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Convert PXL to XLS on SD Card using PDA

When usiing exel in PDA format (.PXL) can I save this to a SD card in .XLS
format so that I can then use the SD card in the new USB format. It is not
always practicalk to carry the cradle/usb leads around to allow sync, thus
negating the new usb/sd card facility.

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I am using Excel 2003 and I am trying to cleanup several mailing lists of name, address, city, state, zip, telephone etc.

Most of the the lists are in XLS format, however, several are in XML format.

How to I convert XML to XLS so that I can continue working on the list?

Is there a shareware conversion tool available? Or does Microsoft office a
conversion tool? I'm reluctant to download shareware.


Hi,guys.Is there any one tell me how to convert PDF to word on Mac?
I am a teacher from New York.Recently I have a download some PDF file need to transfer to word as material for my working.As I use Mac OS has been doubly difficult for me,beacuse I am not familiar with mac system.
So any idea helpfully would be appreciated.

New user here. While we use Excel here at work, it is only in the capacity
of providing input data and reviewing test results of our testing.

At work, they use a 3rd party tool that accepts a .csv file and converts it
to an .xls file. This is input data for data driven scripts used by
WinRunner (a testing tool). We don't want to be loading Excel and simply
reading the .csv file and then save it as an .xls file because we have the
conversion scheduled to run in the morning when the input data is supposed
to arrive. We also don't want to be using Excel itself since we would have
to lose a license for a copy to install it on the server.

Preferrably the tool should be open source (i.e., free) but stable.
WinRunner doesn't accept .xls files with more than one worksheet in them
(i.e., you need to have just one spreadsheet in the file). This is the
format that the users are supposed to use when they give us the data.

To summarize, the requirements are:
- Converts .csv file to an .xls file.
- Only need to support an .xls file with one worksheet.
- Runs on a NT-based Windows platform (Windows 2000/2003/XP).
- Has command-line parameter to specify the input and output files. No GUI
gets used (if it has one, it must still run from a command line).

Hi all
I have tried many different ways to convert pdf to excel
the best seems to be to highlight the data in adobe acrobat using the table/fomatted text tool >> right click >> save as ANSI.txt >> open with Excel

However, will only let me highlight a singel page in the document at a time
My current document is 200 pages.

Does anyone know how to beat this limitation or create a batch process?

btw, I have tried these utilities

They all failed at negative numbers formatted as such
( 200,000) The right parend is output to Col A
The remainder is output to col B

In addition, labels such as TJE 098789 Roth are output to three columns instead of 1


My bank only allows me to download in a .qif format but I use Excel to track
my finances. Can anyone help me convert these .qif files to .xls files so
that I can use them in Excel? Thanks!

I have an xml file that I need to convert to xls, but need an add-in. Can't
find one on this site.

Hi...I have an important excel file and i converted it to exe...

now my excel file has been lost.... and i need that excel file very much...cause i have some macros in it!

HOw can i convert exe to xls reversely?
i have an exe converted file on hand...bu need the excel file so and sooo much...

looking forward to hearing from you very very soon...

Sincerey yours


Hi all,

I'm in the process of trying to rid myself of the hassle of scanning bills into excel. I currently receive these bills in .pdf format and have been told there is a way to convert these into .xls format.

If this is possible, and my friend wasn't sniffing glue when he mentioned this, I would be very greatful if someone could point me in the right direction to achieve this.

It is part of an ongoing project to produce detailed analyses of customers bills and I'm sure I will be here asking many questions as my knowledge of VBA is very basic.

Many thanks,


Hello all

any idea about converting dbf to xls files?

it is my first time......and is related to SQL query

thank u

I have a large file (140 megs) of unrelated pairs of data and charts. I want
to convert it to .XLS. When I try to do so, Excel crashes. I tried to cut
the file in half, thinking that the size would be the problem. It still
crashed. I then created a dummy .XLS file and moved about half to the dummy
..xls file. When I saved it, Excel crashed again.

Has anyone had any luck with this conversion tool that MSFT offers?

Long story short: I created a number of XL 2007 files, had to uninstall
Office 2007 from my machine and revert back to Office 2003.

So I want to open the XL 07 files and convert them to XL 03 format. The
conversion tool though isn't working. I get a message saying XL 03 doesn't
recognize the file format.

Wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem.


Brevity is the soul of wit.

Is an xla still rqd to call the COM add-in?

I am (still) considering my options wrt converting my vba xl add-in to
a COM add-in (c/- Office Developer). As I have never actually seen a
COM add-in I am curious to know how this would work. For example, do I
still need an xla module to add my commandbar to xl and then call the
subs/functions in the COM add-in or can I directly compile the entire
xla as it is?

Thanks a lot,


Is it possible to use a macro to covert 140 files in one folder from.csv to .xls format, and then delete the .csv files?


