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change excel auto column headers from numeric to alpha

Across the top of the Excel spreadsheet there are usually letters, ie., A,B,C
to head the columns. My Excel has numbers and I want to change them to the
usual letters. How do I do this?

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how do you change column headers from numbers to letters in the office 2007
excel program. There is no longer that tools tab

I have a spreadsheet where somehow the column headers got changed from alpha
to numeric. How can I change them back?

Rename or change the column header from alphabet to numeric

i currently have numbers in my reference headings and in the rows and i would
like to change the references along the top from numerics to Alphas.

Please can someone help.......................?


I'm importing a 3rd party CSV file into Excel and then comparing some of
the contents to a printed spec. Each numbered field in the spec
corresponds to a column in the work sheet. I'd like to change the column
headers from letters to numbers. Is that possible?


I have been unable to change the column grid reference from Numerical to Alphabetical.

At the moment both the vertical and horizontal grid references are numerical, hence making formulas hard to follow.

Appreciate All The Help



I am seeking information on how to change the default auto fill order from
ascending to descending when using alpha numeric entries.

To clarify, if you enter data into a cell and then click the lower right
corner and drag to the next lower cell(s) the value increases. I would like
it to decrease. How can I set that up.

I received an Excel file from another user. All of the column headers are
numbers rather than letters and all formulae cell references are relative
rather than absolute. How do I change back to the standard letter column
header and absolute cell address?

Thanks for the help,

In Excel, my column headers somehow changed from letters to numbers. How do
I get the letter headings back?

For example, I can no longer reference cell C3 because the C is now a

how do i change column designators from numbers to letters in excel

hi guys... i'm new here
i have 1 problem with my excel. I want to auto update data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 in which i use "+" formula.... eg. =+Sheet1!A1. How if i want auto update the color as well? If i change the color from sheet 1, sheet 2 did not get updated. Only the data has been updated. Anyone? Thanks.

how do i change the column headings from numbers to letters in excel?

I have just changed to excel 2007 - cant find the r1c1 tab to change the
column heading from numbers to letters - can anyone help

My Excel spreadsheet has numbers in the column headings. I can't find a way
to change them back to alpha characters.

Hi People,

I was wondering if you can help please. I am currently building financials in Excel and I have come across what I believe to be a bug in Excel. I have a table with the following budget information:

Client | 01/04/2011 | 01/05/2011 | 01/06/2011
A 10 20 30

And in another table, I have the following columns:

Client | Month | Budget |
A 01/04/2011

In the budget column, I want to pull the budget from the first table, using the formula:


However, the match function is not working. If I change the Month column header in budget to 'Test' and change the Month value in the second table to 'Test', the match works. I am sure it is to do with formatting, but I am not sure how to overcome it.

Please could you help me with this issue? I have attached an example. Thanks in advance.

I will like to change row and column labels from standard to my own is there
a way?

e.g. instead of A, B, C and so on can I not name them looks more professional.

I am trying to change the column labels from "A" to "Name" and "B" to Address
and so forth. How do I do this? I tryed to use the help and that wasn't too
helpful. Please give me some pointers and a direction.


If you have numbers as the column headers, as opposed to numbers, then
there's no need to change them back to numbers! <g>

Goto Tools>Options>>General

Uncheck R1C1 reference style


"lazybee" <> wrote in message
>I have a worksheet that has numbers in the column headings as opposed to
> numbers, how can I change back to numbers?

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with excel and its driving me nuts! When I open a spreadsheet everything is on the right side and the columns go from Z to A, not from A to Z as it should be.. And it is really anoying..

Is there a way to return it to normal??

Thanks for the help

There was never a way to do this in Excel 2003 - wondering if there is a way in 2007? I'm a finance guy so each time I build a pivot table I inevitably want to look at month and year end I have to change everything in my values section from 'count' to 'sum' - 13 times each time I build a pivot.

I see the options as:
1. There is somehow a way to change everything in the values section at once.
2. Change the default value setting from Count to Sum.

Either way I'd be fine with, although I'd prefer option 1!

I recently installed 'windows 7 ultimates' , and after i insalled Excel 2007 .. the columns start from right to lfet (..., C, B, A), I want to reverse it to start from left to right (A, B, C, ...),
I don't know whether the new ystem 'windows 7 ultimates' has some effect on it to be modified like this. moreover, the language of system is English ..
so how to solve it

I could use some assistance trying to copy columns of data from one workbook to another in Excel 03'. What I have in workbook1 is 'x' number of worksheets. Each worksheet has column/attribute names in row 1. Row 2 contains corresponding metadata/characteristics (such as data type, data length, etc.) about the column/attribute names in row 1. Rows 3 thru 'y' contain actual data relating to the column name. There can also be blank rows between rows 3 and 'y'. Separately, outside of the columns that have actual attribute names listed in row 1, there can be comments to clarify what the data means (so if the last column with an attribute name is 'F', the user can put comments from column 'G' on but there will not be a column header from 'G' on.

Workbook2 is what I'll call a template workbook. It also contains a number of worksheets. There could be more or fewer worksheets than what is in workbook1. The pattern for each worksheet in rows 1 and 2 is similar in nature to what I described for workbook1 (attribute names and metadata). The remainder of the rows in the worksheets are blank.

What I need to do is to match the worksheets names in workbook1 to the worksheet names in the template workbook. Once I match up the worksheets based on worksheet name, I then need to try to match up the column names from row 1 in workbook1 with the column names in row 1 in the template workbook. These columns may or may not be in the same order. If I match up the column names, I need to copy the data from rows 3 thru 'Y' for that specific column from workbook 1 into the rows 3 thru 'Y' in corresponding column in the template workbook. I can't simply copy the entire column from workbook1 to the template workbook because the metadata characteristics in row 2 may have changed. This is why I only want to copy rows 3 on.

I have managed to put together the logic to match up on the worksheets and the column names. What I'm having difficulty with is putting together the code that will find the last piece of data for a given column (again, where there could be multiple blank rows in the column) then selecting rows 3 to 'x' in the workbook1 and pasting it into the template workbook starting in row 3.

Separately, for any column of data in workbook1 that doesn't match to a column in the template workbook I plan on appending the entire column of data in the next blank column in the template. I then also plan on copying the various comments from workbook1 into the template workbook after any of the appended columns (if there are any). I believe I can figure out this piece of the logic unless someone feels this might be tricky?

I will admit that I'm new to coding macros and have not had any formal training in using vba so I'm struggling to pull together the logic to copy rows 3 thru y to the template. Any help/suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what a worksheet in the template workbook might look like:
Group CodeGroup Code NameGroup Comment Pointer NumberPK
CHAR (5)
DECIMAL (11, 0)

Here is what a worksheet in workbook1 might look like:
Group DescriptionGroup CodeGroup Comment Pointer NumberGroup Code Name
CHAR (5)
VARCHAR (1024)
VARCHAR (100)New carsAUxyzAutoUsed bikesMTRCYabcMotorcycleUsed trucksTRKdefTruckTrucks may be renamed laterList is not complete as of 2/19/08

My spreadsheet column headings changed fom aphabetic to numeric. I would like
to know how to change them back to alphabetic. I just asked this question and
received an answer. However the answer never appeared, just a blank page.

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