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Hyperlink Roaming Error and Opening Issue

Hi, so I don't consider myself a total idiot with computers but I have worked in an office and know there are tons of people that know even less than me, but I apologize if my language isn't computer savy enough, lol

anyways, so i work for a small business now, I am using excel to hyperlink pdfs of invoices etc. the problem I am having is that it seems over some time I excel will not open then, (side note a notice pops up "cannot open" then has "was this information helpful" hahah I think it's hilarious)

I have noticed that in the "file path" the ones that cannot open have "roaming" in them, this is very annoying as I cannot open any of the files, is this an error on excels part, or is it mine, b/c I may or may not have moved some of the folders around at a later date, not sure if that should have an issue on the hyperlink, it just seems that over time they stop working.

Finaly last issue is that I simply cannot open an excel file without excel being open previously, so I have to open a blank sheet and from there click the open folder to open and files I want, you can image how annoying this is when I have excel attachments to open,

any help would be appreciated, if this have been mentioned in a previous thread im sorry and could you please direct me to that thread


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I am trying to write a macro that opens a password protected workbook (password required to modify) and updates it with the latest set of data, then pulls the summary from that workbook into the current one. Both workbooks reside on the network and I am using excel 2007.

My code is:
Workbooks.Open Filename:= “my workbook file path”, WriteResPassword:=”my password”

I am getting a run time error ‘1004’: The password you specified is not correct. However the password is correct, the caps are not on and when I try to open the file manually with the same password it accepts it without any issues. I am stumped at what is causing this error and how I can bypass it. Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

Using excel 2002 in XP and when trying to create a hyperlink using the
worksheet function I get the following message:

"Cannot open the specified file"

I'm sure my syntax is correct and just to make sure, I
even created a workbook called "Budget" and copied the Microsoft help

=HYPERLINK("[Budget]June!E56", E56)

and still got that message.
I can hyperlink each cell by right clicking and creating one, but I have a
lot of hyperlinks to do and using the function would be much more efficient.

What could be the problem?


Please let me know if there is a better place to post this kind of a technical question.
I have a .xlsm Excel 2007 workbook (I did not try it with a .xlsx). When i open it by double clicking it from windows explorer, there is no issue. When the file is streamed from a website to the browser (with this header - response.addHeader("content-disposition", "attachment; filename=" + some-file-name)) and opened (instead of saved when the browser prompts you), i get a "Security Warning - Data connections have been disabled" warning and the [Options...] button. This issue started after adding a Pivot Table to the file (I also tried it with a very simple .xlsm to confirm the behavior and the cause).

Clicking the Options button brings up a "Security Alert - Data Connection" popup with 2 radio button options: (1) help protect me from unknown content (recommended), and (2) enable content.
selecting (1) and click ok
select pivot table and refresh, get this popup error: .... security concern. The operation connects to an external data source..
when i click OK, i get another popup error: "Cannot open PivotTable source file 'C:Documents and SettingsUSERID.......[......some-file-name [1].xlsm]Sheet1'", with an OK button, if i click ok, the pivot table does not update
(Note: if both the server where the document was streamed from, and the client (the machine where the excel spreadsheet is opened) are the same machine, I don't get the last popup "Cannot open pivot table ....".

I have tried looking for an answer but have had no luck. I have a macro that looks to see if another excel document is currently open and if not will build a URL address to pull the most recent file. When the macro would run, the user was prompted to open a file and if you said ok, it would download and open the excel document. Once it opened, the macro continunued on its way. Everything worked great until my computer was upgraded to Win7 and IE8. The macro still tries to open the excel document from the URL but the macro never stops to wait for it to open. I have tried a wait and ontime command but the entire thing just hangs. What am I missing here?

upgrade_report = ActiveWorkbook.Name 
Range("A1").FormulaR1C1 = "=YEAR(TODAY()-1)" 
Range("A2").FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(TODAY()-1,""MM-MMM"")" 
Range("A3").FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(TODAY()-1,""YYYMMDD"")" 
Part1 = "[URL]http://blablabla/[/URL]" 
Part2 = Range("A1").Value 
Part3 = "/" 
Part4 = Range("A2").Value 
Part5 = "/CS_Performance_Report_" 
Part6 = Range("A3").Value 
Part7 = ".xls" 
Part8 = Part1 & Part2 & Part3 & Part4 & Part5 & Part6 & Part7 
Range("B18").Value = Date - 1 
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:=Part8 
Selection.Hyperlinks(1).Follow NewWindow:=False, AddHistory:=False 
cs_performance = ActiveWorkbook.Name 

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Good day,

I am transforming numbers in a report into hyperlinks for monitoring and promoting reviews by responsible engineers. This code is used to perform this function on an undetermined col by choosing the col range, then running the script.

