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QUATTRO PRO 10 files use .qpw suffix. Is there a conversion program for this?

"Myrna Larson" wrote:

> Conversions Plus, $70 as will do this.
> I have the product. If you have just one or two files, you can email them to
> me and I will convert and send back. myrna larson charter net,
> without any spaces.
> On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 09:23:02 -0700, "t" > wrote:
> >Is there a conversion utility that will convert Quattro .wb2 files to excel ?
> > The files were created under Quattro v 6 for windows... Running Office 2003
> >here... any help would be appreciated...
> >
> >thanks... t

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Hi there. How can I convert csv file to excel file with proper columns filled with data being separated by "comma" in csv?


Hi Every one,
I have downloaded a report from net which is a .Tab file. I was not able to convert it to excel file. Could anyone out there help me to convert it.

Hey guy's

I've been searching the web for quite some time now, but i cant find it.

First off:
My skills: Limited ( first time using vba,, but search the web for hours, so i know some basic stuff what i've read)
My programs: Office 2010
My question:

I have an map full with .doc files and want to convert them to excel files.

The word file has an table in it with data, This data is from machine specs, and i want to import them in to an excel database.
I thought the best thing is save / export the word table to an excel file.
And later on make an (master) excel file and link the seperate files to this master file.

I've got an working macro to import table dat from word in to an excel spreadsheet (found it on the web)
But it is limited to one file ( i've got 200/300 files so it would be easy i've vba can do it for me )

New Text Document (6).txt

I want to automate the proces and let it save the workbook automaticly
And this code only get cells 3,2 and 4,2
I want many more ranges and data cells, these i've already got sorted in another excel file so i can copy them real quick
But it needs an additional bit that overrules the empty cells ( i've pasted my ranges and cells in the macro ) and that works, but i get an error on every empty cell ( i dont have that basic knowledge )

I think you guy's can help me!
So please do so.

To make the macro working i've changed Dim wdDoc As Word.Document
the Word.Document to Object.

Can .tif file be converted to Excel file? And how? Thanks.

Hi Everybody...

I'm really need your expertise in Excel and VB Script.

I have a data in .txt file and try to export to excel file. The data in .txt file looks like below:


User John Marshall
Designation Senior Operation Manager
Desktop Yes
Laptop No
Desktop Model Dell Optiplex GX280
Laptop Model N/A
Contact Number
Fixed Line +60342910606
Mobile +60122323456
Remarks User currently attending training from 21st May 2011 to 22nd June 2012.
User Chan Liu Fan
Designation HR Manager
Desktop Yes
Laptop No
Desktop Model Dell Optiplex GX280
Laptop Model N/A
Contact Number
Fixed Line +60342910610
Mobile +60122347471
Remarks User is active
User Ahmad Fahmi Bin Alwi
Designation Operation Supervisor
Desktop No
Laptop Yes
Desktop Model N/A
Laptop Model IBM Lenovo ThinkPad L412
Contact Number
Fixed Line +60342910616
Mobile +60123431010
Remarks User is active

User Access-Right Access-to-all-Site Access-to-HQ

John Marshall Full Yes Yes
Chan Liu Fan Limited No Yes
Ahmad Fahmi Bin Alwi Limited Yes (Limited) Yes



Now i try to export some of the data in this .txt to excel file. And that excel file should be looks like below:

User Datails.xlsx

Anyway, I'm very new in Excel and VB Scripting.

Dear All,

I have attached 2 files. I need to transfer (using a macro), the data from text file to excel file.

For every new text file the data comes in the first empty column of the excel file.

Can somebody help me with program ... ?

As, not all the data from text file is to be copied to the particular column, I understand that a way of doing it can be that first the whole .txt file is copied to excel sheet and the particular data is then pasted in the required cells. Finally, the whole pasted data can be deleted.

Also, is there a possibility of using the "Application.GetOpenFilename" command or some similar command whereby the required text file can be searched and then data imported from it ?

Thank you in advance
Kanwar Arora

I would like to convert multiple text files to excel files respectively..
I have nearly 800 text files which needs to be converted to excel files individually..

Can any one guide me please

hello my friend,please helpppppppppp
i want to add an column to Excel file(1) from another Excel file(2) where file 1 and file 2 contain an uniqe column.
please helpppppppppppp.

Is it possible to convert scan file to excel file ,if yes then please teach me

Like the title says, Excel hyperlinks to Excel files wont work.
I looked at my trust settings and don't see why they just hang and do nothing.

Quick question:

Can an Excel file with buttons and associated macros be converted to a
web page or PDF and still have functionning buttons?

The excel file works fine, but here is what happens after a conversion:
the buttons are appearing on a web page, but they do nothing. As for the
PDF, no buttons at all...

Any suggestions? (Or is it plainly impossible?)

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Hello Everybody,

Purchase new computer with Vista,
Vista nixes installation of my old Lotus 1-2-3 program (registry
Purchase Excel 2007,
Excel nixes understanding of Lotus 1-2-3 files,
Google-search internet and find, which succeeds in
converting a few Lotus files to Excel but gives up repeatedly on
Google-search again and discover at a free download of
"Excel File Conversion Wizard" (yes, also from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel)
with not a word of usage instructions,
Download it to where?,
Finally find it on Desktop as fileconv.xla,
Try Excel now,
Just as dumb as before,
Then try clicking on fileconv.xla itself,
Excel again plays dumb BUT also sends a note analyzing why it is dumb:
"Errors were detected in file fileconv.xla" and "This workbook has
lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-
related features".

Obviously something more than just download should be done, but what?
Curtain, end of the game for this scant brain. Anybody knows? Anybody
wants to restore happiness to the world?

