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windows 7 / excel issue (cannot have 2 spreadsheets open on either side)

I tried to be concise with the title, sorry.


I did a brief search but couldn't seem to find a relevant topic.

Why is it that in windows 7 - excel spreadsheets cannot share the screen with another?

for instance, if you have two spreadsheets open, and hit windows key/left for one, when you go to hit windows key right for another, it simply replaces it and moves the whole program to the right.

is there a way to achieve a view to compare 2 spreadsheets side by side?

thank you.

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MS Access 2007 on Windows 7 Machine - Data cannot be retrieved from the source you have selected.

I have MS Access 2007 loaded on a Windows 7 machine. When I try to place a Combo Box on a form and associate it with a Linked Table from another database, I get the message, "Data cannot be retrieved from the source you have selected. You must select a different table or query to continue in the wizard." I have looked this up on the web and have found that I need to install the latest MDAC (which seems to be 2.8 sp2). However, since I am running Windows 7, it is apparently already contained within the OS (and it won't install it).
Also, when I try to delete a linked table, I get the error message, " " is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long."
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Hello everyone.

I am currently working on a project that is two-fold in purpose:
Maintain an application tool that uses (or operates) on the following platform: Excel 1993, Access 2003 and LotusNotes (a mid 90's version). The application tool was written with VBA 5.
Redevelop that application tool so that it operates on the following platform: Windows 7, Excel 2010, Access 2010, and Microsoft Outlook 2010. Presumeably I will be coding in VBA 6 or VBA 7.
Now the application relies extensively on writing and reading data from Excel to Access. It also allows user to manipulate the application tool by using a calander ( Calander Control Object 8.0)

I am aware that the calander control object will not work as that object has been removed from the reference library for Office 2010 products. (Am I correct on this ?) So I know this will be an issue.

Furthermore I am aware that there will be connection issues with Excel 2010 and older versions of Access.

I currently have not attempted to simply "open-up" the application tool and see if it runs in the new enviroment. I no that it will not !

I am just looking for some general advice (project management) to go about getting this done properly and promptly. I am working with approximately 6,000 lines of code.

Thanks in advance.


i recently got a second monitor and i would love to have 2 spreadsheets opened side by side. however, when i open a new workbook, it appears in the same window of excel that is open. i get 2 entries on my taskbar, but they are stuck with in the same instance of excel. how can i get 2 separate instances to open so i can view both at once.

i have excel 2003, and i reason i dont strethc the window acoss both screens is because i have 2 different sized displays.

I have Excell in Office 2000 and each new file has Sheet
1/ sheet 2 / sheet 3 at the bottom. Great! When I use my
Windows XP, Excell does not have sheet 1 / sheet
the bottom. How do I get it?

Driving me crazy trying to figure that one!!!

I am using MS Excel 2003. I have 2 spreadsheet, spreadsheet 1 is updated daily
Spreadsheet 2 needs to READ/extract data from THE ADDITIONAL DATA from
spreadsheet 1. How do I link spreadsheet 2 to spreadsheet 1
so that it will always get the data from spreadsheet 1 automatically? the
data added are usually not in order of the row, hence i would want
spreadsheet 2 created in order of the data added in spreadsheet 1


I'm using MS Excel 2003. I have 2 spreadsheet, spreadsheet 1 is updated daily
with new rows added daily. Spreadsheet 2 needs to extract data from the last
row of data from spreadsheet 1. How do I link spreadsheet 2 to spreadsheet 1
so that it will always get the data from the last row of spreadsheet 1


(excel file attached)

I have come across one small error with my userform when running on Windows 7. The form works great on WinXP, but the PC that will own it runs Windows 7. I needed the form to stay open as the top window to everything else that is open, but the code I found for that seemed way over my head so I found the more simple "xlMinimized" function which allowed the userform to show in the toolbar but still keep the workbook hidden. I have users entering info on this form and will need it to stay open for possibly 1-2 hours before clicking the STOP TIME button before they save to Excel. When you open this file, the userform opens fine.... but when you click another program window and click the toolbar to show the userform again, the spreadsheet magically appears behind the userform (which I do not want). This does not happen on WinXP. Do you know what might be missing here ? Thank you in advance...


Good morning,

My name is Ethan and I'm trying to setup an updating spreadsheet for a drop-ship site. Basically we have 2 spreadsheets that need to be imported into our shopping cart using the Import/Export feature. (The cart is Network Solutions E-Commerce v. 7)

The original spreadsheet contains all the product information (name, image links, description, etc.). I have no problem uploading that spreadsheet and it automatically adds and creates the products and categories inside of our store without any problems.

