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Compare two spreadsheets to find differences.

Problem: I work with two spreadsheets daily in which I need to compare two
columns and extract, note or highlight differences. First worksheet has that
days sales order numbers, which is then sent to our warehouse for shipping.
Second spreadsheet is sent back from warehouse with sales order numbers and
their respective tracking numbers.

Issue: Occassionaly sales orders slip through and don't get shipped. I need
to compare both spreadsheets and find the sales order numbers on the 1st
sheet that don't appear on the 2nd sheet and therefore, didn't ship.

Can anyone spell UNHAPPY CUSTOMER?

Solution: Would like a command or formula that will compare sales order
colums in both spreadsheets and extract those numbers that didn't ship to a
3rd spreadsheet.



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This is my first time posting. I have two spreadsheets that I have to compare three columns in each to each other and find the difference between them. And I'm not sure how to do this.

I have attached a sample file to show what I'm looking at.

Basicly I need to know the differences between each spreadsheet based on zips. Each zip is assigned to a store and group and the "data" spreadsheet is the master. I need to compare the "system" spreadsheet and have it show me what is different based on each zip.

I hope this is clear.

Thank you.

Hi all,

This is my first post here and I'm real excited to be part of this forum. The reason I even found this forum is - I've been tasked by my VP of Sales to take two different spreadsheets, lets call them:

Sheet A - a database of potential clients downloaded from Hoovers
Sheet B - a database downloaded from an email list vendor

Sheet A is the primary database and holds all the information for each prospect, except for email address. Hence he bought and downloaded Sheet B and now wants me to merge the two. I realized that the common column in the two is "Phone Number" and so using the phone number I need to find compare all the records in both sheets and add the "email" field/column to Sheet A.

Is there a way to do this? I tried searching for "compare sheets", "merge sheets" on this forum and came across many vlookup, if, match commands and tried tweaking it but was unable to find a solution.

Please help!

Thanks alot in advance!

Hi Guys

How do I get excel 2003 compare two comlumns and find out which cells are different. For example.

Column A --------- Column B
1 Green --------- Green
2 Blue --------- Blue
3 Red --------- Yellow
4 White --------- White
5 Cyan --------- Brown

So in this case, I want excel to compare A1:5 with B1:5 and tell me which A and B cells next each other are different, wanting it to bring up

Column A --------- Column B
3 Red --------- Yellow
5 Cyan --------- Brown

but ofcourse, I have a spreadsheet containing around 1000 rows so thats where I need to be able to do this automatically.


I am trying to find duplication by comparing two lists. One list is a subset of the other. In other words, if they were side by side, they would not line up because one list may contain 15 rows where the other would contain 60.

Would I use a combination of the index and match function? If so, how would it look?


Hello guys,

The VBA code, attached with workbook, is used to compare two spreadsheets. The output of this code creates a new sheet that shows the differences have occurred, and if no difference, it leaves the cell blank.

I only need to compare the first 65 columns.

I would like to obtain the following output in the new sheet after running the code:

1) Keep and copy the second row (variable name) into the new produced sheet (for the first 65 columns only).

2) Keep columns A, B, D, F, K, and L (I need them as identifying variables) and copy them into the new sheet (they are similar in both sheets).

3) for the two columns “Z” and “AA”, no need to do comparison since they will be always different, and I don’t want them to be in the new sheet.

4) Delete any row that has no changes.

In summary, I want a nice sheet that highlights the changes.

Thank you so much in advance!!!


Hi guys, I have not used Excel in a long time and I forgot how to compare two different columns and highlight or extract the items that are presentin one of the columns but not in the other one.

Thanks in advance...

*Hi I have a problem comparing two spreadsheets of data/names.

The problem:

I have two lists with account names and numbers in coulumns A and B on
sheet 1 and 2
Sheet 1 and 2 differ from each other in contents as well as number of

Is it possible to compare the two sheets and show duplicate entries in
a 3rd sheet??? (blanck sheet).
In addition the two lists have a huge amount of data which make
comparing in the same sheet difficult.......

Have tried various formulas but have not yet succeded

Hope that some of you can help *

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I have a spreadsheet list of names, addresses, phone numbers, & e-mail
addresses that I maintain for our class reunion. The Alumni Association has
a list that they keep on the web, but they can download it into Excel,
because that is where I got the spreadsheet in the first place. I send them
changes when I get them, but they do not send me changes when they get them.
I would like to be able to have the computer compare them automatically. I
have had to do it manually before and it is really tedious and time
consuming. Is there a simple way to do this? I don't have much computer
experience. I have just updated the spreadheet they gave to me.

Each day I work with two worksheets. One is a list of numbers that is given
to me by someone else. The other list is something I make myself, again it is
a list of numbers. I need to know if there is a way I can compare the data to
find out if any of the numbers I input on my list match up to the ones on the
list I am given. I am aware of the "Find" function, but I'm working with
lists of hundreds of numbers, and it's really annoying to take each one and
"find" it on another worksheet. Any answers?

Hello --

Is there a way i can compare two spreadsheets of similar data but different
dates (spreadsheet 1 is from 6/20 and spreadsheet 2 is from 7/19) to pinpoint
where there have been any modifications if any?

