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Freeze Panes - Remove Line

Good Evening Guys,
I have thought about this many time but not thought to ask.
When setting 'Freeze Panes/Rows' ie keep the top Header Row, is there a way
to remove the line that indicates Freeze is in use?
Cheers as usual

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When I freeze panes a line appears, when I try to insert a comment it goes
right through it, and it is not visible on print preview. How do I remove or
hide it? If possible.

When I freeze panes a line appears, I know, it should be there but I don't like it.
Is it possible to have frozen panes without the line?



Hi All,

Is there a way after freezing panes in worksheet to make invisible or hidden divides lines?

Thanks in advance

I am using the Freeze Panes function to freeze the titles (rows) and
sub-titles (columns). it is working fine but the black line that appears when
using this function is ugly and confuses the user of the spreadsheet. Can I
change the colour of this line to match the background or even remove the
line altogether without loosing the functionality of the Freeze Panes option?

I have fixed a column and a row using freeze panes.
But there are lines coming to mark the border of the panes.

Is it possible to remove those lines as they are looking awkward.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.


Hi all,
How can I remove/hide the horizontal and vertical line
that appears when creating a freeze pane?


Hi all,
I saw a couple of posts on this but neither was resolved and they were both from 5+ years ago, so here is the question.

When you freeze panes, you are shown a thin black guideline(s) where the panes are frozen.

Is it possible to hide these lines?

Thanks for any help.

I am learning how to use excel properly and am trying to freeze panes. When i
tried to do it the other day i did it with no problems, today i am trying to
do it and every time i click on freeze pane i get a line down the middle and
a line accross the middle and that is were it freezes. How do i stop this


I have a chart with several scroll bars on it. Presently it is all
unprotected. It all works fine as long as no part of the chart goes above
the Freeze Panes line. But as soon as one little portion of the chart goes
above the Freeze Panes line, the scroll bars freeze and won't work. I can
right click to format it, but I can't scroll it.

If I Unfreeze the Panes, it instantly works normally again. If I Freeze
Panes again, and it won't work.

Any ideas how to free the scroll bars up so they'll work no matter where its
host chart is located on the worksheet?


Hi all,

I would like to know as I am scrolling down a sheet page, the row number that is the first visible row under a freeze pane line.

Is there a way to create an event that would allow me to place this value into a cell as I am actively scrolling?

Any help or suggestions is welcome.



When freeze panes is employed it leave a black line across the screen. Is there a way to get rid of the "black line" with code?



I would like to be able to hide the freeze pane lines in my spreadsheet. Is
it possible.


I'm looking for a solution to freeze panes twice. That is I want to freeze row 1-15 and row 200-203. And then the rows 16-199 to be movable. In the first 15 rows I have column info so I need that visable all the time and in row 200-203 I have "Sum" of the lines 16-199 so that's why I want that to also be visible at all time. The ordinary freeze pane in excel just freezes at one certain horizontol point and I need 2. Can it be done with VBA maybe? Is it possible to insert an up/down arrow (the one you have at the right side of the screen, don't now what it's called) for the lines 16-199?


I have some books which has been save as WORKSPACE.When I reopened them the freezpanes have removed.Is there any suggestion.Here is my code to do freezepanes.

    Dim wk As Worksheet 
    Dim Cel As String 
    Cel = InputBox("Cell address where u want to freeze panes.", "Freeze All Panes") 
    For Each wk In Worksheets 
        ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = False 
        ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True 
End Sub 

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When using the freeze panes excel places a guidline that appears at the top of the scrollbar but this can spoil the presentation.

Anyone know if there is a way to hide this line - i only want to freeze pane but no need for the guideline.

Any help appreciated.



Am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to set a freeze pane up so that the line does not display. Eg you cant see that a freeze pane is there.

