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Need help creating an interactive web form with Excel

Hello all!

So my current situation is as follows. For our file tracking, we use an excel file with a few columns: Book Number, Date, Book Title, Client, and Banker. Book number is simply sequential, so when someone asks me for a new number, I give them the next number in the list and fill in the relevant data after it.

We have multiple offices, so what we'd like to do is post a form on our company intranet that feeds off of this excel file, so basically, something like:

Please enter the following:
- Book Title
- Book Client (this would be a drop down list
- Banker Name
Once they hit submit, the data is entered into the excel file, and returns to the form the number they should use.

I'd also like to have a form where bankers can do a search, either by number, date range, or text string (which would search the book title), and return results. Is this possible?

Hopefully one of you excel wizards can help me out, as this is beyond my scope. Many thanks in advance!

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I am not sure if this is possible or how to do it, but I know you can have interactive pdfs, I have used them but haven't made one yet so I'm not sure on how they work.

Essentially I have a form based around the HMRCs sc2 form, that I want to make interactive, so that drop downs etc can be populated from an excel then the output data can be stored as data on that excel sheet and the file will print to pdf and be saved in a folder and emailed.

I have modules for the print to pdf, save file to a folder and email the file all ready written, I just need help creating an excel sheet with an interactive pdf as front end.

What do I need and how can I go about doing this?



Hello Everyone!

First, I would like to apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section of the forum.

Having said that, I'm taking on a new project in which I need to create an interactive spreadsheet that will eventually be converted for the web. How I'm going to achieve the latter is something I'm not concerned with at the moment. What does concern is how this spreadsheet will come to be.

Unfortunately I'm not an Excel expert, otherwise I wouldn't have ended up here. But I am a fast learner so I hope to learn a lot from knowledgeable people on this site

By the way, I searched the web quite a bit to find a solution but there was a lot of information and I wasn't sure what method to apply.

At any rate, what I'm trying to achieve is simple to explain. Let me give you an example:

> I have a list of cell phones.
> Each cell phone will provide three pieces of information: what carrier, how much storage space, and how many there are in stock.
> The cell phones should display in a list.
> Upon selecting a cell phone, the row should auto fill with the respective information of each cell phone (assuming across three columns).

So if someone from the list chooses HTC HD2, the results should be displayed in the following manner:

B2: HTC HD2 > C2: T-Mobile > D2: 16 GB > E2: 26

I hope I have made this clear enough.

I have seen people talk about several ways of doing this but I'm not sure how and what to implement. Do I bring Access in the mix? Do I use VBA? I just don't know how to get started.

I hope you guys can help!

Help. Call me an Excel dummy but I had a secretary for a few years and I
forgot hot to do this stuff! I need to create an interactive chart that, when
I click on the appropriate answer I am given a new selection with 2 or 3
possible selections. Thanks for your help!

I have an Excel spreadsheet with reimbursement/expense data that I need
to submit to my main office. The only way to do this is by filling in
a web form for each reimbursement/expense entry. Can you help me with
VBA or VB code that can extract data from Excel and paste it into an IE
web form?

I just started dabbling with VB 2005, and I am quite proficient with
VBA so any help could go a long way!


Hello everyone!

I am going to try and explain this as best as possible....

I would like to import data to my website in high volume and I need to create an excel sheet that does a few advanced things that are out of my league.

My process starts with me taking pictures of items and then renaming them starting with the number 1000..


The first thing i would like to do in my excel sheet I would like to figure out how to custom fill just the last numbers in a string of a field.

Example: <--- this is line one <--- this is line two

So say I had 700 items the last line would read: <--- last line

How can I do a fill down method that just modified the last number in the string??


Ok the next part is similar to the first part but it has alot more characters within it before the change takes place...

In the same row as the image location.. Which is the information in part one is the description of the item.. here is the html template for what will be the exact same in every item except the few numbers that go with the image of the product..

