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Excel file SLOW to open/close/save

I have been working on what has become a 48 MB file with a little VB and many long formulas. Not that long ago (at the 46 MB point), the file would take about 1 min. to open/close/save. After a few more changes to the workbook, it spiked to 5 minutes, or locks up my computer completely. The changes that were made were not that different than those previously made.

Any ideas on improving the performance of this file (without breaking it up into 2 files that link to each other)?

SIDENOTES: My desktop is a P4 2 GHz, 256 MB RAM.

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I am running Excel 2003 Professional. It is extremely slow to open and close.
I think this problem came from an update, but I removed several of the most
recent update but nothing changed. I tried detect and repair and got no
where. Any suggestions or know fixes?

HELLO, excel 2003 file with approx 2 thousand rows that include time formulas and hyperlinks to PDFs. The file is saved on a network and the PDFs hyperlinked are saved in subfolders of that folder. There’s a named cell that contains the now() time function and is used throughout the sheet for the following formula: (I believe the now() function is what is not updating)


We are having the following issues:

The time formulas for the new entries are only updated when opened and saved from my PC. In addition, the file takes anywhere from 3 to 4 min to open on my PC vs. 15 sec on every other PC on our network. When saved to desktop it opens almost instantaneous, but that is without the hyperlinks being active.

NOTE: Almost all of the two thousand rows contain hyperlinks, but only around six hundred of those contain any calcs.

Hope this was not too wordy, but the more data the better right???
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. TY

I am running Excel 2003 Professional. It is extremely slow to open and close.
I think this problem came from an update, but I removed several of the most
recent update but nothing changed. I tried detect and repair and got no
where. Any suggestions or know fixes?

I have installed excel 2010. My workbook (created with office 2007), is slow to open and save. Approx 30secs to as long as a minute.
I have researched as much as poss, but no solutions. Tried changing the DDE settings, Have done a repair to the program. The workbook is very small (1.9mb), has no macros, very basic data. (some check boxes)
Any ideas what else I might do to speed this up?
Running XP pro
thanks in advance


i have lots of formulas in my productivity excel everything was going good,
once i pasted lots of data from another excel,this causes my Productivity
sheet is very slow to open and save...
please suggest me ...

Hi, any help with the following would be greatly appreciated:

I have a folder containing 40 single sheet excel workbooks and I would like to automate following tasks:
- Open each excel file (need to open the file so as to update it since it gets the data from another workbook through =formulas)
- Copy paste as values
- Save this as excel html in the same folder as original excel files (keeping the original file name)
- Close (original excel file should not be changed ie formulas should remain in place, only the html file will contain values)
- Since there will always be xHtml files with same name need the macro to replace the excisting file

My abilities with excel are limited to functions, no VBA knowledge other than finding ready codes and pasting them in the module.

Since this routine is to be run almost daily the macro should run all files, instead of one by one.

I just hope that I am not asking too much for excel to handle and I hope that explanation is clear.


Windows XP Pro, Office Pro 2003

Note: I wonder whether a solution could be to record a macro for each file and create another macro to run all the others. But then again I need help with the macro to run the other macros.

My excel failed to close, and then after my computer was restarted, it said
it had recovered two excel files i had been working on, ever since, excel is
extremely slow to open, and operate, how can I figure out what is wrong and
fix it? (Of course my excel files are crucial to my work, eek! such is life)
Any ideas

Hi All,

We have one user on our domain who has a problem opening 2 excel
spreadsheets, in that they are extremely slow to open and save and close.
Using the spreadsheet once it has opened is fine its just when you come to
save it or close (even without saving) it takes about 4 or 5 minutes. The
excel files are both less than 500KB. The PC is not the fastest machine ever
but its certainly not that bad, and can open other excel documents fine. If
the user logs onto another PC, they do not have the problem though. The files
are located on a network drive and when i copy them to the local drive, they
work fine. However, the user can open other spreadsheets from that very same
network drive directory without a problem. It is a shared workbook but no
other users have any problems. I have turned off things like automatically
calculate and check external file references, and i have removed all temp
files. Really out of ideas, any suggestions?

My new Excel workbook is always slow to open, save or exit, sometimes taking as long as 3 minutes. The file is only 733 Kb, but it does contain about 9 macros. Saving the macros to a personal macro workbook is not an option, as the workbook will be shared and used on many computers.

Although the macros are recorded, I did go back and edit them to clean them up, removing uncecessary scrolling and stuff. I'm sure they're not as efficient as macros written in VBA, but I don't know VBA. The workbook is also chock full of formulas, but that is unavoidable.

Any ideas what is causing the slow load and save times, or suggestions to prevent it, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hello everyone!

