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changing decimal points to commas

Hi all

could you tell me how to change a colum of numbers from 00.00 to 00,00 ie the european format for decimals. Used to know how to do it in an older version of excel but can't find how on excel 2007.

best wishes, rory

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I need to add a decimal point to a column of numbers. For example, where it says 126 needs to be changed to 1.26, 3035 changed to 30.35, 13593 to 135.93 and so on. Can this be done automatically or with a formula?

I uploaded a spreadsheet and it replaced the majority of the commas to decimal points such as 1.000 instead of 1,000. anyone know how I can change all of these at once?


In Greek version of Office "," is decimal point and not ".". I would like to change this setting through code! Any ideas?
I've searched in vba excel help but the only thing I found was


If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
and it is referred as read-only!

Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions!



When I make a web query and import eg. stock market values into a worksheet (Excel 2007), I can't use the cells in formulas because the decimals are separated by a point so excel doesn't recognize them as numbers. Formatting the cells doesn't help. I somehow need to tell Excel that the numbers in the worksheet in question have a point separating the decimals, or then maybe if there would be a way to change the point to a comma in every cell.

Or then the problem isn't the separator but something else. Anyway, when making a formula containing the cell, the value of the cell in the calculation is 0, even if it says '4.50'...

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

How to change my Mac exel so that it does not use dots as decimal
separator and commas as separator for thousands? I would require it to
be the other way a round. As you can imagine it is a litle annoying
when the excel does not understand the local way of handeling numbers.

I Norway we use the ',' instead of the '.' as decimal point, opposed to the US and England among others.
This creates some problems with Excel and VB.

Can anyone help me with a code that sets/changes the decimal point i VB?

Thanks in advance!


I have converted a DOS file into excel and I needed to add a decimal point to some of the data. Through this site I found out how to add the decimal point that I needed by putting 10 in an empty cell and then copy it and then selecting the cells I need to change and doing a Paste Special and divide but my problem is if the number ends in zero the zero disapears for example the number is 1250 and I need it to be displayed as 125.0 not 125. All the data is in text. How can I keep the zero's from disapearing. Thanks in advance

Greetings to all -
I created a workbook using the US version of Excel Mac 2001 on MacOS 9.2.2 US. I later had to access the workbook using the exact same copy of Excel but running MacOS 9.2.2 Swedish version, and all my decimal separators were changed from '.' (point) to ',' (comma). I tried reformatting the output by defining a new custom format (0.00) but that did not work on negative numbers (MS found an error in the formula - even when there is no formula - just a display). Changing the settings of my Mac to use the decimal point separator did not help. Can one detach the behavior of Excel from the OS platform in the particular case?
Many thanks

hello, i am calculating the difference of two cells. example, a3=a1-a2. a3 gives me a result with a decimal point, example, 1.34564. i want to move the decimal on the result right one or two spaces. example, 13.4564. a1 and a2 are imported from another worksheet so i am having trouble with this. any idea's anyone? thanks.


I wonder if there is a way of enforcing user to enter numbers in cells in a half decimal or (0.5) block. For example, user can enter any decimal numbers with only one decimal point such as 1.5 or 2.0 or 7 or 8.5, etc. But it will prompt user for re-entering the number when they enter something like 1.7 or 1.3. If user wanted to put in 1.7 to a cell, he/she is allowed to enter either 1.5 or 2 - nothing in between is allowed. I was trying to use the data validation but no option that can do that.

Any helps would be greatly appreciated.

uses Office 03

Thank you in advance

Hello All.

I need some help please.

I have just started a job and given a task to input some timesheets that were done manually. The problem is that I used decimal point instead of the colon. When I try and format the cells I do not get the real time.

Here is an example:

Start Time Off Time Break Total

9.30 17.30 0.5 7.5
9.15 17.30 0.5 7.75

I want to convert the start and off times to read proper times.

The Breaks can stay as fractions.

Can someone help me please.


Hi All

I have the following formula for displaying some text along with the rate at which we pay it:

CONCATENATE("Lodging Allowance @ £",Rates!C26)

The value itself is on the 'Rates' sheet and it finds it ok but it displays the result as:

Lodging Allowance @ £29.6

...I would have liked the extra '0' at the end, i.e.

