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Drop Down Box + Chart/Graph


I am slightly new to Excel, and I am attempting to create 1 drop down box that will allow me to cycle between 3 different graph/charts.

The three charts are called "Top 10 FRR, Top 10 CWA, Top 10 VGD".

I have seen plenty of examples of people posting their personal spreadsheet to accomplish this, but I haven't seen any assistance on a step by step to do this.

It's great if someone can do it, but I will not learn if someone else does this for me. Could anyone point me to some type of tutorial that will show me how to do this, as picking apart other peoples spreadsheets do not seem to work out so well


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I have seen a lot of excellent charts on here that people have created. I am a noob when it comes to excel (can perform basic programming functions, create drop down boxes, etc.) and I am really struggling to create a spreadsheet that I would like to use to begin tracking data. I have been reading through a lot of the links here and still could not figure it out. Could someone please help?

Here is what I am looking for:

When you select one of the injury types from the drop down box, it populates a pie chart (sheet 3) with that category with the total percent of injuries (for the chart). I would like for it to do the same thing for the body part injured as well.

I would like to get more complex to where I can have bar graphs and Pareto's that utilize various columns of data as well but hopefully someone can show me how to do the basic pie charts I can figure out the more advanced ones. I appreciate any help any of you can offer!

(Document attached)

I have a spread sheet with multiple tabs that consist of charts displaying tables of data. I currently have three specific charts. One tracks performance of a sector of the company based on sales figures. The next chart tracks a given division within that sector and compares day by day performance this month to day by day performance last month. I have two of these comparison charts, one for each division within my sector.

What I'd like to do is have a single spreadsheet, or 'front end' if you will, where a user can open the spreadsheet and select from a drop down box which chart they'd like to view and upon selecting which they'd like to view the graph on the sheet will populate with the selected data. I also should note that it will require one chart to be a line graph and the other two to be bar graphs.

How would I go about making this happen.

thank you in advance for any help.

Hi Guys

Im am trying to help a good friend out who has just aquired a job working with Excel. They have given her a problem where she must link some data to a drop down box which will then automatically plot a graph for her.

Could somebody please help me on this one. I have attached a file, im sure its probably so easy, but im just lost at the moment as I think it requires some coding ?

the first sheet is the chart with the drop down box that is not working and the second sheet contains the data it should link to.



Can anyone help to create a chart with drop down box to select date. For detail, pls goto following address.

Please let me know, if anyone have any help.

I have one drop down box in Active Sheet. When i choose one item from Combobox then chart has to redraw it selt.
I am assigning macro to Drop down box and i am not able to find List index from this macro. Any help is appreciated.

I have
a list of 12 people down column A
a score for each person for each month (Jan-Dec) from column B to M

What I'd like to be able to do is have one chart below the table that has a drop down box so I can select one persons name at a time and have their scores automatically plotted on it.

Any idea how I do this?


I have a file which have 2 column for data for a specific date. This data keep adding every day and 2 new columms get add for new data.

I want to create a chart for the that 2 column of data with a drop down box so that it can show data for that day which was selected from drop down box. Also, new data and new date in drop down box should add automatically.

I am also enclosing a file to make this statement more meaningful.

Please see the attached file and give me suggestion, if anyone have.

Thanks and Regards
Manish Rajpal

Please tell me where the "chart objects drop down box" and the "chart command bar" are?

My boss wants a drop down box in Excel that will give us about ten different
graphs. I did all ten of these graphs individually on separate tabs but my
boss wants one tab with a drop down box that when we choose one of the
groups, it will give us that graph.

Can this be done?

I am trying to create a "recipe" for stains. I have a drop down box for the major colors and i have a chart of the minor colors needed to create those colors. I need a formula that will take the drop down selection and lookup the necessary amounts of minor colors needed to create the major colors.

Hi Experts,

i am working on workbooks and i have a problem which i could not solve.
I created a wokbook with a drop down functionality and it is properly working.
The drop down Box is referring to the chart. The chart has 3: Column 1, Column2, Column 3.
By selecting for e.g column1 from the drop down box it showing the correct value of the chart but with a different color as what i assigned in the legend.
I would like to have the same color i assigned in the legend to appear after have choose one value from the drop down box.

