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Copy paste a table in outlook email to excel

I am using Outlook 2010. I will recieve mail which will have a excel table which is earlier copied and pasted in outlook by someone.
Now I want to copy and paste it in excel automatically, if possible....
I am now doing it manually.

Any help!!

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Can anybody suggest a tip for easily converting Text in a Table in Word Document to EXCEL SPREADSHEET/WORKSHEET

Hope someone can help out.

Trying to work out how to copy and paste data from a .doc table to a .xls
worksheet. I need to copy 2 columns and 9 rows of data in the .doc table, and
paste it above the 2nd row of data in the worksheet at the beginning above
the rest of the data.

I can do it ok pasting it onto the end of data in a worksheet, but not sure
when I have to paste it into the start or top of the worksheet above other
cells and rows of data.

Many thanks,
Regards, Paul.


I want to copy and paste a table from an Outlook document to a Word document. When I paste to Word the data I've copied the table seems to be too wide and only part of it fits the width of the page and the rest doesn't appear.

Can someone please suggest how I can paste the data to Word so that it all fits onto the page


****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"> I have an XL’07 workbook with blank payroll forms (I have and need three disparate forms) I’ve created. In addition, I have a master workbook in which I compile all my bi-monthly timesheets.
I want to copy a sheet out of the first workbook and drop it into the second, but when I do, I lose much of my cell formatting. Specifically, when I cut/copy/paste a worksheet (using either control A/control C/control V or clicking on the select all button), I lose the column/row spacing—meaning I have to resize many/all of the columns/rows. Worse, I can’t seem to preserve formulas and form features (like drop down lists) when I transfer from one workbook to the next.
Can someone please suggest how to make this happen?
Disclaimer: I’m a brilliant editor, but I’m and excel idiot. I’m perfectly sure there are quick and easy answers to the above embedded within Microsoft’s voluminous help references or the FAQs here. But darned if can begin to find them—don’t know how to begin looking as all my search queries turn up negative—don’t know how to begin asking. If the answer to my question is on file somewhere, would much appreciate a simple finger pointing the way…
Thanx in advance for your help.

Hello Every body
I want to copy the string from the Outlook email which comes from always the same email id like and structure and body of the email is also same. In this outlook email there is one string name “Structure” like Structure: abc 2032_ppp_zzz that means in the output excel file only this string must be available (abc 2032_ppp_zzz), this email contains other information too but i just need one information from the email which is "Structure". And when the new email come from the same id the excel file must be updated with the new string Structure, the email come directly in the inbox.

I wanted to copy and paste a formula in 500 different cells . I dont want to
manually select the 500 different cells.

How can i copy paste the formula

Hi guys, another day, another mistery

I've managed to connect Word with Excel using ActiveX, and now I'd like to copy/paste a Table from Excel to Word in form of a picture. Manually this in no problem, but using VBA just doesn't work for me. I can use ordinary PASTE, but I can't get the option where I can paste the table as a picture.

How do you do that? Do you need to use SendeKeys or what? Is it possible?

Lost as ever, I beg you to help me solve todays mistery. Sorry for my English - I promise to work on that to.

Best whishes and thank you in advance!


I wanted to copy and paste a formula in 500 different cells . I dont want to
manually select the 500 different cells.

How can i copy paste the formula

Is there a way to automate copy/paste of sections of text emails that have
same sections? I would need to copy and then paste section 3.3, 4, & 10
(shown below in the format they are mailed in) into separate cells. The
headings are always the same format and same text with the same numbers.
1. Start installation of fuel piping
2. Install four-way gaskets
3 .Clean enclosure
4. Install roof section caulk and install tape
5. Install vent piping at inlet end
6. Put unit on turning gear
7. Perform gas leak checks
8. Ship all tools


Combustor Inspection
LTP Bulletin #6
Replacement of row 1 compressor blade
Implementation of PM 98-2110 on CT1 only
Implementation of PM M3-0488 on both units

Apples are good



I have two problems when I paste a table in Word to Excel.

The first problem is that if the table cell in word is longer than 256 characters it is truncated in Excel.

The second problem is if the table cell in word contains carriage returns then Excel breaks the Word Table Cell into multiple Excel cells.