Currently the script ignores blanks. How can I also ask it to ignore cells with N/A?

     'To run the macro:
     'Select the cells to be impacted
     'This run will end with display of review numberlink
    Dim cCell As Range 
    Dim strHLinkBase As String 
    strHLinkBase = "[URL][/URL]" 
    For Each cCell In Selection.Cells 
        If cCell.Hyperlinks.Count = 0 Then 
            On Error Resume Next 
            ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add _ 
            Anchor:=cCell, _ 
            Address:=strHLinkBase & cCell.Value & "-" & "RVW0001", _ 
        End If 
    Next cCell 
End Sub 

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I receive the following error when spreadsheet opens:

Cannot find "C:Program Files......XLQuery.xla'!Register.DClick, which has been assigned to run each time [regnacti.xls]A is opend. Continuing could cause errors. Cancel opening [Regacti.xls]A? YES NO

this sheet is linked to other sheets and contains many formulas and links. However, XLQuery.xla is no longer being used and is not loaded.

I can reply No, to the above error message and open the spreadsheet and everything seems to work. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this message? I don't know where to look since the add-in is not shown in the add-in list.

thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

EDIT: I had some code that wasnt referenced to the right userform in the initialize event of the form i was trying to open

This used to work and now its giving me the out of range error, Can anyone help

 ' when file is opened the workbook_open event will check the name and open userform accordingly
If ComboBox1.Value = "" Or ComboBox1.Value = "Please Select" Then 
    Label16.Caption = "Please Select PO To Edit" 
    Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:03") 
    Label16.Caption = "" 
    Application.WindowState = xlMinimized 
    Workbooks.Open Filename:="c:Progra~1Purchase_Orders" + ComboBox1.Value + ".xls" [COLOR=#ff0000]*error shown on this
End If 
ComboBox1.Value = "Please Select" 

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its also doing it on this line


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the weird part is, the actual workbook that im trying to open, still gets opened even though it gives me an error on that line. but it doesnt do the rest of the code

here is the workbook open event

    If Len(Dir("C:progra~1Purchase_Orders", vbDirectory)) = 0 Then 
        MkDir "C:progra~1Purchase_Orders" 
    End If 
    If Len(Dir("C:progra~1Purchase_Ordersviewing", vbDirectory)) = 0 Then 
        MkDir "C:progra~1Purchase_Ordersviewing" 
    End If 
    If ThisWorkbook.Name = "Purchase Order Organizer" Then 
    ElseIf ThisWorkbook.Name = "Setup" Then 
    ElseIf ThisWorkbook.Name = "Updates" Then 
        Dim wSheet As Worksheet 
        On Error Resume Next 
        Set wSheet = Sheets("active") 
        If wSheet Is Nothing Then 'Doesn't exist
            Set wSheet = Nothing 
            On Error Goto 0 
        Else 'Does exist
            Application.DisplayAlerts = False 
            Application.DisplayAlerts = True 
            Set wSheet = Nothing 
            On Error Goto 0 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 

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in this case it would be doing the else case , which is checking to see if a sheet exists and deleting it if so, then opening up the "Edit" userform


I have a list of workbooks on a sheet that i am trying to open with vba one by one. If a workbook in my list does not exist or was deleted then excel displays a runtime error. Is there a way to bypass this error and have the code skip the non existant workbook and open the next one?

Thank you,

sorry Dave for breaking rules 4 and 8 with my earlier post. Hopefully i didnt break anymore with this one

I have 1 post up already with 1 macro I am using that is having an error and a computer shut down. Well for whatever reason this macro also is not working, any suggestions?

Hi, I have the following code in a spreadsheet (runs on workbook open):

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False 
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False 
    Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ 
    "[URL="file://**************Downtime2011Completed"]**************Downtime2011Completed[/URL] MonthsJanuary 2011
    Call January 
    [COLOR=red][B]Windows("January 2011 Downtime.xlsm").Activate[/B][/COLOR] 

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It's exactly the same for the other months, but in different locations, I can't get past this one. In "Call January", it switches between sheets to copy data from a column in the January 2011 Downtime sheet to a column in this one. It works fine until it gets to closing the Downtime sheet, it comes up with a 'Subscript out of range error' and highlights the text in red above.