How can i customize the color so that even by selecting one object from the drop down box the assigned color in the legend remain fixed?

Thank you in advabnce for your Input.


I'm trying to figure out how to define date ranges for charts with a drop down box or slider. I can pick a single point, but not a range. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi all,

I have 4 drop down boxes controlling data on two parts of my worksheet.

When i use the first two boxes i get a result on a graph. The second two drop down boxes do the same but on a different graph.

What i would like to be able to do is use a tick box, so that when the box is ticked, it overrides the second two drop down boxes so that the data matches the first two drop down boxes.

By doing this the user has the oppurtunity to use different data on each graph (when not ticked), or when the tick is clicked, keep the data the same - that way it is quicker to get a result (as you dont need to select 4 boxes, just 2) and it also ensures that the same data is used throughout.

I tried this using an IF function so that when the tickbox is activated it overrides the value in the cell link to the drop down box. This works only once because as soon as you use the drop down box it automatically deletes the IF function and overrides with a number and so its game over.

I cant really think of another way to do this.

Is there a way around this - apologies for not explaining very well.




I actually have read suggestions / help on finding data from a third column by searching based on two other column's data. Unfortunately, this only goes so far for me and I've been wracking my brain in vain to solve this.

On one sheet (Projections), I have a chart with two columns that feature drop down boxes. You can select a general then a more specific description. I also have a sheet (RawPivot) that is the summary of a Data sheet. The biggest problem I'm seeing is that for the specifics under a general, in the pivot table, the general only appears once and hence, using match(1,()*(),0) wouldn't work for me.

By this, I mean, the pivot looks something like:

December | 01
| 02
| 03
| ...
January | 01
| 02
| 03
| ...

So, if I wanted to get the data from the third column for December and 03, the match wouldn't work.

I've been trying to do something where I loop two matches within an index such that the general description would form the lowest boundary of an array form but I get an error when I do that.

The formula I was trying to work with was:


where C4 is the specialized and B4 is the general. The problem is that while the innermost Match comes out to a number, it can't actually be then used within calling an array... Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Thanks for any help!


I am working with a multi-page workbook where one work-sheet is the input and all of the other work-sheets are output sheets or tables to be referenced. Some of the cells on the input sheet are to be changed manually by typing into the cell or by drop down boxes that pull data from the tables, and all of the the other cells on the sheet are to be locked.

I have protected all of the individual work-sheets including the input sheet, output sheets, and tables, and left the cells that are to be changed on the input sheet, unlocked. This all works fine. However, my problem is that when I click on the drop down box on the input sheet and change its value, the following message appears: "The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only. To modify a protected cell or chart, first remove protection by using the Un-protect sheet command."

I realized that I was getting this message because my program uses vlookup to reference the table data and then outputs the data to cells located at the top of the table. Anytime the table data is referenced, it pulls straight from the data in the cells at the top of the table. So by changing the value in the drop down box, it causes the protected sheet where my table is to, in a sense, be changed. Basically, the appearance changes, though the sheet itself was not accessed. I can fix the problem by not protecting the cells at the top of my table. However, is there any way around this? I would like to have all the info on the table sheets protected, even if the values within them is changed via the input sheet.

Thanks for the help.


I'd like to write a macro which changes the selection in a drop down menu (created using Data ValidationSettingsAllowList) but I don't know how to do this.

Normally when I'm stuck I tend to start recording a macro, do the function manually, and then stop and go in and check the code, however when you record a macro and then change the selection in a drop down box, it doesn't pick up that you have done anything.

The reason I want to do this is that each selection in the drop down box causes data to change and this is linked into a graph. I want the macro to change the selection, then copy and paste the graph to another workbook, and then go to the next selection and so on.

Any thoughts/help much appreciated.

In the attached file, there are 13 buttons just above the "description" column...I would appreciate some help to get those 13 buttons into a drop down list and function just as they do now...The buttons Filter the "bar code" column and are functioning at this time...I just cant figure out how to put them into a drop down box...and clean up the appearance of this sheet...Original document spans over 20 pages and is growing...All of my attempts have failed...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated...