Basically if I have a two column by two row table in Word I would like that to end up as 4 cells (2x2) in Excel. And the pasted text should correspond to all the characters in word (ie. if I put 500 words into a word table cell I want to see all the words in Excel).

When I copy paste a number in B col the date must automatically come in A col

Like wise I need start time and end time also in L and M col

When I copy paste a number in B col the start time must come automatically in L col
like wise when I use tab key to move in the next col from L col to M col the end time must come automatically in M col

can you help me in this very urgent one please help me

I dont have consecutive cells ,I have cells like G3, G6, G9... uptil G500 or so
How should I copy paste a formula into these cells without manually
selecting all these cells using ctrl key

Is there a way to select these cells and copy paste the formula

I would like to copy a value from a cell in one sheet to another cell in different sheet. Before copying I would like to test if the value is greater than or smaller than a user specified value. If it is out of that range then quit otherwise loop through certain same steps.

For example on the attached file, I would like to fist test if date and time in cell K3 and L3 of sheet "HIST_EUR_USD" is less than date/time in cells N3 and O3 on sheet "Data1" and if true then copy cell A3 from "HIST_EUR_USD" sheet to Cell O107 in "Historical Data" sheet.

All three sheets are dynamic with data being updated.

I am hoping someone have some existing VBA routine that I can insert rest of my routine.

Thank you,


I would like some help regarding this, I have managed to export the whole body of an email to excel, but im having trouble doing this as im a newbie to vba.

I want to retrieve the text after the colon from an email, the emails are always the same layout so thats not a problem, they look like this

Store Number: 8078
Date: 10-17-2011 11:13
Requested Change: 1
Sub-Category: 484
Date Effective: 20-06-11
Date Inactive: 31-12-99
Fixture Size: 1 M BASE
Equipment: WINE TOWERS
Comments: we do not have a wine tower

I would like the macro to take the information after the colons, store number, comments, category, etc and place them into an excel file with the headings the same. This would save a LOT of time as atm im doing it manually.

ive been messing about with some coding but its hard to pick up when youre a complete noob like me! though im coming up short with this, I have managed to export the whole email body to excel but I dont know the coding for vba to go through the email and pick out the seperate texts. (If this is making any sense, lol)

This would be MASSIVLY appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

I am trying to copy data from various sheets to tables on one sheet. Here is an example of what I am trying to do:-

Sheet Name = "NJ"

fName lName Customer No.
abc abc 1
cde cde 2
fgd fgh 3
: : :
: : :

Sheet Name = "NY"

fName lName Customer No.
xyz xyz 1
pqr pqr 2
lmo lmo 3
: : :
: : :

You get the idea. So I want all three rows to be copied into a table on another spreadsheet. The destination spreadsheet has tables for each state with fName, lName and Customer No. as the header. Basically, I have to write a function that takes all names from "NJ" sheet and put it in that table. The destination spreadsheet looks like.

Destination Sheet = Monthly Report

Month Year Consolidated Report

NJ List

fName lName Customer No.
abc abc 1
cde cde 2
fgd fgh 3
: : :
: : :

NY List

fName lName Customer No.
xyz xyz 1
pqr pqr 2
lmo lmo 3
: : :
: : :


I'm trying to make a script that will copy and paste a row in a table underneath the last row in that table when a button is clicked. I've simply recorded a macro to get things rolling, however whenever the macro does an insert to paste the data it goes above the last new entry which doesn't work for my purposes, any help would be appreciated.

Sub NewVar()
' NewVar Macro
    Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs Position:=xlLast
    ActiveWindow.ScrollWorkbookTabs Position:=xlFirst
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='VQ-Template'!R[-13]C[-1]"
    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='VQ-Template'!R[15]C[6]"

End Sub

Something out of the Purview of Excel-Sending Excel table as a body in an Email?

Dear Forum,

Except Microsoft Outlook, in which other Email Account can an Excel Table be sent as an Image and not just as an attachment..
There are so many instances when one needs to just send the Excel as an Image of a few Column X Rows Table along with the Attached Excel File so that it can draw immediate attention.

I tried it with Gmail but it does not work as the Formatting of the Column headings does not get copied, so is there a way of getting the same..

