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Pivot table not showing row label

Hi all,

I have attached the spreadsheet and highlighted the issue in yellow.

I have a pivot table that in my <Table Input> tab that is querying all data in my <Tracker> tab - it has:

Value: Incident Count
Row Label: Remedy Status
Column Label: Severity
Current Week: Filter

I want to also distinguish incidents by their 'Incident Category' (column V in tracker) but when I add it to the pivot table none of the Incident Categories appear.

(It should be showing each incident by category for my current week filter)

Can anyone help?

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i have a pivot table that shows the customer names. when i select the customer drop down box i can all the customer i want to see. but in the table itself there are some customer not showing. this is the first time this has happened

any idea please



Hey I am trying to compare 2 pivot tables but 1 of the pivot tables is missing values in the counts/columns so they don't appear in the list

Is there anyway to get them to appear even if all the data listed is a 0?

I have a macro that with the help from Excel Forum I was able to create a pivot table and add a column to show the difference between the 2 columns in the pivot table. The problem I am now having is that when I run the program in the full worksheet, the pivot table created does not show any row fields. However, if I select from the filter, I see all of the items listed but no data. If I run the debugger, then the pivot table gets created normally without any issues. Does any body have any ideas why this is happening?



I am using a pivot table to get a list of unique values in a range of data (this was the best way I could think of). When I do this manually the rows appear straight away but when I do this as a macro it will not show the values unless I put something into the data section. Is there a way of making it show the rows if I do not use the data section?

This is part of the very messy code I have cobbled together so far. hopefully there is something I can just add to this to make it show the list.

Sub Setup()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim BenType As String
Dim rng As Range

Dim wks As Worksheet
Dim wbk As Workbook
Dim rnn As String
Set wbk = ActiveWorkbook
Set wks = Worksheets("All Data")
                    'Sets range ofdata to be used
                    Set rng = wks.Range("a1").CurrentRegion 'assuming that is where the top of block is
                    'Valids the Selected Data
                    If rng.Rows.Count < 2 Then
                        MsgBox "Pivot on one row of data does not make sense"
                        Exit Sub
                        'Sets the ranges of data and gives it a Name
                        rnn = "pvtsource"
                        rng.Name = rnn
                    End If
                    'Add a new sheet, as you can't put a chart of the current sheet as the
                    'pivottables datasource breaks over the web in IE.
'                    Sheets.Add
                    With ActiveSheet
                        'Name the Sheet
'                           .Name = "Charts"
                        'Start a Pivot Table Wizard
                            .PivotTableWizard SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _
                                rnn, TableDestination:=Worksheets("Allowances &
Benefits").Range("B2"), TableName:="PivotTable1"
'ActiveSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(5, 0), TableName:="PivotTable1"

    With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1")
        .InGridDropZones = True
        .RowAxisLayout xlTabularRow
        .ColumnGrand = False
        .RowGrand = False
    End With
    With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("Benefit Name")
        .Orientation = xlRowField
        .Position = 1
    End With
    With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("Benefit Code")
        .Orientation = xlRowField
        .Position = 2
    End With
End With
Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi all Excel experts,

I have a pivot table with 5 row labels (Incident ID, Summary, Description, Priority and Customer Name). I would like to sort the whole data by the 4th row to show priority ranking. At the moment the only way to achieve this is to move Priority column as being the first column.

For example:
Incident ID Summary Descriptions Priority Customer Name
100758 xyz dsjhjhdsjfh 5 John Doe

When I try to sort the priority smallest to largest it just doesn't change the data. It only changes the way the options are sorted in the drop down box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Good morning all,

Firstly - first time post but I have been lurking here for years. The ozgrid forums have solved so, so many of my problems over the years and have really taken me from knowing nothing about VBA to being semi-competent. Thanks to all users, admins and anybody else involved.

Ok, to my problem.

Goal - to obtain the "Top 20" from a Pivot table, sourced from multiple worksheets (2011 data, 2012 data).

Problem - I cannot manipulate the source data in each worksheet, and a Pivot Table with multiple sources seems to automatically define the row label as the left-most value in my individual worksheets. The data I wish to have as a row label is in fact contained in column G of each worksheet.

