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Graphs - default margins

In preparing graphs in Excel I often change the default margins and fonts.
When I reopen a file though, I often discover that the margins, etc. have
reverted to the default settings. Very annoying (and time consuming...)!
Anyone know how to prevent this from happening?? Many thanks in advance for
your input! Guate

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Is there any way you can change the default margin setting? I usually like my documents to be set up with 0 inch margins both width and length. I am always spending time to reset the margins from the default setting of 1 inch etc.

how do i set default margins for all my excel files / worksheets.

I cannot seem to find where to change the default margin settings for Excel -
I can go in and change them everytime on the page setup but I do not want to
have to manually change the margins everytime. Please help!

I am trying to change my default margins with out using a template so that
each new workbook I open in Excel has the same features.

In Excel 2007 I have a Combined bar/Line graph get it's data from a pivottable.
Intermittently, when I change the pivottable filters, the combined bar/Line
defaults to just a bar graph.

I have tried 2 approaches with the same results -

1. Have the graph select each set of data from a range
2. Have the graph point generically at the pivottable and dynamically adjust
Thank You in Advance,

Michael Anderson

Is it possible to set default margins different than the regular top and bottom 1", left and right .75"? It would be nice to not have to change these each time a new workbook is created.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Need to be able to change the default Margin settings so this is not someting
I have to do on every file I set up. thanks

How to change the default line width value that is already exist in the
Excel scatter graph? Default value present for line style width is 2.5
points. I need to set my own value. Thanks.

Hi there,

Edit: Problem solved.
Links to a resource explaining default margin settings and to a complete list of possible settings in a chart (stuff like .ChartArea.Width, .PlotArea.Left and .PlotArea.InsideLeft) still very much appreciated!

Here I am with another thing that bugs me. I am obviously unable to find a good source where I can find information how to correctly set margins in a graph and how to position objects.

The short version:
Are there any margin settings in a chart area that overrule settings like .AxisTitle.Left, .ChartArea.Width and .ChartArea.Left?
Is there any good resource where e.g. differences between .PlotArea.Left and .PlotArea.InsideLeft are explained?

The long version:
Currently, I do position my x-axis labels like this:

gap = 10   'set the gap between axis title and tick labels

With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(i)

   caw = ActiveChart.ChartArea.Width
   cah = ActiveChart.ChartArea.Heigth
   pail = ActiveChart.PlotArea.InsideLeft
   paiw = ActiveChart.PlotArea.InsideWidth

      With .Chart.Axes(1)
         .AxisTitle.Left = caw   'pushes axis title to rightmost position possible; since Excel forbids that the axis title
sticks out of the chart area, .AxisTitle.Left actually gets the value of the chart area width minus the length of the axis
title itself
         .AxisTitle.Left = pail + paiw / 2 - (caw - .AxisTitle.Left) / 2   'centers the position of the axis title in regard
to the x-axis.
         .AxisTitle.Top = cah   'push axis title down to lowest possible position

         pah_new = .AxisTitle.Top - (gap + pat)
      End With

   ActiveChart.PlotArea.InsideHeight = pah_new   'set the heigth of the plot area so that the gap between tick labels and
axis title is as set above

End With
Credits for that go partly to this link. So, this seems to work fine as intended. However, setting the value for the variable "gap" does not match the actual gap between the tick labels and the axis title. Setting gap to zero leads to an overlap between ticks and title. Even a value of 15 produces the same result. Only when further increasing the value it gets formatted as I want it.

As a result, I can not really control the outcome of my script the way I want it.
Even worse, what I ultimately want to achieve is that the spacing between the y-axis title and tick labels should match the space between tick labels and axis title on the x-axis. This of course requires knowing the actual distance between axis title and ticks.

I tried it with:

With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(i)

   With .Chart.Axes(2)
      .AxisTitle.Left = caw
      ath = caw - .AxisTitle.Left   'height of the (rotated) axis title
      .AxisTitle.Left = 0
      pal_new = ath + gap
   End With

   ActiveChart.PlotArea.Left = pal_new

End With
and failed.
I suspect there may be some margins in the chart area that cause problems. This is also because

as in the code above is obviously not the leftmost place for the axis title as

pushes it even more to the left (and it is still not touching the left border of the chart). Why?

