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Moving information from colums and rows to other excel files

Hello everyone.

Im here because I have very poor understanding on Excel. I have a question that meaby will not be as clear as it should, hope you guys wont be mad .

My problem is that I have a big number of excel files with information that needs to be move to a new file with another mandatory fields. I can't just copy and paste because it will take for ever.
The information on the old files needs to be on the new excel file but with a different presentation. Let me explain my self. No all the information in the old files are need it and the position in which we have to fill in on the new file is diferent from the old files.

I want to know it I can be able to selec rows from the old files and put them on the right rows in the new file. I need to do this in big ammount of files so a good way for doing this would be in block of information. I hope this is clear, if not, let me know and I will do my best to explain it.

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I have a macro I copied from a website to one particular file. Is there a way
to make it available to other excel files without having to copy it to every
file I want it in? Seems I did this before but can't recall how. I don't
really care if its available to every excel file I have since I am the only
person using this computer and I trust this macro.

Hi all,
How do I code VBA to return information from a web site to an excel

I tried to record a macro, but it didn't return any code.

Thank you in advance.

Don't have a a specific, but general project in mind.

Richard Mogy

I'm trying to do the following at my work:

Use a master sheet where some employees type in information regarding projects. This sheet will be protected so that only some can type in information. (this is OK)
We want to create a database regarding completed and ongoing projects. How can I make Excel use information from the master sheet to copy information to the sheet we want without us updating our status twice?


Sheet 1 - Master - Project X - Ongoing | Project Z - Completed
Sheet 2 - Ongoing - Project X - Ongoing (information gathered automatically)
Sheet 3 - Completed - Project Z - Completed (information gathered automatically)

Sheet 2 and 3 will be used in reporting to project managers and customers.

Hope this is enough information for someone to help me.

Thanks in advance!


There are English words in A column of an Excel file and I have developed a macro program which is aimed to check, find and bring Turkish meanings of these English words from internet address to B column of that Excel file. Unfortunately, that macro program doesn't succeed it.

Could you modify that macro program, please?

Thank you.

Note: The example Excel file contains that macro program is attached to thread.

Here is what I'm trying to do with a Macro:

1. I have links to other Excel spreasheets in one file to update totals in several cells
2. I would like to break these links to these other files so when I send the file by email other people do not have to update these links
3. I would like to create a Macro when the file open that said: "In order to use this file you must break the links to other files" YES or NO (using a message box will be great).
4. All broken links will be replace by hard values
5. If press NO it will leave the links untouched (because I need them on my server to update the file automatically)

I'm using the French XP version of Excel but I think the visual basic module still in English.

Thanks for any help


I am getting problem in attahced MIS

......when I minimize the MIS excel file and open any other excel file then checklist automatically gets open with it. I want to run MIS checklist (forum) with related excel file (MIS ) not with other files.
Any help would be great.

Thank you


Hi guys,

I have been using data connections to link to other Excel files on the network drive.

I do this by clicking on "Existing Connections" and then "Browse for More.." and then I would browse to my Excel file with the other data.

This has worked really well for me over the past years and I prefer this over referencing to other Excel files (i.e. =[test1.xlsx]Sheet1!$B$16)

However there is one thing I would like to some help on:

When I refresh my connections by clicking on "Refresh All", the data would be refreshed without a hitch, however the source file becomes open and no one else can edit the file.

This is quite problematic other people need the file while I have my datasheet open.

Is there anyway to make it read-only? I've tried disabling "Enable background refresh", but the file still stays open.

Hi. I'm new to excel.

i tried to link a cell to other excel file but it won't work.

i tried linking the cells of the same excel file and the linking works just fine.

i was wondering what setting should i make so linking of different excel file
will work.

thank you for your time.

I went to the worksheet in question, right clicked and copied to another
excel file. I then removed all the old excel file name references. The
cells are still linked to the old excel.

I have a spreadsheet of a few thousand rows that I have been trying to format so I can actually use the information. I am trying to take the information from an extra row (every other) add it to an existing column, or put it in a new one so all of the information for each transaction is in a single row

Here is and example of what I have:

1/1/08 credit1 1111 $5
credit detail1
1/2/08 credit2 2222 $5
credit detail2

And here is what I am trying to get:

1/1/08 credit1 credit detail1 1111 $5
1/2/08 credit2 credit detail2 2222 $5

The column that currently contains this info (credit1, creditdetail1) on my sheet is colomn D.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I am having a heck of time trying to figure this out. I need to move data from one row to the next four. This is for readability. Here is an example.

aaa bbb ccc ddd eee

I need it to look like this


I can do this with insert and cut and paste but a macro would help a ton. I also need it to do this with about 500 rows of data. Its very repetitive so I dont think it would be to hard but hey I could be way off. Thank you to anyone who can help.

