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Merging Excel Spreadsheets Together

Help! I moved one spreadsheet into another, thought that it would add the
sheet to the first one (as a second sheet), but it overwrote it instead. Is
there any way I can get my overwritten data back (unfortunately, I save the
file without looking at it first)?

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The boss has two people inputting data into the same spreadsheet on two different computers, one on a laptop and one on desktop. He wants me to merge these two spreadsheets together on a continual bases so that we have one master and the laptop can be used as a data gathering tool.

Maybe a simple question but I don't know how to do it. Help please!

To whom it may concern;

I currently have two excel spreadsheets that i would like to merge. A bit
o' history:

In my office we have a database in which we enter all of our pertinent data.
However, the database is not equipped with any reporting function and thus
cannot produce reports or run stats for us. As a result we have asked our
administrator to provide us with "dumps" in the form of Excell spreadsheet.
We receive these "dumps" at the end of each month and each "dump" consist of
all historical data as well as any new data entered over the previous month.

In the course of my job I have added a few extra columns to the tabkles in
order to facilitate analysis. What I would like to do is merge the new
"dumps" with the previous tables in which I have added extra columns.

Is there a method to do this, perhaps with the use of named ranges?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am dealing with over 10,000


Hi guys, is there a way I can link an acknowledgement form and my inventory list together so that when a user acknowledges (for example when I save the acknowledgement form) that he has loaned an item it will take the item's name in a specific cell and go to my seperate inventory list and search for the item's name in a column and when found, updates that row's "Owner" column to his name that is on the acknowledgement form. Both are excel spreadsheets.
Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

I have a query in Access that outputs to Excel, and after the output i have multiple columns to the side of that query that have logic (that can not be done in Access). I would like a way to export this excel spreadsheet, as if it was an Access query, to other Excel files.

Here is the reason I need this. Currently I create a copy of the tab and move it into other Excel files because the output from Access is extremely large and takes a long time to update, so i have multiple spreadsheets that use this information for different tasks. The problem occurs when I change the logic in the original file, the logic in the other files is outdated. I know about linking the files with a simple =(file location)/A1 , but that takes a long time to calculate all the cells. So i was wondering if there was a way where Excel would pretend that another excel file is like a query and could update off of that excel file so all of my outputs could be linked to one master file that would have the original Access query and have the logic always updated and consistent.

Thanks for the help and let me know if you have any other questions.


I am new at macro, In fact never tried writing any but would like to try, Never written anything in VB but know little programming.

I would like to Merge several Spreadsheet together from a folder, and the number of the spreadsheet within the folder is not specified as it varies depending on day. I am just wondering if this is possible. I have tried using the normal record function but they merge the spreadsheet but I dont know how to get it to look for other files in a folder. Thanks.


Why to Merge Excel cells

While we are working within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, many of us may face this problem: we have to merge two or more cells together to form one big cell. Spire.XLS, as a professional and powerful Excel component, it enables developers to merge Excel cells into one with C#/VB.NET effortlessly. The whole process is very simple, we just need choose the cells and everything will be cool with two main sentence of code.

How to Merge Excel Cells via Spire.XLS

Please make sure Spire.XLS and Visual Studio are correctly installed on system. Follow the simple steps below to merge Excel cells with C#/VB.NET.

Step 1 Create Project
Create a C#/VB.NET project in your visual studio. Add Spire.XLS.dll as reference. The default setting of Spire.Xls.dll is placed under "C:Program Filese-iceblueSpire.XlsBin”. Select assembly Spire.Xls.dll and click OK to add it to the project.

using Spire.Xls;

namespace CellsMerge
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

Step 2 Load Excel File
Use the code below to load Excel file in which we will merge Excel files.
//load the excel template
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
workbook.LoadFromFile(@"", ExcelVersion.Version97to2003);

Step 3 Merge Excel Files
Select the cells which we need merge into one. Follow the samples below and we can merge cells at will.

//merge A2-D4 to one cell
Worksheet sheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];

//merge D5-E6 to one cell

Step 4 Save and Preview
After finish merging Excel cells, save the modified Excel file as .xls format. And we can preview what we’ve done by pressing F5 to launch the project.

//save the workbook
workbook.SaveToFile(@"....cellsMerge.xls", ExcelVersion.Version97to2003);

//launch the workbook

Here's my situation. I've got a word document (an invoice) that has merge feilds in it. As it is an invoice, I want to total the columns - some of the items are standard rate, so they don't change, yet the others do - and have the total display at the bottom.

What I did: Inserted an excell spreadsheet, and =sum the column. But I'm having problems getting the merge to work here.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

i want to merge the rows in excel spreadsheet based on unique valu in one of the column. ive attached sample data before and after. there are around 3000 records for diffrent customers that need to be merged based on customer id.

This has me stumped and working to hard!

Merging spreadsheets, a non Access or VBA solution please!

I use Excel 2003

I often need to merge two spreadsheets together. For example, I have a list of customer numbers and payments tied to the number. I also have a list of Customer numbers with addresses. Not all numbers in list one are in list two, and not all the customer number in list two, are in list one.

List 1: Column A is Customer #, column B is Payment
Cust # Payment

List 2 Column A is Customer #, column B is Street

Customer # Street
1…………Main St

I want the merged list to be
Column A is Customer #, Column B is Payment, column C is Street
Cust # Payment Address
1…………10…… Main

These lists are normally 100’s of lines long, and multiple columns wide and I have been manually putting this together. The customer number is the only common link. Any great formula or Excel trick I can use?

