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How to move rows from one worksheet to another?

Hi everyone!

In Excel, I was wondering how I can move all rows with "http" in them from sheet1 to sheet2 with a formula or macro? So in the attached, I want to move any row (including the ID, name, comment) with a comment that has "http" to sheet 2.

The workbook attached is just an example, but I have to do this on a larger scale, which is why I would like to know.

Thank you,

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Is there a way to copy rows from one main "Master Worksheet" to other worksheets, if the value in a certain column matches certain criteria?

If you look at the attached file, you will see a Reg_Num column on the Master Sheet, which is a unique ID number for each row/facility. The Master Sheet also has 3 yes/no columns: CollectionSite, ConsolidationFac, and RecyclFac. Whenever CollectionSite = Yes, I want to copy that row to the Collection Site Worksheet. Whenever ConsolidationFac = Yes, I want to copy that row to the Consolidation Facility Worksheet (and so on for RecyclFac).

How can I do this? I am not at all familiar with VBA, but if that is the only way I will do that. Is there a way to do this solely with formulas?

(BTW... the reason I want this info copied from the Master Sheet to the other sheets is because each of the other 3 sheets will eventually contain additional, unique fields that I don't want in the Master Sheet).

I am trying to cut a row from one worksheet if a value in a cell is a negative number and paste the entire row to another worksheet in the same work book. I would like for the code to evaluate each cell in a range and if it is a negative number cut and paste that entire row into the worksheet called credits. I am very new to VBA....

Below is the code I am trying to use:

Sub PP_CreateCreditReport()

Dim rngstart As Range
Dim rngend As Range

Set rngend = Range(Cells(7, 5), Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp))

For Each rngstart In rngend

If rngstart.Value < 1 Then

 If rngstart.Value > 1 Then

End If
End If

Next rngstart

End Sub

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing very well.
I am stuck with a complex scenario, where I need to copy rows from one worksheet and copy in another worksheet in different format. I have attached example excel file.

Basically copying data from 1 row and putting them in multiple rows.

Table 1 is the raw data downloaded from database and table 2 is the format which I am trying for. Both the tables are on different worksheets.

I think a macro is required which will pick up 1 row at a time from the table 1 and then start putting in another worksheet as per table 2.
All cells in green are constant; values are not going to change. Kindly let me know if more information is required.

Any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation.

Hi Guys

I need help please. I am trying to copy rows from one worksheet (MASTER) to another worksheet (SALESPERSON ONE) if a condition met. I KNOW VERY LITTLE!

I2 J2 K2 L2 M2 N2
I3 J3 K3 L3 M3 N3
4/05/2006 BOS STOCK JAMES 987654 DC
I4 J4 K4 L4 M4 N4
21/05/2011 STK ON ORDER BLACK 786786 JD
I5 J5 K5 L5 M5 N5
13/03/2011 STK REPORTED BROWN 123456 BT
I6 J6 K6 L6 M6 N6
13/03/2011 STK REPORTED BROWN 121244 DC

I dont want to copy ALL the information as ALL the information is useless to the Salesperson involved but it is helpful to others

So if the Master has a Salesperson of "DC"

Only the below information is copied to "Salesperson One" (which is actually DC)

A2 B2 C2
A3 B3 C3
4/05/2006 STK JAMES
A4 B4 C4
13/03/2011 STK BROWN

Where DC hasnt sold any cars for the month the cell would be blank if possible

Is it possible to do this as a formula rather then macro?

I have looked around and think it might possibly be index and match with a if but i cannot get it to work.

I use Excel 2007

Thanks in advance

David Cooke

I am trying to copy balances from one worksheet to another over a total of 12
worsheets ..... this is for petty cash monthly sheets and I need a running
total over the 12 sheets.

At present I have to do this manually .... is there a formula that I can use
that will automatically carry the balances over

Thanks for your help

I am trying to copy balances from one worksheet to another over a total of 12
worsheets ..... this is for petty cash monthly sheets and I need a running
total over the 12 sheets.

