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Insert horizontal line/single cell in Excel?

I want to insert a horizontal line inside a single cell (to divide). Am able
to insert a diagonal line but not horizontal. Tried the presets for inside,
but it divides multiple cells

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Hello all,

I was wondering how difficult it would be to sort comma delimited values within a single cell in Excel 2010. Say I've got a single cell containing this:

BA102, BA15, BA25, BA17, BA27

What I'm looking for is a macro or function that would change the cell contents to this:

BA15, BA17, BA25, BA27, BA102

I realize that it could easily be done in someones head while they're looking at it, but the cells I'm working with are filled with hundreds of these little values and the spreadsheets are created by another company and given to us all out of order like in that first line of values up there.

3 cheers to my boss for handing this task off to an accountant. We don't have an in-house programmer I can implement a macro, I just don't know how to write them, heh. Is there any way to do this in a relatively easy way?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me, I appreciate it. If more info is needed I'll be happy to provide it.

How do you produce a drop down menu in a single cell in Excel

Could anyone explain how to insert images into specific cells in Excel 2007.
Specifically, I am recording artifacts. Each artifact gets a row. Columns are 'material', 'color' etc., and I want the last column to be a 2x2" image of the artifact. Ideally, I'd like to be able to import the image directly from the camera (like how you can use clips editor to control your digital camera).

In any case here are the questions broken down:

1. how do you insert images into cells in excel (not just floating)?
2. how do you make them automatically conform to a nice small size?
3. is it possible to import directly from a digital camera?

I'm using 2007.


How do I input information on a new line in a single cell in Excel 2007. Up to now I have always had to cut the information to Word and then back to Excel. Obviosuly the enter button doesnt work, as it drops to the next cell


Is there any way to enter data into a range of cells through a single cell in normal excel worksheet, without help of vba?

Thanks in advance


I need help!!! I need to insert a scrollbar in a cell in one cell in Excel.

Thank you


Part 2: Mapping XML from SQL Server to a Single Cell in Excel 2003

I want to name my Sheet Tab then have that name automatically put in a cell
in Excel. I am using 2003, but would need it to work in 2000 also.

I need to peform a character count for certain cells in Excel. I found a
formula for counting words within a cell but not the number of specific

I need to peform a character count for certain cells in Excel. I found a
formula for counting words within a cell but not the number of specific

Hello everyone, I am new to vba programming. I've learnt a few things and have started coding. I've created a new excel sheet using VB, copied values from another excel sheet, saved it with some other names. Till now, it was working fine, but now I'm stuck with a problem - inserting more than one value into a single cell in an excel worksheet just like we use Alt + Enter in Excel. Could you please suggest how can I do that using VB??


Hi All,

I have a question regarding userforms with excel. I have a form I created using the macro editor and I was wondering if there were a way to insert this form directly into a cell in my worksheet without having it appear as a separate window. I have it set up right now so that when I click on a button in the worksheet the form appears as a separate window but I'd like it to appear in cell A2 for user interaction.

Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I want to align cells in Excel onto one line.
Example data:

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4
Row1 ABC
Row2 DEF
Row3 GHI
Row4 JKL

Should be

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4

Thanks a mil

I have a word chart that is in a pdf file. I need the whole chart to be
inserted into one cell in Excel. Is that possible? If not, is there a way
to insert a jpg into a cell not overlying the cell?

Data in word is presented as a bullet list. I have copied this data into a
new doc and removed the formatting to leave just the list of items. I now
wish to copy this data into excel but want it to appear in one single cell
retaining its list format rather than continuous text

When I insert a bullet or number in Word, type something and enter, a second
bullet or number appears automatically on the next line enabling me to make a
bulleted/numbered list.

However, in excel when I do the same thing and enter, it takes me to a new
cell and hence creating a bulleted/numbered list is not possible for me
within the same cell. Kindly tell me how to create a bulleted list within
one cell in excel.

I am using MS Office Professional Edition Excel 2003

Thank you.

Basically I have made a banking application

but im trying to set a value to a cell in excel which has the code


but when a new line is inserted for every transaction, this also changes the code to Value(F7)

How can I keep it to set to just F6 please?

Also in VBA, I have allowed the user to finish the transaction and make another one however I get a error "form already displayed; can't show modally"

Thank you - you guys have been very helpful

I need to make a script where I can add a single quote to the number in each
cell in Excel and after the second quote a comma. Hence the cell would start


and afterwards would look like,


I can't quite seem to get it done, any ideas?



How to write in cell, in Excel, under the inserted transparent picture??

How do i insert a Yes/No function into a cell in Excel?

When I type in text in a Cell in Excel, and wrap it, it fits in 2 lines. When
I print it, it prints in one line, leaving the other line as blank space. I
could not figure out what is the problem. This also happens for 3 or more
lines....when it prints in one line lesser than what it shows up in the Cell
on the computer

I wanted to know is there anyway you could embed an icon for a particular
word document into a specific cell in Excel.

I have no problems inserting a document using the insert--->object function
but when i perform filters for example it is not associated with the record
and so remains in the location in which it was inserted.

I would really appreciate any help with this, and would be happy to clarify
further if required.

I would like to insert a calendar control object in a cell in excel. The
objects function would be to allow the user to click a button that brings up
a standard calendar object. The user would then be able to select the date
from that calendar. The date would then display in the cell. This function is
available in Access.

How do I delete the gridlines in a single cell in Excell 2003?

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