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A VB code for creating count down timer / stopwatch...


I have nothing to with programming. but in Excel I have used VB Editor for pasting codes to like number to words etc...

I think that it is possible to make a count down timer or a stop watch.

If yes, can anyone give me the code and method to do so?



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i need a step by step help of creating a excel macro and the related Vb code for creating a textbox and option button in an excel sheet as early as possible

Basically I have a workbook called Control Form. In this Control Form there are 7 Sheets.

The first sheet is the Main Control that will control certain information on all the forms that VB Code will create, such as date, creators name, etc.

The Second Sheet is called REV LEVELS and will control drawing level revisions for all of the sheets that the VB code will create.

All this information above has already been linked to the sheets which VB will be creating from the templates located in the Control Form Workbook. You should not have to worry about any of that.

The next sheet is called FileCreator, where there will be a command button which is called "Create Files" which, when clicked on will create seperate workbooks, each with 4 sheets containing the templates located in the Control Form highlighted in blue (Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, and Notes). The Code will need to name each file according to the Part Number located on the FileCreator Sheet in the Control Form Workbook. Although nothing special needs to happen with the notes sheet before it is transferred, Form 1 will need to get the Part Number, Part Name, and Drawing Number plugged into the corresponding locations before it is copied to a new workbook. Since Form 2 and Form 3 have linked to Form 1 already I am hoping that when the 3 forms are transferred they will stay linked together.

I tried to run a test on this just by highlighting the 4 sheets and copying them to a new workbook but it tells me it cannot copy them as a group because one of the sheets contains a list. (Form 1 contains a list to select the different Drawing Numbers) Let me know if this is going to be a problem, if so I can do without the list.

Also the location where all the new workbooks will be saved is whatever the folder location is of the Control Form.

Hopefully that all makes since..

Please ask any questions for clarification. This seemed like quite an operation to me but I wanted to give it a try as we are currently manually copying a workbook containing the 4 blue sheets and renaming everything manually. I have a job coming up where I am going to need close to 250 different Part Numbers and if I could get this code working before it will save me a lot of time!

Thanks a bunch for your help!!

FYI The Control Form has been attached so you can play around with it and get a better idea of the flow..

How to Make a Count-Down Timer in Excel?

Dear Forum,

I am preparing a Small Test for the Human Resource Department which can help them in the Screening process.

This test would be a Multi-option questionnaire and would be Time-Bound and the questions would be picked from a Bin of Questions with each question already assigned with the number of minutes to be solved in.

For Ex: I have a Databse of 50 questions, each question assigned different timings depending on their complexity and for various level openings.

I would like to pick up randomly any no of questions and get the Total Time Displayed in the Cell G3 and in the Second Sheet where it has a look of an exam it should have a CountDOwn Timer after the Candidate clicks on the Start Button and it Should have a Count-Down Timer which should be Dynamic to pick up the Total Time from the no of selected questions for the Test as well as should Disable the Sheet once the Time reaches zero...

It can also promt the user of the Last 5 minutes to go...The Candidate can click on Submit button to complete the Test ..

Can this be possible..It would be really helpful as the current procedure is time-consuming and also not very reliable..
I am not sure whether this is only possible in only VBA thats the reason posted the query in WorkSheets Functions but please if its not then can be moved...

Warm Regards..

Hello fellow Excel nerds like me,

I built this workbook that has a count down timer for my employees (so that they can keep track of their own time spent on certain projects). This is the rough draft, and it's working great...except whenever I toggle to another excel work book (alt + tab) the "time is up" pop-up message box appears prematurely and pauses the timer. You might have to try it out for yourself to see what I'm talking about. Keep a seperate excel work book open while you also have mine open, and toggle to the other spread sheet.

This also happens when the timer is running and then I open a new work book seperately. I'm not sure if there's anything different I can do in my coding to prevent this or if I'm just going to have to live with this glitch. See attached file.

Thanks for any help! I love this forum!

CountDown Timer (test).xlsm


I am continuously starting to use excel at the workplace, and finding out more and more I don't really know too much about the program. I am an Excel 2007 and VB code newbie, please bare with me, I will do my best to explain my current problem

I have a Macro-enabled excel workbook that is used to review content, there are two different grouped content reviews which are housed within a hidden 'Templates' sheet. On another worksheet is the actual Review page, on this review page there is a macro-enabled button which basically takes one grouped review from the 'Templates' sheet and pastes it in to the work book (this can be done multiple times, and new grouped reviews are always pasted one row below the last). Within each grouped review, there are about 32 different Criteria which can all have a 'Pass, Fail, or N/A' status. What I hope to do, is add a 'Current Status' row beneath each grouped review that looks at the Status off all Criteria and assigns a 'Pass or Fail' state depending on whats outlined in the criteria. So if i had all Passes, it would show up as 'Pass' in the Current Status, but if i had one 'Fail' it would show up as Fail.

Since I have a macro button that simply copies and adds a new review one row down, I am pretty sure I'll have to include some more VB code in the module so I can have my vision brought to life.

I have included the VB code for adding the new grouped review, as I suspect there may need to be more code added to this so it can properly display the status.

Any information and help you can provide is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you,
- Eric

I would like to use excel to create a count down timer. Is this possible ?
Basically it would be a date field in which i could enter a project end date and does the subtraction till it hits the project end date everytime the file is open.


