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Can't insert custom worksheet template

I have created a custom worksheet template and saved it in my templates
folder. When I try to insert the worksheet by right clicking on the tab,
selecting insert, and selecting my template, nothing happens. Nothing is

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I have a worksheet template (ddsd.xlt) that contains links to a worksheet (Admin) within the workbook I am insterting it into:

When I click Insert on a tab and choose the template, it asks me 'The workbook you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook...etc' if I choose Yes, it then says 'File not Found' (it's trying to find the linked cell workbook) the cells formula in the template is Code:
 this is a worksheet in the workbook I am inserting it into.
Even if I click Yes, Cancel or choose No at the message screen the sheet is added to the workbook but I get a Code:
 in the cell with the above code, even though that worksheet exists in the workbook I just inserted it into.
If I go to the Formula bar and click Edit Formula and click enter it fixes the Code:
 issue and points to the worksheet cell.

Any ideas on how I can avoid this happening, so that it inserts it and 'updates' the formula.
Also I am using a macro to insert the template (same issues):
Sub Insert_NewClient_Template()
    Dim sh As Worksheet
    Dim shName As String

    'name of the sheet template
    shName = "ddsd.xlt"

    'Insert sheet template
    With ThisWorkbook
        Set sh = Sheets.Add(Type:=Application.TemplatesPath & shName, _
    End With

    'Give the sheet a name
    On Error Resume Next
    sh.Name = InputBox("Enter sheet name " & s & " of " & SheetCount, _
                    " NEW SHEET NAME")
    If Err.Number > 0 Then
        MsgBox "Change the name of Sheet : " & sh.Name & " manually"
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0
End Sub
Is there a way to suppress the Message Box ('The workbook you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook...' )?


I have an application that uses customized VBA Worksheets. I originally
stored the templates for those in the default location for such, but due to
need to make it compatible with different versions of Office will put in the
application's folder.

But does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to be able to insert
such custom sheets into a workbook? I would prefer to be able to right click
and use the insert function, but those templates are in the default folder I
understand. Any ideas how to access mine via the right click function?
Thanks, God bless


I'm trying to figure out why I cant insert hyperlinks when the
worksheet is protected and shared. But I can insert hyperlinks when I
protect the sheet.???

Any help is much appreciated.


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i need the VBA code to insert a worksheet that is used as a template into
another workbook. the code may include 1 or more insertions of different
templates so i 'd like to get them on sequential wortksheets within the

Hello all,

I have a Macros that creates a copy of a Template worksheet, prompts
the user for a Workorder number, then inserts a sheet with the name as
the Workorder number (ie. 123456).

What I would like to be able to do is insert this sheet into its
correct position. ie. if a user has already inserted two worksheets
named 1234567 and 8901234, if they then try and insert a new worksheet
titled 4567890, I would like it to insert itself in between the other
two workorder numbers. This will make it easier to find.

Currently is is simply inserted after a sheet titled "Materials." I'd
like to still have the sheet inserted after the Materials sheet, but
be inserted in its proper numerical position after that sheet.

Here is my code currently. Thank you for any help!

Sub InsertSheetWUniqueName()
WorkorderNumber = InputBox("This will create an auto-generating
Workorder Tracking Sheet for all children of a Parent Workorder.
Please enter Parent Workorder Number", "CREATE WORKORDER TRACKING
If WorkorderNumber = "" Then
MsgBox "Nothing Entered", vbOKOnly, "Cancelling..."
On Error Resume Next
Sheets("Template").Copy After:=Sheets("Materials")
ActiveSheet.Name = WorkorderNumber
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = WorkorderNumber
If Err.Number > 0 Then
MsgBox "Please Enter a Different Workorder Number", vbOKOnly,
"Sheet Already Exists"
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End If
On Error GoTo 0
End If
End Sub

I am using office pro 03. I have an online form that sends application data
to me via email. I need to transfer the data to a printable and visually
acceptable worksheet which I have designed using excel (data must be placed
in the cells that are specified for the particular piece of data, such as
First name, last name, birthdate....). Is it possible to import this data to
my worksheet template or set the template up so that when the data enrty
person is entering data the only cells that the tab key highlight are the
cells that need the data entered into. the worksheet has a lot of cells that
will not have data in them ever. I want the worksheet to stay exactly the
same for every customer as this data is loan application data.

I have a "Basic Estimate Template Workbook" in Excel, and have a number of
different models of equipment to estimate, each with different requirements
and different parts that would require different fields or entries. I would
like to set up this "Basic Estimate Template Workbook" in such a manner as to
allow me to enter the model number I wish to estimate in a single field, and
have one or more custom worksheets containing the required fields
automatically be entered into, or to populate the open workbook (The workbook
being the "Basic Estimate Template Workbook") Anyone have ideas?