At present I have to do this manually .... is there a formula that I can use
that will automatically carry the balances over

Thanks for your help


I am having a problem to copy rows from one excel sheet to another in the same XLS file, based on the condition.
The base idea is that if the first column valus is 1 then that row is copy to "Sheet1" and if the value is 2 then that row will copy to "Sheet2".

Can any one can help on this....


Hi, I need to move entrie rows from one worksheet to another when work is in progress. I search first & found this post. What is VBA & is it possible for me to do??

Thanks Nadine

Originally Posted by vanchi233 I need a formula that will allow complete row information to be moved to another sheet upon status change.....


name last name status etc etc

when changing from p to n under status the row should then be made visible on the other page

The reply was...

Originally Posted by ilyaskazi_01 This will require automation code through VBA and cannot be done with Excel formulas...

Hi All,

Is there anyway to compare all columns in a row from one worksheet to another worksheet?

For the unmatched row when comparing sheet 1 to 2, please mark as unmatched. Vice versa, for unmatched when comparing sheet 2 to 1, please also mark as unmatched.

Please see the attached workbook as an example.

Many thanks

What is the best way to copy embedded charts from one worksheet to another?

I see that a Worksheet contains a ChartObjects collection. I see that I can use the Duplicate method for each individual ChartObject, with a view to transferring the copy to the target Worksheet, but Duplicate returns an Object pointer, not a ChartObject pointer. How do I then manipulate the resultant ChartObject copy?

Where I think I am going to need to be careful in addition is that a number of properties (such as the data series, axis labels) point to a Range on the source Worksheet. I am assuming I will need to programmatically change them to point to the same regions on the target Worksheet. Or does the act of copying magically change them?

hi any one can help me with that, How to move data from One work book to another work book. Thank you very much for you time to read this thread.

Please find attached file for you reference.


I want to create a macro to move files from one server to another.
Basically, I'd want to move anything that has a .XXX at the end. I want to
move the files as listed in the active workbook and determine the number of
files to move based on the info stored in column A.
For i = 2 To Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).row

Next i

The directory location is stored in column B of my workbook.

Can someone assist?

Barb Reinhardt


I have to copy data from one worksheet (which regenerates data every week) to another worksheet, with the following conditions

1. Column A should have today's date
2. Source sheet has columns A-W. Target sheet should have this same data from B-X
3. New data from the next week should be copied below the existing data

I am very new to excel macros and would appreciate any help with the code.

Thanks in advance,



I am recording travel information in one worksheet using a drop down meny
for location. I want a macro that use the location as a determenator for
deciding which other worksheets the information should go to. And several
locations can go to the same worksheet. For example -

I fill in 28.10.2006 - Roger Rogerson - STA
and 30.10.2006 - Dana Danason - STB

Now I want to by the touch of a button send the information determined by
the location STA and STB to a worksheet named STX.

Is this possible?

Kind regards

Regards Anders

Hi -

I want to be able to pull a subset of rows from one worksheet into a second (both within the same file). For example, I'd like to be able to display all the column on worksheet2 from worksheet1 where status="active". I think this is a vlookup formula, but I'm not finding anything that seems to work. Would welcome any assistance!


Trying to count cells from one worksheet to another. 1st worksheet has list of servers. 2nd worksheet has list of parts of the server. Want to create formula that will count the parts of the server from the cell the server is listed in.


worksheet tab 1

Tab1:A1 servername1
Tab1:A2 servername2
Tab1:A3 servername3

Worksheet tab 2

Tab2:A1 servername1
Tab2:A2 servername1
Tab2:A3 servername2

So B1 in tab 1 should equal 2 (two entries of servername1 (Cell A1 in Tab 1) from Tab2)

Help! Thanks

I'm new to this forum and new to excel, could anyone help me figure out how to move rows into sheets based on cell data.
example; I have a row of information and I want to move that row to a specific sheet based on the status of column R or E whichever it may be?
Thank you very much!

