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Changing cell color once text is entered

Is there a way I can use conditional formatting or something to change the color of the cell once I enter a value or text into that cell? For example if I currently have the A2 cell color as a gray color, and I enter information into A2 can I have it set to automatically change to no fill or any other color without having to click out of the cell, back into it, and then clicking the button?? Does that make sense??? Can someone help me?

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I'm sure this has been covered before, but I can't find it anywhere at all. I want to have a cell change colour automatically when any text is entered into it. I also want other cells to change to a different colour when this happens. I'm sure it's quite simple, but just can't find the right formula. Please can someone help me!

I am trying to figure out how to get other cells to change a color once anything is entered into them. I have tryed conditional formating but that only allows for specific text not variable.

(1) Is there a way to change the color of a specfic cell when a number or date is entered? (text also, but not priority)


(2) Is there way to change other designated cells color when entry is made into the one specific cell in the same row?

Initially I am trying to color out (maybe gray) events as they are accomplished when entered as a number (weight) or date into the proper cells and upon last date entry this would color out the whole row of anything not perviously colored out.


I am trying to make an invoice sheet that once data is entered it cannot be changed without a password
For example cells B13, C13, and H13 in my attachment

I am very new to excel and am surprised that I was able to make this so any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

Change cell color based upon date entries in varioius cells

IFC test book for 09292011.xlsxI need help. I have been working on this for two days, but cannot get the right solution. I have a spreadsheet that I need to have several cells and rows turn colors.

First, I need a cell that has a date entered to change colors when the next cell is entered and is 6 days or greater than the entry date.

Second, once this color changes take place, the entry date should remain as is.

Third, I need the 6 days or greater cell change colors when a scheduled service date is entered.

Fourth, I need to have the scheduled service date change color when a performed date is entered.

Finally, when a discontinued date is entered, I need the whole row to change color showing this service has been completed.

I have tried using conditional formatting and cannot seem to get it to work. Please I need help so that I can go on to the next part of the process that I am doing with this spreadsheet.

I have attached a copy of a file similar to what I have created.

Thanks to everyone who will helps me solve my problem.

Charlie,I have the same problem,and the same problem with new worksheets.
Have you found a solution?

"Charlie" wrote:

> Just loaded Office 2003 and now cannot change cell color or text color in
> Excel sheet created in Office 2000. Cells are not protected or locked and
> file is not read only. Other alterations such as font changes are possible.
> Any ideas? Thanks!

Good for me too !

"Gord Dibben" wrote:

> Charlie
> Can you see the colors in Print Preview?
> If this is a problem with all files with coloured cells, the Windows OS high
> contrast setting may be turned on. There is information in the
> following MSKB article:
> OFF: Changes to Fill Color and Fill Pattern Are Not Displayed
> Gord Dibben Excel MVP
> On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:29:07 -0700, "Charlie"
> > wrote:
> >Just loaded Office 2003 and now cannot change cell color or text color in
> >Excel sheet created in Office 2000. Cells are not protected or locked and
> >file is not read only. Other alterations such as font changes are possible.
> >Any ideas? Thanks!

Charlie,I have the same problem,and the same problem with new worksheets.
Have you found a solution?

"Charlie" wrote:

> Just loaded Office 2003 and now cannot change cell color or text color in
> Excel sheet created in Office 2000. Cells are not protected or locked and
> file is not read only. Other alterations such as font changes are possible.
> Any ideas? Thanks!

I was wondering how do you change the color of the number in a cell when that
number is the lowest number in a group of cells? Thanks in advance.


How can I make a cell color change when the value goes below or above a certain dollar amount?

I want the cell color to change red when the dollar amount is below $5000, and I want the cell color to change green when the dollar value is $12000 or above.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hello guys,

As the title states, I'm currently trying to change cell colors on a Main sheet based on whether or not a value is present on another sheet. There are 6 other sheets total, and only one value can be found on any one cell of any sheet at a time.

So for example, if B7 on sheet 3 = 5.5, then B7 on every other sheet will be completely blank.

Each sheet has its own color. I want the main sheet's cell color to correspond whichever sheet's cell whose value is > 0. So in the example above, if sheet 3 was green, I'd want the main sheet's B7 cell to be green.

I consider myself an experienced visual basic programmer but I just don't know the syntax very well (or at all, really) for excel in VB. Also, it may even be doable with just the excel functions, but once again I'm not very versed in excel syntax. Also, I'm having a hard time referencing cells on other sheets to begin with.

If anyone can help me with this issue, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance for any support!

- Vinx


I have made a spreadsheet which calculates the amount of overtime and normal time is carried out by our staff. This is not done using time ie 08:00-16:00, but on entering the total number of hours worked each day.