Thanks in Advance,

I am trying to merge data from a specific record in an Access database into an Excel Spreadsheet.

The functions I'm trying to perform with the Excel spreadsheet are fairly simple. If this merge is difficult and it can be handled in a simple Word document, I could handle the merge there but is there a way to do calculation within Word?

I'm at a loss and seek some guidance and assistance in achieving my goal.


Obtain data contained in a record in Access and build a form that allows me to add additional numbers and add up columns within that document / spreadsheet.

The final result needs to be in presentable format to deliver to 3rd parties

- jbz

I have an Excel spreadsheet in Excel 2007 with e-mail addresses on it. I
have a document in Word 2007 that I want to send to all the e-mail addresses
on the Excel spreadsheet. I follow the mail merge wizard in Word
successfully UNTIL I get to the part where I want to send the Word document
via e-mail. Then, the process grinds to a halt and I don't know how to get
to the final step of actually sending the document via e-mail.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi there.
I am merging two excel spreadsheets. The original needs to stay in place,
the second spreadsheet will contain either deletions (from the original) or
have additions.

Which process would be the best to illustrate these changes to us?


I receive a report of all the work our area does and I get four reports, all have the same type of information on them and I need to merge them all together to get the total done and I am not sure if that is possible.

ie: one report will have 25 tests with numbers, another report will have 30 tests with number (some will be in the 25 from other report some will not) and so on.

I need to match up the test code and the numbers all at the same time. Is that possible?

I have a four column Excel spreadsheet which I have Mail Merged into Word to
create labels.
One of the columns in Excel contains a list of four digit numbers. Some of
those numbers begin with a zero.
When I have merged the data into Word labels, the four digit numbers
starting with a zero have the zero missing.
I have tried all sorts of number formats in Excel but can't get the zeros to
stay there when merged to Word.
Can anyone help???? I'm using Office 2003.

I need to take an excel spreadsheet that has 6 fields and convert it into a
word document.

The document will be an invoice. and hence will need to look professional.

Is there any simple software that can perform this function.

I have an excel spreadsheet with customer names, addresses, invoice amoounts.
I'd like to create invoices (1 page per customer). I have downloaded
templates but do not know how to merge the data.

I need to merge three spreadsheets that I've downloaded from our database that contain one common column (id #). My first spreadsheet contains id # and columns for contact information (name, email, and phone) and past ticket purchase information (2008, 2009, 2010), my second spreadsheet contains id # and last contact date and last contact note, my third spreadsheet contains 2011 ticket purchases (columns for id #, date purchased, amount purchased, # of tickets).

I've seen a lot of posts on merging common info from multiple spreadsheets onto a single spreadsheet but I need to make sure that ALL information gets compiled together. For instance I could have someone purchase tickets so they would be on spreadsheet #3 but not be on spreadsheet #1. I've been using VLOOKUP with spreadsheet #1 as my primary sheet since it has the most info but if my ticket purchaser isn't on spreadsheet #1 then their info isn't being pulled over. Does anyone know how I can pull the info onto my primary spreadsheet?

I know how to use the mail merge feature from Excel to Word, but how about
from existing labels in Word to a usable Excel spreadsheet. My approaches
have been to save word as .txt and then get external data in Excel. That
works great accept I need to be able to have different column fields like
Name, Address, City, State etc. What is the best way to go about doing this?
Any help?? Thank you in advance.

I know how to use the mail merge feature from Excel to Word, but how
about from existing labels in Word to a usable Excel spreadsheet. My
approaches have been to save word as .txt and then get external data in
Excel. That works great accept I need to be able to have different
column fields like Name, Address, City, State etc. What is the best way
to go about doing this?
Any help?? Thank you in advance.


I am hoping someone can please help me with this. I currently have an excel
spreadsheet filled with addresses, names, zip codes. What I am trying to do
is put them all in a label form..Any ideas how to do that. I was trying Mail
Merge but I am not understanding it.

Can someone please help me.

I am currently compiling some data that is house in word documents right now. I am putting it all together into a excel spreadsheet so it is more manageable. I have used excel before to open other programs and do stuff but am unsure how to get it to go into the word document and copy the data I need.

Is there a way to merge to large spreadsheets together so that it will
automatically remove the duplicates so that only one of the same enteries
remain? Thank you for your help!

Hi all, I am very novice with Excel and I have a problem that I don't
even know where to start with. I have two different Excel
spreadsheets that have data for different television programs. I need to go
through and compile all of the data into one sheet. The main issue is that
there are different variations in both of the spreadsheets in how the
television programs are named. I am looking to find a way to go
through one column of television names and find the match in the
other spreadsheet. Is there any function or method that I can use to do
this? Thanks for the help!

I'm trying to produce a number of letters (or emails) in Word 2007 using Mergings each letter/email with a unique account number.
I have a Word template and an Excel spreadsheet. The spreasheet has a list of invoices.

(I've attached a sample of each. The cell highlights are not needed on the table - they are only there to highlight the changes of account number)

I want to mailmerge the first row(s) of data in Excel to a table in the Word document keying on the account number. When the Account number in the record changes I want the table to finish and Word to produce the next statement keying on the next account number.
What is the conditional formatting needed to read each row of data across to the first Word letter and change when the account number changes?
Thanks for any help you can give. Steve

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