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create a data entry form template in Excel 2003?

In previous versions of Excel it was possible to create a data entry form
template by using the template wizard add in.
How do you do this in Excel 2003.

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Hi, I want to create a data entry form which will allow tele operators to
have a finite and user friendly set of fields to enter data that will
populate an excel sheet and then make calculations that return in the form.
More specifically I would like fields for custoemr info, what they want to
buy then based on quantities and product types return the total to teh
operator. Is there a way to do this in excel?


- Douglas


I have a large spreadsheet which many users add data too and want specific parts of data from for meetings.

I am wanting to:
** create a data entry form for them that will write to the master sheet
** also attempting to create nice front end filter buttons so they can filter the info they need for meetings
** create a report with a nice front end button too with a range maybe (either date or status

I have never done this before - is someone able to point me to a website that maybe has step by step instructions or a place where there are templates for this I can just customise?.

Thanks a million!!

Hi Guys,
I know this problem could be easily solved with the use of access. Unfortunatly I can only use excel.
I am creating a uniform stock database. I a trying to create a user friendly face sheet, so that the operator does not have to have any knowledge of excel to use it. My question is to do with a data entry form. Sheet 2 of my spreadsheet has a list of all uniform in stock. At the moment it has two coloumns, "uniform type" and "uniform size". Is it possible to create a form on sheet 1 (the user interface) where a user could imput the type and size of an article of uniform that had just come in, and have it automatically added ot sheet 2?

I hope that explanation is not too long winded. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am creating a data entry form using Visual Basic in Excel 2010, and I would like to include an option to choose from a selection of key words. The problem is that the list of keywords will be changed constantly. Is there a way to tie in options available in the entry form to a changing list in an Excel sheet? (adding the extra key words in the code direcly is not an option, as there is a danger that it will be messed up by the users)

Is there perhaps another way to enter data that allows the criteria to be changed easily?

(also I should mention this is the first time I'm using VB...)


OK this may be a really stupid question but here goes.

I have a spreadsheet for which I want to set up a data entry form (I will try to attach to this message)

I need help creating a data entry form for each seperate section of the attached Liquid&Dist account to enter immoveable property, moveable property, Claims in foavour of the estate, and Liabilities. Each entry must be auto indexed if possible?

Could anyone help?


I am pretty new on excel and having trouble figuring out how to create a data inputting form. I have asbolutely no experience relating to creating this type of thing. Pretty much I am trying to take this word document, and make it into a form where data may be inputted by an individual and then captured on a spreadsheet.

I need inputters to be able to write in each number (score), and for text questions to be able to write responses. Also if the number captured is not a possibility due to an error in a calculation by the inputter, I need it to reject the form and bring the error to the inputters notice.

So for example, when it says Savings as a title, I need 5 entry boxes that inputters can type into with the possibility of only inputting, for example in the first box, 0 or 4. I would also like it to sum the score at the end.

This may seem like a common problem, so please direct me towards the right page if this has been answered previously. I know it is a lot to ask at once but I would appreciate any help received!

Thanks very much in advance

Hello everybody,
Can anyone of you help me to create a Data Entry Form in excel?. I would like to insert data to an excel database using a form.

I need to design a data entry form in excel. The problem is that one part of
the form requires different column width than second part where I need to
design a table with different column widths.

Is this possible with Excel 2003


I have a small Excel 2003 spreadsheet that I use for data entry purposes
each day.
The first half is used for data entry and the second half does calculations.

I would like to create a data entry form - data form or worksheet form.

* I am looking for an excel webinar or tutorial (audio/video/text) that
can explain the forms production process ?
* Is there a way to highlight the rows & columns of my already-existing
spreadsheet & "automatically" generate at least the data form ?


Hi all,

I'm trying to work out the best approach to creating a stand alone excel spreadsheet that can act as a mini stand alone invoice database.

Nothing complicated, this is what it needs to do.