So I read the values of ActiveChart.PageSetup.LeftMargin and ActiveChart.PageSetup.BottomMargin and found that they were different. If I correct the value of gap by the double the difference of these values, it seems to deliver the correct result. There has to be a better way to do this. Any ideas?

How do i change the default margins and page sizes in Excel..

Create a workbook with every setting you want--always create backup checked,
maybe page layout, headers/footers???

Then save it as book.xlt (as a template) in your XLStart folder.

Then when you click on the new icon, that new workbook will inherit all those
settings from that template.

ps. If you create a template workbook named Sheet.xlt and store it in the same
folder, that one will be used when you add new worksheets to existing workbooks.

proshail wrote:
> How do i change the default margins and page sizes in Excel..


Dave Peterson

When changing default margins in Excel, the headers on the page don't adjust.
Is it possible to have them follow the page size once my margins are

For the first time today, someone in my office asked me to create an Excel sheet with a header and footer of our company logo. I've never done this before, so I followed instructions I found online to set them up. But, there is one problem I just can't seem to get around: The left and right margins for the header and footer seem to be locked.

For example, our company logo JPG is 1" tall by 8" wide. When I set the custom header in Excel to be this image then preview it, the image is always placed at .75" from the left and .5" from the top (coinciding with the default margins, apparently). But, when I drag the left/right margins around, they have NO effect on the header or footer - it stays in place.

No matter what I do, I can't seem to decrease the header/footer left/right margins at all. The top and bottom margins work as expected, though.

Is there any way to do what I need to?


Is there a way to set default page settings for new workbooks? I would like
to have default margins different than the standard 1.0 inch for top and


I'm trying to make a graph where margin of error is taken into account. For example, I have two points on the graph, 99 and 100. Since the difference between 99 and 100 is within +-5% of 99, can I make it so that the graph will show both points as 99?


I am TRYING to plot a graph for Economics with 'Output' on the X Axis (1,2,3...10) and $ (0,50,100...300) on the Y Axis. There are 3 Lines on the graph using this data (eg. Total fixed cost, Total variable cost, Average variable cost) but then I need to put a 4th line on the graph for Marginal Cost - using the same Y Axis values, but plotting on the X axis at 1.5,2.5,3.5...9.5. I don't have these values for the other 3 lines that I am plotting though so end up with a graph that is completely wrong. Is there anyway I can plot this 4th line without messing up the rest of the data?

Any help is much appreciated!!

I have 2 queries

I have Windows XP on my PC at work, and when attachments are mailed to me (Word/Excel), in spite of the fact they are in landscape view, they always print as portait. Have tried page set up etc but to no avail.

Also, I am unable to centre spreadsheets horizontally in Excel. There is always a default margin on the left of 1.5.

Hope someone can assist.. My email address is

Many thanks

Created two columns of data, 900 rows, the second column contains numbers,
the first contains dates
Created a line graph, default settings
Format data series, chose shadow, whenever I try to edit one of the settings
it takes me to to a picture menu (brightnes/contrast adjustments)

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I have 800 books in a folder with default page setups. Top and Bottom 1 inch
each and side .75 inches each. I would want to change the default margin
setup for all these workbooks. Also whenever i create a new book, they should
be created with my default settings.
I want to have top and bottom margins set to .25 inch each instead of 1 inch.


I am a member of an organization that drafts and publishes documents for its members, in Word. Drafting teams, even when all are using Office 2007, find that page breaks fall differently with each user, when sharing the "same" document.

In addition, each member may open a differently formatted document, even when only one version was sent out.

I suppose that everyone has slightly different defaults (margins, tabs, etc), but can't one somehow "lock in" the format as the original writer intended it?


What are the Default {RGB} colors for graphs in Excel 2011?

I don't want an approximation. I want to match what is has used in some of the automatically generated graphs elsewhere.

I have created a pivot graph. The lines are too light and thin to read properly and when I update the data it defaults back to these. Is there a way to chane the default lines and colors?

All of our graphs must have white backgrounds, so how can I change the default settings in Excel to change the plot area color from gray (default) to white? I don't want to make templates;I want to change a system file.

Is it possible in later versions of Excel to change the Margin defaults?
Instead of 1 inch...I want to change to .5 inch.

Please advise.....thanks for your help!

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