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[Solved] Printing: How to print row A on every page?

Could someone please advise how I can get row A to print at the beginning of each page. Row A has headings relating to the columns.

Thanks in advance
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I have used 'freeze panes' to freeze the first column in my spreadsheet.
How can I set up the printing so that Column A also appears on every page
that’s printed?

thanks for your help


I have used 'freeze panes' to freeze the first column in my spreadsheet.
How can I set up the printing so that Column A also appears on every page
that’s printed?

thanks for your help

I am copying and pasting a chart into excel from another application. The timeline(s) cover many pages. I can get the header to repeat by printing the first 6 lines on every page, but I am unable to print the (legend) on every page. It does not allow me to insert this information into the footer.

How do I enable the "Print column or row titles in every page button? In
page setup it is disabled (grayed out.)

Question 1:

I would like to Hide rows based on an If/Then statement
Cell A1 has the value of "1" or "2" (from a drop down list). If A1 has the value of "1", the rows 2:4 will be hidden. If it has other values, the rows 2:4 will be unhidden.

Question 2:
I tried the following VBA code. It is unclear to me why it doesn't work. How to correct it? Can it be used as the answer to Question 1 (if corrected)?
Function test(A1)
  Call Row_hidden
  test = A1
End Function

Sub Row_hidden()
    If Range("A1") = 1 Then
        Rows("2:4").EntireRow.Hidden = True
        Rows("2:4").EntireRow.Hidden = False
    End If
End Sub
Thanks in advance for any clarification.
Best regards,

Hi friends,

I want to sort rows based on the background color of the cells.

Can anybody help me please?

I have some reports that are between 30 and 40 pages long and I usually use
the page setup option to put column headings on every page, but some of the
pages do not need column headings and I cannot find a way to eliminate the
column headings on those few pages without manually copying headings on each
page I would like them to appear which is very time consuming. Please help
with any information to make this an easier process.

I have a spreadsheet in excel and want several rows and columns to print on
every page. It will display by freezing panes but I need it to print that
way also.

Can someone point me in the direction on how to print one report page for every row on a sheet.

So if I have 300 rows containing personal info like name phone email I would like to print the data out in a separate formated report for each person.


how to print each row on seperate page. I have an excel speadsheet with
hundreds of rows of data, and I want to print it in such a manner that
each line ends up on it's own sheet. Any ideas??? Thank!!

I'm trying to print a solid border on every page around a table done ion
excel. Currently, at the page break my border is being chopped until the
last page. How do I keep a solid border on my table on every page?

I am wondering how to print only the rows that have information in them. I have a report that is super long. We only want the information that is updated to print. This information will change weekly.
Is selecting the area I want to print the only way to do this? Or is there a way I can tell excel to print only the rows that have been updated?
This report is one that we use every week, for ordering, there is a lot of information on the report that we will not need every week, so we are hoping to print only the rows that are updated for that week. Please help!

Can this not be done?????

Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Basically, I want the top few rows on every page after the first page to be the same and not move, especially when I insert new rows above it.

This is for a purchase order type of form, so the first page will have customer and shipping information that I won't have to repeat on the other pages. However, what I do want to repeat at the top of each page after page 1 is the column headings for the order (i.e. quantity, product number, description, total cost, etc).

For each order I make (they are getting really, really long....20 pages or so) I add new items by inserting new rows, which moves the column heading on the next page down. I then have to go back and manually re-organize all the pages so each page has the column headings at the top of the page instead of having been pushed to the middle when I add new rows.

I hope this makes sense.....but I just want the column headings to freeze and stay put regardless of how many new rows I insert above it.

Freeze panes doesn't work because I don't want to just be able to scroll, I want each column heading physically present on each page. Headers WOULD work....except they only show up when printed (we are emphasizing a paperless environment).

Anyone have any ideas? I don't really know how to use excel well and it takes so much time to reorganize each order....Just wondering if anyone has a better way of doing this!

Thanks! Greatly appreciate it!

