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Pie charts and subcategories

I want to create a pie chart using the attached Excel data. I have a main category (Types of Organisms), then within these categories I have the subcategories (Organisms). I want to use something like the bar of pie chart where the main pie displays the Types of Organisms and in the bar I want to display the Organisms. How do I do this? I've tried but can't see how to select the data so it appears as I've described. I definitely want to use a pie chart but don't know if the bar of pie chart is the appropriate one to use? Can someone help?

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I have a pie chart and I dont want to display percentages, but the whole number value from the source. When I format the data label I get a fraction instead of the whole number.

I want the chart to display the actual numbers, and not a percentage, how can I do this?

Hi guys,

I've found my experiences with Office 2007 great, apart from this annoying
If i create a pie chart, and one of the data ranges has a zero value, the
whole pie chart becomes the colour of the zero value.
So if i had 3 values, 10, 20, 0, which were coloured green, blue and red
respectively in a pie chart, the whole pie becomes red, instead of two
this doesnt happen in Excel 2003 (ie: my pie charts have always looked nice).

I understand that people might just say to not include the zero values, but
that doesnt fix the 'problem'.

I have created a file with 15 tabs. The layout and formulas are the same on each tab; just the data is diffferent tab-to-tab. I have set up a pie chart and formatted it the way I want on the first tab.

I want to have the same style of pie chart appear on each of the tabs, but when I copy and paste onto one of the other tabs, I get the data from the first tab displayed by the pie. Surely I don't have to edit the data selection on every tab??

I just want each tab's pie to copy what the pie on the first tab is doing.

Will be very grateful for advice on how to avoid this tedious process!

Sales goal is 12,500 packages sold
Current sales is 4,465

whats the coding for this? Im trying to make a simple pie chart and its not working out so well :D

Hi All,

I was wondering if its possible to have a pie chart based on the largest value in a range of cells in different worksheets.
for example, in sheet1 get the highest value from the range of cells, J2:J30
in sheet2 get the highest value from the range of cells, J2:J30
in sheet3 get the highest value from the range of cells, J2:J30
Then display these three values in a pie chart.

I tried creating a pie chart and entering in the Data Range

this didn't work.  Any suggestions 

Thanks in advance

Hello all.
This is also posted here:

I have a pie chart that simply displays total number of items and number of remaining items. I have the percentages manually calculated but wanted the pie chart to also display the percentages. The problem is that when I select Format Data Series, Data Labels, Percentage...the percent displayed on the chart is incorrect. For example, I set up a test chart with 100 total items with 50 items remaining. The calculated percentage is 50% but the pie chart is displaying 33.33% which is obviously incorrect. Anyone know how to correct the pie chart percentages?


Hello all.
I have a pie chart that simply displays total number of items and number of remaining items. I have the percentages manually calculated but wanted the pie chart to also display the percentages. The problem is that when I select Format Data Series, Data Labels, Percentage...the percent displayed on the chart is incorrect. For example, I set up a test chart with 100 total items with 50 items remaining. The calculated percentage is 50% but the pie chart is displaying 33.33% which is obviously incorrect. Anyone know how to correct the pie chart percentages?



[See attached image]
I am trying to group a textbox and a pie chart using VBA without luck.

The textbox (shown in the lower right corner of the attached image) has been named "DelChart" in the VBA code and the chart is the only chart on the worksheet.

I've limited VBA knowledge (I tend to create macros and try figure out what's going on then modify them as best I can) so would appreciate if someone could show me the appropriate code required.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

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I have a pie chart, and the source data for the pie chart is a pivot table that I have created. However, there are several fields in my pivot table table, and I can only produce a pie chart that reflects the very first field in the table. I know pie charts can only use one field, but I need to make a separate pie chart for each field. No matter how I try and change the data source, I can only ever get a pie chart that uses thew first field in the pivot table.

Is there a way with VBA to create separate charts from the pivot table?

Many thanks,


With a Pie-in-Pie chart, the result is 1 big Pie chart and a 2nd user defined pie chart I have sucessfully done this. Now I would like to know if it is possible to create another user defined pie chart from the second pie chart? What i invision is 3 pie charts for my data--1st pie chart that represents the top 10 accounts and an "other" then a 2nd pie chart that takes the "other" and breaks it down into the top 10 in that section and an "other" and then a 3rd pie chart that will displays the "other" of the 2nd pie chart.