Hello Excel Tip Experts,

I have a noob question.

I want to be able to move information from columns into rows on different Sheets and be able to have the ability to change information on one page and have it automatically reflect on the other.

How would I go about doing this?


Ok I need some help with getting a marco functioning on a spreadsheet that my office uses to input patient EOB data for record keeping. In the past data was entered manually but eventually the amount of data becomes overwhelming to manage.

Basically what I need is for a marco to run when you click the “Run Me To Sort” button on the Temp worksheet. At this time we need rows to be moved from the Temp worksheet to other worksheets based on what month was entered. The other works sheets are named by month.

So for example a row with

Ins1 123 PC 4/2/2012 21.89

Would be moved to the April worksheet because of the date 4/2/2012. New spreadsheets will be created for every year so error checking on the year is unnecessary.

Dates are always in the 4th column.

The marco needs to only run when the button is clicked. That way data can be manually reviewed on the Temp worksheet first.

Once the row has been moved to the appropriate worksheet the line can be removed from the Temp worksheet.

I have included an example spreadsheet setup just like the one we are going to use.

Thank you ahead of time for helping me with this, it will allow other employees other then myself to keep up with the data.

I need to change the whole orientation of my spreadsheets... columns to rows
AND rows to columns - does anyone know of a quick way, or do I have to
transpose all the information individually.


Hello, i am doing an internship in a company and i have been asked to help to consolidate reports for 4 different business units in a single file, while being able to have information updated in case the source information changes. I am uploading 2 files, the ones that will be used.

TCO.xls - this is the main file where the information will be consolidatedJPL2011.xls - this is one of the 4 files of this type that will be used by each of the 4 business units.
Inside JPL2011 there is a tab called sample that is intended to be copied for when a project entry has to be made, each sheet or tab containing projects will have its own name. What i been trying to figure out is if it was possible to enter the project name in the TCO file and have a formula that would automatically look for the tab with the same name of the project from the 4 project files and pull some information from there into the TCO file.

the projects sheet was made in a way that the information i am looking for will always be placed in the same position, while the destination columns will always be the same and the rows change as a new project entry is made.

Both files have an example of what i am trying to do pulling values from the JPL20011 sheet to the TCO file, i made them manually linking them by viewing the files side by side and linking each cell manually. just thinking of populating and linking all the projects in those files manually makes me have nightmares.

Additional notes:

files were made with excel 2003 but will most likely be upgrading to 2007 at work in the next weeks.the source information from the projects sheet is D17 to AA17Destination cells in the TCO file are starting in AE9 to BB9 and moving down for each new project.I apologize in advance if any mistakes from my part have been done, i also made a search for relevant posts and found a couple similar to mine but they had some BVA codes that i do not know how to read or know how to apply them ( for example).

Thank you in advance for any help or tips.

Hello I am trying to see if this can be done. I have a workbook with many sheets I want to move information from each sheet individually to an invoice sheet by the use of a button. I have attached a sample. I will put a button on the field sheets and then the information is sent to the invoice sheet. How do I set this up if possible?
Thank You so much for the help.

I'm in need of VBA to Copy&Paste / Cut&Paste rows to other worksheets when certain cell values are met.
I will include details of 3 similar macros I need.
Hopefully I will be able to adapt them myself for any additional similar macros or other projects in the future..
on sheet1:"LIST" 
	IF $D = "g", 
		Check $C value, 
			COPY & Paste $A:$L to first empty row of sheet2:"NEW" (repeat "$C" number of times)
				NEW!$A = LIST!$A, (VLOOKUP formula in NEW!$A using $L columns?) 
				NEW!$C = "", 
				NEW!$D = "s", 
					LIST!$C = "1", 
					LIST!$D = "e".
on sheet2:"NEW" 
	IF $D = "g", 
		CUT & Paste row to first empty row of sheet3:"ACTIVE", 
			"ACTIVE"$D = "", 
				DELETE row from "NEW" (without breaking formulas on sheet).
on sheet3:"ACTIVE" 
	IF $D = "Sold" OR "Sold*" OR "Paid" OR "Paid*", 
		CUT & Paste row to first empty row of sheet4:"SOLD", 
			DELETE row from "ACTIVE" (without breaking formulas on sheet).
Your help would be much appreciated!..

