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Hi All,

I am wanting to use VBA to pull out certain information from an excel sheet and place it into the correct places (identified by bookmarks) in a word template.

Using Office 2007 products.

I have attached an example of both documents, and a finished product example so you can understand what I am trying to achieve. You can see that I am trying to loop through each row of the repair column, but the other coloumns the information just needs to be used once.

I'm not fantastic at linking programs through VBA so any help with coding would be greatly appreciated.


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I can Print/create labels by using Excel data in a Word mail merge into MS
Word. Can I take labels created from this and merge them back into an excel
spread sheet ?

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a wine manual for work and have entered all my important data to a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet. What I want to do now is have that Excel data transferred to a Microsoft Word document without me having to manually copy/paste each data entry to a seperate page for each row, as there are 135 wines I must cover.

How do I export data from a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet to a Microsoft Word 2007 template, each row of data pertaining to its own Word template/page?

I assume I would have to enter data tags in my word document so that Excel can parse those tags with actual data.

Also, even though I am a first time visitor to these forums, I assure you I have used the forum Search function and I have also Googled. The only information I seem to find are guides showing how to Control+C and Control+V a range of data from Excel to Word, which is what I am trying to avoid, or implying the use of XML.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I will be checking this post regularily throughout the next few days.

I am trying to poulate a word document with excel data using a macro

I am wanting to transfer from excel 6-7 cells to a word template. After the cells are populated I wish to have the dat transfered automatlly to various positions on a word document, maybe using a hot key or however it can be accompliched. One of these transfered cells to increase in font size.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Mick Lauder

I have a excel worksheet with several tables and a graph that I update once a
month for the purposes of copying the data to a word fact sheet that is
distributed to our clients. How can i have the data in the excel tables
linked to the relevant table in the word document that I prepair without
having to manualy transfer the data from excel to word? Is it possible to
have the graph in the word doc update when the source data is changed in


Okay, so I tried (for hours) to find a solution to this and have finally gotten frustrated to the point where i think asking here will be my best bet.

Basically I want to export data from excel worksheets to various places on a word document I had. I have created a word template as well as bookmarks for that template, as that seems to be the recommendation for performing such a task with excel.

My problem is ... Now what?

I basically have 1 constant worksheet that contains all my affiliates info (Name, Address etc), which i'd like to use to populate some bookmarks in my word template, and then i have another worksheet for the previous month, indicating sales etc for that affiliate. I intend on adding a new worksheet every month that i would use to create new invoices.

Furthermore, i'd really like to be able to update a new file (or perhaps a new page on the same file) for each company with the use of a button, similar to the one's you'd see in an access form.

Can anyone help? Let me know if you need me to clarify.



Can some tell me how i can enter data in excel rows, then linking the last
row of excel data to defined fields in a Word document template. I can get
this to work using the paste special function. This works with date and
sequential numbers where i can enter a formula and link just one cell to the
fields in a Word.doc, however how can i link different text data entered in
the last excel row to populate fields in a Word template without having to
link every different cell each time.

Can some tell me how i can enter data in excel rows, then linking the last
row of excel data to defined fields in a Word document template. I can get
this to work using the paste special function. This works with date and
sequential numbers where i can enter a formula and link just one cell to the
fields in a Word.doc, however how can i link different text data entered in
the last excel row to populate fields in a Word template without having to
link every different cell each time.

I have a bunch of data in Excel that I would like to copy
and paste into a Word document to create different
tables. I have written a macro in Word to format these
tables once the excel data is copied over.

Is there a way I can use an Excel macro to automatically
select a block of cells, copy and paste into Word, and
activate the Word macro?



Hi, I have an Excel Workbook that extracts tables from an Access Database using a command button. These tables are then modified (new fields and records added) in Excel.

Is there a way to feed this back into access with a command button from excel? So that when I click the button, the data from excel will be transfered back into the Access database?

If I am in the wrong forum to post this question please let me know. My problem is related to linking data in an excel spreadsheet to a Word docment in the same folder. Here is situation , each job has a folder[job1 job2 job3 etc.]
each job folder has at least a spreadsheet and 1 report document. so in folder job1 there will be job1.doc and job1.xls. I am trying to develope templates for these 2 files that will maintain the link. So when we start job4 we can create a new folder (job4) and start new files (job4.xls and job4.doc) that are linked. If anyone has had any experiecn or can direct me to where i might get some more info it would be greatly appreciated Thank in advance.l

Hi All.. I have the following requirments and am struggling to find a way to do this..