I can't understand the problem because it has already been referred to (successfully) in Call January 7 times!! Does anybody know what is going wrong?

I added code to the Private Sub Workbook_Open() field to a document and now everytime i open the file I receive "EXCEL.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program".

I really need to access the file but disable the code in Private Sub Workbook_Open(). I dont remember what i added but is there a way to open an Excel document and not run any of the VB code?

The following code executes without error, and opens the word file. Problem is it doesn't actually go to the bookmarked location specified, but stays on the initial view at beginning of document. I don't do much with Word, and am a little clueless here. Can someone show me the error of my ways?

    Dim wrdApp As Object 
    Dim wrdDoc As Object 
    Dim myFile As String 
    myFile = "D:DataUser Guide.docx" 
    Set wrdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") 
    wrdApp.Visible = True 
    Set wrdDoc = wrdApp.Documents.Open(myFile) 
    wrdDoc.Goto What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="Census" 
    Set wrdApp = Nothing 
    Set wrdDoc = Nothing 
End Sub 

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I also tried (instead of the wrdDoc.Goto statement):

    .Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="Census" 
End With 

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Hi there

I have a strange problem. I have a pc and have a worksheet with a number of hyperlinks to other workbooks and folder locations - these work fine on my pc

I also have a mac and until recently the hyperlinks worked but now when I click on some of them I get the message 'an unexpected error has occurred'

I have googled the error and all it seems to mention is software updates and I have not updated my mac for ages.

Any ideas appreciated.

Dear all,

I am using a circular reference in my excel file - therefore I get an error on opening stating, that "Microsoft Excel cannot calculate a formula (...)".

I am using this code on opening:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

''Set the calculation settings

With Application
.Calculation = xlManual
.Iteration = True
.MaxIterations = 1000
.MaxChange = 0.0001
.ScreenUpdating = True
End With

Application.DisplayAlerts = True

End Sub

However, it does not work. I still get the error message box on opening, and the above macro starts when I click "ok" or "cancel". Is there any way of avoiding this?

I have a spreadsheet which monitors number of open and closed issues.

column A issue descripotion
column B issue due date
column C issue actual date closed

An open issue is all those without a closed date

I want to graph the number of open and closed issue for all dates
Closed is easy using countif
How do I work out the number of open issues?

rgds and thanks Paul

Hi All-
I'm using Excel 2003 on Windows XP Pro. I've got some excel code that
loops through a selection of files, opening them one at a time, running
some code, then closing them. I'm running into a snag when I try to
open a file with a password, the code stops with a run-time error 1004.

If the file is password-protected, I don't want to open it, just skip
over it & go on to the next one. The problem is, my error handler isn't
working. Here's what I have:

Sub AAATEst()
Dim wkbk As Workbook, strFile as String
On Error GoTo Error_Handler
'Begin loop
strFile = "Whatever"
Set wkbk = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=strFile, _
Password:="", WriteResPassword:="")
'do some code here
'do some code here
'go to next file
Exit Sub
If Err.Number = 1004 Then
MsgBox "File has a password"
GoTo ResumeHere
MsgBox "Run-time error # " & Err.Number & Chr(13) &
End If
End Sub

the problem is that the error handler is not tripping when I try to
open the password-protected file. It's just coming up telling me that
the password is not correct. Is there any way to trap the incorrect
password error and just skip over that file?

Sorry if that's confusing, I tried to make it as clear as possible.


I am getting a "disk is full" error when opening MS Excel on my laptop (not
connected to any servers/LAN). I am running Windows 2000 and my Excel
version is 2000 as well. Additionally I can not open MS Word or Adobe
Acrobat either as these applications are giving errors that it can not find
the file. Have others experienced this and if so, do you know of a solution
for fixing it?

We have workbooks that are passed around many users around the world
using four different languages, with more languages to come. We're
consistently getting the following error:

"Excel encountered an error and had to remove some formatting to avoid
corrupting the workbook. Please re-check your formatting carefully."

The error happens consistently under the following circumstances:

-- A user of English Excel 2007 opens a workbook that was saved by a
user of Japanese Excel 2007.
-- A user of German Excel 2007 opens a workbook that was saved by a
user of English Excel 2007.

Of course, in the latter case, the error message is in German.

In all cases, we just click OK, then save the workbook, and the error
does not return until either of the steps above are repeated.

What exactly is being removed? Users are asking me, and I have no
idea. We don't see any difference in the files after it happens; all
visible formatting appears to be unchanged. Any thoughts?



