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help creating a accounting spreadsheet for a daycare center

I am trying to help my daycare center track payments for comparison with what
the off site accountant has. Their are 5 rooms of children (about 90
children) and right now she only tracks payments using a receipt book.

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I need help creating a cost range for the following scenario.
If the value of cell A1 falls between 0-300 I need the following cell A2 to
say $0-$300 or if A1 was 389 I would need A2 to say $300-$600 and so on. In
need it broke down in $300 increments to $6000. Thank You

I need help creating a bell chart for the standard deviation in the data below. Can someone help me pretty please?

1 2 3 4 5 6 Rating Average Response Count Median Mode St. Dev.
5 15 10 10 9 4 3.28 53 3.5 2 1.47
7 16 8 16 4 2 3.00 53 3.5 2, 4 1.34
4 17 13 12 6 1 3.04 53 3.5 2 1.22
10 12 14 11 5 1 2.85 53 3.5 3 1.32
11 14 14 3 9 2 2.83 53 3.5 2, 3 1.48
16 11 15 7 2 2 2.51 53 3.5 1 1.35
2 4 15 11 16 5 3.94 53 3.5 5 1.28
3 10 12 19 7 2 3.43 53 3.5 4 1.22
4 8 12 19 8 2 3.47 53 3.5 4 1.25
9 12 13 9 9 1 3.00 53 3.5 3 1.40
10 23 10 7 2 1 2.45 53 3.5 2 1.17
0 10 12 13 14 3 3.77 52 4 5 1.21
4 10 11 13 12 3 3.53 53 3.5 4 1.38
5 4 14 14 12 3 3.63 52 3.5 3, 4 1.34
4 7 9 12 18 3 3.79 53 3.5 5 1.39
5 8 16 10 12 2 3.42 53 3.5 3 1.35
7 15 13 9 9 0 2.96 53 3 2 1.30
8 10 7 16 9 3 3.32 53 3.5 4 1.49
5 10 6 15 10 6 3.63 52 3.5 4 1.52
3 13 13 15 6 2 3.27 52 3.5 4 1.24

Hi guys, I'm new around here but I was reading your stuff for quite some time.

I'm also quite novice to excel programing (VBA and formulas) but I'm a Java developer so I understand logic... just not the logic around Excel...

I have to maintain a staffing forecast spreadsheet and it was quite a pain so I created a bunch of formulas and macros to help me. The problem is that it's not performant and quite heavy as I keep adding data.

Can someone have a look at it and try to optimise it? I'm a quick learner, if you start it I can keep improving it... I just dont know where to start.

Also, if someone could help me to implement some kind of calendar for vacation that looks a little bit like the one found on this site (not trying to steal their stuff, just want to give you an example of the improvement I'm looking for)

I dont know how to attach my spreadsheet, is ther a way?

Let me know, any help will be good!

Thansk in advance! you guys ROCK!

I have a spreadsheet containing 12 worksheets. The worksheets have several
columns of information against a record which has a unique staff number.

e.g. Worksheet (Month 1)

ID No Amount Amount Amount

I would like to create a master spreadsheet which contains each unquie ID
number against each month's information. E.g.

Month 1
Month 2
ID No Amount1 Amount2 Amount3 Amount1 Amount2 Amount3

Is there anyway I can pull the information against each ID number onto one
sheet (as above). I cannot copy and paste from one to another because I have
leavers and joiners so they don't always match up.

I would be gratefuly for any help. Many thanks


I'm trying to create a simple spreadsheet for my sales people so that they can work out how much commision they've earned, by inputting the money they've brought in, but I just can't figure out how to do it, despite spending days on it!

For example:

If they bring in anything up to £3500 - then they get 0% commission.
If they bring in £3501 - £6000, they get 7.5% comm
If they bring in £6001 - £8000, they get 16% comm
If they bring in £8001+, they get 25%

E.g. If they brought in £6500 that month, then their commission would be worked out as follows:

(they would get 0% on the first £3500, as above)
£2499 x 7.5% = £187
£500 x 16% = £80
So their total commission for that month would be £267

If they brought in £8000 then it's worked out as follows:
£2499 x 7.5% = £187
£2000 x 16% = £320
= £507 total commission for that month.

How do I create an 'IF' formula in one cell that works out the commission earned, when the commission structure is split into different levels? Is this even possible?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Hi all,

I have created a protected spreadsheet for work - I have managed to stop the cut/paste function however I am struggling to figure out how to stop them just hitting the "Delete" button on the keyboard and removing everything.

Essentially - there are a few sections in the spreadsheet and each section has an "Approved" yes/no/pending status. I only want people to be able to edit/delete when the status is "pending". I have managed to do this using Data Validation....however they can still just hit the "Delete" key and everything is gone.

Any help?? Basically when Approved = either "Yes" or "No" I want to disable the Delete key.