I have a huge .Dat file which i need to convert in to .xls. I opend with
excel and did fixed length, but i do not whats the correct data that goes in
to one cell as In dat file all the fields are very close to eachother. any

Hi everyone,

Can someone convert this file from .exe to .xls?
[Link deleted]

I assume that this file is originally form xls file then converted to executable file to restrict viewing of codes. If it is impossible to convert this to .exe, is there any way to view its vba codes?

Thanks in advance.


I have a number that I need to convert to the following text string formats. I have successfully converted 45 to the following text string using the custom format:

But it does not work with the ones below:

Convert 0.05 to the following text string:

Convert 0 to the following text string:

These are codes for a instrument and the text must be in the exact format above. Can anyone help.



I need a spreadsheet headed up with today's date and a list of animal numbers. As the vet tests the animal, we want to enter the number of weeks of pregnancy and then convert that to a conception date without having to check a calandar. In other words, how can I enter today's date in a reference cell, and then enter a number (either days or weeks prior to today) alongside the animal number in other cells which will convert to read as a date.

Hi Everyone!

Can anyone show me the code for a macro that will format a folder full of
CSV files to XLS files automatically.



I have a number that I need to convert to the following text string formats. I have successfully converted 45 to the following text string using the custom format:

But it does not work with the ones below:

Convert 0.05 to the following text string:

Convert 0 to the following text string:

These are codes for a instrument and the text must be in the exact format above. Can anyone help.



I am converting Hex to ieee754 floating point numbers using the following
attached code using VBA. Is this a 'fast' way to do this operation? My code
spends 90% of the time performing this operation. I'm hoping there is a
faster way. Any comments are apprectiate.


'To type cast in VB you need to use the API to copy the contents of one data
type into another....
'turns hex data into floating point ieee754 standard
Option Explicit
Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory"
(Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)
Function Hex2Ieee754(b1, b2, b3, b4)

Dim bytArray(0 To 3) As Byte
Dim fResult As Single

' load your data (40 B8 00 00) into a byte array creates 5.75
' note the order is reversed

bytArray(3) = "&H" + b1
bytArray(2) = "&H" + b2
bytArray(1) = "&H" + b3
bytArray(0) = "&H" + b4

' copy into the float
CopyMemory fResult, bytArray(0), 4
' print the result (5.75)
'Debug.Print fResult
Hex2Ieee754 = fResult

End Function

I currently run an online application which allows users to export their data
in excel format. This is achieved by creating what is essentially a html file
and changing the MIME type to excel. This has work great for the last year or
so, however we've come accross an issue with it as of late.

For some reason on a worksheet of 2K plus rows, the sum() function doesn't
seem to operate as expected. On closer inspection, Excel 2003 allows me to
'convert text to number'. On doing so the correct sum values are reached.

An example may be as follows:

288213 24/07/2006 13:20:51 0 Account OCLT002 + 2-OC 123 Customer Large
Plumber/Heating A Saunlerson Sales p Phone South and West Richard Theath n No
Further Action x Not Re-arranged

288214 24/07/2006 13:21:21 0 Account RDNA027 Blah Blah Customer Self
Build A Saunlerson Sales p Phone South and West Richard Pheath n No Further
Action x Not Re-arranged

The first row does not require the conversion on the fourth column, whereas
the second does.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
VB .NET Developer

we need to make a score card using the vlookup function, when we choose the student number from a drop down list, it should give us its name and the grades he got.


Hi Everyone,

I am still trying to convert a folder full of CSV files to XLS files. In an
earlier post I was given a macro, as shown he

Sub TransformCSVToXls()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
myFile = ActiveWorkbook.Name
myPath = "C:Documents and SettingsDEITBEMy DocumentsExcelDelete These"
WorkFile = Dir(myPath & "*.CSV")

Do While WorkFile ""
Application.StatusBar = "Now working on " & WorkFile
Workbooks.Open FileName:=myPath & WorkFile
MsgBox ActiveWorkbook.Name
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:=myPath & _
Left(ActiveWorkbook.Name, Len(ActiveWorkbook.Name) - 4),
WorkFile = Dir()

Application.StatusBar = False

End Sub

I would really appreciate if someone could a) tell me if this macro actually
will work, and b) edit it so that I can use it in my situation.

I have a few requirements, being:

* The folder containing the CSV files will be called GMS, and will be a
subfolder of the macro i.e. C:MACRO_IN_HEREGMS
* I do not want any message boxes or windows to pop up. I simply want the
macro to open 20 or so csv files and change them all to XLS files.


Hello, I have found a few conversion applications that I can download to convert a CSV file to an XLS file.

Is there a specification on how to do this conversion? What did the developers of these conversion apps use as a reference for developing their tool?

I want to understand the requirements of building an XLS file from a CSV file and write a simple script/app to take my query results (in csv format) and put it into an Excel file that can be viewed using any version of Excel.


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