Hi All,

I have a 2 List in a Userform ( List 1 & List 2 ).
List 1 contains an array of Data extracted from a Worksheet.
I will have to select the required data from List 1 & add the same to List 2.

Currently I am able to select only one data at a time & add it to List 2.

I set the List 1 style to Multiselect option but couldn't work out the code to select a set of Data & add to the List 2 in ONE GO!!!....

Could u pl help me with the VB codes for this....

Ur help will be much appreciated..

Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Anand.R

Is there a way to program a count-down timer in Excel?

For example, say I need to buy toner cartridges every 3 months, and I just
bought some. Then I can reset the timer, and it'll indicate another 3
months. When the three months are up, another cell will turn go from "Toner
in stock" to "Buy toner."

Does anyone know how to program excel to do something like this? Thanks!

Hey guys.

I'm a finance guy and I'm trying to make a budget sheet in excel that can be viewed in multiple currencies. I have tried to create a VB code for it and run through a macro and failed. What I basically have is a sheet full of numbers and I want the users to be able to select a currency from a drop down menu or click on an action button and all the amounts get translated into that currency. I have to ensure that the users have the option view the data in 3 different currencies, the translation rates of which I can define on a monthly basis. Please help.


Is there a way to program a count-down timer in Excel?

For example, say I need to buy toner cartridges every 3 months, and I just
bought some. Then I can reset the timer, and it'll indicate another 3
months. When the three months are up, another cell will turn go from "Toner
in stock" to "Buy toner."

Does anyone know how to program excel to do something like this? Thanks!

Does anyone know the VB code for the Excel =CHAR( function

ie =CHAR(65)= A



Hello All, I'm have a difficult time to make a count down timer in a text box. Basically I run a While loop, that does some testing. Suring that while look I'd like a text box count down so that theuser knows something is happening

bStopped = False 'Estop control
' Wait 10 sec
InitialTime = TIME
FinalTime = InitialTime + #12:00:10 AM#
While InitialTime < FinalTime And Not bStopped
TimerTime = FinalTime - InitialTime
lblOK.Text = TimerTime

But I get values like 2.03432E-5

How can I make this display 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, ?

code for creating mersenne primes and perfect numbers...

i'm looking for....????

thank you.

Hi just wanna ask, Is there a VB code to terminate a loop?

Does anyone know the VB code for printing?




Does anyone have a list of codes or a few codes for different sounds in microsoft excel. I know the bell/beep sound is 'Beep'.


Is it possible to change the formula below into a VB code?


Dear All

I need a VB code for the following.

When I select a range in an excel sheet. The hidden rows in that range
should get unhidden and then based on a condition the rows must be hidden
within the selected range.

For example I select A1 to D5. Whatever hidden rows are there between Row 1
and Row 5 should get hidden. Then if it is observed that between A11 all
the cells are blank, then the code hides row 1 and so on.

I need the same very urgently as my work is pending just because of this code.

Thanks a lot in Advance

Dear All,
Can someone help me with writing a VBA code for the Dsum function. I basically want to have a VBA formula which can help me write the criteria in the VBA formula itself rather than as reference to another range as it is currently in the Dsum function. I have attached an excel file where I am showing the Dsum function, however, I want to do the same thing, but using a VBA code. The reason is that I have a huge amount of data and I want to avoid writing the Criteria in a separate range of cells and then refer to the range in the Dsum function. Many thanks for your help.

Hi can any one help me out to find a VBA Code for fliping images in a User Form. What I want is that, I have a user form in which I have a command button "Next" & "Previous". I want whenever I click "Next" button my image control should show the next image & whenever I click "Previous" button my image control should show the previous image. I tried many logics but failed. Might be you guys will crack this hard nut. Please post your comments if you need any further details from my side.I will appreciate your help.

as a newbie,I need to get a vb code so i can kick off a macro which will delete duplicates.
Say if a column has all customers, and next column is sales,
Customer Sales
00001 2,000
00001 8,000
00002 3,000
00002 10,000
I need to delete the highest in sales figure only, and only keep the lowest.
please help!!

Hi All,
Anyone knows to execute VB code(for opening xls file) using java??

Hi Everyone,
Please can anybody help.
I need a VB Code for
Open a pdf file from specific folder
click on export button
Save it as *.xml file
Then open the xml file Go to file open with xml editor
Find "lock" text, delete and save
again open the new blank form in pdf click on import button.

Thanks and Regards,



I have converted some code that works like a countdown timer and is perfect for my needs apart from one small aspect - it counts down in seconds only, not minutes and seconds.

The format I am looking for is X:yy where x is minutes and y is seconds, eg 180 seconds = 3:00. Is there a simple format I can add to a cell that will do the trick?

EDIT:I think the Dim at the top of this code is causing the problems as I don't really want to show the date - just minutes and seconds counting down. A sample workbook is included - code is in Thisworkbook, Sheet1 and module1.

Sub Timer() 
    CountDown = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01") 
    Application.OnTime CountDown, "Reset" 
End Sub 
Sub Reset() 
    Dim count As Range 
    Set count = [A1] ' A1 contains the number of seconds for the countdown.
    count.Value = count.Value - 1 
    If count

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