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Chart does not show up in print preview and wont print?

I have chart that is a workbook page but when I select print preview it does
not shown up, only a blank pages comes up. And so it wont print. How can I
fix this? I have Office 2007 and I can not select set print area or clear
print area, they are shaded out.

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cell fill color will only show up in print preview

When I use the color cell buttons it does not show up? When I go to print
preview it only shows black and white and not the color I chose?

When opening a excel doc that I recieved via e-mail the all the wording in
the doc shows ok unless I try print or print preview. Then there is nothing
showing in those fields. I can set a fotn to the entire document then it is

One cell of my 14 column/40 row Excel spreadsheet won't print! The numerical
figure in that cell shows up on Print Preview but the cell is blank when I
print the spreadsheet. I have checked the original template/formulas that I
set up. If I use the template to start a new spreadsheet then that particular
cell (D15) will print. Howeveer, I have tried completely re-typing my May
sales figures onto the Template but the same problem occurs. The amount
shown in D15 shows on Print Preview but won't show on the printed copy.
(Although the figure doesn't print it still works in the formula so that my
Total column is correct). I am completely baffled. My printer works fine
for everything else. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Can anyone please tell me how to make all of the objects in a workbook
show up in the VBA's property window? I have a command button on a
sheet that executes the VBA commands as it should. I can view the
commands so I know its there. For some reason it does not show up in
the VBA properties box. I also believe that There is a user form that
is not showing up as well. Is there a way to get them to show up?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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Dear all,

I had inserted background to create a sort water mark for security reasons. I realized it does not show up in print preview and was not able to be printed out.

Does anyone knows how to make this work?

Is there another alternative to create watermarks other than pasting picture into the header?

Thank you so much in advance!

So I have several excel files that do not show a certain symbols in the file in regular view, but when I do a print preview or print the document, the characters show up. I have attached the file here, and a print preview. Just to make sure that it is not some sort of hidden text or a formatting symbol, I selected the whole sheet, clicked Clean and selected Clean All, so there is nothing there. But I still see those characters in the print preview. Then, I selected all cells and copied, which seemed like nothing into a new file, and they are still there! They are roughly sided triangles showing in singles or overlapped in several on top of each other.

I am using Excel 2007 Professional Plus with SP2.

I have attempted to follow directions for inserting color and shading in
cells in Excel, but the color only shows in print preview, not in the window
I am working in.........WHY is this happening?

I am unable to place a textbox into an Excel chart plot area and have it
remain visible when the textbox in un-selected. Cannot view, does not show
up in Print preview unless I click outside of the chart in some cell.
Have tried "draw/order/bring to front"
Any good ideas?

Why is it that the last one or two text boxes on an embedded chart do not
display when I click outside the chart area?

I am using 16 text boxes on a chart instead of the legend as it makes it
easier to read. I then select an area that includes the chart and copy it
to Paint (see note 1), where I save it as a JPG as I want to load it onto
the web. The Excel file and the JPG file can be found at the following links

Why is it that the last one or two text boxes do not show up when I click
outside the Chart Area. In the files above the text box "Cyber Voortrekker"
does not show up when I click outside the chart area (nor is it visible in
the JPG image - it is the last pink coloured series at the bottom of the
chart)? I am using Excel 2000. All the text boxes have been entered in the
same way (ie I have ensured that the chart area has been selected so that
the text box is on the embedded chart and not on the spreadsheet).

I am really puzzled by this.

NOTE 1: I find that the definition of the final JPG is better if I select a
spreadsheet area enclosing the chart as opposed to clicking on the chart
itself before the copy/paste to paint. Are the any better ways of creating a
JPG image of an Excel chart?

Many thanks

I have an Excel program, created with Excel 2002. All is fine.
Transferred to Office 2007.

Now, in the charts (x-y scatter charts with two data sets each) the data set
markers do not show up in the legend.

Is this a known Beta error? Am using Beta 2 Tech Refresh.

Is there a work-around?

Any help would be appreciated.

Peter K.

I have created a 3 page excell document. All data on pages 1 & 2 display in
print preview and printed document. However, the data on page 3 does not
display or print. It is only visible in normal view or page break preview.

Please help....I've spent 3 hrs trying to figure it out myself!


I am unable to place a textbox into an Excel chart plot area and have it
remain visible when the textbox in un-selected. Cannot view, does not show
up in Print preview unless I click outside of the chart in some cell.
Have tried "draw/order/bring to front"
Any good ideas?