The problem is with the 2nd spreadsheet that contains pricing and quanitity information specific to us. My goal is to upload the first sheet one time and upload this second sheet every couple of hours to keep my quantities and pricing current.

Network Solutions automatically assigns each new product a ProductID and the only way for the 2nd spreadsheet to update the 1st is if it uses the same ProductID. I cannot manually set a ProductID as per I'm required to let Network Solutions automatically assign a ProductID.

I need some way for my 2nd spreadsheet to update the StoreCost & QuantityInStock on the 1st sheet. There are about 25000 skus in the first sheet and the updated 2nd sheet will varry but it usually only contains about 17000 but fluctuates depending upon which items have changed stock.

To be honest I don't really know how this can be done but I was thinking maybe a querry where the first sheet looked at the second and if it finds the MFGR part number anywhere in a row then to update that row with the quantity for that item. There are no duplicates of Part Numbers or names.

I'm not sure if this is easy or difficult or if there is already another program out there or something of the sort. With that said I'm not sure how much to offer as monetary compensation. For starters I'll say $20 but if it costs more then just let me know a price.

I've attached 2 screenshots of the different CSV files labeled as "1st Spreadsheet" & "2nd Spreadsheet" respectively. If you need more screenshots or information just let me know.


I have 2 Spreadsheets, we'll call them Sheet1 and Sheet2

Sheet1 has multiple columns of data.
The first column has id #'s (we'll call it ID) and the seceond column has another set of id #'s (we'll call it RespID)

Sheet2 has 2 columns
Column 1 has id's (called UID) and column 2 has RespID's (like in sheet1)

I would like to merge the two spreadsheets so that the UID's of sheet2 is mached with proper ID's in sheet1.

The common column between both sheets is RespID

Is there a way to do this in excel or is there a macro that can do this?

Attached are the 2 files to be merged

Thank you

Excel Beginner


I would like to be able to have two spreadsheets open and on two screens at the same time so that I can compare/work with each of them.

I can open 2 or more but they always open on top of each other.

Does anyone know if this is possible in excell 2003?

Many thanks, jinj

I'm currently using Windows XP and Excel 2003 on an older pc. I have created extensive Excel 2003 VBA addins. I want to move to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS and Excel 2010 32 bit.

I've built a new pc and installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and MS Office Home and Business 2010, 32 bit. After investigating the differences between XP/Excel 2003 and Windows 7/Excel 2010, I've determined it will take longer than I hoped to convert my Excel 2003 customizations to Excel 2010. In the meantime, I'd like to use my Windows 7 pc for my day to day work.

Can I install/use Excel 2003 on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit pc which already has Excel 2010 32 bit installed? I will have both Excel 2003 and Excel 2010 installed, with the 2010 version installed first.

If yes, then I can use the Excel 2003 on my Windows 7 pc to continue with my current work. As I have free time, I'll work on converting my Excel 2003 customizations to Excel 2010. When I complete my Excel 2003 -> Excel 2010 conversion, then I'll switch my work over to Excel 2010 and not use Excel 2003.

This would allow me to take advantage of my much faster Windows 7 pc for my ongoing work while I'm converting my excel 2003 customizations to excel 2010 in the background.

thanks in advance.

Hi Folks,

I am new to Excel programming and for the stuff I need I usually am able to patch examples together from here to get things to work!

My problem is I have 2 spreadsheets:
XL_1 is the master spreadsheet and contains approx 55000 rows with about 20 columns. i.e. Col1, Col2, Col3 etc...

XL_2 contains 4 columns, each of these columns are in the master spreadsheet i.e. XL_2.Col1 is the same type as XL_1.Col3, XL_2.Col2 is the same type as XL_1.Col5 and so on...

I need to search XL_1 where each value in the XL_2 matches the values in XL_1. For example

XL_2.Col1 = XL_1.Col3 AND
XL_2.Col2 = XL_1.Col5 AND
XL_2.Col3 = XL_1.Col8 AND
XL_2.Col4 = XL_1.Col11
Copy the entire row to a new spreadsheet

I would be very grateful for any help in this as it's driving me up the wall!
I know this sounds confusing so if I can clear it up at all please let me know.

Thanks for your help...

Windows XP
MS Excel 2003

I have a spreadsheet with formulas and entry fields. I want users to only have access to enter data in a few fields and no access to all others. I have done this succesfully on several other spreadsheet files except 2. When I Protect the sheet it only allows me to tab left-to-right in the same row. The cursor will not move down to the next row and unlocked cell.