HTML Code: 
<td bgcolor="#271e19"><div align="center"><font color="#ffffff"
size="2" face="arial,verdana,helvetica,sans serif">
<table align="center" bordercolor="#ededd9" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0"
width="100%"> <tbody><tr>
  <td bgcolor="#ededd9"><div align="center"><table align="center"
border="0" cellpadding="10" width="100%"><tbody><tr>
  <td align="right" bgcolor="#ededd9"><p align="center">
<a href="http://www.mysite/folder/1200.JPG" target="_blank">
<img src="http://www.mysite/folder/th_1200.JPG" border="0"/></a></p>
<p align="center">
<a href="http://www.mysite/folder/1201.JPG" target="_blank">
<img src="http://www.mysite/folder/th_1201.JPG" border="0" /></a></p>
<p align="center">Click either image above for larger more detailed image(image in pop up
Now inside this series of code the only thing that needs to change is the numbers inside the code.. so in the first product the 1200 will need to be changed twice.. once for the thumbnail and once for the large viewing file.

also the numbers 1201 will need to be changed as well for that is the 2nd photo that does with the product..

So basically I just need those numbers to change with each row and each product..

I would like to be done either with a automated process once the sheet recognizes the number change in the 1st part of sheet to change those areas of the field...


I am trying to explain this to the best of my ability.. I would be more than happy to talk on the phone or an instant messenger and also pay someone to assist me with this... With this sheet I would be able to list up to 700 items a day on my site as opposed to 100 that i can do now..

Thank you for your time and I hope someone can help me!!!


Trying to convert a workbook into an interactive web page ready for publishing, I chose File- Save as a Web Page from the Menu bar, and followed the required steps. In the Save As a Web Page dialog box, I checked "Add Interactivity With: ", but I get the error message:
"The Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Component could not load the XML data.
Validation Load Error: For Type list, the absence of a < cell range list > tag implies relative cell references in the list values which is not allowed."
I am using Excel 2003, SP3.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Can you create an online type form with excel 2003? I tried to use the form
button but it looked like it would only handle one field at a time. Do I need
to use a template type thing? And how do I accomplish all of this? Thanks in

I have a workbook with 2 interactive and 1 hidden sheet. What are processes
for fo enabling an interactive web page with the workbook?

I need help creating an interactive chart.

I want 1 single main chart to have 2 options via form controls (list box & a pull down menu).

List Box - Will select the type of data I need from seperate sheets in the workbook

Pull Down Menu - Filters the data based on data

**Below is a visual aid to help explain what I'm trying to do.
I'm a noob in vba/macro but slightly familiar with terminology and applications.
Thank You !


i have a lot of info all organised with dates in the 01.01.2006 format, and company names and number of boxes shippped (a bunch more too), i need to create an interactive menu that will allow date, name, number of boxes filtering options, and this i would like to be in drop down form. any help would be amazing since i have no expierence in VB really, but i do in over 10 other ones. i know this is probably a lot of work so if anyone could help this would be greatly appreciated. thank you.



I am working on a macro that needs to create an entry in a database. The procedure to create an entry spans three webpages with three separate forms. In other words, I need the macro to read and fill the web form contents of the currently active page in Internet Explorer.

Here's my code so far:

    Dim IE As New InternetExplorer 
    Dim ieDoc As HTMLDocument 
    Dim Item As Variant 
    Dim ieForm As Object 
    Dim ieObj As Object 
     'Open IE and go to the side
    IE.Visible = True 
    IE.navigate "" 
     'Wait until site it loaded
    Do While IE.readyState  READYSTATE_COMPLETE 
     'Get the body
    Set ieDoc = IE.document 
     'Find each field and fill out
    Item = ieDoc.getElementsByName("") 
    Item.Value = "Game Name" 
    Item = ieDoc.getElementsByName("") 
    Item.Value = "autoipadfree10" 
    Item = ieDoc.getElementsByName("primary-popup") 
    Item.selectedIndex = 12 
    Item.FireEvent ("onchange") 
    Item = ieDoc.getElementsByName("wildcardSuffix") 
    Item.Value = "autoipadfree" 
    Item = ieDoc.getElementsByName("").Item(0).Click 
End Sub 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
So, I've figured out how to fill text fields, select from a drop-down list and click submit. But I don't know how to make the macro continue work on the next page. I'd really appreciate anyone's help!!

hi there, first time I'm using this forum. Hope you can help me.

I'm basically creating a file where a userform comes up when you open the workbook, blocks the access to the actual workspace so that no manual entry can be done. What the userform allows you to do is add a new entry to the database (the userform has some text boxes where we type in stuff like location and name or age) after having found the next empty row in the enormous database (3.000 lines)

I have done this and I need help resolving a stupid issue I can't get over (some of you may laugh ).