Is this possible?

I have included a sample of the data i am charting. There are 48 items to be plotted and the Pie Chart is the chart of preference. When i chart these items using a Pie-in-Pie Chart, spliting the data at a value of $15,000, the result is a very crowded second pie chart and i am trying to better display that second pie chart. NOTE: it is crowded with Pie-in-Pie or Bar-in-Pie chart.

Thanks for your help.


I am trying to make a chart (it doesn't have to be pie, but I think that's the one that has this feature) where I can show the total spend and total profit in one pie chart, and then have the total profit expanded to show a split between discount and profit without discount (which together make the total profit). I have included a file to show what I mean.

I have data that I am trying to graph using an Exploded Pie Chart and a fixed range of cells. The problem I am having is how do I set the range of data for the graph to automatically exclude blank rows. If my data uses only 3 of the 5 rows I would like the chart ranging to reflect that. Right now I get a single line (with a label of 0%) which requires me to manually adjust the chart source data range. Is there a way to automatically set this chart ranging?

Hello. I've been trying to figure out how to make a 3d pie chart and I'm just lost. Could anyone help me and tell me how to make the initial shape of the graph?


I have a series of pie of pie charts and want to change the name of the 'Others' label say to 'Asia. At the moment I am changing it manually on each chart and wondered if there is a VBA code that will do that.

Does anyone know how to do this?


I am trying to build a scorecard for my company.
Unfortunately I have a legacy of Word for reporting and am using linked images at this stage to replace the previous manually updated word charts etc.
My evil plan is to use Excel as a data source for all the various dots, charts, pie charts and columns representing stock tank levels etc.
I do have some code for changing colours of chart items based on values but it hard codes the values and steps through all teh charts in one shot.
Does anyone have code for manipulating charts based on individual limits set in a spreadsheet? (ie chart 1 has lower and upper limits of 25 and 75%, chart 2 has limits of 45 and 65% etc.
I am a little stumped as to how to grab data from the spreadsheet to manipulate charts in this way in bulk without running individual code snippets for each chart

I have created a pie of pie chart, and am able to display the values of each segment...However I just cannot work out how to display the total value of all, if the data was a breakdown of school lunches, 3 had chips, 4 had sandwiches, 1 had pizza and 6 had salad, how can I display on the lunches 14...It is driving me to distraction

Cheers in anticipation

I've created some pie charts, and they work fine, but I need to change the
percentages to display more granularly by increasing decimal positions.
There are a number of items showing as 0% when in fact they might be .25% or
..33%, and for this particular application I need to be able to show that,
and so far can't find the answer.




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When creating a pie chart in Excel then pasting into Powerpoint, I have
trouble getting the data lablels to look ok. Often times the font is so
small it can't be read. When you increase the font size, often a the label
such as "October Sales" would be pushed to 2 lines with "October Sa" on the
first line. When you select the label, a box appears around the words, but
it can not be resized, to get the label back to one line. My work around
has been to delete all the label info and leader lines and then to retype the
info using drawing/text boxes. Problem is the text boxes are not related to
the pie chart and any changes to the pie chart data is not carried over to
the new text boxes.

Hope this all makes sense.

I have created a Bar of Pie chart and everything works great. I even have
named ranges on my data so that the bar portion automatically updates when
the data changes. However the Series1 Label on the pie itself does not
change to reflect the new total so that it is the sum of all the values in
the right column below. Does that make sense?

I have one series and my data looks like this:

Contracts 100
Name1 100
Name2 150
Name3 200
Name4 75
Name5 50
Name6 25

The pie portion has Contracts & Other as labels with the totals of 100 and
617 respectively (the 617 total is from the last time I changed the chart).
The Other label should be 600. The Values named range is all the numbers in
the right column and the Labels named range is all the items on the left.

I would also like to have the label that shows "Other" to be named
"Programs" but do not know how to do that when the chart is refreshed each
time. Thank you for any help that you can provide!

could any one please help me, i need to display degrees in a pie chart and I
have not got a clue how this is done.


