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drawing toolbar icons

What is the name of the icon on the drawing toolbar that has arrows, one
pointing right, then one pointing left, then one pointed right ?

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I've recently got a new computer and this problem is driving me nuts.
When I click view!toolbars!drawing, nothing happens. No drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen where it used to be. There's a small "drawing toolbar" icon on the main toolbar, but whether this is depressed or not makes no difference either.

I understand this may be changed in the 2007 version, but I’m using Excel 2000

It’s probably a really simple solution, but neither the help screens nor a quick google gave any solution.

From the Drawing Toolbar I cannot click the Line Style, Dash Style or Arrow Style icons and use them. (I can click the icon but the line/dash/arrow options are grayed out).

Am I missing an addin or a setting?

To get to the Drawing toolbar is really inconvienent. Is there a way to put
an icon in the quick toolbar?
Thanks Irv

I want a way with code to turn off the "Select Objects" button on the drawing toolbar.

The reason for this is that I am trying to select a range of cells by finding the last one in the appropriate column, then using a range select to select everything between there and the start of the sheet:

Range(Selection, Cells(1)).Select 
ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="BOM_Print_Area", RefersToR1C1:=Selection 

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Then I want to assign a Name to this range. However, if the user has the "Select Objects" mode on, the range select will not work.

Any clues?


Hi all,

I am routinely emailed a spreadsheet which contains among other things a textbox (one created from the Drawing toolbar). The text box reference / number can change eg textbox1 or textbox24 etc. I cannot predict what it will be. I have written a VBA macro which copies the contents of the spreadsheet to a worksheet which is then used to process the data......

However... I have not been able to get the text box text to copy and paste to a destination text box. There is only ever one textbox on the sheet I am emailed. Is there a way that I can find out the textbox reference, then select its contents and paste to another textbox??

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

On my Forms toolbar Icons like Edit Box, Edit Code, Contol Properties, Combination List Edit, Run Dialog are all disabled.

Label, Group box, Check box, Option buttons, List box Icons are all enabled.

How do I get the disabled icons enabled?

I have been having such incredible and immediate success with this OzGrid Forum b/c of the geniuses that offer their brilliant ideas so generously that i have to ask another question related to a need i have had for a long time.

I would like to place in my Excel Toolbar a "WrapText" Icon that i could click on to cause the text in the active cell to wrap.
I would use such an icon probably 10x more often than the "Bold" Toolbar Icon that comes standard.

B/c i use the WrapText feature so often
It would be a huge time saver if i could have or create a ONE-CLICK button that would do this same as:
Format/Cells/Alignment/WrapText/OK - 5 Clicks; or
FormatCells Icon/ Alignment / WrapText/ OK - 4 Clicks; or
Style DropDown Icon / WrapText - 2 Clicks

Any of you all have this already addressed too?

ps. i am surprised that it hasn't become a standard Excel Toolbar button. Perhaps someone has an Add-in that has this feature.



Wanted to see if anyone had a fix for this short of re-installing Excel. My drawing toolbar is not available. Even if I go to Tools|Customize|Toolbars, the Drawing toolbar is not listed. I've created a user toolbar to replace the lost Drawing toolbar, but the geek in me wants the 100% fix!

Any insight would be appreciated.


Is there someway for me to tell what command or macro is assigned to custom toolbar icons? I understand how to set it; I just don't see where the assignment is shown after I'm done. Don't tell me I have to walk object code for this?

I'm trying to label some plots for my thesis using the arrows and text
boxes that are available on the "Drawing" toolbar.

However, whenever I try and turn this toolbar on, either by using the
'view - toolbars' menu or by selecting 'customize toolbars/settings', I
get the dreaded spinning beach-ball of death (Excel freezes). Eventually
I have force-quit.

I've tried uninstalling Mac Excel Expander which I've been using, and
even reinstalled MS office entirely using only what comes on the
install disks, but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is this a known bug? Any solutions?

I have one possible work-around. It looks like I am able to select
individual buttons from the 'customize' menu, and I could reconstruct a
'drawing' menu by tacking the individual buttons onto an existing
toolbar. This is a pain since there are alot of drawing items I need.

I'm using Excel 2004 For Mac

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.


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I need to find the Draw toolbar so I can add lines to a file. No Draw
toolbar up on top???

I have several macro's that I use with Excel 2003. In order to differentiate
them I have created several custom icons. How do I get Excel to recognize
these toolbar icons? Is it possible. If so, where should I place the .ico

Thank you

How can I make Office 2003 Desktop & Toolbar icons brighter & sharper?

In Office 97 the Desktop and Toolbar icons for WORD and EXCEL are brightly
colored and sharp.

In Office 2003 the Desktop and Toolbar icons' colors are soft and pastel and
the icon images have a matte finish (having little or no contrast).

Since there are now 37 of us that use Office 2003 that are over 55 and our
vision is not what it was when we were 18, it would be nice to have icons and
other visual artifacts in Office that are easy to discern. (Or did I miss
the point that this is really an eye test?)