Hugs, Clas

I have several versions of Excel files, tables that are from (4' H x 5' W) to (2.3' H x 8.3' W) in size when printed. These are for large format printing. It's best to convert these files to PDF first before submitting them for printing.

The problem is that I have a printer driver installed for my 8x11 laserprinter, and this causes insertion of page breaks in the Excel documents, which in turn causes the PDF file to be broken up in 8x11 pages. I want a single-page PDF that doesn't have page breaks so it'll print on as large format printer as a single sheet of paper. IOW: no page breaks.

What can I do here?

Is there a way around the Excel spreadsheet conversion to formatted file
format (space delimited) limitation of only 240 characters per row of cells?
I need to get a row of cells of over 700 characters in possible length to
convert to a single formatted text space delimited record. Is there any
offline file conversion program that will do this form me if Excel save as
file converion will not>

Quick question:

Can an Excel file with buttons and associated macros be converted to a web page or PDF and still have functionning buttons?

The excel file works fine, but here is what happens after a conversion: the buttons are appearing on a web page, but they do nothing. As for the PDF, no buttons at all...

Any suggestions? (Or is it plainly impossible?)

I have been working on a lotus to excel conversion for some time now. I have converted over a hundred formulas successfully but for the life of me i can't get this one right. Can anybody out there convert this lotus formula to an excel formula ?

Lotus formula:
@IF(+O48>0,+O48*O44,@IF(G22=0,0,@INDEX($SETUP,@MATCH(G26,$SETUP TIME:$C$9..$SETUP TIME:$L$9,0),@MATCH(G30,$SETUP TIME:$B$10..$SETUP TIME:$B$39,0)))*(1+@HLOOKUP(G34,$SETUP TIME:$O$9..$SETUP TIME:$S$10,1)))*O44

In the attached prbrkrun.xls file on the sheet named SUMMARY
cell O47 Should equal 40.80

If more info is needed i will send as much as will be required. Thanks

Good morning,
I have a report in .txt format that I'd like to convert it to excel automatically. However, when it becomes excel, I need the excel to be in specific format. I've attached the .txt file and the excel file in the format that I want. Please help with the followings:

1) In column A, I need sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3 to vary. For example: in the attached file, sheet 1 is from 20+00 to 20+50, sheet 2 is from 20+75 to 21+50, and sheet 3 is from 21+75 to 22+25. However some other situation sheet 1 will be 20+00 to 20+75, sheet 2 will be from 21+00 to 21+25, and sheet 3 will be from 21+50 to 22+25,......

2)In column B, I need to convert text such as: 20+00, 20+25, 20+50,... to numbers so I can include them in my calculations. At the same time, however, I'd like to keep those numbers in the same format as: 20+00, 20+25, 20+50,....

Thank you for your time.

Hi All

I have csv file, it's contain more then 20000 L records, so is there any way to spilt the data to excel file..

Thank you,

Hello Every body
I want to copy the string from Outlook email which comes from the same email id like and also the structure is same for all incoming emails from this id In this outlook email there is one string name “Structure” like Structure: abc 2032_ppp_zzz that means in the output excel file only this string must be available (abc 2032_ppp_zzz). And when the new email come from the same id the excel file must be updated with the new string Structure, the email come directly in the inbox. And I am using MS Outlook with Office 2003.


I have tried using the macro recorder to import a csv file into an Excel workbook. The csv file name does not change, but the excel filename changes each day (it is saved with todays date at the end)

eg file01oct.xls, file02oct.xls, file03oct.xls, etc

Using the macro recorder, it imports succesfully on day one, but the next day, as soon as the excel file is renamed, the macro fails. It cannot recognise the change in the excel file name.

Please can you help me fix the macro so it can hope with the change in the excel filename each day?

Code provided below.

Many thanks

Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ 
Windows("Statement 02112011.xls").Activate 
Sheets(" MORCOM").Select 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines

I am trying to convert muliple text files that have a csv format into an excel file where each text file is a different tab in the excel file. I would like the name of each individual excel file tab to be the name of each seperate text file.

The text files have this general format:

" 1",278.6
" 2",278.8
" 3",277.6
" 4",278.9
" 5",277.4
" 6",278.7
" 7",276.2
" 8",277.6
" 9",277.8
" 10",278.4

.. all the way to "80", however, the last row of each text file has "0 ","0 " which comes after "80". There are a total of 789 text files.

I would like each excel tab to have two columns displaying the two values - 1 278.6 without parathesis or commas.

Thanks for the help!

i have a following requirement.
generate a data file from unix (using a DBMS)
i can able to arrange data to form a bar chart .
i can use mailx command to send the file a excel file.
uuencode myfile.xls myfile.dat |mailx -s 'test exce'

now my problem is how do append a macro to this file so when i open the excel from my mail generates a graph.


OK, here's the background. I have a client that is running Excel 200 on their local PC. They log into our network via RDP to a terminal server which is running Excel 2007. Last Tuesday we updated their server from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007.

I have a user that redirects her local drives up into the terminal server. She accesses many Excel files (2000 version) from her local PC to the terminal server. Ever since the update last week, she can not open a file from her local drive inside the terminal server, make changes, and re-save back to local. She gets a "Can Not Save" error message.

Is this an issue with converting from 2000 to 2007? She had no problems saving back and forth when they had 2003 previously.

I did blow away and recreate her profile on the server, thinking her profile could have been currupt, didn't help.

I should probably note that this doesn't just happen in Excel, she has the same issues with Word.

Any ideas???


I have 33,990 Word files. Each of these files is just a table with different values. I want to copy specific cells values from each of these tables and exported to a Excel file.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.