Essentially I am looking to return the Top 20 clients by revenue earned - with client name in column G, and revenue earned in column P. Column A, currently being used as the row labels, contains "2011" and "2012" respectively.

What would be some other options to emulate this feature?

I have considered temporarily combining both worksheets, creating a pivot on the combined data, extracting the top 20, then deleting the new worksheet & pivot. It will likely work....but seems inelegant and cumbersome.

Also possibly relevant to that point - 2011 data contains headers then data in rows 1 & 2. 2012 data contains a criteria table in rows 1-3 with the matching headers/data commencing rows 4 & 5.

I have also considered using VBA to re-order the columns so that the client name column moves to column A, but again this seems like a lot of work and I figure there is an easier solution.

I also considered array formulas but wrote them off due to the sheer number of unique client names.

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,


Hi all,
I am creating a pivot table from region, which some of the rows are blank.
Is there any possibility that the pivot table not show the blank in its dropdown combobox?

Hello-my pivot table is not capturing all the data from my export file. Currently everything is checked but only showing 12 out of the 131 "items". please help.

I saved, closed, reopened.
Sorted, saved, reopened.



I need some urgent help please.

I have a Tabular pivot table and in the Row label I have the following

Account Name
Account Code

I want to sort it by Account code so the lowest account number is at the top - I thought it would be as easy Data --> Sort --> Ascending however it doesn't seem to do anything do anything.

Can you please assist..


I have a pivot table that breaks out data from multiple departments and categories by both month and year. I want to have a subtotal section at the bottom that sums the data based on the the Row Label categories. Any thoughts?

Jan Feb Mar
Row Labels 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009
Dep1 6 7 14 8 18 15 20
Cat A 3 2 7 2 8 6 8
Cat B 0 0 1 0 1 0 1
Cat C 3 5 6 6 8 9 10
Cat D 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Dep2 7 7 10 12 13 18 19
Cat A 5 4 6 7 7 11 10
Cat B 0 1 0 2 0 3 0
Cat C 2 2 3 2 5 3 8
Cat D 0 0 1 1 1 1 1
Dep3 0 0 3 1 7 3 9
Cat A 0 0 2 1 4 2 6
Cat B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cat C 0 0 1 0 3 1 3
Cat D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cat A ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cat B ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cat C ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cat D ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I have one workbook with two worksheets. I am trying to figure out how I can make sheet 2,"which is a Pivot Table" not show dates under column titled, "Contact Due Date" which is being pulled from Sheet 1. I am going to use this column as a Query where dates will be picked but I do not want the dates to show on the Pivot Table column. Any ideas?

In a pivot table, when the row label has duplictes so that the table shows you the row label in the first row, all of the following rows for that same item will be blank until the total... Is there a way to make it repeat the lable on every line..


Sum of CountOfMemberID

A0010006 01-Oct-08
A0010006 Total

Thank You Randy

Dear Microsoft,
Please help me solve the problem that happen to me when use Pivot Table
(Excel 2007).
I have a Pivot Table like this:.

AAA Infor. Count Sum
BBB HHH 23 256,962,305
NNN 23 256,837,275
Others 3 18,151,200
CCC HHH 206 3,255,545,500
NNN 52 902,285,045
Others 147 2,145,626,800
DDD HHH 22 497,000,000
NNN 6 126,000,000
Grand Total 482 7,458,408,125

In data field, when I make right-click on, it shows details form the result.

I would like to hide the fnction "show details" when right-click on data
field, how could I do this?

Please pay your attention that, I've already check out "Enable show detail"
in Pivot Table OptionsData tab. But, this makes Pivot Table not show detail
when right0click on data field. It still permit other users can enable this
function again.

So I'd like to protect this function by hiding this function. I don't know
how to do this. Please help me with this.

Thanks & regards,

Excel 2003

For some reason, the pivot table functionality no longer works. When the
"show field list" button is toggled on, the field list isn't shown. When I
toggle this button off, the headers on the actual pivot table disappear.

this has worked previously.

I tried to repair and full uninstall MS Office 2003 already.

thank you

Hi there,
I have a macro which creates a pivot table with three page fields, 5 row fields, and formulas which use the results of the pivot table.

Everything is hunky dory until I select a page field which only has data for two of the row fields. Since there are only two of the row fields with data, when I select said page field, my results collapse down to two row fields & screw up my formulas.

