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Auto-Populating Excel Calendar

I am looking for an excel calendar that will auto-populate content into it based on a spreadsheet that I fill in.

Maybe I would just need the formula that would be inserted into each calendar day? I'm not sure how you would set this up, but I'm open to suggestions!

I have attached the .xls file for your reference.

For example: The comment "Client 1 - KOM" would populate in a blank calendar in excel on the date 3/23/2009.

Thanks in advance,


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I would like to auto populate a calendar with data exported from my data base.
I found a discussion about this here so hopefully there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
I posted this question on 4/16, but was not following the rules. If this is the case, disregard that plz, I'll start over here.
Currently I manually cut and paste exported data into a calendar I designed. This gets tedious and doesn't update easily.
Any assistance is appreciated. Apologies in advance, hopefully I'm posting in the appropriate spot.


I am an event planner for five different locations. I have set up a spreadsheet that lays out my sales at each location by fiscal period. Now I want to have a calendar that auto populates the event titles (Column B) to one calendar. Can you please help me with the code?

Hi, I am attempting to create a tool in excel 2010 that will track travel schedules for a large global team. The tool would auto populate a calendar template with details that are entered on a separte worksheet. The first sheet has 6 columns: Name, Departure Date, Return Date, Location, Purpose, and Role. Once the data is input on the first worksheet, I need to make it visual and populate a calendar template such that the Name, Location, and Purpose are populated on the days corresponding to all days between and including Departure Date and Return Date.

I'm really struggling and any help anyone could give would be appreciated..Thank you in advance.

Hopefully this isn't too difficult, but I have no idea how to do it. So I have an excel file which has only 2 columns. A is the Date. B is the activity.

So it simply looks like

2Feb11 XXXX
14Feb11 YYYY
19Feb11 ZZZZ

There can be multiple row of the same date if there are more than 1 thing going on. Pretty simple, right?

Now, in a seperate sheet, I created an excel Calendar using"

Now the tricky part. Is there a way to auto populate the calendar using my information. If there are 2 entries, then put both of the text strings under the date. To clarify, I want the cell under each date to be populated with the text string associated with that date.

I have tried to search online and have had NO luck


Willing to pay: $15 via paypal

Looking for way to auto populate excel calendar with list of volunteers. Would be updated monthly. See attached .pdf for sample calendar and volunteer list. Calendar format can be changed.

I'd like to be able to auto-populate a cell by entering a number. For
example, when I enter the E1 into a cell, I'd like the cell to populate with
"Excellent scores". If I enter E2, the cell should populate with "Additional
training required". The list goes on and on. Can someone please let me know
how I can do this? Thank you in advance!

First off thanks for all the great ideas in the past. I thought I had some good ideas on how to do my current project, but I'm finding myself at a loss. I would like to be able to populate a calendar with training topics (I'm in the Navy) listed on a long range training plan (LRTP), encompassing the entire year. The problem is this LRTP is based on approved instruction so I have to keep the format of months, x's, etc. I would also like my Training Petty Officers to be able to select what days in a week their people conduct training. So in other words they populate the LRTP with X's under what month something is conducted and in no particular order, other than only occurring on previously selected training days, those items (training topic and number) get populated into the calendar, which is later approved by their leadership. Like I said, I had some good ideas, but now it seems impossible. Any ideas!?

Example posted. I used MS Office 2003. Thanks!Training PLan.xls


I am looking to use excel to auto-populate a few calendars. They are marketing based. I'd like to be able to input all information on one sheet (i.e. run date, vendor, ad title, cost, and a few other items) and then have a calendar pre-fill that shows which ads are running on given dates. I tried using a vlookup and got it to work except for the problem of multiple ads running on the same day.

once the calendar would populate id like to get a weekly, monthly and YTS cost totals.

On other pages i would like to just filter things by say ad or sponsorship and show a running list of the items, but the calendar is where i am really hung up.

I've attached a copy some data and potential layout.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Copy of 2012 Budget for Marketing.xls

I am in the military and I am developing a sharepoint site to handle our simulator scheduling. Military sharepoint sites will not allow for direct excel export due to IA requirements. I have an excel spreadsheet that we use as a calendar view (attached) that I need to maintain for monthly scheduling. I would like to use this calendar to continue to populate the monthly schedule for detailed planning and visual depiction, the issue I need resolved, due to my novice excel capabilities, is to have the data from the calendar view auto populate to another worksheet or if easier to the same worksheet (out of the calendar view). I need this populated data to be in the order and format listed on the second worksheet "Charlie". The first column I can populate with text "Charlie". I need the populated worksheet "Charlie" with the specific information to upload the compiled data to our share point site using the the "edit in data" view.

Device Unit Start Time End Time
Charlie Auto Auto Auto

Requirements: I need to change this monthly calendar monthly and we need to account for work days, we do work weekends occasionally. But each month I need to reset the sheet to accomodate for the simulator schedule.

