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where can I get a template for excel to track vending machine tak.

where can I get a template for excel to track vending machine tak...

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Where can I find a template for a Credit Union account?
This template should allow me to enter variable interest rates and allow me
to plan and forecast my future savings/loans.
I use Office 2000 on PC & Office 2004 on Mac

I have some report specifications to write for programmers to build
application reports from, where can I find a Excel template to get me going?

Where can I get the visual exploration add-in for Excel 2010.

i previously used exel 97 where i had a Template Wizard with Data Tracking
add in that i used for keeping track of invoices. i am now using exel 2003
and i cannot find the add in nor can i figure out how to set up the data
tracking for my new invoice template. can anyone tell me where i can find the
add in or if there is a different feature of exel 2003 that will allow me to
do the same thing?

Where can I get a screensaver like the "My Pictures Slideshow" on XP which works on Windows 7 ?

The screensaver options on Microsoft 7 are grossly inferior to those provided on XP.

I want a screensaver that shows photos from a file on my PC in a VARYING random order, not always the same order.

I want a screensaver that does NOT resize photos so they are all huge and (originally) "smaller" pictures look all blurry.

I want a screensaver that has varying transitions like the "My Pictures Slideshow" that was on Windows XP not just one choice of (really lumpen, unsubtle) change from one photo to another, again and again.

Windows 7 is a real dog.  Really inflexible and apparently designed for people who have no knowledge of computing whatsoever.  Infuriating in its inflexibility.

Does anyone know how I can get the Windows XP style "My Pictures Slideshow" screensaver loaded on Windows 7?

Or is this just another example of Microsoft enforcing backward steps whether people like it or not?   

where can i find a list of excell formula's?

where Can I find the download for excel viewer for windows me? It was on the
office update page not long ago. Now to download the Excel viewer, windows
2000 or XP is required. Is it possible to view excel files with win me?

How can I export a document from Excel to yahoo senders

Where can I obtain practice sheeets for excel the book downloads available
for my college course the website doesn't exist.

I need to create a job bid template for Excel that includes Materials cost,
labor cost, etc....

Where can I get additional templates for my excel program.

I have Office 2002 and I make applications to be used on computers with Excel
97. Can I buy a copy of Excel 97 so that I can test my applications?

How can I make a template that have cash + account receivable +supplies +
office equipment = notes payable =account payable = common stock + retained

I need a template for Excel 2003 to keep a record of how much I run. Any tips?

In Excel 2003 help, it says that for SQL.RESULT() function, ODBC plug-in must
be installed.
In MS web site, only the ODBC plugin for Excel 2002 on Windows XP in

I am using Excel 2003 on Windows 2000.

Could I get a pointer to where I can get this XLODBC.XLA ???


Herve Brelay

i am trying to design a payslip on excel, but i figured it would be easier if
i ahd a template to work with. any ideas?

I am looking for a template that will make it easy for me to schedule several
service techs in a week. We work 7 day a week. We work everyday of the year
except Christmas. 2 shifts 8:30 am-6:30 pm and 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. I woould
like it to be perpetual so that that the template basically auto creates the
schedule from month to month.

I need this in a way for the schedule to be fair(days off, weekends,
holidays etc) maximize number of techs in the field and avoid overtime
expenses where possible.

I have come up with several versions myself but wondering if there are
others I might see for reference and maybe use in my industry.

Basically I would like to see a template that would have 70% of my service
technicians working daily on a rotation.


I might have to type allot to explain so bear with me please.

2 sheets one called "LOG" the other "Time & Duty"

Sheet Time & Duty. extracts information from the sheet log and inserts the information based on Dates from sheet LOG, the dates column on both these sheets are in COL A.
Sheet log has 1500 rows and will be expanding every day I work, so the dates are not 7 days a week.

now sheet time and duty I have a drop down in a1 that you choose which month and year i want to display. So if I choose this month it will only show the dates from the 1st till the 30th and extract the correct rows that represent the dates from the LOG sheet, (then insert the information from col b to col z. (onto the sheet time and duty).

Now I have all this for work and the days I do not work, if it sees if there is no similar date from the time and duty sheet to the Log sheet it will enter and "OFF' on the time and duty sheet. Example B3 below

Now if I insert a range of dates that are on the sheet time and duty, how can I get e.g. B3 to first check the LOG sheet then reference the Time and duty sheet where the range of dates are, if the dates also fall into the range of dates on time and duty sheet I would like the columns (and receptive row) to show "VACATION" I put the range from cell "a45:c50"
4/8/08 6/3/08 work
6/3/08 7/1/08 vacation
7/1/08 8/26/08 work
8/26/08 9/23/08 vacation
9/23/08 11/18/08 work
11/18/08 12/16/08 vacation

If you are still here congratulations, and thank you for your time.

I downloaded a template for a phone list. I just need to know how I get
multiple sheets of the same template so I can fill in more names and

Functions/Arguments Excel spread sheet. If cell B6 is colored red, how can
I get a "W" (ie=equal to "win") to show up in cell CG26?

It doesn't look like the IRS has graced us with a "fill-in" form in PDF
format yet. You're better off trying a Google search to see if you can
purchase one.

Hope it helps!
Anne Troy
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"Manie" wrote in message
>I would like to fill out and print 1099-MISC forms from my computer. Is
> there a template in Excel or is there a download of the form that would
> let
> me print them out?
> Thanks.

I am wondering if anyone knows how I can get a hotfix for excel, specifically
the Excel 2002 post-Service Pack 3 hotfix Hotfix Package May 6, 2004
referenced in the below support doc:;EN-US;838910

Is the only route to pay for tech support?

thanks in advance

Jules Fishelman

At work I am useing windows
xp professional and work with excel spreadsheets. AT home I use windows xp
home addition and can not use the xp professionl excel spreadsheets. Where
can I find a excel download to install on my home pc so I can work with
spreadsheets as used with the xp professional?

I usa a PDA (Dell Axim 5) running OFFICE Where can I find a mileage template
to download???? Thank you

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