After having clicked the OK button in the userform and added the data to the database, I would like the userform to have a pop-up message box with specified text like:

"The number assigned to this entry is:" and then I would like to add a variable with excel using the cell in column D of the same row of the new entry. So the end result would be :
The number assigned to this entry is: 01 I've being trying several things but nothing worked (not even close to be honest).



I have a portion of a macro. Here it is:

Dim value As Variant
Set rng1 = Range("C3:E6")
varRanges = VBA.Array("B100", "C100", "D100", "E100", "F100", "G100", "H100", "I100", "J100", "K100", "L100", "f100")

For i = 1 To rng1.Cells.Count

Sheets("Primary Data").Range(varRanges(i - 1)).value = rng1.Cells(i).value

Next i

I need to create an error handler direction before the Windows(Q).Activate if the Range and the Array do not have the same number of cells. I have tried massaging the macro several ways but can't seem to find the proper line. Can any of you help?


Can anyone help me? I need to create the character that means "with". It is
displayed as a c with a line over it. I have looked in symbols and windings
and can not find the character.

Hi Everyone,

I need to know if it is possible to populate a web form with data from an excel spreadsheet?

We need to update a 3th party website with a 20 digit invoice number with it corresponding date and time. Typing in the invoice number is prone to error while copy/paste is a bit tedious due to the way the website works. What I really need to solve is the inputing of 20 digit invoice number.

I need help creating a formula for a worksheet I need for work. Listed below are the colums I will be working with.

a. Insurance
b. Initial Evaluation Date
c. Re-registration Date
d. Prescription Expiration Date

This is what I need. If column "a" says either "Medicare" or "Medicaid", then add 30 business days to the date that's in column "b" and reflect that new date in column "c" , but if column "a" dosent say "Medicare" or Medicaid" then add 90 business days to the date in column "b" and reflect that date in column "c". I don't want Saturday or Sunday to be counted (if that's possible) If not I'll work with the formula. Thank you soooo much.

Dear Excel Helpers,

I need help creating an Excel sheet to calculate time and date for different countries.

In Column E4, I want a formula that will put the time one hour less, as, 4/16/04/ 11/00 AM
In Column G4, I want a formula that will put the time and hour more, as, 4/16/04/ 1.00 PM

In column E6, the formula should be E4 – C8 which is 4/16/04/ 3.00 AM
In column E7, the formula should be E4-C9 which is $/16/04/ 5.00 AM and so on.

Thank you,



I need to create an 11 man duty roster to cover 7 days from 8am till
midnight Working on an average of 35(min) to 40hrs (max) per week.

Preferably a two shift pattern i.e from 8am to 4pm and 4pm to

I also like to apply the same criteria for a 12 man roster

Can anyone assist please

Thanks Gunjani

Is it possible to create fields in a form with a fixed length? I tried using
Data -> Validation. This does not work well because the user does not know
the length has been exceeded until exiting the field. For example, I would
like to set a field to a length of 20 characters and prevent the user from
entering any data past the 20th character. I can create borders for the
fields but Excel allows the users to keep typing, and they keep typing.



I am trying to create an "if-then" formula for a spreadsheet I created. I am not sure where to start, or what information I need to provide.

Thank you very much!

Is it possible to create fields in a form with a fixed length? I tried using
Data -> Validation. This does not work well because the user does not know
the length has been exceeded until exiting the field. For example, I would
like to set a field to a length of 20 characters and prevent the user from
entering any data past the 20th character. I can create borders for the
fields but Excel allows the users to keep typing, and they keep typing.


I need help creating a data entry form for each seperate section of the attached Liquid&Dist account to enter immoveable property, moveable property, Claims in foavour of the estate, and Liabilities. Each entry must be auto indexed if possible?

Could anyone help?

Can someone tell me: what do I need to create an Excel format file?

I want to use Macromedia Flash to create the file.
Through another 3rd party tool: I can use Flash to create text files and possibly more advanced file formats.

Are there some basic constructs that if I make the file be... then I can simply make an Excel file?

Apologies if this is the wrong group to post in - I couldn't find anything more relevant on this forum.



I usually work most of the time in word. I now need to create an invioce
template in excel and then attach it to my word document before I save it in
a file as one document. how do i do this? So my work would go as follows:
create letter in WORD - then raise invioce in EXCEL then save to file as one

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.