheet for him where he can input the names for a certain amount of teams (4, 6, 8, 10 or 12) on one page. Then, on another page, the schedule would be automatically generated. But I don't want it to be the same schedule every time.

For example: In an 8 team league, Team 1 would play every team once and Team 8 twice (assuming they played their schedule as follows: (1v8, 1v7, 1v6, 1v5, 1v4, 1v3, 1v2, 1v8). I can make that happen by myself, and it would be the same every season. However, I would like to see Team 1 maybe play Team 4 twice or Team 7 twice, not just always Team 8.

If anyone knows how to make it random (without a macro), I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

I'm doing a round robin for a darts tournament and I would like to have a in column B players names that have entered the round robin. On the other side I would like to have them names placed into the fixture automatically is this possible? if so please could someone advice me, Thanks heaps.

Regards Steve

I have attached the file.

Hi there folks,

With the football season fast approaching and a heavy workload, I was wondering does anyone have (or know where to find) an Excel league table (with space for fixtures) that I can adapt for a tournament I'm setting up?

Many thanks,


I created a spreadsheet for the results of a table tennis tournament. It works, but I had never written an Excel macro before, so it's probably very inefficient.

I'll appreciate it very much if someone more experienced would look at and tell me what stands out as needing improvement. (It's about 100 lines, which seemed too long for a post.)

The worksheet has blank cross-tables for nine round-robin sections. As the result of one match is entered for one player, the opposite result is entered for the other, and both players' ratings are updated. (The exact formulas aren't impotant; if you want to see them, see

The user executes the sort macro "SortResults" after all match results have been entered. For each section, the macro sorts the results in order of finish, then sorts the columns so the "XXX" results (of the "1 vs 1" etc. matches) appear along the main diagonal. The column-sort is repeated for the columns that show the rating points each player gained or lost, for each match and for the whole tournament.

The sort process is repeated for each section with players entered.

I started by using the Excel macro record function, and added on with what I could learn searching the Web, plus a few gueses that turned out right. I've probably done a lot of things in the second- or third-best way.

If you see how thi can be improved, please post a reply or send to

Many thanks in advance,

We have a round robin doubles league for Platform Tennis and I want to have a master ladder worksheet to score and generate rankings. I have a worksheet named Rankings with a 1-63 currently setup. Across the top I have wins, losses, games won, lost. I figure if someone wins 6-0, 6-1 they deserve a bonus to the win loss record.

I now generated a template with blank fields to enter player number and simple calculation cells to determine games won lost and who won match. What I can't figure there a way to add that data from week 1, week 2 worksheets to the win/loss columns for the player entered in the "rankings" worksheet? Meaning the say, cell F3 is 12 and represents player ranked 12th. He won 17 games , lost 12 and won match . Take that data and look on "rankings worksheet" column A for the number = 12 and add a 1 to current total of wins column K add 17 to column L and 12 to column M in what ever line that has number same as number entered in schedule template

Any thoughts?

I have an 8 league team, in which every week you play a different random team... is there a formula to compare the scores (ie. winner of 1 game gets 1 point, ties get 1/2 point... 3 games per week total) without changing the formula =IF((B20>B26),1,(IF(B20=B26,0.5,0))) manually each week?

I'm using Excel 2003:

I have agents that want to "own" records depending on the zip code. I want to dynamically assign agent to a record based on the zip code. If there was only one agent per zip code, this could easily be done with Lookup. However, in many instances there will be multiple agents for a zip code. In these cases, I was hoping to assign the agents to each record in a round robin fashion.

My agent/zip table would may look something like this:

37011 Smith
37013 Jones
37023 Herrman
37025 Martin
37025 Slater
37025 ORiley
37028 Phelps
37028 Trenton
37029 Reagan

I would then have another sheet made up of home addresses that each have a zip-code. If the record contains zip 37013, I can easily assign that one to Jones. However, if the zip in the record is 37025, there are three agents sharing that zip. So for the first record with 37025, I would assign Martin. The next occurence of 37025 would be Slater and the third would be ORiley. The fourth occurence would go back to Martin and so on.

I have found some versions of what I want to do on this site and others but can't find the looping capability. Is it possible?

I'm trying to recreate a display of data for a round robin tourney using
Excel 2003.
The PC is hooked up to a big screen TV to display this info in large hall.

A group of 4 teams w/ their round robin results are displayed in the first
28-30 rows, columns A - L. I can change the number of rows 28, 29 or whatever
to fill the screen.
After a few seconds, we page down 28-30 rows to the next group of 4 teams
to display their results.