I want to write a macro to move certain records from one folder (tab)
to another. Here are the details:
I have a list of records in a folder named Official List. It's a list
that grows and shrinks in size every day. It extends from column A
through S. When a date is entered in column Q, it means that this
record can be moved to the other folder (named Deleted List), and
placed at the bottom of that list. I have named the header of column Q
"Taken_Date". (I prefer using named ranges, rather than row numbers or
column letters in case I change the design of my spreadsheets)
The range name of the column heading at the top left of the Deleted
List is called "Moved_To"
I hope this is clear enough. As always, I appreciate the help provided
from this group.

ALSO, I've always liked using the If-Then function in my spreadsheets.
But, I'm finding it hard to understand how to use this in VBA. I have a
book by John Walkenback, Power Programing with VBA, but it just doesn't
seem to address this powerful function enough. I've always thought the
If-Then function as a versatile tool, but maybe I'm bypassing better
functions to incorporate into my macros. I've been writing code just
for a few months, so if anyone has a suggestion on good resource
material, I would appreciate it.

I'm trying to create a macro to cut a row from one worksheet and move it to an archive work sheet.
I've used macro record to cut and past but when I cut and past another row, it wipes out the first one I archived. Se attached.

I'm looking for some VBA help moving entire rows from one sheet to another.

In the "Summary" tab of the attached sample worksheet starting row 10, if column AH is a "yes" then the entire row needs to be copied and moved to "Work in Progress" tab starting row 10. Then the rows that were moved from "Summary" tab should be deleted.

Also, from the "Work in Progress" tab, if column AH is "Yes" the entire row need to move to "Complete" tab and those rows removed from "Work in Progress" tab.

Truly thankful for any help I can get on this

Hi am Stuggling to work out how to set up this excel sheet. basicly i have created a sheet with excel which i want to use to help me remeber and log what i have down whilst taken calls in a call centre. there are basicly there i have created a drop down list for certain viables once i have done or not done some thing i want to be able to make it as done then save on another work sheet what i have recorded and reset the changed value back the way it was and change from call 1 to 2 ect logging each call . so it needs to move data from the main sheet to the next sheet and paste it into one row. then next time i click next call do the same but post it into the next row ect ect. the idea is i will be able to see how many times ive promoted a product and by it copying row by row which call i offered a product on ect

Hi, I know nothing about formulas and scripts and especially not VBA. I have what I am hoping is a simple design. I saw some prior postings that were close but with my lack of knowledge with VBA I know I will screw it up.
I have attached a copy of the sheet that I wish to use as my activity log book. The "open" tab would contain my open projects. In column J I made a drop down box in the cell and the only choice would be Yes. When I flag that column to Yes, it would mean the project is completed. I am hoping I can get Excel to then move that row to the next available line in the correct worksheet. I only have 10 primary customers and I made a worksheet page for each. I named each tab the first letters of their name until unique. I am hoping that when column "J" sets to "YES" it will look at the name in column "B" and move it to the correct worksheet tab. If on the odd ocasion I work on an account other than those 10, if it does not match it would go to the TAB titled other. (This isn't as needed but would be nice).
Example, today I start a new project for customer Pxxxx. I update and add my notes and in a day or two when complete I make the box in column J = yes. Excel would then remove that row from worksheet OPEN and move it to the next available line in in worksheet P.
I am willing to modify this anyway needed to make the sheet work. The concept I am looking for is basic but not set in stone if a tweak or two make the macro work.
Again I have no idea about VBA and such so please keep that in mind when you reply to me.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and help

I know that i can update one cell very easily but how do i update a whole row or a sheet for that matter. I want to put in a formula that when i open the workbook it will pull all the info from another workbook and update automatically does anyone know how to do this?

How do I set up a formula to copy both value and format from one worksheet to
When I use the = sign, it copy the value only. How do I get the format be
copied also?

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