Honestly, I know that this is not purely Excel-Oriented a Question but if any good samaritan has any inputs please advise..

Warm Regards

I have a macro set up to create an email and I populate the email with cell values from my spreadsheet. Part of my email requires that I paste a table into the email. I have the table copied into a seperate book and the email created, but I cannot paste the table into the email.

I cannot use an image to do this as I need to copy the text of the email after it is sent to update the job status on the intranet.

I have tried to paste the cell values but it does not line up properly (even if the font is a fixed width)

A coworker suggested that since I have the table selected, maybe there is a way I can get the macro to tell the email (that I just opened up) to hit 'Edit' and 'Paste' to insert the table into my email.

Any suggestions? Is this even possible?

Hello all,

I am writing an Excel VBA Macro that will send an email with an HTML body using a predefined template.

But, before the email is sent, I need to Paste an Enhanced Metafile object in the Email's HTML body in a specific position. The Enhanced Metafile object comes from a copy to clipboard of a group of charts present in the Excel workbook to which the Macro is associated.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be done?


I have a sheet in which there have some data ranges which I want to copy the whole sheet & paste in my rest of the sheets excluding Master & Index Sheet. I have almost 90 sheets are there. Have any macro by which I can copy & paste it in all sheets.


We use Excel 2007. I have a excel file which has a table consist of ticket number, username and email address.

I want to create a excel macro which will Send a Outlook Email to each and every person in the list with a message. It should also pick the ticket number from column 'A'. Also, it should pick the signature of outlook, which is already been stored in outlook. The email should look like this.

Dear Ashish,


Please be advised that your ticket is in research, we will get back to you as soon as it is closed.

Thank you.

how to count specific words and copy/past a related cell:

example file:

How can I take the 4-names as used in B36, C36, D36 & E36 compare these words with the ones mentioned in B3:E24 and pick the top5 names (as used in A3:A24) that have the best average result (the same names as predicted in Row36)??
So I would somehow get the top5 people who are most likely to win, I mean the ones that have about the same result or exactly the same result (names from 1 to 4) as stated/predicted in Row36 (B36:E36)
These 5-top5 names should be placed in B41:B45 and It would be nice to add a percentage of how much they actually predicted allright, so in my example there would be at least 4 people with 100% because they had exactly the same 4-names as was predicted in Row36 (B36:E36).

it looks like these should be at least in the top5, because they have exactly the same result as what Row36 has predicted.
=> A12 & A13 and A17 & A18 have exactly the same 1-to-4 as stated in Row36 (B36:E36)

Perhaps it's also possible for the results in Row36 to be choosen dynamically? Now I just looked manually for the highest values in B27:E34 and copy/pasted the results/names in B36:E36
(by the way, I used i.e.* =AANTAL.ALS(B1:B22;"Aerts") to count how much a specific name/word is used. AANTAL.ALS is the sam as COUNTIF (at least I think so))

I Hope it's clear what I want to do?
With kind regards, Tim.

I have a formula returning a numerical # (like 25). I want to copy and paste
a range from Column A4 to Column GXX) Using that # number as the quantity of
rows that I have go to down.
Also the data is going to be selected from another sheet, using that
variable range specified in the sheet that the data is going to be pasted.

Hi all,

trying to set up a code so to send the value of a cell in an email message as an event gets triggered - just the value of a single cell to paste it on the message not the full worksheet.

Found this

Sub Mail_Outlook_Express()
Dim Recipient As String, Subj As String, HLink As String
Dim Recipientcc As String, Recipientbcc As String
Dim msg As String
Recipient = ""
Recipientcc = ""
Recipientbcc = ""
Subj = "trade"
msg = "Hi there" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"hello" msg = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(msg, vbNewLine, "%0D%0A")
HLink = "mailto:" & Recipient & "?" & "cc=" & Recipientcc _
& "&" & "bcc=" & Recipientbcc & "&"
HLink = HLink & "subject=" & Subj & "&"
HLink = HLink & "body=" & msg
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink (HLink)
Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
Application.SendKeys "%s"
End Sub

How to put the value of a certain cell into the msg=... line?

Many thanks


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