Off to the right, in column N, is a list of up to 108 teams that are plugged
into these
screens - 4 teams to a round robin group.
In column Q is a list of the title of each screen - ie... 1st Board 1st
Bracket, 2nd Board 1st Bracket... etc that are also plugged in. Then number
of entries in this column could be used to limit how far down we go
displaying pages. The previous program would prompt the user for the # of
seconds to pause, page down, continue down until the end, then start over at
the top. The info in columns N - Q are not displayed, just used to input
The previous program used a button to activate the paging, then the ESC key
used to stop it. This is not really important, any key or combination of keys
to activate & deactivate this would be fine.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Colums A and B are participant combinations (round-robin - 6 participants),
I would like to sort these two columns and come up with a schedule knowing
that I have 2 ping-pong tables available for the Round-Robin.

I would like to apply this routine to any number of participant matchups
(i.e 16 participants and in that case I could have only 5 tables available.)
I just need to make sure that for every 5 first combinations none of the
existing players are double booked.

--- ----
1 2
1 3
1 4
1 5
1 6
2 3
2 4
2 5
2 6
3 4
3 5
3 6
4 5
4 6
5 6


I know I asked this question before, but (sigh) I cannot find the
answer now, when I need it of course.

How can I select a series in an Excel chart (XY Scatter) using the
keyboard, not the mouse?

The issue is: I have overlapping series, so it is difficult for me to
select a series by moving the mouse cursor to a point in one series and
right-clicking it, as I normally do.

Someone once mentioned a ctrl and/or shift key combination (I think)
that would allow me to select each series explicit in round-robin
fashion. That is what I am looking for again.

More generally, how could I have found the answer to that question on
my own?

Perhaps an Excel Help page. I do not see what I am looking for in the
"keyboard shortcuts" Help page.


I need to make a work sheet for playing a round robin in 8-ball.
Therefore I would like to allocate a number to a name, so that when I type
in numbers it gives me the persons names.
eg. 1 = Paul and 2 = Andrew
so when I put in 1 v 2 it shows that Paul is playing Andrew.

Im working on building a spreadsheet that will be a simple list of 25 manager names that will be chosen in alphabetical order of availability to cover a selected number of employees while on PTO. Like a round robin down a list of who is available. If 20 are needed and only 10 are available in those dates it would show the same names twice like going back to the start of the list and selecting again.

The reason is when managers go on pto they need to divvy up their team to other managers. This will evenly distribute all the employees to the available managers.

What I need it to do is a manager will select a time frame (12/1/2010- 12/10/2010) and then enter a number 7 or 8 ...(number of employees). Once selected hit a button to select the next (7) managers who are showing available on the PTO calendar will be chosen.

I can change the way the PTO calendar names and dates are entered to work with the macro so the attached is just how we do it now.

My thought is some sort of a calendar day select option, then select number of managers needed then press run. It would search the 25 person list of managers in order for the next available not named in the PTO dates.

Well, I'm glad I found this site. Though I have only really asked 2 or 3 questions (and about 4 lookups) I have found what I needed and more.

I have been working on an excel league scheduler, that when finished I will share with all here. To skip down to the actual problem, skip down to the HEART OF THE PROBLEM

right now it handles up to 20 teams, creates the matchups for the team (single round robin style, included byes created with uneven amount of teams). On the schedule, I am hoping to be able to track scores that will later be reflected in a match up face off table.

Here's where I am stuck. Because of how the round robin schedule is created (and the fact that it auto adjusts for the number of teams) I cannot specifically line up the matchups with the face off table.

For example, if there are 4 teams, the first game would be team 1 vs 4. in a 6 team matchup, the first game is team 1 vs 6. If you want to see exactly what I mean, you can look at this first draft of the scheduler I have attached.

The heart of this problem is that with the matchups, with the exception of team 1, the teams would be in ether col 1 or 2. (such as teams 2 vs 3 might be listed as 3 vs 2). What I have done is made a dynamic list with all the matchups, but I need to find when team 2 plays team 3 for example. My list has the matchups concatenated to "2 vs 3" style. I guess I could first lookup 2 vs 3, and if I don't find it then lookup 3 vs 2, but that makes a long bit of formula code. Is there an easier way? I have the list concatenated and in 2 columns as well. I guess it comes down to can I search for 2 and 3 being in the same row in columns D and E, in any order?

(sorry for the complexity of how I am asking for this, but wanted to give a good background, as maybe I am going about this the wrong way...)

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.