1 - When opening spreadsheet, user is presented with a nice custom "create invoice" data entry form. Fill in the blank boxes (name, price, date, etc..) and click a Save button.
2 - Save takes the user input fields and adds them to a new row in a different sheet. Each time you click save, a new row is added, and the "create invoice" form gets cleared ready for a new one.
3 - Open existing. Clicking a button next to an existing invoice will load the data in that row back into the first "create invoice" form. User can modify this information, and update the invoice.

I guess this is similar to what excel provides with the Data>Form tool, it just needs to look nice :D

Any guidance on where I should begin would be appreciated, or if anyone has seem something similar that I could hack to get working that would be even better!

Thanks heaps.

I would like to use an Excel data table to store employee information, then
automatically update an organisation chart.

This seems a logical solution with a large group where employees change
teams, managers change. However, I can not see a way to do this in Excel or
any solutions posted on the web.

I've seen websites diagramatically display org structures that are obviously
based on data, but do not want to use a dedicated program or write complex
code to create and link objects.

Any advice greatly appreciated

I need to create a data entry form similar to the default one Excel provides via Data>Form and pass Range values into the data entry TextBox.

I'm scaning 1-to-12 new employee# (barcode#) into 37 ranges (work_crews). The default Data>Form works, but is too cumbersome having to be reloaded each time of the 37 work_crew ranges change.

I've created a form with CommandButtons that selects the crew_range as active, and I'd like to pass these ranges to a TextBox for data entry of the employee#s...

Any help will be greatly I'm relatively new to VBA


Attached: My_DataForm.doc with CREW_1 & CREW_3 selected & Excel's default DataForm...with Crew_Ranges (1 & 3) chosen by a Select_Crew CommandButton.

Is there a way to view to code for the Data Entry form and edit it. I am trying to create a data entry form that will use drop downs and automatically put the current date in a column and a number(sequential) in another columns as well as the fields from the data entry form.

Any help would be appreciated

I want to create a data entry form that will put the new data at the end of a
list. The form would include first and last names, and few dates. Any ideas

How do I create a math formula that remains in excel? The formula allows
simple math calculations by clicking on an empty cell, the equal sign, the
populated cell, the math function you want to preform, number on the keyboard
and the answer will appear in the first cell clicked on. Trying to create
the formula in XP Office.


I want to create a group sales agreement template in Excel like I can with
Word. I know it involves databases and workbooks. I just can't remember how
to do this. Please help. I have many agreements to type up.

hi guys once again
so again i have question which might be very simple but for me its difficult so can any body tell me that how i create a new worksheet using VBA in Excel 2003
waiting for urgent response

I have been through many books and ms online and an unable to find any
material which teaches how to use the Forms Toolbar in Excel 2003. Is there
anyone who can tell me where I can find some material on the subject. Thank

We have a help desk ticket system server down these days.

So I'll create a temporary simple data entry form in Excel sheet for
the temporary use.

The form has text fields, dropdown box,check box.

How can I create this, I don;t want to write any code if possible.

Or where can I find instructions to do these?


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I have a number of people who will enter data: name, date, age, gender. In
order to avoid having Joe inadvertantly change that which Bob has entered, I
would like to create a data entry form that would feed the data sheet. This
way, Joe wouldn't have access to what Bob entered but Joe's entry would be
added to the sheet that contains the data entered by both Bob and Joe. Is it
possible to create a form to enter data that will feed another worksheet?

Hi -

This may be a simple request for some but I've never worked with macros before in Excel - but this is what I need - I need a data entry form with two entries - Gain and Loss - once you hit add or control button I simply need for the Gain # to be put in column A and the Loss # to be put in column B - That's it - can anyone help - Thanks


I am working on an excel spreadsheet that I got from some one else and I need some help. The document contains a couple of Data Entry Forms that contain drop down menus in them. I want to add a couple of more options to the drop down menus and I can't figure out how to do it. I can edit the cell that it inputs the data to but I can't figure out how to edit the drop down menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am in no way an excel master so just that you know that you may have to keep it simple.


how do i create a list box in a data entry form for a specific field? is it
even possible

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