Hi there working on a spreadsheet and I'm a bit new to excel. I want a way to be able to select Monthly (total and per week) for each month from either the combo box or the drop down box (tried both dont know which one is easier) to equal different values once clicked. I played around a little, and couldn't understand how once somebody clicks on the specific date the spreadsheet automatically update from another column (that I can later hide) or another worksheet. Attached is my spreadsheet any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Hi there,

Ok, this is what I'd like to do in Excel: I have a few columns of data
of different length, so it is not a complete database.

In the first column I have number of flowers, from 1 to 100 (numbers
running down), second column: number of bunches from 1 to 5, third
column: number of tables from 1 to 30 and the 4th column: price from $1
to $50.

I would like to create drop down boxes for each column independently of
each other so I can select various combinations of data and get a TOTAL
figure (which of course would be calculated automatically, as there are
too many permutations for me to calculate it manually.) The total would
be calculated by multiplying the various values selected in each
column, for example:
5 flowers x 3 bunches x 10 tables x $7 = $1050

How do I do that?

Second question which is related to the previous (thought will write it all up in one post), I have seen it done, and used it, but didn’t create it so don't really know how it was done. It's almost a copy of the previous results to create scenarios for a time period (rather than seeing them one by one).

Also drop down boxes, for the same info (number of flowers, bunches,
tables and price), this time on the left hand side (I remember that the
input values for these drop down boxes were on a separate sheet, where
I could add for example more prices to the range). Going across - will
be for example months (Jan - Dec). And for each cell in the table, I
will see the income, for each month (depending what I have
selected on the left hand side).

But for comparison purposes, I would like to create a few scenarios,
and each would a different growth pattern. Say, first one, 20% month on
month, second - 15% etc.

I'm not sure if I explained it enough, but I hope someone would be
able to help me. And if you need more explanation, please let me
know. I'm attaching a small xls file with some data - hope this helps.

Thank you so much!!!

I have a report in Excel that is driven by a drop down box where I make a selection and it populates the worksheet based on that selection. I have about 17 possible selections in this drop down box.

Is there a macro that will just allow a user to press print once and all 17 selections will print without them having to select the drop down 17 times?


Hi there,

I'm trying to create a spreadsheet where I have a drop down box of figures and these figures call up different figures.

For example if I have a drop down box containing the numbers 1 to 10 which is the number of items. If I select 1 in the drop down box I want the cell next to it to call up a the cost of 1 item, or if I select 5 I want it to call up the cost of 5 items (but the cost of 5 items is not simply the cost of 1 item multiplied by 5).

I have set up a separate spreadsheet with a this data but I cannot figure out how to call up the figures from the drop down box.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi All

I have two columns alongside each other. The first column is a drop down box of either "Y" or "N". The second column houses a formula.

How would I get the formula to be called only if the adjacent drop-down box = "Y"?

Essentially, I am trying to protect the formula in the second column and I want the the cells in the second column to be input cells only if the drop down box = "N". I have thousands of rows so also cant only apply to a single row.

Thanks for your time!

I'm putting together a quoting template, and I'm trying to get a drop-down box to give the user a choice of various items for the quote:

Col: A B C D E F
Part# Description List Price Discount Qty Ext.Price

I'm trying to find a way to have a single drop-down box display from a list of part numbers(Col A), with the appropriate descriptions(Col B) and List Prices(Col C). Is this doable? I tried using a list, but you can only use a single column-Also, once selections are made in columns D and E, will a simple PRODUCT function work in Column F?

Thanks again
Jim B
Manchester, NH
PS-a few days ago, someone pointed me in the direction of SUMPRODUCT for counting items based on dates-I'm now the official office Excel guru- you'll be seeing lots of posts from me(trust me, I'll try to answer my share, too!)

I can't use keyboard arrows for my drop-down boxes I made in Word 2003.

Does anyone know if this can be done?

Note that using the mouse works, but this would be very anti-productive.

Also, once done filling out all the information, is there a way to copy all the text using the keyboard including all the drop-down fields?

Thanks much in advance.

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