The issue i have is that on some days if a member of staff is off work i want to be able to type in either HOL or SICK into the relevant cell. When i do that however the formula at the bottom of the sheet shows #VALUE!.

Is there any way that i can stop it from doing this? Ideally what i would like is text is entered into a cell, the formula ignores that cell and treats it as a 0 number and carries on working.

Hope this makes sense! This is Excel 2003 by the way.

Many thanks.

Hey, i'm stumped!

I've got two worksheets in a workbook, and i need excel to automatically create a link so when i doubleclick on a cell on one sheet, it will take me to the second sheet and to the correct row.

sheet one has a list of customers down the left, and dates across the top.
it is used to record what product each customer orders on a particular day, by cross referencing the customer name with the date and entering the appropriate product code in that cell.

sheet two has a list of product codes down the left, and product information across the top (type, desc, etc.).

I need excel to automatically set up a link, so that no matter what code is entered on the customer sheet, when i click / double click, it will take me to the corresponding row on the product sheet.

I've been messing around with lookup tables and stuff, but i cant find a way of doing it. Anybody???



Sorry Wrong Forum. Didn't realize this was excel within an email program. Request this thread be deleted.

I did a search for this topic and I came up with this post but not sure how I would utilize it.

What I have is three columns with the first two containing text. The third colum will contain a date. I would like the current date to automatically be entered into the cell when text is entered into the first cell of a row. Like if I enter text is Cell A1, I would like the current date to be entered into Cell C1. I found the topic above, but I am not sure where I would put that code or how that would work. I am pretty new to excel. I usually just do sums and things like that but I am trying to branch out and teach myself some new formulas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Does anyone know if it's possible to have excel automatically change the
color of a cell based on a date?
I have to keep track of a large amount of ID and permit expiration
dates, and right now I have to go thru them every month and change the colors
myself. Red is for expirations within 3 months, yellow for 4-8 months, and
green for 9 months or longer. This makes it easier to identify which are
expiring sooner.
I was trying to see if excel could do this automatically based on the
date in the field and the date on the system.
Thanks, Greg

Is there a way to automatically change cell colors based on cell
values? For instances, if I am keeping track of running averages in
one row, can I have it set up to automatically make the cells that
exceed a critical value always be red?

Thanks in advance.
Jon Willits

I have reviewed many posts dealing with changing cell formatting based on different variables but nothing quite like what i require (a post from earlier today was the closest "Change cell color depending on change in dates"

I would like the color of a row to change each time the hour of the recorded time in a cell changes. For example, calls betwen 7-8 would be light tan, calls from 8-9 would be a slightly darker tan, calls form 9-10 would be light tan again, then back to tan for 10-11. I hope I'm describing this adequately but in case not I have atatched a simple file to illustrate. Based on previous posts it would seem conditional formatting is the answer but I can't figure out a formula that detects the change in hour as opposed to writing separate formulas for each hour. As always, many thanks!


I need help setting up a worksheet that forces a link to another worksheet when text is entered.

For instance, I will have several columns in the first worksheet (Sheet 1). For each entry, a tally ("X") will be added under the applicable columns. Most of the column headings are pretty straightforward. To keep things uncluttered, I want one of the columns to have an auto-link (?) feature so that when the user adds an X in this one column (we'll call it Column D), the user will then be auto-linked to another worksheet (Sheet 2) in the workbook. Sheet 2 will have room for more information regarding Column D, Sheet 1.

Is this possible? Please help!

If I organize a large work book with multiple sheets for summing a cell value
it is tedious to go through each sheet. Is there any way to lookup and ensure
if a cell with perticular text is in the location or not?


I would like to change cells color for some specific data for example i have
30000 articles an i would like to highlight those articles that have minus
sign in front of number

Watch this: Change the color of text you type in an Outlook 2007 message

Watch this video to see how to highlight and change the color of selected text in the e-mail messages you send from Outlook 2007.

I'm new to excel vba. I'm tried out the vba code for changing cells
color but it don't work if my cells contains a if formula (eg. all
cells in cloumn A contain =if(and(b1="Rej",c1="Rej"),"Rej",....). Any
idea what should be the code?

I am using a worksheet that someone else set up. When I enter information in
a cell the format changes. I clicked "Undo" and then checked the number and
alignment format and both are set to general and there is an upper border to
the cell. When I enter text the border disappears and the text is centered.
I cannot determined what is causing this to happen. The cell is not
conditionally formatted. Also the person who set up the worksheet is no
longer with the company.

Thank you.

Hi All,

Kindly find attached zip file . if you open the file then you can understand the problem.

I need to change cells color and text color as per user choice in Password protected sheet : (user is useing excl2000)

Kindly open attahced file i putted the note inside the file.

Thanks in Advance.....

-Jigar Parekh

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