I moved my Excel files (Microsoft Office 97) from an ME box to an XP Home
machine via LAN connection, shared folder.

When I open an Excel sheet, I get an error, "Cannot open 2 documents with
the same name." I click OK and then the sheet opens.

I do not have duplicate excel files on the XP machine.

This will happen to not all Excel files, just a large hand full of them.

This will even happen after a fresh reboot, open My Documents and then click
on an Excel file.




I am trying to construct a variable hyperlink, which will change according
to user selection (Data Validation) in cells C6:C8.
The resulting hyperlink appears in cell C11, notes on intermediate formulae
are shown below.
The hyperlink appears blue and underlined, but when I click on it I receive
the message “Cannot Open Specified File”.

Two folder levels can vary (The folder structure is determined by policy)

Financial Year FY20YY
Month and Year MMYY

The file name varies by

Month and Year MMYY
Version Number v00#
Where # = 1 - 9

Can anyone point out where I am going wrong please?

5 Folder manches-user1CommonFINANCEForecastingFY
6 Year 2006 06
7 Month 11 11
8 Version 3 v003.xls]Gas FI
9 Cell A1 !A1
10 Text for
link manches-user1CommonFINANCEForecastingFY20061106OpsPl an[1106JudgementPaperLinksv003.xls]Gas FI!A1
11 Hyperlink manches-user1CommonFINANCEForecastingFY20061106OpsPl an[1106JudgementPaperLinksv003.xls]Gas FI!A1
D6 formula is =TEXT(C6-2000,"0#")
D7 Formula is =TEXT(C7,"0#")


I was having this exact same problem. I used RegMon
to monitor what
was happening when I loaded a CSV. I noticed that it was attempting to
load the Quattro Pro converter. I deleted the reg key for this (in my
case it was
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTInstallerComponents3ADE92CC2CB 71D119A12000A9CE1A22A)
and there were no more errors.

I even reimported it to make sure that it was this that was causing the
error and the error came back.

Needless to say (but included for the anal retentive people), I deleted
it again and I haven't had any problems.


Brian Schoner wrote:
> I have just finished upgrading to Office XP, and when I
> attempt to open a .csv file in Excel, I receive the
> following error message:
> "Microsoft Excel can't load the required converter.
> Microsoft Excel can't install the necessary files due to
> Windows Installer error 1605.
> This action is only valid for products that are currently
> installed."
> After I OK this error message, the file opens normally.
> Still, it'd be nice to avoid the message.
> The message is identical whether I double-click the .csv
> file to open it or I attempt to open it from within Excel.
> I have re-run the setup program, and cannot find anywhere
> to select individual conversion filters for Excel.
> Researching error 1605 has turned up nothing relevant.
> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
> Best,
> Brian Schoner

I have a workbook containing a lot of conditional formatting and option
boxes. It works fine on my PC using office 2000 but when opened on another PC
with office 2002 it gives the error message, "Excel encountered an error and
had to remove some formatting to avoid corrupting this workbook..." Both have
the same operating system (XP Professional). I changed out the worksheet
containing all the option boxes to no avail. Also, would this "formatting" it
is talking about be conditional or normal (protecting cells, etc.)? Thanks in

Send to (as an attachment) in Office 2007 applications does not work when Outlook 2007 is open

I am having an issue using the Send To email as an attachment in Word, Excel, and Project when Outlook is open. I am currently running the Office 2007 SP2 product suite. The message is "General Mail Failure. Quit Microsoft Office Excel and restart mail system."
The Send To function works as expected if Outlook is closed. The document will appear in an email as an attachment. I can also right click on a file and select send to if Outlook is closed. When Outlook is open the right click on file and send does not open an email with the doesn't do anything.
I have seen alot of people having the generic email error and their issue is resolved by checking the default programs and settings. In my case the settings are correct and its only an issue if Outlook is already opened.
Anyone else have this issue?

I am trying to develop a user form, named frmPAFD, in Excel 2000. I try to write a macro to open the form. It is simple, all I put is:


I have this in its own macro. However when I try to run it i get the error:
"Object required" The only way I could get it to open was in its initialize event. There I input:

It has also worked with:
Load frmPAFD

But when I try to close it using a button I programed i get the same error and it jumps to the same line of code in my Macro. The only way I can view the form is if I do the frmPAFD.Show in the event mentioned earlier. I have consulted help pages both in excel and on as well as other websites. They all say to view the form just type:

frmPAFD.Show 'In its own Macro.

Am I missing something like a reference or am I doing something wrong? Please let me know, and thanks for your help.


No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.