I am using Excel 2003.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



I am working with a protected shared workbook (only one sheet) where the
first row is locked, in a freezed pane to stay visible, with the Autofilter
turned on. I have freezed the panes with the Autofilter showing all the lines
and before protecting the workbook. I am running Excel 2003.

My problem is that, from time to time, when I open the file, the top pane
includes a few rows and not only the first one. In some case, I even have to
unfreeze the panes because the top pane is bigger than the screen. I move
back the handle to the first row and freeze the panes again to have it right.

This is quite annoying. Why the top pane keeps expanding ? I feel it is
related to the Autofilter but I don't see how...

Thanks for your answer,

Best regards,


I love freezing panes. It's great fun. However, the unsightly black lines
that appear are just that- unsightly. Especially when you have pretty buttons
that took forever to make that now have a vertical black line slashing them.
Is there any way to make the lines go away but keep the freezing?

Like SCA, I believe this is a shared file (with filters) issue, since it
doesn't seem to happen on non-shared files. Here's the problem:

I have a habit of freezing the top two rows in my workbooks (with multiple
worksheets) so that column headings in row 1 and filters in row 2 are always
visible when I scroll down. In shared files only, the freeze frame will have
mysteriously jumped down to another row, for example row 100, when I first
open the file. In other words, when I first open the worksheet, I might see
rows 1 to 30 on my screen, but I can't scroll down because the freeze frame
is down at row 100. This can happen at odd times on all worksheets in a
workbook, or just some of them. So unfortunately, I often end up having to
reset the freeze pane under row 2 again for all or some of the worksheets.
Since there are only two of us in the office sharing these workbooks, I'm
confident that neither of us are inadvertantly changing the placement of the
frozen panes. Perhaps the fact that we are both filtering columns and saving
the shared workbooks is causing Excel to reset the freeze pane inadvertantly.

If someone could figure out this problem it would be very helpful to me.
Shared workbooks are a powerful tool but I have to limit there use to just a
few power users, sothis problem really limits my ability to use shared
workbooks more broadly in my office.

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

> There's a guy at work who sometimes applies Window|Freeze panes to a filtered
> list.
> While the list is filtered the way he has it, you can see the titles and the
> data nicely.
> But when you do Data|filter|show all (or reset the filter), the cell used to set
> the freeze panes is now off the viewable screen and it looks like the display
> won't move.
> An example.
> He applies data|filter|autofilter to his data. Filters on a value in column A.
> You can see sell A1 (headers) and then A65. He selects A65 (the first visible
> cell under the header) and applies window freeze panes.
> But when someone shows all the data, Rows 1 to 64 are frozen. And the screen
> looks frozen when scrolling around.
> Removing the freeze panes and reapplying when the filter isn't engaged returns
> things to normal.
> Maybe it's something as simple as that -- and nothing to do with the
> "sharedness" of the workbook at all.
> SCA wrote:
> >
> > We are using a Shared file, but the Freeze panes at
> > times "resets" so that it appears the screen is frozed
> > unitl you reset freeze panes.
> >
> > This is not due to user changesm but occurs in the
> > original file that was emailed.
> >
> > Is ther any way to prevent this?
> --
> Dave Peterson

Is there anyway to not have a black line when i freeze a pane. ie can i
change the colour somehow to white so there is no visible freeze pane?

I have a number of projects with long lists where I'm trying to look at or operate on some subset of the long list but would like to keep the column titles visible.

The problem is if I split the screen and/or freeze panes with titles, I can't figure out how, if it is possible, to split the screen below a second time for looking at or conveniently selecting a group that starts at say line 3318 and goes to line 9965.

This would be more equivalent to print titles metaphorically speaking.



Is there anyway to get rid of the freeze pane (get rid of the line or change it to white?)

Argh! It was previously working, but now in my document when i select the top two rows and select Window > Freeze Panes it divides the page up in 4 quarters (visible by gray lines). What's causing this behavior?

Is it possible to freeze panes without a line being drawn right accross the
whole page?

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