Lodging Allowance @ £29.60

The value on the Rates sheet is indeed stored as 29.6 not 29.60 so I guess this is why it's happening.

Any thoughts on how I can force the prices to be displayed correctly with 2 decimal points in the text string?

Many thanks


Here's a long standing issue which I haven't seen anybody answer. How do I get Excel to obey a decimal point I specify? For example...usually on calculating adding enter a number...say 1235 and when you hit the Enter shows 12.35 with the decimal exactly two places within the number punched into the number pad. But when I enter 1235 in Excel and I specifically list the decimal point to be 2 places...instead I get 1235.00.

How do I get Excel to put the decimal number exactly two places inside any number I enter into a cell? It could be 100 and the result should read 1.00 or if I enter 25600 the result should read 256.00. So my frustrating problem with Excel is when I specify the 2 decimal point...Excel simply dumps the 2 decimal point after the entire number is entered into that cell when instead...I want it to read any number but force it to place the decimal 2 places regardless of the number entered.

Thanks in advance.


I am working on an Income & Expense statement using Excel 2000 and I like my
decimal points to line for appearances (just a quirk of mine). I am having
trouble. Sometimes when I enter a figure it is lined up to the right of the
column and then the next figure could be to the right but offset by one space
so the figures aren't lined up. Is anyone having that problem? Have you found
a solution?

Hi all,

It is a little bit a ridiculous question but I cannot solve it.
So, I used softwer which automatically changed my settings and I cannot restore it - it automatically turn off NUM LOCK key and it changed it my decimal point to point instead comma. My questions are:
1. How to avoid automatic turn off NUM LOCK
2. How to change my decimal point to comma (on numerical keyboard on right)
I use W7.

Thanks in advance.

Why cant I place the decimal point, to where I want it??

EG - I WANT the decimal point as 1.0759 - BUT it is only showing 1075.9.
I have played around with the decimal points in the tools, options menu.

I guess its probably very simple but half my data has been
entered as 1.11 and the rest as 111.

How do I either get rid or add a decimal point to it all?

Have searched help pretty thougherly and can't see any
thing. The idea of replaceing everything manually thrills
me not all.

Hi There,

I am in need of a macro which would be capable of doing the following;

Replacing a sequence of number's & decimals such as 58.6073.1 with 58607310000
Essentially, the code will just need to remove the two decimal points & to suffix those 4 zeros onto the end of the number sequence.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am working on an Income & Expense statement using Excel 2000 and I like my
decimal points to line for appearances (just a quirk of mine). I am having
trouble. Sometimes when I enter a figure it is lined up to the right of the
column and then the next figure could be to the right but offset by one space
so the figures aren't lined up. Is anyone having that problem? Have you found
a solution?


Does anyone know how to set Excel so it only calculates on the visible numbers, eg;

1.4 + 1.4 = 2.8

if i change decimal points to zero this will then read

1 + 1 = 3



Is there any way to change the decimal point from the usual period symbol (.) to a comma (,). The reason being, i have a structural design spreadsheet and the new terminology is just so, changed from 00.00 to 00,00 I have tried cell formatting but it just uses a comma (,) for numbers in their thousand and it wont do what i need.

can anyone help

can anyone tell me how to make a formula that changes the position of comas and decimal points ie: 37.507,42 to 37,507.42?

Would like to do the following for our school,
In cell A1 there is a number, for instance: 12.12345

Based on that number, the 3rd number after the decimal is important.

If the 3rd number after the decimal is “x” then the contents returned in b2 is a text value ( like high school ).

ColA ColB
12.12145 middle school
12.12245 elementary school
12.12345 high school
12.12445 charter school
12.12545 special education
12.12645 advanced placement
12.12745 athletic departments
12.12845 special placements
12.12945 ais schools

So based on the value 0-9 that is in the 3rd number after the decimal, a text value in B2 is one of nine choices.

Additional requirement
1) The amount of numbers before the decimal point is variable
2) the number of values after the decimal point is equal to or larger than 3.
3) able to change the pivotal value after the decimal from 3 to another value ( say 2nd or 4th )

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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