Basically I need to create a password protected Excel template that will have some locked and unlocked columns. This i can do manually. However then using SQL Server I will use DTS package to populate the template file with some information only in the locked columns so that the end user cannot manipulate the information. This is where my problem lies.. I need to find some VBA code that enables me to populate the data in the locked columns in this password protected file. I know i need to use the Excel Objects but am not having much luck.

Thanks in advance.

My gf is a teacher who has a unique job that entails teaching 9 different levels at 5 different schools. It can be very overwhelming at times. She does a good job at tracking most everything in excel, but she still needs to do many things by hand, like grade sheets and progress reports. Since she has most of the data already in excel, I would like to be able to replicate these forms and use the data in excel to fill them out.
It would need to work as follows. Each students data is in a row in excel. The relevant data for each student would be taken from excel and put in the appropriate field in the form, then printed or saved. Each row (student) would wind up with a unique form. I do not know how to do this with excel, or even if excel is the right tool for the job. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this? If it is possible, would it be more trouble than its worth?
Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

I want to export data from excel (graph & excel text) to a word document.
Thanks for helping.


in excel for xp, we need to export/import data to/from word doc. properties.
the cells which have the data are referenced by names, ex. a company name,
instead of A1, B1... i'd like to create checkboxes for some data items. in
excel and word for xp, how can i export/import the checkboxes values to/from
word doc. properties?

thank you,



ok here´s the scenario, i have an excel data sheet with 750 rows, i need to export each row to a unique word document (per row);preferably the word documents must be created on the fly; the word document have a design, so the information must be placed in the right position, i dont know if this has to be done with vba , i tried the field-link. excel.sheet 8 stuff, but i think this wont be all that i need to do this, any help is greatly appreciated,

As ever our MD has "changed the goalposts" somewhat with regard to what he is asking for within Excel......

The problem is now as follows:

We need to be able to export data from an excel spreadsheet (using mailmerge) but transpose the fields & records *within a single operation*. We currently receive an excel document from BT which (bizarrely) is laid out so that the "fields" are in rows and the "records" are in the columns. At the moment he is exporting data to MS Word using mailmerge in order to achieve an XML format text document which he can use to place orders with BT. (Apparently the document has to be in this format to allow the automated placement of orders into their system). Basically he is following the mailmerge procedure within Word to pull the data through, but because of the "back to front" nature of the initial spreadsheet when he selects the "field" from the drop down box in Word, it is not pulling through the correct information. He wants to be able to either:

a) Add the "transpose" operation to the mail merge to allow the fields to be converted to the correct position.


b) Produce the same result by just using excel - thereby eliminating Word from the equation ?

Ive advised ref transposing data and then running the mailmerge but due to the number of times he has to run this process he would like us to automate it if at all possible ?

Hi, I tried to explain this scenario last night, but re-reading it today I think I could have been more clear about the problem. I'm trying again here with a better thought out request, hoping that someone might be able to help. Thanks so much

I have a workbook of about 2000 rows that each contain client information regarding seperate transactions. Some clients have done multiple transactions (with different businesses), but each of those transactions is done under the one account number that belongs to the client. Here's a more specific description of the scenario (How my client tried to describe it to me):

The customer would like persons with multiple transactions to receive 1
letter listing the different transactions and the info shown on the letter.

Columns used in address block are J,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R
Columns used at bottom of letter are A,B,F,G,H,X

I presume that after records are merged, I will have additional columns in
the database, so those field names will be changed on the word document
accordingly in the columns at the bottom. Eg. Price, Price2, price3, etc.
and so on....

Example of what we want to achieve:

Looking at the database, line 2,3 & 4 have the same account number,
therefore the same person. Line 5 and 6, same account number, same person.
And so on where account numbers are the same.

At the bottom of the word document for "Anne" (2,3,4) we want to
list data in columns A,B,F,G,H & X(as stated above) multiple times
corresponding to each of the 3 entries for her. All on the 1 letter.

So a person with 2 lines now, combined to 1, 10 lines combined to 1 etc.

So basically I think what I'm looking for is a formula that I can apply to the spreadsheet so that when I merge the excel data to the word template which will be used in generating client letters, an account number/name that appears more than once on the spreadsheet under seperate transactions will generate only ONE letter to that individual, however each seperate transaction will list at the bottom of that letter. I'm trying to avoid generating a seperate letter for each transaction a single client has done, and am having difficulty since the client's total transaction counts are all different.