Is there any way to make a pivot table display all row fields regardless of whether or not they contain data?



please advise me how can pivot table not to display 0 in grand total column and row. I only want to those row with figures except 0 to be displayed.


Hello, I have a Pivot Table result like the attached screen shot. In this result you can see that IBM and Dell has two product types, so there are two lines in the result, but only one like has the label (number, name)

How can I configure the Pivot Table to show the repeating data meaning, I need line 19 and 25 to show the number and name again [please see the pic]

I have external data comming in from a database, when i alter the data the
pivot table still shows row selections from the old data as well as the new,
is there any way to reset the list without removing and adding back in the
table. I cant find where in the spreadsheet it stores this information.


I have a Pivot Table where the row labels are numeric values between 0 and 150. I have decided to group them by 5s (right click row entry choose Group from the popup menu).

whenever I do this, the sort order gets confused. When they are ungrouped it is correct and the rows of the pivot table are sorted correctly, because it treats the entries as numbers so it's sorting them numerically. Then they are grouped, the row entries contain text strings, for example:



So for values over 100, it ends up showing like this:


etc. Is there a way to make this work correctly without resorting to manual sorting?

Excel 2003

For some reason, the pivot table functionality no longer works. When the
"show field list" button is toggled on, the field list isn't shown. When I
toggle this button off, the headers on the actual pivot table disappear.

this has worked previously.

I tried to repair and full uninstall MS Office 2003 already.

thank you


Like the title says, pivot table is not updating . Yes, I know... I already checked the source data, and hit pivot table refresh, but it doesn't update.

The excel is hooked up with mysql database, using ODBC connection. I am pulling in raw data into a table, and then into a Pivot Table that is based of that table (for reasons, I am not pulling raw data directly into Pivot Table). Now, when I hit refresh, it pulls in the raw data, but even when I hit Pivot Table refresh, it does not give me correct numbers. Funny thing is, if I click at a number in pivot table, and it gives me the detail behind that number, that is correct. For example, real number should be 80K... but Pivot Table is showing 30K. Now, if I double click on that 30K, opening up another sheet that gives the numbers behind that 30K, the sum of those numbers is 80K.... but how come it is not showing 80K in the Pivot Table .

Have been trying everything... created another Pivot Table of the same data, and it was fine (but I dont want to do it again and again.. its for different users)....

Anyone has any idea whats going on? Will really appreciate any help.

Thanks .

Sorted out the problem guys.... .

I have a pivot table with three row labels. It shows values for each quarter, by state and year:

Row Labels  
... 2007
....... 1st      20
....... 2nd      40
....... 3rd      30
....... 4th      10
... 2008
....... 1st      30
....... 2nd      50
....... 3rd      40
....... 4th      20
... 2009
....... 1st      30
....... 2nd      50
....... 3rd      40
....... 4th      20
I'd now like to calculate and show the sum of values for each quarter, by state and year, as in:

Row Labels  
... 2007
....... 1st      20
....... 2nd      40
....... 3rd      30
....... 4th      10
... 2008
....... 1st      30
....... 2nd      50
....... 3rd      40
....... 4th      20
... 2009
....... 1st      30
....... 2nd      50
....... 3rd      40
....... 4th      20
... Total
....... 1st      80
....... 2nd      140
....... 3rd      110
....... 4th      50
I've tried showing subtotals for any of the rows, changing the SubTotal calculation settings (e.g., Sum), to no avail. Any suggestions on how to calculate and display the data this way?


Anyone ever run into this error -

I have a pivot table already setup that I have been using for awhile. I go into it today and try to change the layout, when I hit the layout button on the pivot table wizard it tells me "pivot table not valid".

so after a few minutes I hit the refresh data button in the table, and then try to access the layout button on the pivot table wizard again, and it worked fine.

wierd, just want to know if anyone experienced this before and might know what happened.


I am still stuck on this pivot table problem about changing the data and the pivot table not showing when new data has been added.
I have been told to look at the source of the pivot table data, I have had no luck in finding where the soucedata is located.
I clicked on insert/name/define but this will only define the table area of the pivot table, when what I need to define is the datasource of the pivot table.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.