Any ideas?


Hi Everyone,

Im essentially an Excel neophyte. I am trying to create a timeline spreadsheet for a weekly radio show I produce. We have 3 segments and the total time of the 3 must add to 59 minutes. Within each segments there are numerous variables with a certain time value.

I am trying to figure out how to have time reduced correctly.

For Example

Segment 1
Story A 5:00 minutes
Story B 4:30 minutes
Story C 3:00 minutes

What I need is Segment Total (A+B+C) in one cell and Remaining time (from total 59 minutes) in another.

I know this may seem silly for most of you, but I cannot get the cells to format properly at all.

Thanks for any help.



I have been tasked with the job to create a holiday record for about 100 users where everyone's holiday can be recorded. Now this is the easy bit, because I have created a spreadsheet for every worker, and their holiday period, that is the first day to the last day is stored into the spreadsheet. Now for the difficult bit; my manager has asked me to create spreadsheet whereby he can open one spreadsheet and be able to tell immediately who is on holiday and who is not graphically.

The kind of thing he is looking for is a spreadsheet where by you have every employee name down one of the sheet and across the top the months with a person's holiday shown in color blocks like a Gnatt Chart or bar chart for each time they are on holiday.

I am completely out of my depth on this one, and do not have a clue as to how to do this. The only thing I have done is to cell reference everyone's holiday sheet to a master sheet so all the information is gathered together, and then created to a macro to hold this as date values in order to get away from cell references. But does any one know how to turn all of this information into a chart for each holiday??????????????????????


We are a small Macintosh os9 based publishing company in need of basic business accounting spreadsheets for excel mac. We have Microsoft Office 2001.

We have three years of data to enter to develop profile of our business for potential investors ie our growth and revenues in addition to forecasting expected increase in revenue do to expansion of sales.

Anyone have experience in the Publishing industry and excel applications?
Thanks for your time in advance...and our need is urgent.

One of the nurses I work with created a simple spreadsheet. She wants to calculate the yes', the no's & the blanks in Column B & D. I'm at a loss. It would be sheet 3 in the workbook.

I have a spreadsheet that has the following numbers that are entered each
time I create a comp plan for sales reps. Those are:


Using the commission and the quota, I want to calculate the rate. OK,
that's easy, commission divided by quota equals rate.

But here's where I'm having trouble. We use a graduated scale against
quota. That is:

from 0-50% of plan, you'll be paid at 40% your full rate
from 50-75% of plan, you'll be paid at 65% your full rate
from 75-100% of plan, you'll be paid at the full rate
from 100-125% of plan, you'll be paid at 150% of your full rate
above 125% of plan, you'll be paid at 210% of your full rate

What I want to do is to create a spreadsheet that allows me to plug in the
commission and the quota and have it calculate each of these rates. So to
give an example:

Salary = $39k
Commission = $11,500
Quota = $4M

- from 0-50% of plan, the commission rate is .23% (this means you'd be paid
$4,600 commission if you hit exactly 50%)
- from 50-75% of plan, the commission rate is .28% (this means you'd be
paid $7,419 commission if you hit exactly 75%)
- from 75-100% of plan, the commission rate is .41% (this means you'd be
paid $11,500 commission if you hit exactly 100%)
- from 100-125% of plan, the commission rate is .58% (this means you'd be
paid $17,250 commission if you hit exactly 125%)
- above 125% of plan, the commission rate is .69% (this means you'd be paid
$24,150 commission if you hit exactly 150%)

Anyone have suggestions?
TIA, Robert

This one has been giving me a lot of trouble. I'm trying to create a function that uses two input values selected in a userform to produce a desired output (please see attachment). The problem I'm having is that I'm creating a separate function for each "dynamic variable" and so I've got 25 output values when I'd like to have only one. Is this possible? My guess is that a loop needs to be created with different step values (I just don't know how to do that).
Any help is greatly appreciated.



I need a macro that creates a new spreadsheet for a range of cells. Also i need the created spreadsheets to have data already in it. The data is a checklist. For every checklist I wanted 3 cells referenced from the original spreadsheet.

Is this even possible?

For example...

Name Date of Birth Customer Numer
Alex 8/1/1965 789123
Nick 4/2/1973 987421
Steve 6/30/1985 85632
Ted 1/5/1988 976218

I would like each spreadsheet to have the name in a certain cell... the date of birth on another cell... and the customer number in another cell.

On the new spreadsheets I would like a checklist of various things as if it were a questionairre.