If anyone could help me figure this out, I would be extremely greatful. I know it's a long scenario but I am at a loss and could really use some expert help. THANK YOU!!!

I've attached a dummy wb and a word doc representing the letter I'm ultimately trying to produce.




I have an excel workbook with mulptiple worksheets titled June 2011, July 2011, August 2011 etc, containing salary information. I want to transfer/link certain data from the worksheet to a word form.

My difficulty is that I do not have to do this every month. Is there a way that I can for example set a form to link to the June 2011 worksheet but then next month I just change the date to July 2011 in the form and automatically links to the data from this specific worksheet? Obviously all worksheets are identical so the location of the data is always the same cells. The only difference is that is in a different worksheet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks

Hello again.

Partially I solved my previous problem using some macros I found on the net

When the macro is run it will crate PPT file
Slide 1 - A1
Slide 2 - B1
Slide 3 - A2
Slide 4 - B2
Slide 5 - A3
Slide 6- B3

what I want is
Slide 1 - A1 and B1 (different position)
Slide 2 - A2 and B2 (different position)
Slide 3 - A3 and B3 (different position)

additional: how to set font property.thanks

thanks in advance


Is there a way to copy excel data to powerpoint via macro?

I am trying to make a presentation for new vocabulary words that are in the Excel list
Please see attached files

Data_Source.xls --> source of data --> a powerpoint file (destination of data)

Thanks in Advance

Hi all,

I have an Excel sheet with a long list of data. A short example is shown below:
Section | Title | Item
1.1 | title2 | b
1.2 | title3 | c
1.2.1 | title4 | d
1.2.2 | title5 | e


I made a VBA macro in Excel that runs through this list and creates a new Word file for each item. The filename of the document is based on the data in the Excel file (section and title). Now I would like to add a custom property to each of the newly created Word files, i.e. the value in the 'item' column. Does anyone of you know how I should do this? Or should it be better if I write a macro in Word that runs through the Excel data to create the word files?

Here is the code I use to generate the word files:
Sub createdocuments()

    Dim wrdApp As Word.Application
    Dim wrdDoc As Word.Document
    Dim i, n As Integer
    Dim bestandsnaam As String
    Set wrdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    wrdApp.Visible = False
    n = 2
    For i = 1 To 5
    Set wrdDoc = wrdApp.Documents.Add

    bestandsnaam = "P:test" & Cells(n, 1).Value & " - " & Cells(n, 2).Value &

    With wrdDoc

        If Dir("bestandsnaam") <> "" Then
            Kill bestandsnaam
        End If

        .SaveAs (bestandsnaam)
        .Close ' close the document
    End With

    n = n + 1

    wrdApp.Quit ' close the Word application
    Set wrdDoc = Nothing
    Set wrdApp = Nothing

End Sub
I tried this to add a custom property to the word file but this didn't seem to work:

I have an excel spreadsheet that has data that includes a name, email, and company name. For each row, I need to send an email to the email address in column L, that starts out "Hello _____," with the blank being the data from column K, and then within that email is a section where I need the company's name from column E.

The letter is written and formatted perfectly in a word document and this formatting needs to somehow be maintained.

Is it possible to create a macro (or something else entirely) that automatically moves the data from the excel sheet to the word doc and then to an email in Apple Mail v 2.1.3 while still keeping it formatted as it is in the word doc? Keep in mind I am using Word and Excel 2004 for Mac.

Any input or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

-Amy Kate


Can anyone tell me please How to Copy My MS Excel Data In MS Word.


I'm trying to copy some cells from a excel sheet to a word document, by using the Command Button in word.
The problem I'm facing is that with my code, I can only copy one cell from excel into word.
Now to my question, how do I add multiple/different cells (columns and rows) into the word document?
First I created a excel document named autoWordfile and then I created a word document with an Command Button (ActiveX control).
As Reference for the project I chose the Microsoft Excel 14 Object Library.

This is how my code look like:

    Dim objExcel As New Excel.Application 
    Dim wb As Excel.Workbook 
    Set wb = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:UsersAAAWasteautoWordfile") 
    Selection.TypeText wb.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(1, 1) 
    Set wb = Nothing 
End Sub 

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Now my second idea which is what I want to achieve.
I'm going to create a questionnaire document in excel that automatically transfer relevant information from excel to word. In other words, transfer the value adding information from the more informative excel document. I would desire to transfer information from question 1 in excel to it's relating Q1"answering box" in word.
Does anyone have any idea how to perform this?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.