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Shrinking text in Excel 2007

How do I "shrink to fit" text in the new Excel 2007. I can only find the
"Wrap Text" button which is NOT what I want to do.

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how to place objects behind text in excel 2007?

I need help converting numbers to text in excel 2007. I have done it before in 2003, but can't seem to remember exactly what I used. I may have used some kind of conditional formating, but not sure.

Here is an example of what I need.

If I type "7203" in a cell I want "Home Repairs" to appear. I have a list of words associated with a list of numbers and want to be able to type the number in a cell and have the word appear.

An help would be greatly appreciated.

i don't know there any formula or function in excel 2007 to do the
following convertion.
number "100" convert in to text"hundred"

I've got a very strange anomaly going on, in Excel 2007.

It has to do with numbers intended to be formatted as text. Normally, if you want to enter a number formatted as text, you preceed the number with an apostrophe, and Excel interprets that as an intention to store the number as text. When you do this, a little green triangle appears in the upper left corner of the cell, and when you highlight the cell, a little diamond with an '!' mark expands to tell you that the number is stored as text.

However, I've got a spreadsheet with a column on integer numbers which look, on casual examination, to be formatted as text; first of all, the numbers are left-aligned, which is what happens to numbers that are formatted as text. Secondly, when you highlight one of these numbers, and select 'format..'/'format cells...', it shows as text.... yet they aren't actually being interpreted as text, when I access them via my own program (independent of Excel). The only numbers which are being correctly interpreted as text are ones that I entered with the apostrophe....

Another way to format a cell is to highlight the cell, select 'Format...'/'Format cells...', and select 'text' as the format rule.

However, when I try this on a blank spreadsheet, it doesn't work. I enter a number, and it is right-justified, as numbers ordinarily are. If I select the cell, and execute 'Format...'/'Format cells...'/'text', the number becomes left justified.... but it's not really text; no little green triangle, etc.

So, the dilemma is this: why doesn't the 'Format...'/'Format cells...'/'Text' function actually work? Is it possible that there's some sort of optional switch (which I haven't found) that affects the way cell formatting operates?


In Excel 2000 it was possible to Justify text (split a cell entry and distribute it into one or more adjacent rows) by using the Fill/Justify commands. I need to know the steps needed to accomplish the same result using Excel 2007. Neither the Excel Help feature or the Microsoft web site appear to address that issue. If it is addressed in either source, please advise how to find it.


I am having a problem with text boxes in Excel 2007.
When I copy text (in Arial font) and paste it in the same text box, it
appears as Calibri. I would like it to appear as Arial, just as it was when
I copied it.

I followed the directions for setting default font in new workbooks to
Arial, and I have this problem even in text boxes within new workbooks. I do
not have the problem outside of text boxes within new workbooks.

I also followed the directions for setting default text box style, and new
text boxes have Arial as their default font, as they should. However, when I
copy and paste within this new text box, the pasted text is in Calibri.

Please advise.

Text aligns in middle of cells even when bottom alignment is chosen in Excel
2007. How can I get text to align on the bottom of the cell?

I have linked text boxes on charts created in Excel 2007. When I share with
Excel 2007 users, they work wonderfully. However, when I save down to Excel
2003, the box is there, but blank. How do I make this work?

Hi! all,
In Excel 2007, I'm unable to view or print a text box. I can create the
text box within the Excel sheet just fine, but unable to see it in the
Print preview and unable to print it to a printer. Any ideas?

Help the perplexed.

In step 3 of the Text Import Wizard in Excel 2007 (SP1 included), if you
click the «Advanced» button and change the settings, and then click OK, IT
SIMPLY IGNORES YOUR CHANGES. If you click again on the «Advanced» button,
you'll notice the settings are wholly unchanged.
So it's impossible to instruct Excel 2007 to consider dots as decimal
separators, for instance. It will simply ignore it.
Does anyone know if there's a turnaround, or some fix Microsoft has issued,
or anything?



In Excel 2007, I have selected the alignment option of General for Horizontal
and Bottom for Vertical and 0 indention. However, my text keeps indenting.
What am I doing wrong?

How do I keep text boxes and shapes in excel 2007 from moving when I click on
print preview or print the page? They move to the right about one inch when
I print. I tried to group and ungroup and that doesn't work. I also tried
to protect the worksheet but that didn't help either. Thanks for your help.

Hi All ,
I am in need of How to Paste the text Horizontal in Excel 2007 .
For Eg.,

I want to paste this above text to Horizontal format.
Incline,Decline,Flat,.... Etc
Thanks and Regards,

What do you mean by this line:

2. Select Home-> Conditional Formatting (in Styles Group).

I can't find Style Group under Conditional Formatting.


