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Why won't my tab key work?

Everytime I try to move one cell to the right using my TAB key on the
keyboard, the highlighted cell ends up being a whole screen view over. I'm
not completely computer or microsoft illiterate, but for the life of me I
can't figure out how to fix that setting. Anyone have an idea?

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My tab key no longer scrolls from cell to cell but jumps to the first column
on the next page. Also, the control-end and other function shortcuts don't
work properly any more. Any suggestions?

For some reason my tab key started spacing over about 10 -12 columns and my
enter key doesn't move to the next lower cell a sit used to. I couldn't find
any reason for this and reinstalled office, but even after reinstalling this
problem still occurs. Any suggestions?

I have protected a worksheet in excel 2003 and have used allowedits to make
some rows editable. I noticed that when I pressed the TAB key, it is not
moving to the next cell. It remains in the same cell. TAB key is not working.
Is there any option for making the TAB key work?

My tab key should move just one column at a time, however when i push tab it
jumps to the furthest column visable on my sheet. Is there something i can
change to go back to the default of just one column jump?

How can I correct this so that my tab key advances me to the adjacent column?

For some reason I skip about 10 columns when I press my tab key. It used to
be where it only scrolled over 1 column. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I've noticed lately that my arrow keys don't work if I want to navigate to
different cells in my Excel workbooks. Any idea what might have caused this?

Our computer Dept. set up a new user in our office. When in excel, if she presses the tab key, it moves the active cell over an entire page length. For example, when I press tab, my active cell goes from cell a1 to cell b1. But when she hits tab, her active cell goes from a1 to p1.

Her tab key works regularly in other programs.

I can't find the option or setting that is causing it to do that.

Please help,

In all of my excel worksheets, when I push Tab, my cursor goes straight from
Column A to Column K or the next column not shown to the right of the sheet.
From there, if I hit Shift-Tab It always goes back to column A, even if
that's not where I started out. Please help, it's driving me crazy!!!

My tab key suddenly stopped working correctly in Excel. When I hit tab, it
jumps 10 cells to the right instead of just one. How can I correct this? I
have a Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard with the correct version of the
software installed. This only happens in Excel, tab key behaves normally in
every other MS Office program.

On Excel 2003 my tab key seems to be stuck moving all the way over when i hit it instead of moving to the next cell. it is making my life miserable, does anyone know how to fix this? it's not my keyboard. every time i hit tab it jumps like 10 cells over and i have no idea why. Please help!

When I hit my tab key in Excel, it jumps over many columns to the right! How do I turn it back to just one column to the right? I do not know why this is happening, I must have hit something on my keyboard. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Help - All of a sudden my Tab key will not work in a worksheet. If another
program is open, when I press Tab the other program opens. If nothing but
Excel is open, nothing happens. I am lost without the use of my Tab key!

I already checked Tools-Options-Transition key - that wasn't the problem.


When pressing my Tab key while in an Excel spreadsheet, the button no longer moves one space to the right. It moves 10 if pressed once and 19 if pressed twice. Is there a way to reset the Tab key to move one space to the right?

In an Excel worksheet my tab key does not just shift one cell to the right.
Somehow it has gotten set to move a page to the right when pressed. How do I
reset it to just move one cell to the right?

My tab key is not moving to the next adjacent cell when pressed in excel
2003. It is moving to the next page, for example, if i am in column a and
press the tab key, it will move to column q instead of column b. How do i
change this setting??

My tab key does not tab to the next cell, instead it tabs to like 10 cells
over. Please advise

someone changed my computer setting somehow. now, my TAB key moves more than
one cell to the right and to the left. how do i switch it bact to factory

My tab key no longer moves me right one cell, it skeps several cells to the
right (number of cells vary with different worksheets). How can I resolve
this annoying issue?

When using my tab key to move the cursor, it moves more than one cell over.
How can I fix this problem?

When I press the tab key in an Excel worksheet, the focus moves one full screen to the right, instead of moving one cell to the right. How can I reset this?


Hello to all,

I need a little help.

I am running a userform in excel that has a combobox which pulls a list from a worksheet allowing the user to pick from the list and then tab out to a textbox which prompts for input. These two things populate a listbox with filtered data.

I run my code from a separarte worksheet so I can share the worbook amongst users. Everything works fine except that the tab key doesn't tab out of the combobox when I share the workbook. It works fine when not shared and it works fine the first time I use it. If I use the mouse to go back into the combobox the tab key then just stays in the control and acts like you'd expect a tab key to act when typing.

I know I saw someone with a similar problem but I can't find the post again. Does anyone know if this can be worked around or because of sharing do we have to live with it.

I am not very good at writing macros but this is a simple one and I don't know why it wont work, It is meant to request a number and a team find the player matching the number in the list and move it to that team

Sub Transfer()

PlayerID = InputBox("Enter Player ID", "Select Player", "")
TeamID = InputBox("Enter Team ID", "Select Team", "")

Sheets("Team " & TeamID).Select

If Range("N1") < 32 Then

Sheets("Player Pool").Select
For player = 1 To 90
If Cells(plrow + 1, 1) = PlayerID Then
Range(Cells(plrow + 1, 2), Cells(plrow + 1, 9)).Cut
Sheets("Team " & TeamID).Select

For Roster = 1 To 32
If Cells(Roster + 1, 4) = "" Then
Cells(Roster + 1, 4).Select
End If
Next Roster

End If

Next player

Response = MsgBox("No free spots in roster")
End If

End Sub

It works if the first If function is false, but if it is true nothing happens.

Hi Folks;

I've used the macro called "Excel VBA: Track & Report User Changes on an Excel Worksheet" (, but I have one small problem - every time the macro runs in the background, the tab key stops working, making moving between cells very annoying. The macro works as intended - the changed cell infromation is recorded on the new sheet, and it returns back to the cell that was updated.

Also, if I click on a different sheet and then go back to the original sheet it works again, making me think there might be some quirk to the Worksheet_SelectionChange or Worksheet_Change event macros. I'm using Excel 2007, so it might also be a defect that is resolved in Excel 2010.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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