I thank you in advance for all of your help and advice, I have tried for a few weeks with no success.

Thank you very much, KeithScheduling Help.xls

I have a situation where 4 people have individual workbooks that they track
their daily work. Each of the 4 workbooks have tabs for each month of the
year, which they then track items such as Date Received, Customer Name,
Account #, Order #, Due Date, Ordered By, etc.

I am trying to find a way to summarize each of their individual workbooks
into a summary workbook which would also contain monthly tabs. For example,
the summary workbook would contain the same 12 monthly tabs that the 4
individual workbooks contain. When agent #1 enters data on their own sheet
on their February tab, the information is automatically populated on the
summary workbook February tab. The same would apply for agent #2, 3, and 4.

I've created other workbooks, such as vacation tracking, where I have a
summary sheet that reflects each months vacation for each employee all on one
sheet, then a separate tab for each employee showing the 2010 calendar year.
As they enter any vacation time on their own calendar it auto-populates on
their row for the same date on the summary sheet. That was a simple formula,
since each person has their own row to populate the date.

What's confusing me is how do I tell Excel to populate the next blank line
on the worksheet with the information from one of the 4 individual sheets,
since each of them would be entering data through out the day each day.

Is this possible, without creating an actual database? Is there some simple
VBA script that could be written?



Hi guys, is there a way to import a pdf file/form to an excel sheet. and have it to auto-populate?

Or, if anyone have any suggestions on converting a pdf file to excel and make it look identical, it's all text, no images. We have a pdf form that we fill out manually from an excel file. VERY time consuming...

In my monthly report I input over 100 facility names each of them have a number assigned to them by the state, which is also entered. The problem is we often have typos where a number was keyed wrong and they throw if back as an error. Our goal is to match the number with facility name without errors. What I would like to accomplish is when I type the facility name the correct id number pops up in the cell without me having to type it in. We download the info on all new facilities off of the states website with correct id numbers that is created in excel. I would like to pull from that info if possible. Also, we have First & Last names that we key in, often hard to read. For instance one month we will have a sign-in sheet with the name C.K. Jackson the next month Connie Jackson and the next just C. Jackson. Our goal is to be consistant every month with names. Is there a way that I can auto populate names to acheive that? All these reports are entered using excel. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

How do I insert a calendar icon that you can click on, it opens a monthly
calendar that you can move about in until you find the date you want, then
click on that date and it auto populates the cell next to the icon?


I am looking for a way to build an auto populating calculator for a payroll department. Essentially every month their are various deadlines which depend on for example the pay day being on the last working day of the month, the bacs transfer day being 2 working days before this and so on.

I want the excel calendar to display months down the left and the various deadlines across the top. Then It will have three criteria to compile the calendar start date (year/Month) and then end date (Year Month).

From this it will then complete the lay as in my example file attached...

I have created a calendar macro allready as per:

and this is working other than the code to remove the new short cut menu item when i close. any help on that would also be appreciated!

I'd like to use this function to enter the start and end dates.

The sheet will also need some logic in to make sure the end date is not before the start date.

Any help would be great, p.s. i'm ok with excel but please don't make any assumptions treat me as a noob!



i need the date to change automatically on a daily basis - how do i do this -
i know that you can auto populate the date in WORD so i figured you could do
it in EXCEL

I have an entire table of data on an Excel worksheet. The table is sort of a Course Catalog, and it has information regarding Course Titles, Credits, Descriptions, Notes, Links, etc..

On another worksheet in the same workbook, I created a Drop Down list based on the Course Titles from the original table. I was wondering if there was any way I could have the cells next to the Drop Down list auto populate with data from the original table, based on whatever course is chosen from the Drop Down list. Please help! It would be reallly appreciated!

Hello all
I work on a rotational schedule 28 days on 28 days off. I have a scheduler that I use that calculates the days I'm at work and the day's I'm off. (see attached)

Is there a way to use the data in this scheduler to create a calendar that color codes each day that I'm at work and off? (like the other file attached)

Sometimes the schedule changes where I might work 21 days on 21 days off. I am just looking for an easy way to auto populate a calendar with the data from the scheduler.

I'm an amateur at excel. I know very little about macro fuctions. My expertise with excel is using basic funtions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I've searched the web for a few days now and can't find a solution to my problem.

I run Bingo for our parish - the money raised goes directly to the school that my children attend.

Anyway, there are 12 Teams with four or five members on each team. Individual team personnel can and do change from time to time, so keeping track of who is on what team and what their specific job is on that Team is a good application for Excel.

I schedule each team's work dates - each Team works once every four weeks. Our games are three nights per week. What I'm doing now is manually entering each Team on a Word-generated calendar which is not the most efficient way to do this. As I mentioned, Team members change, people switch nights, etc. So the data for each scheduled Bingo game is subject to change that I'd like to include in the calendar and post on a website for people to reference when they need to.

