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Convert Excel worksheet to interactive web page

Is there a program to convert a complex Excel worksheet with massive data lookup pages to be an interactive Web page? ( visitor fills out info - program returns results - visitor can save or print )

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I am trying to save an Excell worksheet as a Web page and some of the
headings are dropped. Using Office 2003

I need help converting Excel worksheets to a PDF file. I have a fairly complicated file (at least for me) that is used by construction estimators. The file consists of about 12 worksheets and contains hundreds of formula, checkboxes, etc. At present the estimators print out only the relevant part of each worksheet after they enter the job details, then scan the print outs to create a PDF file, then email the PDF file to our field offices. I am looking for an efficient method to directly create PDF file of only the print range portion of each worksheet. I really just need a duplicate of the print in PDF format. I do not need hyperlinks, metadata, or anything fancy in the PDF. I have read about the “click-to-convert” program, “metadata assistant”, and “verypdf” and maybe an Adobe product would work, but I have no experience with any of them. Would printing to Microsoft Document Image Writer be a good alternative? Cost is really not an issue, the company will buy whatever works best. Thanks in advance to all.

Hi all,

I know a little bit about Excel VBA, enough to create some simple macros and such but this is way beyond me, and if I could get this to work in some capacity it would save my group a bunch of time I thought I would ask for some help here. I've looked around and didn't see much when it comes to inputting info from Excel to a web page. Long story short every day values must be updated from an excel spreadsheet to a web page. Those values seem to be contained in this var contents line and I'm assuming this is where i need to upload them or recreate this line? I've made bold a couple of the examples of the values that would need to be changed. I'll send the HTML for the entire page if needed but be warned its pretty long and the javascript var section isn't until line 1334. Long story short I know how to create an instance of IE and not much more past that. Any help or pointers in the correct direction will be appreciated.

			    var a
='','' , 'width=895,height=400,scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes');"text/html");
			    var contents =
			    a.document.writeln("LBPITicker, LBPISourceID,ClientID,CUSIP,DailyTreasuryBillRate,PreviousIndexLevel,Currency
Conversion Ticker, Source ID for Currency Conversion Ticker,Daily Price Change
Threshold,EndofDayOverridevalue,CurrencyMultiplyDivideFlag,Portfolio StartPublish Time, Portfolio Stop Publish Time, Publish
Time DST Adjustment, StatusFlag, BillingFlag, Start Stop Publish Flag, Publish Open Close Flag, Calculation Frequency
Interval, Rundate,Update Time");

Does anyone know if this is possible. Would like to have a columned data sheet in excel and be able to pull information from the excel file to the Web page. Kinda like using the Vlookup to look up the first column and getting information from the others. If anyone knows if this can be done and if so are there any good tutorials or anything online. Thanks.

I have an Excel work book with a single spread sheet. I have set one column
in the sheet to 'Wrap Text' in the cells - the type as 'general'. In the xls
version all looks good - but when I save it as an interactive web page, the
wrapped cells no longer wrap.

Trying to convert a workbook into an interactive web page ready for publishing, I chose File- Save as a Web Page from the Menu bar, and followed the required steps. In the Save As a Web Page dialog box, I checked "Add Interactivity With: ", but I get the error message:
"The Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Component could not load the XML data.
Validation Load Error: For Type list, the absence of a < cell range list > tag implies relative cell references in the list values which is not allowed."
I am using Excel 2003, SP3.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to publish an Excel report with Pivot Tables as an interactive webpage? I have done so by saving as web page but it is not interactive.

My pivot table allows users to expand and collapse the rows and when I saved it as web page, the + sign is no longer there.

Have tried Google but it doesn't seem to be returning anything relevant.

Has anyone attempted this before? It would be great if anyone can provide me with some suggestions.

I am running on Excel 2010 by the way.

Thanks in advance.

I'm looking for a way to publish an interactive (and macro-enabled/protected) worksheet to a web page - preferably on my own site.
Its a one off from a home user so sharepoint isnt really an option and the commercial companies (spreadsheetweb/kdcalc etc) also seem pretty expensive for a single use (or very occasional) and also dont offer support for all the features in Excel 2007 at the basic levels either.

Sharing services like Googledocs or Zoho also dont support features such as macros.

I'm sure there must be a way but i've been searching around for a few hours now and have pretty much run into a wall !