Hi you'll,

I have great printing macro that prints an area based on 1 cell.
Sub SetPrintRangeStudent1()
    Dim PrintRange As Range
    Dim FindRange As Range
'this line finds the location of the student in row 7
    Set FindRange = ActiveSheet.Rows(7).Cells.Find(Range("D1"), , xlValues, xlWhole, xlByRows, xlNext, False)
        If Not FindRange Is Nothing Then
'this line set the print range to 2 rows above the FindRange and 10 columns to the right
'it finds the bottom row automatically
Set PrintRange = Range(FindRange.Offset(-2, -3), Cells(65000, FindRange.Column).End(xlUp)).Resize(, 10)
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = PrintRange.Address
    End If
End Sub
I like to adjust this, so that on every page it also prints C9:C20.
Do I set a second print range for this?

Every suggestion is helpful.


How do I print titles on every page of a spreadsheet in Excel?

How to print all row contents on one page. At present excel prints row contents on some pages.

I have a spreadsheet that I'd like to print on two landscape pages. The spreadsheet has lots of columns and not many rows. My row labels are in column A. Is there an easy way to print so that the row labels in A are printed on both pages?

I have a catalog of files which is about 8 pages long. It is only 3 columns
wide, however. I wanted to print as much as I could on 1 page by having it
print the first 3 columns, then return to the top of that page and print the
3 columns again on the right side of the page, before moving to the next
page. How do I set it up so that it would print something like this ->
column 1-3 column 1-3 on the same page?
Thanks for the help


I'm trying to program a macro to "Print" button on a worksheet which prints each report generated by specific criteria. This print area should start at a specific cell ( always A13) to the last row of each specific report generated.

What is the best way to do this by macro attached to the button.

The macro I have now basically prints all of the active sheet which includes the unwanted top rows of the page (which I am trying to elimate), ie:

Sub PrintSalesReport()
' PrintSalesReport Macro
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

But I want it to start at cell A13 to eliminate unnecessary rows of data above that cell, and to include all data on that page to the last row of data, which changes with each report generated by the specified criteria ie: dates, salesperson, etc

How can I be more specific in my macro which is attached to the "PRINT" button I have created.

Thanks for any help given.


In "Print Titles" feature it should be possible to print selected rows or
columns of spreadsheet as header rows etc on every sheet, but this feature is
grayed-out in my program. I have XL2000 which is part of Office XP for
Students & Teachers.

How can I access this feature?

1. How to hide rows in a protected worksheet without unprotecting the
2. Is it possible to delete rows in a protected worksheet without
unprotecting the worksheet.
3. My requirements is that in a worksheet, I have input certain formulas
and the same is protected with a password, I will be sending these sheets to
my colleagues to fill in data and the formulas will automatically calculate
the results. I dont want them to modify the protected ranges.

This protection will be for certain columns for the entire worksheet. In
case if they print then there are totals at the end of the sheet which also
has to be printed but I dont want empty rows without data not to be printed.

My querry is that is it possible to hide or delete empty rows in a protected
sheet without unprotecting the same.

4. These sheets will be used regularly as templates is it possible for them
to store the same in one file with different worksheet. In other words they
will copy and paste the template in the same file in different sheet but I
need the protection to continue is it possible.

5. Is it possible for someone to unprotect the sheet without the owner
disclosing the password. In other words is it possible to break the password.

Expecting your immediate response on the same.



Hey guys,

How do I make say Row1 print out on every page when its printed out?



I want to go through a table and delete rows where a certain field value occurs.

How do I go through each one and delete that row based on my criteria (say column1 = "bad")?

Thanks in advance?

Hello Experts,

Please... help me. I am trying to create a vendor statement showing the detail of transaction. I have 1000+ vendor transactions in the Excel worksheet and I want to link them to the statement form that I have created in another worksheet. Can you me how to print loop for each vendor transaction on one statement. And if any vendor has more than one transactions should show on one statement. Please....

Thank you very much,


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