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how to automatically convert desktop shortcuts to hyperlinks

I'm a teacher trying to take the shortcuts to files and urls within a folder such as Desktop and automatically put them into excel as hyperlinks by giving a macro a folder name. Can anyone help me? thanks

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Is it possible to have a workbook, through vba, add a shortcut to another workbook to your desktop and/or start menu?

There are several users who will need to open and run a workbook that must remain in a specific folder. I can add a shortcut to the default user desktop but not for the current users. I'd like to make a workbook that would automatically (through a button or something) place a shortcut on their desktop and start menu to the specific workbook. This will avoid having to go through with each person on how to find the file and some people don't even know how to make a shortcut. So I can just email them a workbook to open and click on a button to make it all happen for them.

Thanks for any help!

Well for some reason the Search didn't bring up the threads that the Answers to similiar Questions does up top.
I found:
Looks like a good starting point. I'll give it a try and see if I need more help after that. If someone might have a further suggestion I'm all ears

Edit #2:
Well I found how to add a Desktop Shortcut: Change $Workbook Name$ and $Workbook Path$ to Suit.

    Dim WSH As Object 
    Dim WSHShortcut As Object 
    Dim strStationName As String 
    Dim strPath As String 
    Dim strDirectory As String 
    Dim strMsg As String 
    Set WSH = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
    strStationName = Sheet1.Range("B25").Value 
    strDirectory = "C:$Workbook Path$ " & strStationName & ".xls" 
    If strStationName = "" Then ' Checks to see if the user selected a name
        MsgBox "You Must Choose a Station Name from the Drop Down Box" 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
    If Not Len(Dir(strDirectory)) > 0 Then 'Checks to see if File Exists
        MsgBox "The $Workbook Name$ for the Selected Station Name does not Exist.  The Shortcut cannot be created.  Please
Ask Someone for Help." 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
    strPath = WSH.SpecialFolders("Desktop") & "" & "$Workbook Name$ " & strStationName & ".lnk" 
    Set WSHShortcut = WSH.CreateShortcut(strPath) 
    With WSHShortcut 
        .TargetPath = "C:$Workbook Path$ " & strStationName & ".xls" 
        .Description = "$Workbook Name$ " & strStationName 
        .IconLocation = "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11EXCEL.EXE,1" 
        .RelativePath = "C:$Workbook Path$" 
        .WorkingDirectory = "C:$Workbook Path$" 
        .Hotkey = "" 
    End With 
    strMsg = "Success!  Look for the $Workbook Name$ " & strStationName & " Shortcut on your Desktop" & vbNewLine & _ 
    "This Workbook will now Close.  Thank You!" 
    MsgBox strMsg 
    ThisWorkbook.Close False 

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I Made a Workbook were the User Selects the Correct Station name from a Validation Drop Down Menu.

Now how to add to it to the Start Menu?

tell me how to convert a number to words, is there any formula in excel.
eg: 1234 as one thousand two hundred and thirty four.
I am using Xp.

I'm trying to have the number I enter automatically converted to another number.

Here's what I need:

When I enter "1" convert it to "5"
When I enter "2" convert it to "4"
When I enter "4" convert it to "2"
When I enter "5" convert it to "1"

Essentially, I am entering data from a rating scale, but in order to properly score the data, the scale needs to be reversed. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Anyone know how to make a desktop shortcut with VBA? Say you make a file, and want an option other than an addin. Make a folder to save it to in My Documents. Can you create a desktop shortcut with Excel VBA using some APIs, shells, etc? It basically just a pointer, right?


I would like to know how to automatically populate a combobox with the data in a certain range. Attached is a simple workbook with the example. I know how to do this with the additem. But I dont know how to create the array or userform initialize to populate the combobox with the range.

Thank you.

I am using Office 2003 with Windows XP.

Anyone know how to e-mail a shortcut to the currently active workbook?
I have tried using the following code, but this sends a copy of the file not
a LINK or SHORTCUT to the original file:

Public Sub SendFileLink()
Dim oOutlook As New Outlook.Application
Dim oMessage As Outlook.MailItem
Dim wReviewSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Set oMessage = oOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
With oMessage
.Subject = "Subject text"
.Body = "Body text"
.Attachments.Add ThisWorkbook.FullName, Type:=olByReference
End With
End Sub

Thanks much for your assistance.

I have Sheet1 with "formula"
in e.g cell A1.
Because MySheet does not exist in this workbook, I get #REF error.
Later when I add MySheet, the #REF error is still there.
But if I select A1 in Sheet1 and then click somwhere in the formula editor line and press ENTER, then A1 changes to 0 (or existing A1 value in MySheet)

I wonder how to automatically refresh some/all formulas in Sheet1 that reference to MySheet, after MySheet is inserted.

Please, see also attached file.

How to automatically add 000 at the back of my numbers?


How to automatically filter can filter and blue-colored cells.

Good work


Hello Experts,

I would like to ask on how to automatically add same worksheet(including formula in worksheet) defending on cell value?


Date Time Activity

1-Jan-12 21:45 Washing dishes
22:00 cleaning
23:59 rest

when time reached 23:59 excel will add another worksheet same as current with all data and formula intact and name the work sheet as what date is it.

