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How to calculate overtime hours in Excel using formulas?

I need information on how to enter the proper syntax (formula) so that excel
can calculate overtime hours. In california over 8 hrs in one day is
overtime. The 8 would be considered regular hours and anything over is OT.

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hi, i need to calculate surface areas in excel chart ( excel 2002) under 4
different lines and i have no idea how to do it so if anyone can help me with

HOW TO: Create Functions to Calculate Light Years in Excel 2000

This article explains how to create custom functions to make these calculations. Back to the top. Example Calculations The following formulas give the conversion rate between miles and ...

I had been asked to make a work in excel and one of the tasks is to solve the equation: e^x + 3x^2 = 50. They gave me a hint to use function exp(x) but hell know how to use it in this..
pls help cause its quite important to me


I have a simple spreadsheet that looks like this:

Origin State Dest State Company

....and so on. Basically, the first 2 columns have all states/provinces and
column 3 has the company we use. I need to create one matrix with all
states/provinces in Row 1 and in Column 1, and all the cells in between are
populated with the company.

Question is How can I do this using MS Excel using Pivot Table. I can do this using Business Objects or Crosstab Query in MS Access but how do I do it in Excel using Pivot Table? This can be done by using INDIRECT and MATCH functions but this involves a couple of steps. Is there any shorter method?

I have attached an excel sheet that gives what I have, What I can do using Access or Business Objects and what I get using Pivot Table in Excel. The normal Pivot Table in Excel gives numbers instead of the company name even if I use Max or Min function (which works fine in MS Access query). So what am I missing here?

Thanks in anticipation,
Warm Regards,

Dear Friends,

Do you know how to write a marco in Excel to delete worksheet automatically, without prompting me to click OK?

I have tried one by using the command:

but it will ask me to click OK before delete it. It looks not professional.

Thanks a lot.

Dear all,

I have an Excel macro program which uses ADO connection. It connects to our
AS/400 database. When the program connects to the AS/400 system for the first
time after the program is opened, it prompts a AS/400 login dialogue box and
then the user keys in his/her user name and password. If I want to capture
the user name from the AS/400 login dialogue box, then how to do it? How to
write the code in Excel macro? Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!


I am generating a Sheet called Scripts based on a series of user inputs in other Sheet tabs in the same Workbook.

I need some ideas on how to execute this Scripts in excel automatically.

Right now it is working, if I select all contents of Scripts sheet and paste in the Query Analyzer (Manual process).

I was trying to save this sheet as text document, but somehow it is not working with the options (Unicode, DOS, space delimited).

Any ideas would be appreciated.


How to get column properties in excel. This property window contains 4 tabs
namely 1. Value Format, 2. Column Format, 3. Data format and 4. Conditional
format. The main thing I am looking at is "Custom CSS Options (HTML Only)
check box.

How to stop opening outlook in excel when clicking into a cell that contains
an email address.

how to copy a cell in excell and paste in a txt file with macro

Hi everyone,

Could you please tell me how to create a sheet in Excel when the sheetname include space?
like the sample below:

Create Table [as test one] (column1 int, column2 ...)

I just want to create a sheet in a excel table, and there should be spaces in the sheet name, like "as test one". I try to send the sql above and get a new sheet with the name like "as_test_one". But I hope I can get the sheet name like "as test one", not "as_test_one". Who can tell me how to write this sql query? Thanks a lot.



I found that Excel does not allow C-lang style escape sequence. E.g. "
like escape is not allowed. I tried with other tinkering as well but
did not work. Could not found direct pointer from Excel help.

Can somebody help, how to put escape sequences in Excel functions?

Thanks for your time.

- KA

How to make a game in Excel??? I know there is a way to make a game with
function or something like that but I forgot how or where to do it. Does
anyone know how to do a game??? Game looks like flight simulator.

1. How to set GUID function in Excel as I have to import into MYSQL table some predefined values like UUID.

2. How to set Date&Time like access
Format(Now(), "yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss")

Is this possible to be achieved by clicking one button and within ONE row can be two fields with value like NOW() and UUID in terms of MYSQL?

Need help.


i want to create pie chart in Excel 2003 usign c#.
Actually i have tow columns(A,B) in my excel. one is question and another is response("yes/No").

so i have a count of number of yes and number of no. so i need to drwa a pie chart which show show no of ues and no of of yes should be in blue color and no of no should be red color. so please show me some sample code to draw pie chart in Excel using c#.