Hi Excel Experts,

I have a workbook where users enter data manually. It has approx. 125 rows and 8 columns. The row count will always vary but it will always be only 8 columns. I have given this data a dynamic range name:
Now, what I want to do is to link this spreadsheet into an Access database. However, when I go through the wizards in
Access to link the spreadsheet, and I get to the option of linking to either a particular sheet in the workbook, or named range, my dynamically named range does not show up an being available to link to???? Why not, and is there a work around ??


Joe Dowski
Woodbury, CT. USA.

Hi all

Hope this is the right group.

I have a strange problem with xla.
Excel is 2007.
Has attached an XLA in settings.
Normally this shows up in project explorer.

The problem occurs when I open xls by doubleclicking on it in
then I can not see the addin in project explorer and all code fails.

When I open Excal first and opens the xls from the open menu
averything goes fine..

I have worked with Excel since it was born :-) but never ever seen

Hope somebody ouit there can help on this one


I am using print preview to view the sheet I created and there are no color
lines or grid lines. I checked grid lines and the only thing that shows up
in print preview is the text.

Why is the name that I gave my excel workbook not showing up in the title
bar when i open the workbook? It use to always show up there, but now when I
open a previously saved workbook, there is no name in the title bar.

I had a problem with a worksheet where the formulas were not recalclulating.
I essentially solved it by renaming my worksheet (to SummaryBak) and using a
new worksheet I named Summary. This morning, while changing the codename of
Summary, I noticed that, the worksheet SummaryBak was not showing up in the
VBE (in the window that lists the Projects, probably called Projects window.)

I did a little research on the worksheet, for instance, I checked if it had
somehow become protected. Based on the options, it would seem it hasn't.
If I make that worksheet the active worksheet, and type, from the immediate
window, ?, it says SummaryBak. However, if I type ?
worksheet.codename, I get an error: Runtime error 1004, application defined

As far as I know, this isn't causing me any additional problems, but I can't
help wondering if it points to the original problem I was having with not
recalculating. If I weren't such a pack rat, I would have already deleted
this worksheet, as it has been replaced. However, if any one can shed some
light as to what would cause this, I would appreciate a response. Also, if
it is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, please let me know and I will
delete post haste.

Kevin Vaughn

I am working with a network server. One person created an excel sheet that
is to be added to by others. She did NOT create it as read only. However,
when SOME people open and save they are told it's read only, yet a small
number of others can open and save with NO problem. When I checked the
properties it is not showing up as read only and when I right click the file
name in explorer and click the general tab there is is not showing as read
only. HELP

My user defined function doesn't show up in autocomplete
Hi, I have created a user defined function (custom function) with Visual Basic Editor (alt + f11) in Excel 2007. I clicked "Insert Module", and written the function code, and saved it. The name of the function is: "ConCatRange" (i didn't write this function myself, i copied it from internet). In that workbook, when i type the first few letters of the function name, the autocomplete works very well, like:

but i want to make this function available everywhere, not only in that workbook but in every excel file. So i saved this function as an "add in" and made it available in Excel Options.
Now i can use this function in any workbook, but when i type the first few letters of that function in other workbooks, it doesn't show up in the autocomplete menu.

I also recorded the macro in Personal.xlsb file, and i put the file in XLSTART folder. When i open a new workbook, my user defined function works, but again, it does not show up in autocomplete drop down menu. Personal.xlsb file is not disabled in the Excel options-> add-ins-> manage-> disabled items. I mean it is enabled.

How can i fix it? I want the autocomplete feature to work for my custom function. Please help. Thanks.

Why when I enter an & sign in the customer header field, it does not show up
on preview or print. It just leaves a blank space. The & sign is part of our
company name and I want to have our company name in the header.paten

I re-installed XP and it isn't working still.

Can someone email me directly and tell me how to fix this?

I pick a cell color, after selecting the cells, and the fill color does not
show up nor does it show up on print preview.

It does however, print up color on my color printer and shaded on our b/w
printer. Can someone please help, im going to shoot someone!

Why when I enter an & sign in the customer header field, it does not show up
on preview or print. It just leaves a blank space. The & sign is part of our
company name and I want to have our company name in the header.paten

Ok. I have a worksheet that has invisible data stuck in some of the cells.
The data is normally invisible, but if you go to print preview or print the document the data shows up. It will also show up in spell check, but is completely invisible in the normal view.. I have no columns hidden or anything like that.. I have tried everything.

Now, I have in the past used a hex editor (very tedious) to remove the invisible trapped data from the excel file. Replacing each unwanted character with a hex "space" This takes quite a long time.

I just tried the Document Inspector, and it was unable to remove the hidden data.

Has anyone else had this problem? I am looking for a simple solution for removing the estranged data! This is driving me nuts!

Thanks for any help.

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