I have a problem, and while I do have backup files (a week old), I cannot think of any reasonable explanation for what is happening.

Last night a co-worker was working on a Shared File, was doing some text inputs (adding dates & notes) and some format changes (highlighting certain cells). They saved and closed out the file (in .xlsx format as it has always been) using Excel version (12.0.6504.5001) SP1 MSO (12.0.6320.5000).

This morning, when the tracker was being opened, an error displayed as follows:
"Excel found unreadable content in 'filename.xlsx'. Do you want to recover teh contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes. (Yes) (No)" I hit Ctrl-Shift-i to get the code for the error (101648)

Clicking no the first time and making a copy of the file, then click Yes. Yet another error is displayed as follows:
"Excel cannot open the file 'filename.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file. (OK)" I hit Ctrl-Shift-i to get the code for that error (101590)

I then tried to open a new workbook and link it to certain cells, but it morphs my formula and returns a #REF error

The original formula I type in is:

The formula that I see after I hit enter is:

Which is just odd in and of itself, so then I started browsing google to see if anyone else had encountered such an issue,
and while I could find responses on the errors alone, I couldn't find anything that matched what was happening to me. 

I also tried to rename the file to .xls and .xlsb and tried to open the file. As well as using Excel 2003 with the converter to open the file.

So far everything I have tried has failed to work.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Have any thoughts on solutions?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank You,


I am working on this excel file in which i am made around 5 sheets and have max 10 rows of data. Though i have formulas on most of the sheets....

My excel is suddenly became very slow and takes literally a minute to save and open. i was wondering if i have done something wrong or made it increase the iterations or have a circular reference error which is not showing up because i havnt done anything that great for it to be so slow....

Any views or info would be appreciated.
(i can upload the file if it is needed)

Alright, here's an odd one.

I have an excel file that takes over 30 seconds to open, yet it is only ~1.5 MB in size. There is a large amount of code present, but even the autorun doesn't start until 30 seconds or so in (I put in a mistake which caused a debug error at the beginning of the autorun to check). There are no querytables (anymore, all were replaced with ADO references).

Therefore, all that is there is ~15 worksheets of data, half a dozen graphs with half a dozen lines each, and 10 modules of code. All said ~1.5 MB in size. This isn't negligible, but it is noticably slow, even after running the code cleaner.

Ideas about what could be the cause?

Can anyone help. I've upgraded to Office 2007 and Excel documents are very
slow to open taking about 60 seconds. I've tried converting to the new format
using Save As and I've tried creating a brand new spreadsheet but all take
the same time.

Slow to open excel from an link.

Hello Everyone

I seem to have a very strange issue with excel and it happens sometimes with word.

If I open a link to an excel document or even if I double click the actual excel document it can take up to 60 secs to open.

If I open Excel the go to file then open and open the exact same excel document it is perfectly fine.

This issue happens in 2007 and 2003, I have moved all the documents to a new server and we have also tried a different switch just in case.

Office has been reinstalled and also fully updated and the issue still happens but it is intermittant.

Many Thanks

Ok, firstly an overview
I have a 'Summary' workbook which collates values from a series of 'sub-workbooks', (and can also update values in those sub workbooks).
the subworkbooks are setup so that when they are saved they also copy certain values out to another 'backup' file.
So there are 2 possible routes that the files will be used in:

1) SubWorkbook opened directly
- User opens SubWorkbook and makes some changes.
- User closes the SubWorkbook saving changes, or clicks the save button. The BeforeSave event opens the "restore" workbook, copies over the key values from the subworkbook, then saves & closes the "restore" workbook.

2) SubWorkbook opened remotely
- User / Admin opens the "Summary" workbook and changes an option.
- The summary workbook opens a subworkbook and makes changes, then saves it. The subworkbook should (as before), then open the restore workbook and save the key values etc.

The problem is in the second scenario the 'restore' workbook doesn't get opened.

I have created a set of 3 workbooks to illustrate the problem here.
Book1.xls = Summary workbook
Book2.xls = Subworkbook
Book3.xls = Restore workbook.

If you open book2 and then save it the 'BeforeSave' event will cause it to open book3 and write the output of 'Now()' to the next free row of book3-columnA, before then closing and saving book3.

If you open Book1 and run the only macro present then it will open Book2 and write the output of 'Now()' to the next free row of book2-columnA, before then closing and saving book2, which in turn triggers the 'BeforeSave' event of Book2, but book2 doesn't manage to open book3

I've tried using .Close savechanges:=True as well as [i].Save[//i] followed by .Close savechanges=False in Book1 in case the Excel was refusing to open a workbook whilst another was saving but it made no difference.