Can anyone tell me how to join two arrays in Excel (using formulas)? I want {1,2,3} and {4,5,6} to become {1,2,3,4,5,6}. I have tried using ":" and "&" and everything else I could think of.

I do not want to do either of the following:

- Create the array {"14", "25", "36"} or anything like that
- Do it by naming ranges, etc. (the ranges I wanna join are "dynamic")
- Use VBA to do it

Here is my latest attempt, which did not work, but may give you an idea what I am looking for:

=SMALL(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(2,MATCH($B$1,'Data'!$1:$1,0)) & ":" & ADDRESS(1000,MATCH($B$1,'Data'!$1:$1,0))) :INDIRECT(ADDRESS(2,MATCH($C$1,'Data'!$1:$1,0)) & ":" & ADDRESS(1000,MATCH($C$1,'Data'!$1:$1,0))),3)

Does anyone know how to make an Excel spreadsheet calculate overtime
automatically? I have it set up to calculate how many hours each person
worked subtracting out time for lunch. How do I get it to read that if the
hours in the regular hours column is over 8 a day, to put the difference in
the overtime field?

Thank you.

I'm a pilot trying to use excel 2002 to calculate my logbook, and need to
know how much of the time was in the last 90 days, I'm looking for a formula
that will help me sort, and add the data from just the last 90 days.

Hello all Excel gurus. I've been trying to figure out how to do some equations in Excel for a few days but no success so far.

So I am a poker player and I am trying to do some calculations about EV(expected value). I am really just trying to calculate if a certain move has positive or negative EV.
I have one example for you.

So the formula is like this:
FOLD EQUITY Formula: EV = [EV(fold)] * x +[EV(call)] * (1-x)

EV(fold)= 370
EV(total) = 370x-12.85(1-x)
EV(total) = 370x-12.85+12.85x
EV(total) = 382.85x-12.85
12.85 = 382.5x

I can find out EV(call) and EV(fold) values thru other calculations and software. All i would like to do is to plugg in the numbers into a excel formula and get the result.

notes: Ev(total)= 0 just so it does not bring any confusion.

I would be Extremly glad if somebody could help me out with this.

I uploaded my excel file on rapidshare.


If you want to add a week to a date, just use =A1+7.
If you want to determine the number of weeks between two dates, just use

~Anne Troy

"Linda" <> wrote in message
> I need to figure out how to calculate future dates in excel in # of weeks.
> Is there an easy way to do this?


first day i import ms sql server data using excel vba(ADO)

i change a data in excel.

second i want to import new records.


first 150 records i import in excel 2007.

second day new records add in sql server 25 records. Total 175 records.

How to imports new records in excel vba.

Dear Excel experts, Please help me. I am working on ship.
I have a table as per attached. I have to calculate manually many times in a day. Manual calculation is very tidious , annoying and take too much time to complete. I need automatic calculation.

Example : when I enter any Draft value which is not mentioned in table, such as 4.432 ,must be come out exact interpolated value for DISPMT,LCB,LCF,TKM,MTC,TPC etc. In the table draft difference between the two is 0.1 meter. But actual draft of the ship is not exactlly as table, actual draft value is always between the two drafts.

Kindly help me which function to be used and how to calculate to obtain interpolated exact value for any draft value which is not mentioned in the table.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and help.

I have several columns in a spreadsheet, each has a lis of values.
Column B's values depend on the values of Column A -- once a user
selects a value in the list of column A, column B will populate a list
crresponding to the selected value in Column A. There are about 1000
rows in the sheet and for each row, a user has to first select from
Column A list and then Column B list. I have implemented this
funtionality using the method describing here:

Now my boss wants me to do it using macro/VBA. Because the lists in
each cell that I created in the above way are not the control
"listbox", they just appear to be lists. So I don't know how to refer
to a list in a cell and how to program the event when a user selects an
item from the list.

The article mentioned above says this can be done using VBA, but it
doesn't say how. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

I have total of 3909 rows of data, column range is from A - EZ, formula is about 20 columns for each 3909 rows. I have filtered the data that I required and delete 2500 filter rows from the list. Excel took so long to delete it. Does anybody has any idea how to delete it in a faster way. I've tried using office clipboard to saved the data that i want but the formula of the cell no longer exist. I've also tried to write a macro to delete row by row. In the begining, deleting the row was fast but when it reaches 500 rows and above, it started to become slow (extremely slow).

Anybody has any solution for this, please email to me asap. Thankx...

Note: I wish to delete the filtered rows by using macro.

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