1) Mothers Maiden Name
2) Favorite Animal
3) ____________
4) etc.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Hi Guys,
I am currently creating a stock spreadsheet for a uniform store. "Sheet 1" has the user interface on it (it needs to be a simple as possible) "Sheet 2" has the uniform list. Is it possible to create two data entry fields on sheet one, "Type" and "Size" where the user could type in the details of a new piece of uniform, and at the click of a button add it to the stock list?
I know it is extremely simple to just type it into "Sheet 2", however i really do need to have some sort of data entry capability on the user interface.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need help creating a formula for a worksheet I need for work. Listed below are the colums I will be working with.

a. Insurance
b. Initial Evaluation Date
c. Re-registration Date
d. Prescription Expiration Date

This is what I need. If column "a" says either "Medicare" or "Medicaid", then add 30 business days to the date that's in column "b" and reflect that new date in column "c" , but if column "a" dosent say "Medicare" or Medicaid" then add 90 business days to the date in column "b" and reflect that date in column "c". I don't want Saturday or Sunday to be counted (if that's possible) If not I'll work with the formula. Thank you soooo much.

I am creating a budget line for a city's spending on bread and vegetables. I have managed to do this with no problems but now I need to add another city's spending on these items onto the same graph. And then a further 3 cities, each with a different coloured line. Is someone able to give me some really simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this?
Thanks for any help!

I am new to the forum and sadly, not a great Excel user I am however trying to create a time sheet for a template and am having the hardest time. I can't find examples on the web or anything that would help, so I bring my troubles, humblely to you all!

What I am attempting to do is to allow the attorney's to enter a start time and an end time. In the total section, it would calculate the total time spent (to the tenth of the hour) and then multiply that time spent by the hourly rate, thus giving the attorney the amount to bill for. Seems simple, right? Ha!

Any suggestions would be wonderous at this point as I now have brain leaking from my ears!




I have two spreadsheets; one containing actual data, and another with a matrix of conditions. There are three columns of data and for each of those columns there is a corresponding column of conditions. The conditions look some thing like this:
x y z
2 1 3
2 1 2
3 1 1
3 2 3
3 1 1
3 2 2

Each row is an independent condition.
If a row in the data file has a value of x smaller than or equal to that in the conditions and values of y and z equal to those in the corresponding condition row, the condition is met.

Here's the problem; I need to write a formula that will output "1" if a data row meets ANY one (or more) of the conditions in the condition matrix and zero if no conditions are met (essentially creating a dummy variable for the conditions matrix).

I have too many conditions to use nested IF functions, How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance.

I need help creating a macro to copy from a cell in sheet1 to a cell in
sheet1. Though when it pastes I can't have it fill the same cell over
again I need it to paste it in the next cell down from it.


Sheet1 -> Sheet2

B12 -> B2
D12 -> C2
I5 -> A2
I17 -> E2
G12 -> D2
I22 -> F2
I27 -> G2

I have merged cells from B through G with rows 16-28 needing to be
copied to H2 but become unmerged in the seperate sheet. Can anyone
help me out?

I would like to create a macros to do the following -- When the user clicks on the "Lessons" button or the "Story" button, macros will detect which row and column the button is being clicked and opens the appropriate Lesson or Story.

Basically, I created a pacing guide for my school for Kindergarten through 6th Grade (sorted by rows) starting from the first week of September 2012 to the second week of June 2013 (sorted by columns). I'd like to create buttons for each grade level and for each week that allow my teachers to just click and view the week's lesson plans for their grade level and the story that corresponds to these lesson plans.

I set up something like this to test opening a PDF when the button was clicked. It worked, but I wanted to avoide writing a separate Macros for each button.

 Sub OpenPDF()
    Dim strFolder As String
    Dim strGrade As String
    Dim strWeek As String

    'Sets Folder Location
    strFolder = "E:PacingGuide"
    'Sets Grade Level
    strGrade = "6"
    'Sets Week Number on Pacing Gude
    strWeek = "1"
    'Declares PDF File Location
    strPDFFile = strFolder & strGrade & strWeek & "LessonPlan.pdf"
    'Open PDF File
    ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=strPDFFile, NewWindow:=True

 End Sub
I feel like there should be a way to use an If..Then here.

For example,

If the command button being selected is in Row 34 (6th Grade) and Column D (Week 1) Then Open the 6th Grade's 1st Week Lesson Plans

If the command button being selected is in Row 34 (6th Grade) and Column E (Week 2) Then Open the 6th Grade's 2nd Week Lesson Plans


I'm learning VBA programming, so any advice would help =) Thanks to those who post!

Create a RealTimeData Server for Excel 2002 or later versions of Excel ...

Release Date: October 21, 2002 For additional information about how to download ... method is called when an Excel file is opened that contains real-time data functions or ...

Hi I am looking for someone who can help design a sales spreadsheet for two sales persons to log their daily traffic etc, I have done something up but it really needs a guru to bring it all together. Can anyone help in this forum please.



I would like to create a pick list for imported graphics. I want it to work like a validation list. These graphics can be stored on the same or a separate tab/sheet within the document. Is this possible within Excel?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.