Thank you!!

Each day I work with two worksheets. One is a list of numbers that is given
to me by someone else. The other list is something I make myself, again it is
a list of numbers. I need to know if there is a way I can compare the data to
find out if any of the numbers I input on my list match up to the ones on the
list I am given. I am aware of the "Find" function, but I'm working with
lists of hundreds of numbers, and it's really annoying to take each one and
"find" it on another worksheet. Any answers?


I am trying to write a macro that will compare two spreadsheets and update the first with any new rows that appear on the second. The first spreadsheet is an ongoing/maintained spreadsheet, the second is an export of data held in a database so I want to update the first spreadsheet with any new rows of data that appear in the second (export).
I guess this would be a matching exercise and then copy/paste any from the second that are not matched in the first.

I can do this with index/match etc but wanted to automate as much as possible...Can you please help????

Hi ~

I'm using Excel 2002 and was wondering if anybody knew of a way to compare two spreadsheets? Not the data contained within the spreadsheets, but more the format/layout. I have an original spreadsheet and want to compare it to a second to see if there have been any additional/deleted cells or columns within the second one.

If this can't be done with Excel, does anybody know of any plug-ins, add-ins or programs that can do this for me?

Thanks heaps!

I am a new user and know NOTHING of inputting code into Excel. I need to compare two spreadsheets and generate a third report with the results. Can the software do this or do I need some sort of third party application to do this. I have seen other answers here that I think can help but I have no idea how to implement them.

Is there a function to compare 2 columns to find all of the values from one column that are not in the other column? Basically my data looks like this:
........................ 25-1...........22-2
.........................33 .............457

I have another list of data (just the numbers like columnB) that I want to put in column C and see what is in column C that isn't in column B. The numbers will be arranged in a different order, and there will be data in column B that isn't in column C. What I need to do is find out what is in column C that isn't in column B so that I can go back and define what procedure they fit into (that is a seperate process).

I hope I explained this well - is there an excel function for this, or a macro that could be made to do this? Thanks!

How can I compare two spreadsheets and indentify any changes that have been made? We have a file that is sent out and there are changes made but there is not an easy way to identify what has been added or deleted? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi, there
I´m new to excel and I wanto to compare two list to find out if the second list is contained in the first list and create a new list with the no duplicate elements.
Thanks for your help

Is there any easy way to take two ranges of data and compare their contents
for differences.

In particular im working with a rather large list of domains and attempting
to compare two columns to determine what websites are different between the
two. I've tried conditional formating, wont let you use a range as the
target and tried searching for a formula to use without any luck. Any
suggestions would be useful or even if someone could point me in the right

I am having problems with this spreadsheet. I am trying to cross compare 3 spreadsheets to find out if an invoice is paid and if the billing matches the invoice. I have attached the file but I can't figure out how to get it to work. Could someone let me know if there is a better way of doing this or if it is possible?

I have an Access application that has to compare two spreadsheets. We are
phasing out one system and replacing it with another.

I compare the 2 spreadsheets line by line, and cell by cell.

The spreadsheets appear identical when opened. However, upon closer
inspection I see:

Sheet Value Fomat What you see

Old .154 Percent (2 decimal places) 15.4%
New 15.4% None 15.4%

I can take the old value multiply by 100. However, is there a way I can
get the "formatted" value of a cell?

I am trying to compare two spreadsheets to check that all account #'s from the list I will name "mine" are also on the list I will name "theirs".

the account numbers are in b3 through b129

the account numbers are in b2 through b50

I3 through I129 contains a check box that would hopefully automatically check itself if the account number for that row is somewhere on THEIRS b2 through b50

is this possible?

compare two spreadsheets and identify records that have any changes.
For example comparing two spreadsheets with the same specific employee
information such as first, middle and last name; employee number etc. and
only identifying records that have changes.


I have two worksheets. One has 50K+ data,extracted from one database, the second one has 400 records extracted from another database.
Both spreadsheets have Account Name, but spelling might be different- Company ABC and Company abc, Company A.B.A. ,for example.
There is no unique identifier. I need to compare these two spreadsheets to find matches need excel either highlight them or put in a different worksheet.

I'll have to do it fairly regular- comparison of two different set of data in order to find matches, unique ID won't be there. With all this said, maybe I need a macro or some process set up, which I can use in my future comparisons.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi All,

I have attached a worksheet for your reference. I am a new starter in the world of data validation. My task includes to make sure that I only pay for jobs which are original and not invoiced to us in the past. In order to solve duplication issue, I want to compare two worsheets, sheet 1 has the jobs invoiced to us for the current month and sheet two has got standard report from the past 12 months giving all jobs invoiced to us in the past 12 months. I need a VBA based macro to find all matching jobs which are in sheet 1 column A, in sheet2 column A and return the corresponding value in column B in sheet 2. Vlookup is a standard answer but because there can be a max of 1000 jobs invoiced to us in any given month, this is a tedious task. I did try to record macro to find these jobs and return the month by making the colour of cell red but every time i run that macro it has run time errors and it doesnt change the format of the months and gets stuck basically.

I have attached the spreadsheet for help please.

Any help woud be grearly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

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