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Why can't I format cells in Excel 2000?

I am working with a spreadsheet I created a year ago. When I right mouse
click on a cell to change the format, nothing happens.

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Hi, everyone,
When I input 7 in a cell in EXCEL 2000 and press enter, it will
automatically change to 8. Does anyone know what happened?
All other numbers are ok.
Only 7 is a problem.
77 is not a problem.
It seems there is a problem when I input 7 to 7.9, it will automatically
change to 8 to 8.9 accordingly.
e.g. input 7.1, it will change to 8.1
input 7.9, it will change to 8.9
Please anyone help!

i want to format cell in excel to convert any numeral into words in english
automatically as like other formats options

In Excel 2007 how do I format cells to show in the currency format (i.e.


in excel 2000 sp3, i found a bug using conditional formatting.
Let's say i have two cells A1 and A2.
I want to set A2 backcolor according to A1 backcolor.
If i set conditional formatting on A2 cell, using =iscouleur("A1")
as the condition for the formatting.
Iscouleur is a custom VBA function defined as:

public function iscouleur(r as range) as boolean
end function

It works OK, but if I want to set manually the backcolor of A2, although
there is already a conditional formatting on the backcolor, then it
crash with "Memory cannot be read" or a "Floating calculation error".

Any idea if this is a known bug and if there is a workaround?


how can i perform calculation in excel 2000 on displayed value instead of
stored value? e.g i have a dated written in a column formatted as 'yy' (i.e
04 etc). how can i add /subtract from this cell?

I've created quite a few workbook/worksheets in excel 2007 compatibility mode that are data entry intensive. When protecting these worksheets, you have the option of allowing the user to "select locked cells". I invariably uncheck this option because the user doesn't need to interact with these cells.

However, several of my users are running Excel 2000 and the same option is not available when one protects a worksheet in Excel 2000. Is there a way to do that in VBA for these Excel 2000 users such that when they click on a locked cell, the cursor will not respond to that cell?

Thanks, J

I need to protect only few cells in xl sheet and not the whole worksheet or
workbook as i m working with formulae. How this can be achieved? I m using
Office 2000

An existing excel sheet prepared in excel 2000 is password protected, users
allowed to select entries from validated lists in unlocked cells. Users with
excel 2003 can see the validated lists but if they try to select an item,
they are told that the sheet is protected and data cannot be entered. Looking
at the settings, the unlocked cells in 2000 are now shown as locked in 2003.
Is there a work round?

I am unble to break links in Excel 2000 but it works in Excel 2003. Is there
any way to break the links in Excel 2000??

I want to align cells in Excel onto one line.
Example data:

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4
Row1 ABC
Row2 DEF
Row3 GHI
Row4 JKL

Should be

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4

Thanks a mil

Is there a way to format cells in Excell to automatically capitalize the
first letter of text in a cell?


I created a worksheet in Excel 2002 SP3. Nothing fancy, just columns and
rows with text and numbers. When I open it in Excel 2000, the following
warning box appears:

File error. Some number formats may have been lost.

It doesn't prevent me from opening the file in 2000, but I still don't want
users to get that message when they open it. I tried saving it as an Excel
2000 file but still got the same error when opening it in Excel 2000. I get
no warnings when I open it in Excel 2002.

Can anyone help? Thanks.


Is there a way to automatically update a cell in Excel 2000 with the date
that the file was last saved?


I open a file (given to me by another person) in Exel 2000, and the file is
trying to link to a file which is not in my computer. Therefore the excel
file won't "run." I see the linked file in the Edit/Link pulldown but cannot
delete it.

However, when I open the file in Excel 2002, the file works fine, and the
Edit/Links command is "grayed out."

Is there a similar command to the "Break Link" command in Excel 2002 that I
could use in Excel 2000??? I have tried for hours and could not find

Thanks for Helping,

how do i protect cells in excel to prevent users from deleting formulae in my

How do I format cells in Excel to display different weights?

Macros I've created in Excel 2000 SP3 have always executed very rapidly, but
within the last week that's changed and any macro in any file now executes
slowly. I also have Excel 2002 SP3 installed on the same drive (C), and
running the same macros in the same files in 2002 is much faster. I have been
working with a very large file that uses cubes created in MS SQL that are
then used to create pivot tables. This file has been edited and saved in
both Excel 2000 and 2002 as I need to make sure it's usable in both versions.
I'm not sure if this is causing the problem or not, but any ideas short of
re-installing Excel 2000 would be great. I have Windows 2000. TIA!


We are having difficulty making Excel 2000 use word wrap in a merged cell.
The cells are formatted as Text & set to word wrap before the merge.
(and are still set as above after the merge)
The row is set to Autoheight.
Once two cells are merged into one, this autoheight feature no longer works.
The text is truncated indicating that it is wrapping to the next line below
but I cannot see the text on the second line.

Word wrap works as expected in an unmerged cell. That is, the row height
automatically adjusts to fit the multiple lines of text without inserting
hard returns (Alt+Enter).

I cannot double-click on the row seperator to have it automatically resize
the row height either. My only resolution is to drag the row seperator until
i like what i see.

Ideally I would prefer to find a setting in the options dialog that would
re-enable this autoheight feature on merged cells.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Partners Healthcare

I have a spreadsheet where the cells with data entered in them can have the
Format Cell option selected but any empty cells cannot have the Format Cell
option selected. I can enter text but am unable to format the cell afterwards.

The worksheet contains "conditionally formatted" cells.

The "conditions" are different for different cells

Cells "that need attention" are formatted with a red background

I want to count the number of cells with red backgrounds in the worksheet

The number in the cells are formatted as text, how can I convert them back to
number quickly. There are around 5000 cells in Excel Spreadsheet of Version
I tried: Format, Cell, Number, F2, but the conversion is number by number
and it takes too long.

One of our customers is having problems with a document they use on Excel.
they cannot format the font colour or cell colour on any part of the

They go to format it, make their selection colour wise click ok, the
worksheet page appears again. But the cells are still blank in colour and
the font colour hasn't changed.

If you go to print preview it shows where changes have been made however the
customer does not print the worksheet off, she relies on the screen.

Remotely I have logged onto and opened up a blank excel document and exactly
the same thing happens. She has unlimited permission so there should be no
reason why she cannot format the worksheet.

Any ideas, please help!

Hi there, I have Excel 2000 and was wondering if there is a way to increase the number of conditional formats. Right now Excel2000 allows 3 in one cell. Does Excel XP have this limitation? or is there a way to increase in Excel 2000?

Kindest regards,

I am trying to merge 2 cells in a worksheet. When you go to "format cells"
the option is checked already, and completely greyed out even though the
cells are not already merged. Any reason why this sheet might not give me
the option to merge?

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