Here is the code for the test:
Book1.xls - Standard module
Sub test_saving()

Dim wb As Workbook
    Workbooks.Open Filename:=ThisWorkbook.Path + "Book2.xls", _
                   UpdateLinks:=False, _
    Set wb = Workbooks("Book2.xls")
    With wb.Worksheets(1)
        .Cells(.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1, 1).Value = Now()
    End With
    wb.Close savechanges:=True
End Sub
Book2.xls - "ThisWorkBook" section:
Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim wb As Workbook
    Workbooks.Open Filename:=ThisWorkbook.Path + "Book3.xls", _
                   UpdateLinks:=False, _
                   ignorereadonlyrecommended:=True ' Doesn't work if Book1 opened thisworkbook, but does if opened directly!
    Set wb = Workbooks("Book3.xls")
    With wb.Worksheets(1)
        .Cells(.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1, 1).Value = Now()
    End With
    wb.Close savechanges:=True
End Sub
Any ideas of a workaround or solution to this?


why excel file does not open sometimes.

I've to constantly work on an excel file, but while it worked perfect with macros last time, NOW when I try to open it by double clicking in explorer, although the excel starts but file does not open, i.e., the contents are not displayed-although in background, it has opened (& hence while closing excel, it asks whether I want to save the changes in the opened file (although the file contents did NOT open).

This happens off & on (not all the times)

Why is it happening to this file? (size is 433 kb or around this) and it has about 15 macros.


I have a 9.5 MB file with 37 sheets in it that takes about 30 seconds to open.

If I take out my ThisWorkbook, it opens in 2 seconds.

In ThisWorkbooK:
Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    Dim sht As Worksheet
    Dim intResponse As Integer
    Dim intResponse2 As Integer
    '//Prompts the user for a date if printing the PROPOSAL
    If ActiveSheet.Name = ("PROPOSAL") Then
        intResponse = MsgBox(Prompt:="INSERT TODAY'S DATE?", _
        Buttons:=vbQuestion + vbYesNoCancel, Title:="REMINDER")
        Select Case intResponse
            Case vbYes
                Range("F2") = Format(Date, mmmm, dd, yyyy)
            Case vbNo
                Exit Sub
            Case vbCancel
                Cancel = True
        End Select
     End If
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Dim wBook As Workbook
    Dim Response As Integer
    '//Inserts the path in the footer of every sheet
        For Each sht In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
            sht.PageSetup.LeftFooter = "&8" & _
        Next sht
    '//Test for template name.  Exit if it has been changed.
    Set wBook = ActiveWorkbook
        If wBook.Name  "Integrity 9.3.xls" Then
        Exit Sub
        End If
    '//Remind user to save it as a new job.
    Response = MsgBox(Prompt:="PLEASE SAVE THE FILE TO A NEW NAME.", _
    Buttons:=vbOKCancel + vbExclamation, Title:="REMINDER")
    'Bring up the Save As screen.
    If Response = vbOK Then
    Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show ("*.xls")
    End If
End Sub
This is one of the smaller files, I have some that have up to 80 sheets.

Does anybody have a better way of writing this that would spead up the file loading time.


I have accidentally unchecked the box which prompts which asks whether to
Open or Save a downloaded excel as well as Word docoments from the internet.
How do you enable this prompt message again?? Sreesha

My system will not open any excel file attached to outlook. The system will
open a new excel page (Blank) instead. The same trouble happens if the file
is loacted on my desktop. Files on the desktop can be opened if selected from
the "File Open" icon....?


Hi all

Just recently I am having problems with Excel, and the speed at which it
opens and closes. It can take up to 20 seconds to close.

Version is Excel 2000, OS is ME, 256 RAM, 1100 Mhz.
All other programs seem normal, have no viruses or malware,
and no add-ins checked in Tools > Add-ins.

It used to open and close like greased lightening, has anyone any ideas?


There's times when I will go to open an Excel document (could be any Office
document for that matter) and it takes an extremely long time to open the
file. However, if I open Excel first, then locate the file to open it will
come up right away.

Has anyone else run across this? Is there a fix for it?


I am new here and have a question. I have excel 2007. I have a workbook that is very slow to open. None of my other workbooks open slowly. It was working fine until a couple days ago. I cannot remember what I was doing when it started doing it. It is a personal budget workbook. It is not a very large file (626 KB) but as a note of interest this year's budget workbook is only 446 KB and I just did a "copy as" to start on next year's budget. I did make a lot of changes to it but not anything that should change the file size. It is a macro enabled file but so is this years and it opens fine. I only have one simple macro that copies info from one column to the next. (I did a record macro because I don't know how to write macros). What can I do to figure out why this particular one is opening slowly?

When I open an Excel file attached to an email, it opens as a read-only file.
How can I chage this to open as a regular excel file?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.