I am looking for a way to set a few columns and rows so that they stay on the
screen as I scroll up and down.

Hey, what I need is to have an excel sheel with drop down boxes and when i have selected the correct information in the drop down boxes to press a process button and for the new excel sheet to output a certain amount of info about all my choices from the drop down menu? is this possible with excel or any other type of software?

Hello, everyone. I have uploaded an Excel file, which is used to do some color calculation. The calculation process is quite complicated, because there are a lot of intermediate results.

But the user interface is quite simple: the Cell C3 and C4 in the Sheet "Overview" is the input, and the Cell G3 and G4 is the output.

Now, if I wish to use the calculation process from other Excel files, i.e. viewing this file as a blackbox or function, what can I do?

Thank you very much!

Hi, I really do hope that someone can help me. I am copying information from
Access and pasting it into Excel to compile a report. I have to present a
report in the following format-:

Name Net Pay Pensions CELL ALLOWANCE
Charmaine 70,000 4,000 2,000
Akena 60,000 3,000 1,000

But this is the format of the Data in Access. Does anyone know how I could
transform the under mentioned into the aforementioned. Thank you.

First_name Desc Amt
CHARMAINE Basic Salary $80,000.00
CHARMAINE NET PAY ($70,303.24)


Firstly, i want say sorry if my English language bad. Actually i'm jeck from Malaysia.
i'm beginner user for excel and trying to add some programming into selected excel file.

i have 1 excel file daily use for printing receipt.
per-day, i have printed 200x receipt using same excel (auto save to PDF and filing hard copy). Then before i go back home i must enter all detail payee,receipt no.,payment amount and 2-3 more detail per receipt to other excel file it's called "Payment Record" (for referent if needed).

i'm try to create some macros and it'e work with same excel (deferent sheet), but i don't know how to do it for auto fill in to other excel file.

this is example what i have done:-

Sub Added_Data_Click()

Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("Payment Record")

'find first empty row in database
iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1) _
  .End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

'copy the data to the database
ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Range("D8").Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Range("L8").Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Range("V22").Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Range("L24").Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Range("V24").Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 6).Value = Range("N2").Value

End Sub
i hopefully that anybody help me and teach me how to resolved this problem.
your cooperation very high value for me.

thank you.

Hey guys,

So I am wondering, is it possible to copy data from one Excel file (either Excel version 2003 or 2007) to another Excel file of the same version?

I have data that is in once Excel file that is being updated often, about every 20 seconds, by way of a DDE link through RS Linx.
Since the data is being update by the link, I was wondering if there was a macro that could copy the data when a Boolean value changed.
For example:
If (part passed test) = True Then
copy cells A1-A6 to "C:GPD_Oct_2011.xls" and [SpecificSheet(s)WithinthatWorkbook] 'GPD - good part data
copy cells A1-A6 "C:BPD_Oct_2011.xls" and [SpecificSheet(s)WithinthatWorkbook] ' BPD - bad part data
End If
In every instance I will need the data from one worksheet in one workbook to copy to another workbook where it will be needed to be copied to two different sheets maximum.
For example:
Part 1 is of part type ABC. Part 1 passes the testing and came off of tester 1.
That means the data for that part needs to be copied to the GPD_Oct_2011.xls file, to the ABC sheet and the tester 1 sheet. Both sheets are inside the GPD_Oct_2011.xls file.
Part 2 is of type XYZ. Part 2 does not pass testing and came off of tester 4.
That means the data for that part needs to be copied to the BPD_Oct_2011.xls file, to the XYZ sheet and the tester 4 sheet. Both sheets are inside the BPD_Oct_2011.xls file.
I hope I gave you all enough information to adequately describe my problem.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello group,

I am trying to write a vb code to copy a field from one Excel worksheet to other Excel file but having error message as “run time error… Subscript out of range”. Here is my code:

Dim rw&, col&, cel As Range
rw = "O:AdminCheque Pick Up Forms - Requested" & Sheets("Report").[D:D].Find("").Row
col = 4
For Each cel In Range("D36")
Sheets("Report").Cells(rw, col) = cel.Value
col = col + 1

End Sub

Please help in identifying the error

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