I currently have a dynamic Chart consisting of a central Pie chart, and 3 other pie charts that are all on the same slide. All I am trying to do is put connector lines around my central pie chart to let the user know which pie chart refers to each slice of the central pie. Here is a perfect example on this page of how I want it to look, it is under the section Central Pie with Smaller Satellite Pies. I realize I can do this manually, but the central pie slices will be changing locations and I cannot draw a freeform shape each and every time.

Any ideas?

I recently discovered a curious "feature" of Excel. If you create a pie
chart, and label the slices of the pie with data labels that include the
percentage, Excel sometimes adjusts the values in unexpected ways.

As far as I can tell, this only happens when the percentages are formatted
as whole-number percents (e.g., "57%"). In this situation, Excel will
adjust values so that the sum of all of the percentages around the pie is
exactly 100%.

I discovered this situation when I created a pie chart that had 7 slices.
The percentage associated with one of the slices appeared in the data as
"0.572702...". However, Excel displayed the value in the pie chart as
"56%". It did not seem to matter if I generated the pie from actual data,
or if I manually converted the data into percentages. As it happened,
several of the other values had been rounded up, so Excel took it upon
itself to change this value to compensate and make the percentages add to
exactly 100%.

Here are the percentages for each of the slices in the pie. The first
column of percentages is what's displayed if I format for 4 digits; the
second column is the display if I reduce to 1 decimal digit; and the third
column is the display if I show only whole-number percents:

1 - 2.0687% 2.1% 2%
2 - 3.7651% 3.8% 4%
3 - 0.7778% 0.8% 1%
4 - 3.0802% 3.1% 3%
5 - 18.5323% 18.5% 19%
6 - 57.2702% 57.3% 56% <===
7 - 14.5058% 14.5% 15%

Total 100.1% 100%

As you can see, when I format the data labels to display a decimal digit,
then Excel correctly rounds the displayed value for Slice 6 to "57.3%".
With this format, the sum of the percentages around the pie did not add up
to exactly 100% -- the sum of displayed values was 100.1% in this case. If
I formatted the data lables to display no decimal digits, but forced the
display to contain a decimal point, then Excel rounded the value for Slice 6
to "57.%". The unauthorized adjustment occurred only when I formatted for
whole-number percents.

Has anyone else out there observed this kind of behavior?

-- David Benson

Hi all,

My doubt is probably simple for most of you, but I'm pretty new at this so, better to ask you than keep looking through google.

I've edited a code in word to create a pie chart and format it according the name of the colors using the select case. When this code is run in a excel 2007 it runs pretty good, but once I write the same code in a excel 2003, it gives me a runtime error which say: "Object variable or With block variable not set". below in the code I show where this message appears.

My problem is right in this section, how do I solve this issue in excel 2003, once in excel 2007 is working properly.

Thanks in advance

The code is:
Sub Pie_Chart()
'Choosing what type of chart
    ActiveChart.ChartType = xl3DPieExploded
    ActiveChart.ApplyLayout (6)
'Creating the Chart
  With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries
        .Name = ActiveSheet.Range("C2")
        .Values = ActiveSheet.Range("C8:C10")
        .XValues = ActiveSheet.Range("B8:B10")
  End With
'Placing the Chart
  With ActiveChart.Parent
    .Left = 1
    .Width = 215
    .Top = 267
    .Height = 150
  End With
'Formating the Chart
   Dim iPoint As Long, nPoint As Long
  With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Select 'THE RUN TIME ERROR ON EXCEL 2003 COMES RIGHT HERE
     For iPoint = 1 To .Points.Count
          Select Case WorksheetFunction.Index(.XValues, iPoint)
                 Case "Yellow"
                    .Points(iPoint).Interior.ColorIndex = 6 ' Yellow
                 Case "Red"
                    .Points(iPoint).Interior.ColorIndex = 3 ' Red
                 Case "Green"
                    .Points(iPoint).Interior.ColorIndex = 4 ' Green
           End Select
   End With
End Sub

I have some data from a survey that was saved in an excel sheet. Is there anyway to use that data to make a pie chart....and will I need more than one? I have 5 response types (Likert scale) and 4 categories (demographics). Can these all be out into one pie chart or do I need to do one for each category?

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