So, are there options and/or settings that I can use to get Office 2003, and
ONLY Office 2003, Desktop and Toolbar icons more brightly colored and sharper?

I've been asked to provide some excel training at work and am preparing
some handouts. Is there anyway of importing a microsoft toolbar icon
into either a microsoft word document or into an excel spreadsheet?

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Excel 2003 always opens with the drawing toolbar displayed. I don't want the
drawing toolbar displayed. I can manually remove it but next time I open
Excel it is back. What can I do to have Excel open without the drawing

Is it possible to change the default line thickness for ALL lines and
rectangles to be drawn from the drawing toolbar (until you change the
defaults again).

Thank you.

I am also having a problem with "inactive" drawing toolbar. I have tried
everything here but none of these suggestions seem to resolve the problem.
The situation is - I have a chart that I usually add some text boxes to and
draw some lines accross to show some indicators. I copied the workbok from
last quarter to begin my modifications for this quarter. But the drawing,
text boxes, and drawing toolbar didn't come over with it. Any other ideas?

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

> Sharing a workbook allows multiple users to edit it simultaneously.
> If you don't need this:
> Tools|share workbook|Editing tab
> Uncheck that option
> nosell wrote:
> >
> > I haven't protected or grouped sheets, but I see "[Shared]" in the title bar.
> > I don't know why or how that got there. This file is not in the "Shared
> > Documents" file.
> >
> > Other funtions are greyed out and inactive as well - such as "Protect Sheet"
> > and "Table" on the "Data" menu. If I open a new worksheet, everything seems
> > to be fine.
> >
> > Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied. I'll keep looking for the solution
> > and will post if and when I find it.
> >
> > nosell
> >
> > "Dave Peterson" wrote:
> >
> > > Have you grouped sheets?
> > >
> > > Look for [group] in the title bar.
> > >
> > > (If the worksheet wasn't protected.)
> > >
> > > nosell wrote:
> > > >
> > > > The drawing toolbar is visible, but the functions are not usable on a
> > > > particular worksheet. How can the toolbar be reactivated?
> > > >
> > > > I am using Excel 2003 Professional
> > > > Edition
> > >
> > > --
> > >
> > > Dave Peterson
> > >
> --
> Dave Peterson

I simply want to add a Text Box to an Excel Chart.
Although I can open the Drawing Toolbar OK, some comands on it are
greyed-out and do not function?
How can I activate the Text Box command?

By the way, if I create a new spreadsheet, all the Drawing Toolbar commands
are active. So I conclude that the problem lies with the specific spreadsheet
that I am working on rather than the software or any general settings.

It seems so basic, but I would really appreciate help on how to fix it.

I want to put a shadow on a cell in a spreadsheet and cannot figure out how
to do it. I cannot find the "drawing" toolbar. What am I doing wrong?

There used to be a pencil on my drawing toolbar that would allow me to draw a
line in a cell that would split it into two separate cells. How do I get
that function back? We recently installed Office 2003 at work, was this
function removed from this new version?

The drawing toolbar is visible, but the functions are not usable on any
worksheet. How can the toolbar be reactivated? NOTE - I reviewed the other
question on this topic and 1)Workbook and Worksheet are NOT protected
2)Workbook is NOT shared and 3) worksheets are NOT grouped. Also, there are
no "disabled items". If I open a NEW workbook, it has an active drawing
toolbar, thr problem appears to be limited to this one workbook. Thanks in

I am using Excel 2003 Professional
Edition SP2

following is the code which creates toolbar buttons.
I m using office xp 2003. When i start excel program, it doesnt display correct toolbar icon for which i hv given face-id. But when i move my mouse over the button, then it changes to the correct one.

Sub CreateBar()
    Dim oBar As CommandBar
    Dim oKicker As CommandBarControl

RemoveBar               'Prevents duplicate entry

Set oBar = Application.CommandBars.Add(Name:="SKicker", Position:=1, Temporary:=True)
    oBar.Visible = True
    Set oKicker = oBar.Controls.Add(ID:=1, Before:=1)

    With oKicker
        .OnAction = "General.Show_SuperKicker"
        .FaceId = 9744
        .Caption = "SUPERKICKER"
    End With

Set oKicker = Nothing
Set oBar = Nothing

End Sub
I need to display correct toolbar-icon when excel program is started. Also some face-id doesnt work with office-2000-- why so?? It gives debug msg.

Whether the drawing toolbar is checked or not, it nevers appears at the
bottom (or anywhere else). As far as I know, all the other toolbars work
just fine. Any ideas?

The drawing toolbar is visible, but the functions are not usable on any
worksheet. How can the toolbar be reactivated? NOTE - I reviewed the other
question on this topic and 1)Workbook and Worksheet are NOT protected
2)Workbook is NOT shared and 3) worksheets are NOT grouped. Also, there are
no "disabled items". If I open a NEW workbook, it has an active drawing
toolbar, thr problem appears to be limited to this one workbook. Thanks in

I am using Excel 2003 Professional
Edition SP2

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