So I'd like to populate a calendar using the excel-based Team rosters and have the calendar get updated when team members change or when people switch nights with each other, etc. A dynamic Team Scheduling application, for lack of a better term.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I am building a "scheduling / strategy" spreadsheet for my ham radio hobby but I'm stumped how to proceed.

Many weekends I participate in radiosport contests. These events have start & stop dates and times. I capture this data in 4 cells. I calculate the duration, start, and end weekdays and store this info in 3 new cells.

Three columns identify days (Fri, Sat, Sun) while 24 rows identify hours (00:00 > 23:00) which creates a 72 cell grid. Like a timesheet, which I have done before. But this time I am not collecting data from these cells.

I want to auto-populate the 72 cell grid with the ascending hour numbers for the duration of the contest period.

For example, if the contest begins at 9:00 AM on Saturday and runs for 30 hours, the figure "1" would appear in the second column over (Sat) and the 10th row down (the column starts with 00:00). The numbers would increment by one in each cell and wrap into the next column. The "30" would end up in the last column (Sun) in the 15th row down.

The objective is to fill in the start & end date/times and have the grid populate the duration (available operating time).

I can't seem to accomplish this with my limited Excel skills. I can provide the xls I have created if this would help visualize what I'm trying to go.


Robert Chudek


I work for a national disaster response organization. I have a master Excel spreadsheet available online from which many people throughout the region can access through a Google Docs page to create a new disaster response record. Their first order of business is to perform a Save As using the following format: DDO Call [mm/dd/yy][time]. Because the accuracy of the file name is critical, I want to auto populate this field rather than risk manual data entry errors by having them simply click Save As - Save, which will result in the creation of a unique file DDO Call NOW().

I am familiar with the NOW() function as well as the VBA script I found on this forum:

    If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub 
    If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2:A100")) Is Nothing Then 
        With Target(1, 2) 
            .Value = Now 
        End With 
    End If 
End Sub 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines

Unfortunately, going any further is beyond my skills. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated.

Thank in advance,



I am currently pulling out my hair, i thought that this was going to be a simple task but when i actually sat down to so it i am slowy going in mad!!!

Basically i am trying to auto populate cells using two dates as the parameters, set up is

A1 - Start Date
B1 - Finish Date
C1 - Jan 07
D1 - Feb 07
E1 - Mar 07....and this carries on across till the end of the year.

What i am wanting excel to do is to be able to put in a start date and finish date in to the relevant cells.....this then populates a fixed figure across in to the correct month.

start date 05/07/07
finish date 17/10/07

This then puts in the figure 0.2 in to each cell that correspond with each month....July 07/Aug 07/Sep 07/Oct 07.

So in effect it is giving a gantt chart but with data in it.

One more thing....the start and finish dates could well be out of the range.....

so start could be 07/08/06 and end could be 18/04/07 which would mean that all of the fields would need populating.

I hope that this makes sense......and hope that some kind soul will take pity on me and put me out my misery!!!!

I have a problem that I need help with in Excel (using Excel 2003 Office) .....

Here is the scenario:

The first page of my workbook is a MASTER list page (that has all the information)

Then, there are several tabbed worksheets to break up the master spreadsheet into categories.

Is there a macro to auto-populate my tabbed category worksheets when information is added or updated in the Master worksheet? (i hope that explaination makes sense)

Please help - anyone who may know of a macro to use !! Thanks so much in advance!


I have been working on a solution to this problem for a couple weeks, and i'm sure there is an easy solution that I just don't know....hopefully someone can help me.

First off... I'm new to VBA but I know excel fairly well.

I'm trying to auto-populate some textboxes in a userform based on a combobox selection.

Here is a screenshot of a sample form I set up for this:

Basically I want to make it so that if someone chooses "Justin Jacobs" from the combobox dropdown, automatically this will happen:

Textbox1 will say "Justin Jacobs"
Textbox2 will say "Bozeman, MT"
Textbox3 will say "99321"

Is there a simple solution to this?

Thank you so much for your help.

I'm fairly new with VB Excel and I need your help on how do I auto-populate a column for each month. Here the situation: I a workbook where Sheet1 will show the number of employees in a specific job code, “Sheet2 contents the data of all employees and there job codes. What I would like to do is to have Sheet1 auto-populate the Total Column number of employees on the beginning of that particular month. Also, I would like populate the job codes where job code in Sheet 2 is not null. Hopefully I this is a good explanation.
March April May June July
JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total JobCode Total
4735 3
4883 2
5207 1
5866 2

Employee Name JobCode
John 4735
Dave 4883
Jack 4735
Bill 5207
Sandi 5866
Moe 4735
Kelly 4883
Stan 5866

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.