Thanks for your help


how to automatically extract country name from address in excell 2007

"School of Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia; Large Millimeter Telescope, National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics, Mexico; School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; LG Electronics Institute of Technology, Seocho-Gu, Seoul 137-724, South Korea; School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Seoul National University, Seoul 137-724, South Korea; School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chung-Ang University, South Korea"

i have problem here actually all of the word above are adress and each address separate by ";"..and all the words above are in one columns..i need to separate all of this..
this is my sample of data.. there are about 7k-8k like this type of data, i need to make this in their category for example it need to be like this

row1=School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

row1column2=Seoul National University

row1column3=South Korea

i really appreciate if somebody can help me.

I want to create a desktop shortcut for a frequently used file. In Excel
2007, there is no "send to desktop" feautre like Excel 2003. How do I do

I have here an english installation of MS Office 2003 on an english WinXP.

From a colleague I got an Excel sheet with german formulas function inside.
Such a function is e.g. "WENN(....)" which corresponds to the english

My english Excel installation understand not these function names from foreign languages.

How can I automatically convert these (all) german function names into english function names?

If this is not possible inside Excel: Is there a 3rd party tool which does the job?

Thank you

I am running Office 2000 with XP Home Edn. Today Excel started doing something weird. If I try to enter a column of figures for dollar amounts, any set of digits from one to twelve followed by a decimal point and two digits for cents is automatically converted into a calendar date, even if the date is impossible (for example, 11.39 becomes 39 November).

I can prevent this by placing a "$" before each set of numerals, but if I do so, then AutoSum refuses to add them.

How do I prevent the autoconversion from occurring in the first place?

John H

Hi all

Is it possible to have the activeworkbook when it saves for the very first
time to automatically put a shortcut onto the desktop?

I can work out how to have the code activate for the first time, just not
how to get a shortcut to the desktop



Hi all -

Im very familiar with how to write a macro to automatically autofilter a list based upon a Cell Value (i.e. Range =(A1)...etc.).... but what I cannot figure out how to correctly write is a way to have Excel automatically autofilter a list for any row that CONTAINS the Cell Value, instead of just the exact value.

Cell Value = "birds"
Example -- I need to filter every row so that I see every row that CONTAINS "birds" in the character-string, not just the row that = "birds".

a) is this possible?

If not, I'd like to know also so I can stop attempting to guess (-;


When a specific user opens a specific workbook, there is a desktop shortcut automatically created. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Running Excel 97 on Windows NT 4.0


This is my first post. I need to know if there is a way to automatically have "text numbers" converted to actual numbers? Data is being copied from reports into the sheet i am using by a number of different people and most of the time it is text numbers being pasted. The range for the data being entered is C3:D102. Is it possible to enter a code that would convert these to actual numbers as soon as they are pasted?


I am a biology graduate student who is taking many measurements of animals
(height, weight, tail length, etc. & don't worry - they all survive). I have
a spreadsheet set up with ~200 rows [the measurement as described above] and
~100 columns [representing the various animals I have caught and measured]. I
would like to create an XY (Scatter) chart for each row of data on seperate
worksheets, using column headers as x-axis labels, and the row header as both
the y-axis and chart title label. Of lesser importance is to turn off the
legend (the chart title says enough about the graph) and to have the zoom set
at 75% (to be able to see the entire chart all at once - my screen loses the
edges of charts set at 100%). Eventually I would like to figure out how to
utilize dynamic charting (automatic updating of charts) with this as I will
constantly add new species and measurements.

Is there a way of automatically generating all these graphs? I am currently
creating them individually, but would rather highlight the row(s) of
interest, then have the charts created for me. And as I will more than likely
need to start learning VBA to create this stuff for myself, does anyone have
recommendations for a particularly good, easy to understand beginner's guide
to VBA?

Thank you for your responses,


I want to have excel automatically go out and download information
from yahoo finance on a daily basis. I'm an excel user with no
programing experience. Is there a kb article or other source of
detailed instruction on how to achieve this goal.

Thanks for you help.

I am trying to set up a template in Excel 2000 and would like to be able to
automatically number each invoice as the template is 63opeed to a new
document, can anyone tell me in basic terms if this is possible and how to do
it please?

Ok. .... I have ans column like this:

so how to I convert it to this format?

ex. 20050519 to 05/19/05


I'm hoping someone can help me with some suggestions for how to do this. I've been hired to restructure and setup all these spreadsheets and formulas, and I'm kind of stuck.*

So, I have multiple consultants and their monthly stats spreadsheets I've set up.

I need to create combined monthly, quarterly and yearly spreadsheets that are updated automatically. I can manage to do that with the workbooks I've already created, but next month, there will be a new workbook for each consultant from the template I made.

How can I make the combined stat workbook read the data from the future workbooks automatically? It must be possible.

So far, I've created a separate folder for each consultant and I'm hoping there is a way to create a formula or script that will just pull the required data from every workbook in that folder (every workbook is uniform, so it's just a matter of reading the last sheet and certain cells and pulling that info).

If there is a tutorial or a name for what it is I'm trying to do so I can research myself, it will be much appreciated. I'm stumped. I'm sure I'm just calling it the wrong thing and searching for the wrong terms in google.

Will I just need to create a macro, so that each consultant just runs that at the end of each month in order to add their new stats? Is that the simplest? It's looking the simplest now. Thanks.

Anyone fimiliar with how to program a windows shortcut from VBA?

Specifically, I'm hoping to make a button in Excel that will save a shortcut to the active workbook on the user's desktop.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.