I'm trying this for the 1st time. I can publish a workbook interactively and a pivot table staticly but cannot publish a pivot table as an interactive web page. When I do this I see the PT structure but no data and it says THE QUERY COULD NOT BE PROCESSED. I have researched extensively and cannot find out why this does not work. I'm running Win7 and IE9. I did change the security settings in IE9 to enable data sources since I tried this 1st with a SQL Server back end but it does not work with even a regular pivot table.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I have built my first simple VBA app and linked it to a command button in one of my worksheets. The app brings up a dialog box that moves around some cell ranges according to user input.
Well, I tried to publish the entire Excel workbook to a web page.
Only the data appears on the web page.
I would want to publish the page together with the command buttons and my VBA app.
Is this possible ?
Any help is appreciated.


Is it possible to display and use items such as buttons and comboboxes on an excel workbook saved as an interactive web page.

Linked to it possible to run macros when saved as a web page?

If it is possible how do I make objects appear and work as I can't seem to get them to even display.



How do I create a hyperlink to a web page in Excel?

I click on Insert/Hyperlink. Click the on the "Browse the Web" button and
slect a web site. After creating the hyperlink, I am unable to open the
hyperlink. I get a error message box saying, "Unable to open. Unable to
locate Internet server or Proxy server".

I've been searching the web for nearly a week now trying to figure out how
to read the information a user can enter into an interactive web excel

More precisely, I need for a user to enter an unlimited amount of numbers
and I need to be able to read the numbers and enter them into a database (SQL
Server). To protect from user errors, my team thought it might be a good idea
to provide the Excel Spreadsheet in a web page and users can just paste the
information directly into it, and then click a button to upload the
information to our database.

I have found that Javascript can read the variables entered into the Excel
Spreadsheet, but I cannot find how to code directly into the VB.NET (2003)
environment. I would prefer NOT to use Javascript if possible.

If someone could point me in the right direction so that I can find
information that is already available on the web, or if someone could share
an example of how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Self-taught Excel VBA noob here.
I have scowered the internet far and wide to get to the point I'm at right now - which is stuck.

Through VBA I can launch Internet Explorer, load a web site, enter my search string into a field on the screen, click the web site's "Submit" button, and post the data of the resultant data table into an Excel Worksheet using a Web Query.

Now I need to select the next page on the web site and have been unable to do so.
Here's the web site:
Enter the first two letters of your last name in the search field and hit enter.
A page will load with the results. At the bottom right of the screen you'll see the hyperlinks to the other pages of the table. What is the code in VB to select those pages?

I've tried this, and it doesn't work:
URL = "" & cycle & " "
IntExplApp.Navigate URL
Do While IntExplApp.Busy

Also, if there's an easier way of collecting the table data than a web query I would love to know.

Thanks in advance!

How do I create a hyperlink to a web page in Excel?

I click on Insert/Hyperlink. Click the on the "Browse the Web" button and
slect a web site. After creating the hyperlink, I am unable to open the
hyperlink. I get a error message box saying, "Unable to open. Unable to
locate Internet server or Proxy server".

How to convert a muliple page worksheet to a single page worksheet?



I have Excel and Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on my computer. Is there a way to create a macro that when activated will convert each worksheet in my excel file to a separate pdf file?

I am using Excel 2007.

I want to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a static one page HTML page that is:Using standard embedded HTML format (not referring to a CSS style sheet)Not using Microsoft styles.Not breaking up spreadsheet into multiple files or using folders.
Can this be performed by Excel 2007? Or is there another tool anybody can recommend?

When I use Excel 2007 Save As: Web Page *.htm, *.html Spreadsheet, it breaks up the spreadsheet into multiple files and uses a Microsoft-based styles.


I'm trying to create an Excel spreadsheet. This should have a button
and when this button is clicked, it should take the data in some of the
cells and post them to a web page (using the HTTP POST method rather
than GET).

This web page does some processing on the server and returns some HTML.
I'd like to get this and put it into a string, so I can parse this and
update other cells in my worksheet.

Is this possible in Excel 2002?



Is there a simple way to convert a multiple worksheet (with different format
pages) to a single page worksheet with all different pages appended together?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to save my worksheet as a web page but I have a question. When I save the whole workbook, excel will create a web page with the tabs at the bottom to flip through the other sheets, this feature I don't want. I tried creating just a single sheet as a web page, but what excel will do then is center my data, which I also don't want (I want it all to be on the left hand side of the page.) Any suggestions what I can do?

I am hoping someone can help me with a macro for converting excel worksheets to a PDF, saving and attaching it to an email. If cell A8 is empty the worksheet is to be skipped, the sheets where A8 is occupied i want them converted into one pdf file, saved and attached to an email. I have Excel 2003 and Adobe Professional 6.

Can someone please help?


I need to change the size of the spreadsheet once it is published as a web
page- It only fills half the page. Is there a way to change the size that it
is full screen? or 75% -



I was wondering if it is possible to use data validation (drop down
boxes) when you publish the Excel spreadsheet to a web page?

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