Ganesh P


Does anyone know if they have improved text handling in Excel 2007 Beta -
things like word wrap and auto fit working for larger text amounts in a
cell, etc.?


--Randy Starkey


Any body...please let me know where I can find text Import wizard in excel 2007.

Munawwar Baig

Dear Friends,

When you run the code below in Excel 2007 why does is the text written vertically although I have specified "msoTextOrientationHorizontal" and AutoSize = True. This code runs fine in Excel 2003. Does anybody have a solution to this? Please help.

Sub PlotTBox()

Dim dRectX As Double, dRectY As Double, dRectW As Double, dRectH As Double
Dim dStartPos As Double
Dim shTextBox As Shape
Dim strNameShort As String
dRectX = 50
dRectY = 50
dRectH = 14
dRectW = 14

strNameShort = "Horizontal Please"
            Set shTextBox = Sheet1.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, dRectX, dRectY, dRectW, dRectH)
            With shTextBox
                .TextFrame.AutoSize = True
                .TextFrame.Characters.Font.Size = 8
                .TextFrame.Characters.Font.Bold = True
                .TextFrame.Characters.Text = strNameShort
                .Line.Visible = msoFalse
                .Fill.Visible = msoFalse
            End With

End Sub

A similar problem was discussed in this thread. Since the text in the textbox changes I cannot give an exact width for the text box.

Thanks in advance.


Please use CODE tags rather than colour formatting the code.

I have created a chart in Excel 2007 that has a series of columns, each with a text box indicating the time frame (ex 97-09). I have tried to align the individual boxes on the horizontal grid lines but it is somewhat uneven. Is there any way that I can get these text boxes to line up automatically?

Appreciate the help.

Can't Select Text in Word 2007 and unable to go to Word Options

When opening or creating a next text
document in Word 2007 (part of Office 2007), I cannot select any text with
the mouse - I can select text with the arrow keys + shift, but not the
mouse. I can select menus, and use the mouse cursor on other parts of word,
but not on the document. Also when I click on the office button, and choose
Word Options (thought I may look there), I cant choose any of the categories
on the left - I cant "checkmark" and change things on the choice pane, but
not change categories. This is only in Word - other office products installed
ie Excel and PP work great with the mouse, but not Word.

How to change the case of text in Excel

Describes how to use worksheet functions to modify the case of ... To make these cells lowercase in Excel 2007, follow these ... Note The new column now contains the lowercase version of ...

I have a speadsheet that uses the RTD function to bring data into the
spreadsheet. This data comes in as TEXT. I verified this T(value) function.
However, I get #Value! error when I use Value(text) to convert the data to a
numeric value. This only occurs in Excel 2007. In Excel 2003 it works

A1 = RTD(ProgID, Server, Topic1, Topic2) = 11-28-2008 02:46:49
A2 = TYPE(A1) = 2 (text=2)
A3 = Value (A1) = #Value!

Any help is appreciated

I have several text strings in single-byte Japanese I need to convert to
double-byte Japanese. The JIS and ASC functions in Excel are listed in Excel
Help, but they are not available in Excel 2007. Attempted use generates a
NAME? error. I am running English Vista, and I have Japanese fonts installed
in both Vista and Office 2007. How do I get the JIS & ASC functions to load
/ install / work?


I have data files (1 per day) that are downloaded from a vendor site. The
files come accross with a WR1 extention. I beleive this is a Lotus Syphony

The data length of each row is about 480 characters in the WR1 file.

When i import the data into excel is truncating the data at 255
characters. I thought that cap on cell length was eliminated in 2007.

So I tried opening the file using MS Word. the full row was shown. I
copied and pasted the data from Word into excel and the full row with 480
characters shows up in the first cell.

That is the result i am looking for, but would love to have it happen in
just one step. I do not want to have to open in word and transfer to excel.

Once the data is in the single cell in Excel, i can easily parse the data
according to the record layout.

So any idea why i cant import the text or open the text file in Excel 2007
without truncating the data?

Many thanks for your suggestions.

We got very excited about the publishing facility in Excel 2007, but it
appears to just not work.
If we take a fresh spreadsheet and set up publishing, then all works fine.
Graphs, drawing objects, text, numbers - it all works.

However, republishing then doesn't work. When you republish, the only page
that works is the current worksheet. All the others lose anything that isn't
a figure in a cell - so charts, drawing objects etc etc.

This means that it's practically unusable if you have more than single digit
publications in a workbook.

We've checked this on two separate machines and the results are always the

Can anyone shed any light on this or suggest a work around?

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