Can anyone tell me how I can create a worksheet template, with the fonts,
layout, etc that I specify, that will be inserted into a workbook when I
click Insert/Worksheet? I have already tried creating a single sheet
document, which I have saved as an .xlt file in C:Program FilesMicrosoft
OfficeOffice10XLStart, but this wasn't picked up when I used the Insert
command. I saved the file as 'worksheet template.xlt'.
Thanks for your help.


I'm trying to figure out why I cant insert hyperlinks when the worksheet is protected and shared. But I can insert hyperlinks when I protect the sheet.???

Any help is much appreciated.


Hey, I have a workbook with many sheets on it, with sheet names such as: 900355, 900356, 901977, (many 9##### format names) & a TEMPLATE sheet.

If I work off the TEMPLATE worksheet, can I make it so when I try to save the workbook, the TEMPLATE sheet will be saved on a worksheet with Worksheets("TEMPLATE").Range("B5") as the sheet name?

I was wondering if it is at all possible to insert one worksheet into another
one? Specifically, I have a report that I have created, but someone
requested a section at the top that would require completely different sized
columns than the rest of the report uses. Is it possible to embed another
sheet into this report so I can resize the columns without it affecting the
rest of my report?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

This query may seem simple to you all but its driving me crazy. I use spreadsheets on excel for different companies, and there must be a way of replicating a worksheet template within one workbook. I've tried doing this but then every workbook I open has the format. I only want worksheets within a workbook to have the same format. Can anyone help please?

XL97: Returning Data with DAO to a Custom Worksheet Function

Microsoft Excel allows you to create custom functions using Visual Basic for Applications. You can also use Data Access Objects (DAO) to programmatically return information from an ...

XL97: Returning Data with DAO to a Custom Worksheet Function

... you to create custom functions using Visual Basic for Applications. You can also use Data Access Objects (DAO) to programmatically return information from an external database.

I am trying to use the worksheets.add method with the Type specifier pointing to a file location containing a worksheet template. Can someone provide a working example please?

I am working on a workbook that has a custom worksheet menu bar item created every time the file opens. If I try to edit the path of these macros and save the file, when i reopen the file, it is back to the original paths. I can't find any VB code, hidden worksheets, hidden cells,etc to find the source of this item being created. I have even deleted all VB modules and worksheets except a blank sheet and it still creates the item. Somewhere this menu bar item is being created and I have no idea where. It acts the same on 4 different machines and acts the same on Excel 97, 2000, 2003 and 2007. Any help is greatly appreciated as this has me completelyl stumped.


When I try to insert another worksheet tab in the spreadsheet excel crashes. This happens no matter what workbook I have open.

Is there a way to fix this?


Excel 2003 windows xp.

I want a macro to insert a worksheet, rename it, and move it to the end. I tried recording a macro but it would only work with Sheet3??

I have a workbook that I need to add a Worksheet called "CurWorkPad" to.

Right now I can insert a worksheet and it will come up named "Sheetx", where
x=a number that increments each time a sheet is inserted. I also have code
to rename a worksheet, but it requires you to know the current name of the
inserted worksheet.

Is there a way to insert a new worksheet and rename it at the same time
without knowing what excel named the new worksheet?

Thanks for any help.

I have a workbook opened locally on my desktop. It is not protected,
read-only, or shared. Yet I cannot insert a worksheet nor can I delete an
existing worksheet. These items on the Edit menu are grayed out.

I current am working a spreadsheet that has 4 tabs at the bottom, the most
R/H tab being a summary report. When I try to insert another worksheet using
the "insert" function, I find it blocked/inactive. The Excel help menu has NO
usable information whatsoever on why the insert function is NOT active. I
find the help menus on Excel getting worse and worse not able to supply
simple information and not relating properly to the pull down menus.

Hi - I know how to place a book.xst template into the xlstart folder to
create a re-usable template, but I was wondering if it's possible to replace
the "worksheet" template that's always there?

Detail: I want to make sure I always use the company colour palette, so I
have a book.xlt template in "xlstart" that contains that palette (in Tools >
Options > color).

Excel correctly uses it by default when it starts up. Also, I can select it
from New ... > Templates > On my far so good.
BUT if I select File > New... then choose "Blank workbook" from the taskbar
on the right, or "workbook" from the New dialogue box, then excel uses its
own default template, with the old colour palette.... is there any thing I
can do?

It would be useful if Excel had tha option to insert "SUB" worksheets linked
to "MAIN" worksheets. For instance if I have (3) worksheets that are
summarized in another (main) worksheet, and this situation occurs more than
once in a file, it can be rather difficult to remember which (sub) sheets are
tied to which (main) worksheets. If "SUB" worksheets could be inserted and
shown at the bottom of the work area in a sub-level type fashion, it would
make this situation much more user friendly..

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My workbook has 24 pages, and after unprotecting all pages I tried to insert
another worksheet. I clicked insert on the tool bar, but the word "worksheet"
wasn't displayed.Clicking on the worksheet name didn't help. Same results. We
are using Excel 2003.

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