Any assistance, tips, hints would be appreciated.

Hi I have 2 spreadsheet workbooks in excel, and I want to see if there is any
data that is in both of the spreadsheets. Is there a way of linking the two
to be able to find the duplicate data or any other way for that matter?

Please help!

i have macro on excel 2007
i have installed office 2010 beta
and windows 7 64 bit .
i have encountred problem to run the macro
how can i solve this problem

please answer to
Posted: 01/02/2010

Hello All,
Using Windows and Excel XP.

I have a spreadsheet that contains numbers in A1:B2. What I want to do is
to check the numbers in A2:B2 to see if those numbers fall in the range of
numbers in A1:B1. If one OR both of the numbers fall in the range I would
like for the formula to return "ok", and if it doesn't I would like for it
to return "NO".
Example #1
1 40 37
2 37 12

in this example 37 (in A2) falls in between 40 (A1) and 37 (B1), but 12 (B2)
does not. Because the number 37 (A2) is in the range of 40 (A1) and 37
(B1) I would like the formula to return "ok".

Example #2
1 22 7
2 30 23

in this example 30 (A2) does not fall in the range of 22 (A1) and 7 (B1) and
the 23 (B2) does not fall in the range of 22 (A1) and 7 (B1). Because the
numbers in A2:B2 do not fall in the range of A1:B1 I would like for the
formula to return "NO".

So I am always comparing the data in row 2 to the data in row 1.

The formula would be something like: =if(A2=rangeA1:B1) OR

I need help writing a correct formula.
Thanks in advance,

I have just recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. Since the upgrade I am getting error on the VBA Code. Is there something I need to run to stop this from happening

Where did my Most Recently Used (MRU) list go from my Windows 7 Start Menu?

I used to forget where I put my Temp Excel Files and could easily click on the Windows 7 Start button (on the bottom left of my screen) and the see a list of start programs. Just to the right of the program names is an arrow. When I clicked on this Arrow it would show the MRU list of files of that program's type that I had used.

My Excel MRU list is no longer showing. I do get a MRU list for other programs listed in my Start Menu. Like Word or

After reading the net it looks like there are Registry Apps to erase or hide all MRU list data so you don't break secrecy rules (don't get caught looking at those sites ).

Is there way to get back my Excel Windows Start Button MRU list? Is there a favorite application that does this?


I have a query about excel, at work I have to manualy compare 2 spreadsheets by printing them and highlighting diffrences, I recon the computer could do this for me, but I dont know how.

Basicly I have 2 spreadsheets containing products for kit lists, the header fields contain house types, so Im looking for something to compare house type1 from spreadsheet a + b and highlight the diffrences in any value. How would I do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

How to migrate Office 2007 user customization settings on Windows XP system to Windows 7 64bit system

I have a user that is on WIndows XP and his system is being upgraded to Windows 7 64bit.
He has Office 2007 on his Windows XP system. How do I transfer his Office 2007 customization settings from his old system to his new system.  Looking at User Migration tool from Microsoft. Is there any easy instructions to show  how to transfer the Office 2007 users customizaiton settings from the Windows XP to a Windows 7 64bit system with Office 2007.
Does the USMT needto be connected to a network or domain.

Perhaps this is beyond Excel, suppose I have a data set on a spreadsheet which I then use to create a line chart for example.

Can I then create some sort of macro where by I can drag points on the line, and it will automatically update the data on the spreadsheet? For example, if I have moved certain sections of the line for example, those points will feed back to the spreadsheet.

So after intiially using data to create a line on a chart, then drag/move/adjust the line, and see what the new data looks like?

I guess this is an "interactive" feature which I have seen sometimes with yield curves or stock charts, but no idea how it is done. And if Excel doesnt do it, any idea of software it might be done?

Appreciate any advice.


In excel 2003 I have a spreadsheet with a cell (A1) that links to a cell in
another workbook (B3). if the source & destination files are both opened and
I insert a row in the source file, the reference in the destination sheet
automatically changes to recognize the cell change. However, if I save the
destination file,then insert another row in the source file, the reference
in the destination worksheet doesn't change. Is this normal behavour, or is
there some setting in Excel I can change to alter this behaviour, (I know I
can use cell naming)


Steve Paul

How can I get .xlb file to open in Windows 7, Excel 2007?

Hello From Steved

I have 2 spreadsheets one is Called Auckland and the 2nd is Called Wellington.

My Objective please is to use the data from 2 spreadsheets to create a
single Pivot Table. Yes this is one workbook with 2 spreadsheets. is this


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